None shall pass!

[cue Spaghetti Western music]

A grim stand-off occurred when this cat kept trying to get into Sender-Inner James C.’s bet-rohm.

James C. is allergic to kittehs!


No offense, kitteh, but it’s gonna be a sneeze-a-thon if you don’t git!



  1. oh no, you didn’t… kitty, knock it over.



  4. James C – Please accept my sympathy.

  5. oaklandcat says:

    I dunno wot I would do if I were allergic to kittehs. Sneeze a lot, I guess.

  6. that kitty knows – he just doesn’t want to accept the truth…..

  7. The Honourable Gladys Anstruther says:

    Kitty- If you spray I spray capisce?

  8. Juniper Jupiter says:

    Urm…pardon me whilst I plead ig’n’rnce, but, why is there a kitteh in yer house if yer allergic, James C? Or is this yer hunny’s babeh? Honestly I would’ve dumped yer behind if I’m forced to choose between my kittehs or someone who claims he’s allergic but deep down loathes kittehs with every fiber of his being like he knows that the kitteh will be the true overlord alpha of the house and the human male will just be the whipped pup in the corner…NAW!!! I’m just givin’ ya grief…sorry you’re really allergic… But I am curious tho…(Cute kitteh by the way!)

  9. Verdun.


    One lone kitteh crosses the wooded, paneled plains, braving the dark halls…only to face a single soldier spritzer.

    Only a single sentence passed between them:

    “On ne passe pas”

  10. LOL, Aubrey!

    BTW, my friend is allergic to cats…she has 7.

  11. Jupiter – I don’t allow my cats in the bedroom either due to allergies. By keeping my room cat free, I don’t have hair and dander all over my bedding, so I don’t wake up with my eyes itchy and red and my nose stopped up till I can’t breathe. It’s nice.

  12. I love your site and have shared it with everyone! Thanks for bringing so much joy into my life…sniff sniff…oh and my husband is allergic to cats but we have 4 (I brought two from my single life and we adopted 2 at a shelter together) gotta tell ya that even though he has to take meds and blow his nose all the time, he adores them. So my point is, if you aren’t going to go into cardiac arrest from having cats around, take some meds, vacuum alot and enjoy these amazing little creatures!

  13. aubrey rules the day !!!!

    why can’t people realize this is a nice post site and if they have nothing good to say don’t post.

  14. that’s one schweeeeet kitty-kitty

    he just wants to use the bathroom realquicklike and then he’ll be on his way


    that’s it *snicker*

    –the 300 quote made me giggle! love love love that movie. after my fiance and i saw it, we were running around pretending to kick stuff and yelling: This. Is. SparTAHHHHHHHH! i tink we pretend-shoved each of our dogs into that Spartan pit while yelling this like 6x each ^^

  15. Hee. Poor Kitty, he’s a walking ball o’ allergens. I mean that literally, he is pretty round. 😉

  16. This is a daily scene in my house. The evil water bottle of soakingness is much feared by the Snack, Buddy, and Gravy.

  17. So does the spray water thing actually work on cats? (I’ve never lived with one – totally allergic, you see. 🙂 )

  18. Cheryl Robinson-Atwood says:

    I’m picturing RollerKittie twirling, ninja-style, flat over the spritzer, landing with a flourish directly on Jame’s pillow.

    (BTW, my five kitties MUST stay out of my bedroom, or my eyes swell nearly shut, allergy meds notwithstanding.)

  19. Cheryl Robinson-Atwood says:

    ‘K, maybe more sumo style than ninja-that’s one tubby tabby! Just needs one of those thong diaper thingies……

  20. OMG, I <3th this picture, and that kitteh is HUGE.

  21. My kittehs HATE my “Water Bottle of Death”, but they would never stop like that. They would look at me disdainfully and walk right past it.

  22. Poor kitteh is so offended! I can tell from the look on his face that someone is gonna pay later. James C, keep an eye on your shoes! 🙂

  23. @hey-h
    Yes, those water sprays do work. Some even to the extent that you only have to imitate the spray-ey sound (pfft pfft) for the cat to run off.

  24. Ooh, now that’s grim.

  25. hypereric says:

    I was allergic to cats until I ended up with eleven little white fur balls running around my one bedroom apartment (two feral moms with litters about one month apart).

  26. OMG! It's Carrie says:

    I wonder what his favorite color is?

    The kitty, not the man

  27. he is adorably tubby, but i didn’t wanna go *there*

    his leetle feet look like two pieces of popped popcorn ^^

  28. Desdemona says:

    Yes, in some cases, the spray bottle is the ONLY thing that works. Like the picture, sometimes all I have to do is pull out the spray bottle and set it meaningfully on the coffee table, beside the plant that’s being dug into, or whatever the mischief is. The downside is that, whenever I use an aerosol can of something (like Lysol on the litter pans, or cooking spray) — ka-ZAM! — there’s a mad scramble to exit the room.
    But on another point — has anyone noticed that cats have an immediate and persistent attraction to anybody who is allergic to cats? Any guest I have who is allergic and trying to ignore my cats is immediately besieged by curious and overly-friendly kitties. Any guest who WANTS to snorgle a cat will only see their tocks and tails whipping out of sight.

  29. Desdemona – canned air works great as an alternative to spray bottles.

    Also, I think cats are mystified by anyone who doesn’t see them as the righteous rulers of the universe, so they try to win those people over, by cuteness or by force.

  30. Oh he’s not even looking at the bottle, he’s looking past it pretending he actually wants to sit there and stare into the forbidden zone, not actually enter it.
    But inside his mind he’s plotting ferociously and will attempt to sneak in once the water bottle is not on duty.

  31. Instead of a water bottle, I use a little squirt gun. My kitteh goes flying out of the room if I even touch the darn thing. Not that the threat of water has stopped her from eating my plants, lunging at the fish tank…

  32. Micheline says:

    put cayenne pepper in the water, and spray a line at the entrance of the bedroom. the cat will never come near it.

  33. I don’t know, Micheline… that sounds to me like something for MythBusters.

  34. ShelleyTambo says:

    Desdemona, I heard one theory that makes sense. People who don’t like/aren’t used to/are allergic to cats tend to not make eye contact. Kitties quite often find eye contact rude or dominating, so they like the peeps who don’t do it–hence snuggling up with the ones who are least equipped to deal with it. Or, more likely, they just like to f’ with people.

  35. LOL! There is nothing like a forbidden room to bring out the ninja in any cat!

    If only the spray bottle would work! Our marmie kitty, when he does something he knows he shouldn’t, gets sprayed with water. He simply looks at the human doing the spraying as if to say “What ARE you doing?” He then goes back to whatever it is that he shouldn’t be doing.


    I luff that stubborn kitty!

  36. The Honourable Gladys Anstruther says:

    Water spray would not work on my cats, they love water. When I water the garden they come running up to watch and dabble their paws in the flow.

  37. Shandrews says:

    I just want to say I really don’t recommend the cayenne pepper in the water trick. My neighbor tried that in her garden to try and keep her cat from using it as a litter box, and the poor thing went in there anyway and somehow it got in her eyes and she was scratching at her eyes horribly. It was really sad.

    Okay, just wanted to give a little info, I LOVE LOVE LOVE kitties and want to see them all safe, happy, and a little on the tubby side 🙂

  38. I hear the theme to The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly in my head.

    My bf is deathly allergic to cats and never spent time around them until he met mine. He loves them so much now he spoils them more than I do and taking claritin when he comes over is no big deal to him.

  39. OMG! It's Carrie says:

    man… noone got my joke at ALL. 😦

  40. Carrie — did you maybe mean for it to go under this post?

  41. (or was it just the standard Python-ism?)

  42. We used to use this on our Great Dane when he was a puppy. It was so effective, he habituated it to all spray bottles. All we would have to do is pick up any spray bottle anywhere in the house and he would immediately stop what he was doing no spraying involved. However, when I showed this trick to my mom with a bottle of Lemon Pledge she later accidentally sprayed him with it right in the face not realizing she didn’t have to spray him and that it was actually Pledge not water. She (and I) felt awful. Loki was fine but absolutely terrified of all spray bottles for the rest of his long (11 years) life.

  43. I should have said long and otherwise happy life.

  44. Yitzysmommie says:

    James C – one word: ANTIHISTAMINES!
    Then you and your puttum tater wouldn’t have the battle of the spritz bottle.
    YM, who takes 4 allergy/asthma medicines to love & snorgle Yitzy w/o sneezle & wheezleing.

  45. Juniper Jupiter says:

    To “me”…Mmmm…okay…I gotcha! I got allergies, too, but I don’t sleep with marigolds or oak trees, that would be silly! 😛 But the cat dander and fur in the pillows in the middle of the night part does make sense…(But I can picture the cat rubbing his butt on yer pillows while yer gone going “allergic to me and banninating ME from my bed will you!? MUAHHAHAHAAHAHA!!!!!!”) :;)

  46. A word about the cayenne- we tried this trick to get our cat, The Stupid Bup to stop peeing all over town. It didn’t work. She pees on the cayenne. A Lot.

    My son is mildly allergic to cats. Here’s a peek into our house:
    Boy comes out of his room in the Ayem. His eyes are bloodshot. Dark red.
    I say: You let the cat sleep on your face again didn’t you?
    Boy says: Yes…(looks shifty)
    I say: Aren’t you tired of being itchy?
    Boy says: Yes. May I have some claritin?
    I say: Why don’t you just put her out of your room and shut the door before you go to sleep like I’ve asked?
    Boy looks at me like I am coo-coo for cocoa puffs and says: May I have some Claritin, Please?
    I give the boy some Claritin. He loves him some kitteh:)

  47. says:

    Kitty is sitting an EXACT measured distance from the door frame – he KNOWS his hair is going to float under the door, so he’s cool (and tubby – as all mine were, although the photo is taken from above).

    Who won the stand-off, anyway?

    Aubrey and Hon Glad, great posts.

  48. we only watch mythbusters when they blow stuff up ^^

    *patiently holds fork in one hand, knife in the other*

    *adjusts bibb*

    where the heck is the sketti? 😉

  49. NYgirly, excellent description of the paws! I luv them! It’s as if the kitty consists of a ball, a smaller ball, two straight stubby legs with popcorns at the end.
    And the expression on kittehs face crowns it all.

  50. Seven Paws says:


    I like to think of them as “drumsticks”…

    This looks like my brother’s cat, who has been described at times as looking like the hippo in the tutu in Fantasia. Love those little popcorn paws!

  51. Shannon Johnson says:

    Watch out mr. kitty, he gonna git you.

  52. LOL!

    I lof the chub on that kitteh.

  53. OMG! It's Carrie says:

    (or was it just the standard Python-ism?)
    apparently just a standard Python-ism

    Although I’d have chosen blueeeeaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaagggggggghhhhhhhhhhhhhhh

  54. Behold, Teh Power of Teh Watersprayer. It’s like kitty kryptonite. Although kitty here seems to be contemplating whether she can get away with it, anyway.

  55. re: Juniper’s comment I was amazed to find out how many cat owners think we people who are allergic are just pretending.

    I’ll be cohabitating one of these days with a guy who has 2 cats (but one is so huge it is more like 2.5) so we’re going to have to figure out the balance between letting the cats have their lives and my health. I think a lock on the bedroom door and a cleaning service will help.

  56. rubber duck says:

    Actually, I’m allergic to cats but I still like them, and cats – even particularly shy cats, or ones that don’t like strangers – seem to love me. So I’m thinking it has something to do with the allergy itself 😀

    For some people constant exposure to cats seems to help their allergy…and for others pills work like magic. I, however, am atopic, not just allergic, and atopy being a far more complicated condition than ordinary allergy, the only way for me is to avoid anything that might make it worse. Since my eyes already feel like they’re falling off much of the time, no need to make them worse by sharing a bed with a cat…

    And finally, about the picture itself: I looove the way the kitty and the bottle stare at each other. A real battle of the minds! 😀

  57. I’m a fan of the Pythonism. Bring me a shrubbery!

  58. rubber duck says:

    PS – agreed, it’s downright cruel, and offensive, to suggest people who are allergic just pretend because “they just don’t like cats”.

  59. I can’t believe I forgot to mention: my little arm is all swollen right now from an allergy shot! I hope those cats are fairly nice to me when I live with them. Like maybe by not throwing up in my shoes too often.

  60. Juniper Jupiter says:

    CLAIRE!!! Read my comment!! I was kiddingks!! I have allergies, too!!! Calm down!! Here, pet my marigolds!!! 😛 But I am glad you like the kittehs!!! YAY!!!! Oh, and don’t show fear or alphaness to any kitteh…just show submissivenesh…that’ll keep yer shoes nice’n’clean! >^.^<

  61. Sorry Juniper! I didn’t reads it rights.

    But seriously I have had cat people admit to me they don’t really believe in cat allergies. hiss!

  62. Juniper Jupiter says:

    ^^^Same comment goes to rubber duck…Calm down!!! Much loves!!

    AND ALL ALLERGIES SUCK(‘specially those peanut ones, yeesh, I feel for anyone who has those, and I loves the peanuts)!!!

    Rubbah, you mention atopic reaction, ever get one from bleach? Seriously, I was in the grocery store one time and two aisles over somebody busted a gallon bottle all over the floor, and once the fumes hit me, my whole body totally rashed out!!! I’m okay when the bleach is watered down heavily, but danged if that stuff was potent when the whole thing is open!! Yikes!

    Now, for you, Claire, “me”, and for anyone else that got offended earlier by my comments about allergies towards cats…I’m sorry. But you all need to calm down. I KNEW that as soon I typed in my first comment that people were gonna get bent outta shape and I figured that James C had a sense of humor, that’s why he posted the pic with his explanation. Sure, allergies aren’t funny, and like I’ve said, I got ’em too, but I make do and go on with life…I don’t laugh if people have those allergies where they could actually die(like the above peanut, shellfish, and beestings)it involves those epipens, but you know what? I have a sense of humor. It maybe a little more crass then some of you, but I do try to be a little sensitive when I can.

    Sorry for the rambling. My brain hurts…no, the one in my head. Long, bad day. 😦

  63. Juniper Jupiter says:

    Thanx, Claire! 🙂

  64. Spraying cats with water bottles is so cruel!

  65. Kitteh to spritzer: This threshold ain’t big enough fer the both of us.

  66. That kitteh is big. I bet he loves to snorgle. I bet he’s a champion snorgler.
    I loverly you CuteOverload so moische. I want to marry you this weekend in Vegas. We’ll invite all the snorglables. Just think about it.

  67. Takin' a Break says:

    I’d better not tell Helene I get the hose out when the neighbors’ cats get in my yard. I like feeding seed to the songbirds, NOT songbirds to the cats…

  68. WiccanWolf says:

    My hubby is allergic too and for a long time we didn’t have cats and it killed him as it appeared that he aquired the allergy later in life and cats are his favorite animals so now he takes the shots and the antihistimines. One of our cats looks just like this one except she is a Van Calico and not quite as chubby, too much energy for fatness…lol anyway, she gets up on my gecko cage and I’m afraid she is going to fall through the wire mesh top one day and hurt herself or the gecko so I use the spray bottle to try and deter her. Sometimes she squints, waiting for the spray to hit her before she gets down and sometimes she just doesn’t feel like getting wet first. lol


  69. Cat: Hmmmm They think this little spray bottle is gonna stop me.

    Spray Bottle: that crazy cat is gonna try to get past me. I can not believe she would try taht.

    Cat: IF i look to the right and go left I think I can do it. (kitty mad scramble past the sprayer)

  70. answer me these questions three. or you shall not pass.
    There you go Carrie:)

  71. girlnextdoortn says:

    Yup. My ass just fell on the floor, having been laughed off.

    I do this with my kitties when they’re thinking about climbing on the countertops. All I have to do is set the spraybottle out, and they see it and change their minds.

  72. miss_mannerszz says:

    hmmm… looks like James C. is allergic to sweeping his floor, too…

  73. too funny.. that is exactly how i taught my cat not to go upstairs to the bedrooms…. i leave a water bottle on the top step.. funny, but it works

  74. That’s what we do to keep the dogs out of the kitchen while we’re cooking! Except we use a can of air-freshener room spray. They hate it so much they won’t come near the kitchen, HA!

  75. headscratcher says:

    mizmannerszz…those are flecks of paint from when the walls were painted, not dust or dirt. Kinda stuck to the floor and impossible to get off with broom, vacumn or mop.

    I would suggest trying to focus on how cute the kitty is rather than critizing what you perceive to be someone’s inability to sweep away stuck on flecks of paint.

  76. miss_mannerszz says:

    Re: headscratcher: “I would suggest trying to focus on how cute the kitty is rather than critizing what you perceive to be someone’s inability to sweep away stuck on flecks of paint.”

    Oh, sorry, I forgot to put my regressive baby talk ‘cute overload’ translator on:

    “awww did widdle wiggums wuggums try to get in the bedwooms? wittle kitteh witteh wummbles!”

    Is that better? If not, then I would suggest that you GROW UP.

  77. headscratcher says:

    Awww…poor ickle superior one. How unappreciative the rest of us inferior slobs are of your intellect.

    Flecks of paint honey. And you got your knickers in knots. Brava. *golf clap*

  78. “Miss Mannerszz,” is it? Lovely irony, but do you have anything to say that isn’t rude? Or is that pretty much your schtick?

  79. Headscratcher — just my curiosity, but are you English?
    (“ickle” and “knickers”)

  80. headscratcher says:

    Canadian actually (next door to being English….lol). Anglo Irish extraction, with several family members straight from England and Ireland.

    That and I’ve been reading the Harry Potter books again…I picked up ickle from there. Knickers in knots is a phrase I’ve been hearing around for years. Far more polite than panties in a wad, eh? 😉

  81. I cant believe it, the right time for discussing the workings of cat’s minds :-)just yesterday my little siri cat (the one dependent on cortisone because of eosinophilia) had the catty idea of sneaking into our cat free living room. (she does it whenever she feels unwatched, lays down under the sofa, and needs a ‘squirtfish’ reminder, she has to leave the room to not push up the allergen levels in this room). Yes, we keep this room catallergen free because it is the only room our allergic (talking asthma attacks of suffocationlevel)friends can visit with us.
    The kitties have a cozy, plushy room where their favourite human spends most of the day with them, so please dont tell me I am cruel to not let them into the living room)
    We sat there watching the tv which is seldom and she came in, flat bellied, trying to sneak behind us, heading to the open balcony door. I guess she thought we will not see her. The noise of ‘phssssss’ (uttered by me)made her think it over and head to the right door again.
    I agree, allergies are bad, and even my own prick test revealed I am allergic to the ‘cat serum’ they use for this, I had to come in again and bring hair from my two furballs to test if I react to them, and guess what? I did not react to their hair, saliva or dander I had collected. When they get their claws out on me in play or if they forgot I am not a cat like them and have delicate skin, I get those red, very itchy scars, but I would never think of giving them away, and I take my antihistamines for other allergies anyways, so why give up my beloved family members. They just have to leave us this one room as much allergene-free as possible, nothing more they are asked.
    If they forget, they have to be reminded, and the squirtfish is nothing else than a ‘teaching tool’ which works for my two furballs and seems to work for the cat from James C, also.
    Now I get off my soapbox and get some heavy snorgling done, if they feel like it, if not I will be deprived and as dreary as the weather is here right now.

    nana from Germany.

  82. ryodragon says:

    So cute! I wish that worked on my cat. He loves the spray-bottle so much he jumps on the kitchen counters just to purr when he gets squirted. We gave up on the bottle pretty quickly after that…

  83. Let us Hear it for The Python! WOOOHOOO!!!

    And, the pic……………really. Who won this one. I am guessing….the cat!!!!

    Humans are so boring….and now they try to “get a laugh”. Sad humans………get me my dinner. Now.

  84. Out, Out Damned SPOT!

    Given the markings on that little kitteh, is appropriate.

  85. I know what you’re thinking kitty.
    Did I fill this bottle all the way full, or not.
    I’ve already sprayed you five times.
    So, is it empty or not?
    Well, feeling lucky, puss?

  86. Have been away so a late reply! But to clarify: yes I’m allergic, yes I love cats, this one belongs to my roommates; in the end, she won the battle vs. the spritzer (loved the Verdun comment – also the popcorns feet one!); and thank you for defending my floor, it is as clean as a 122-year-old house’s floor can be, flecks of paint and all 🙂