Loki’s Match.com photo

I like long walks (on dee beeche, with a beeche)

Sniffing ‘tocks, and… hours and hours of gnawing on things…

loki’s match.com pic, originally uploaded by yelahneb.



  2. See? what did I tell you? I have 2 swirls on my tock. You have only one.

  3. Pug Porn!!

    Sorry – it was my first thought. ;D

  4. any dog with whorls on his arse is alright by me 😀

  5. Loki may not be the brightest Boston in the shed, but he sure’s got some sexy tocks. My other fave shot of him: http://www.flickr.com/photos/ariel/1031425012/in/set-72157601263574349/

  6. Is that a yoga mat and is he attempting upward facing dog? I wonder if he is in yoga class with the cat who fell asleep during halasana.

  7. oaklandcat says:


  8. …I want to pat those little swirly tocks!

  9. oaklandcat says:


  10. that’s my dog! and yes, he’s pretty freaking cute –

  11. I am jealous of the grass. *Thinks mournfully of dirt patch at home*

  12. donutbill says:

    AHHH!! Somebody help him! His legs have MELTED!!!!

  13. The Honourable Gladys Anstruther says:

    Swirly tocks tick my box.

  14. this is what is known medically as bum swirls

  15. Many posters have already said it, but I must say it myself:

    Those are some impressively swirly ‘tocks.

  16. and I like my partner to also have swirls on their tocks as well…

  17. Is that a Frenchie? He’s totally adorable though! I love it when ours lays like that. All I can do is just giggle as I play with his feetsies!

  18. hahahahahahhahahahaha “on dee beeche, with a beeche” I am dying here.lmao

  19. DoodleyDog says:

    It’s hard to know which is better…

    Swirly ‘Tocks


    those “chicken legs” in the grass! Love those furry drumsticks!

  20. i loff when pups wit short legs strrreeeettttch them out behind themselves (we have mini dachs so i may be a wee bit partial ^^)

    dis sweet cheeks belongs to Ariel or to Lily? Or both? 0_o

  21. too cute of a pic the orignal commet from meg started my day off just fine

    THANK YOU MS. MEG!!!!!!!!!

  22. Cheryl Robinson-Atwood says:

    Those swirly tocks remind me of overbaked cinnamon rolls. Hmmmmm…..this dieting crap is getting oooollldd!!

  23. On the beeche with a beeche…HA! Loki, I hope you get all the beeches on the beeche.

  24. I would think this more appropriate to Playpup magazine than Match.com. But I’d still call the number for a date. A date to snorgle, that is.

  25. OMG! It's Carrie says:

    those are the best tocks EVAR~

    I now want to pet those tocks awwwwwwwww

  26. MAN! How come I could never find any hotties like that on match!? Denied!

  27. [reads DKN’s comment]
    [inwardly attempts to resolve seemingly-obvious contradiction]
    [subtly scoots further away]

  28. Mmmm…Cheryl, yes. Now I can’t look at those tocks without imagining the taste of cinnamon and icing…

    Great. Now I’m imagining licking dog tocks. See what you people have done to me???

  29. The look on Loki’s face is a match for this sexy LOLcat:

    The color scheme is matchingks, too. 😉

    [fixed your link… – Ed.]

    [oh, and speaking of matchingks: http://icanhascheezburger.com/2007/08/28/im-in-ur-chare/ ]

  30. ROFLMAO (Theo & DKN)

  31. I love how he’s looking over his shoulder at the camera like, “Yeah I know I’m too hot for YOU babe.”

  32. wow, I’ve never seen such swirly tocks in my life!!! They’re probably too rare to be a rule of cuteness, though….but maybe you should make an exception. So adorable!!!

  33. Is he a Boston? He’s a cutie!

  34. Just to clarify for those who asked: Loki is Lily’s Boston Terrier (I have a bosthuahua named Sassafras), but I submitted the pic … hence my pride at it showing up on my beloved Cute Overload. 🙂

  35. It’s a Boston Derriere!

  36. Theo, Just be glad you’re married and don’t have to date anymore.

  37. M Garde – Good one! LOL!

  38. He looks like he is saying
    Whatchoo lookin at!!!

  39. omg. TWIRLIN TOCKS. Too Funny. Swirly tocks is the first thing I thought of .. and then I go to the comments.. and see I’m not alone.. CO minds think alike. I shall pinch his bootay.

  40. is CO gonna spin off with an online matching service fo’ peeps wit pets?

    *lewks at DKN*

    i’m telling ya, this could really take off ^^

  41. M. Garde — best. pun. evar.

  42. ohhh m’gosh. marie–i thought “dog porn” too!

  43. Shannon Johnson says:

    Doggy tocks, look out here theyu come.

  44. I’m soooo single I thought Match.Com was an online chess tournament.

  45. Whoa — did you hear that?
    That was the sound of 3,141,593 nerdboiz all over the world falling for Subhangi.

    (Maybe it’s time to check your mate…)

  46. those are some magnificent buttswirls – the brindle pattern really enhances the effect, no?

  47. Deep bow and thanks to DKN and anner. This is an old term in my house, often used to refer to my husband’s late and very lamented Boston Derriere, “Wolfgang von Falfer,” a/k/a “Wolfie” The best puppy evar!

  48. my toxwrlz
    let me show u them

  49. Pheas snicker

  50. Yes, demo, those buttswirls are somethin’ else! They look like two hurricanes on a collision course!

  51. [awestruck voice]
    …it’s the perfect storm!

  52. Flat butt swirl.

  53. Le Gasp! I thought I was the only one with a handsome Boston Terrier named Loki ^_^ They do have the sweetest little drumsticks in all of dogdom.

  54. Those are some mesmerizing ‘tocks. They draw you in.

  55. He should be doing this pose on a bear skin rug in front of a fireplace. That would surely send the ladies into a frenzy.

  56. The Honourable Gladys Anstruther says:

    Loki the Viking God of fire, he is certainly giving us the hots.

  57. HAAHAHAHHAHAHAHAH!!!!!! GRR so cute it makes me angry!

  58. that looks so much like m,y dog it not evn funnny haah <3 hannah I HEARTaNIMALS!!!DONT EAT THEM !!

  59. my puppies name is Lokie!

  60. More Puppy Porn!!!


    More Pinup Puppy!

  61. Boston terriers are the cutest things on earth!!!