Speaking of apples…

They also work as puppeh bookends. With or without cozies.

Just sayin’. They don’t tell you that on TLC.


Stephanie H., your coworker’s niece 3-week old Shih tzu/Pekingese puppeh is a delectable morsel.



  1. I literally gasped because of cuteness!

  2. TashaandNikki'sMom says:

    What? I’m first-dibbs. Can I dip the pup in caramel? (That’s what I think of when I see the apples-caramel apples!!!)

  3. TashaandNikki'sMom says:

    AWWW. So much for being first. Too good to be true. Still a cute pup.

  4. That apple has one large, furry worm! Cute as a bug’s ear!

  5. aww he must just be a few inches long! such a neat photo~

  6. Someone needs a cozy!

  7. My word, that is one small puppy….

  8. BEEBEE!

  9. abbynormal says:

    What a cutie…I want some..

  10. I am actually sobbing from the cuteness! It’s so *weeny* a pup!

  11. *YOINK*

    *takes puppeh all for herself*


    *bites into crisp, green apple as she absconds wit puppeh*

  12. Does he look like Falcore to anyone else?!

  13. birdmadgirl says:

    Yes, yes, he looks JUST like Falkor!

  14. SHHHHHHHHHH wee love is drowsy…….love wants to sleep……….SHHHHHHHHH

  15. pugmamatimestwo says:

    i just want to nom nom nom his little ears right off! so sweet!


  16. The miniest of muzzlepuffs!!! Wanna kiss that silly wee cowlick just above the beep-able noscicle. Pleeeeeeeze??!


    The apples!
    The perfectly contrasting background!
    The baby luck dragon!

    Together… perfection!

  18. yes i thoought of that dragon too very cute indeed when did this get snuck in here??????

    Its so cute it had to sneek in hummmmmm……..theo Meg what are you doing to us ????

  19. Sorry Theo must cap first letter of you’re name tooo

  20. This is the cutest thing I’ve seen in a long time. The dejected “no one wants to play with me” look is just priceless.

  21. Is that an Apple I Pawed?

  22. Not just a cute pup but a really nice photographic composition. Well done.

  23. Wow, just…wow.

    When someone is really really tiny, in french, we say he’s “haut comme trois pommes” (tall as 3 apples) But this… I don’t know how to call this.

    (haut comme une demie pomme?)


  24. omg! baybeh peke tzu!

    i wanna eat him like soft serve ice cream!

  25. shih tzu puppy ears are teh yummeh! i should know, on the car ride home from the breeder, i almost ate my tzu puppy for dinner!

  26. We’re still talking about that puppy here in the office. It was even offered to me and I HAD to restrain myself and say no.

    Thanks for the compliments though. Our entire fall catalog (www.thefruitcompany.com) is shaping up to look pretty similar to that. The cuteness never ends!