THIS JUST IN: Perfectly curled paws

A RARELY-SEEN glimpse of perfectly curled, hamtastic paws, Everyone.

[Wild, explosive applause]

That’s right. We’re not messing around.


Through the bars, even, Sandie L.—impressive!



  1. OMG it's Carrie - Be scared. says:

    Yet adorably adorable hamster paws!!!

  2. Catman Dude =^-.-^= says:

    He’s doing the Soupy Sales “Mouse” dance!

  3. Like little unfurled palm fronds 🙂

  4. Good heavens! What IS this perfectly-puffy creature?? I mean, he appears to be a wee hammy, but he seems particularly, well, robust. Is this a teddy-bear ham or something? I MUST know!

  5. Lookit his TOESIES!!!

  6. OMG it's Carrie - Be scared. says:

    heeeyyyyy you took out my bleen! that’s not nice at all!

  7. OMG it's Carrie says:

    wasn’t aware that a bad thing – so sorry JEESH

  8. [crushing remorse]

  9. Shhh, aren’t you afraid that wild, explosive applause will startle Mr. TeenyPawsPants?

  10. Mr. TeenyPawsPants is FIERCE and unafraid of your puny applausey explosions!

  11. one of the erins says:

    Forget the ears-to-head ratio… what about paws-to-body ratio? Good grief!

  12. Carrie you have been Theo’d.
    Okay back to the Ham….
    Look at the BEF People. He will lazer you right to the heart with those babies.

  13. Yes People here we have a rare glimpse of the only furry T-rex in existance. Carefull that he doesn’t see you move, They can be quite deadly.

  14. Tsk, Teho. Making t-rexes out of cute fuzzy critters… 😛

  15. Catman Dude– OMGWTF a Soupy Sales shoutout?!?!?!?

    “Kids, go into your mommy’s and daddy’s wallets, and find those funny green pieces of paper . . .”

  16. Teho, “though he be but little, he is fierce.” Shakespeare Gerbil!!

  17. OMG! It's Carrie says:

    Theo, problem?

  18. Theresa — I am trumped by the Bard. [tip o’the Mad Hat]

    Carrie — none that I’m aware of.

  19. Oh my lord–the PINKNESS!!!

  20. Having referenced both Soupy Sales and Shakespeare in five minutes, I have reached my level of geekiness. Now my nose is bleeding.

  21. REMAIN PERFECTLY STILL! Their vision is based on movement…..

  22. Whoa… is that a “Pitch Black” reference, Mello??

  23. we’re not worthy! we’re not worthy!

  24. TEN!

  25. Is anyone else getting logged off any time they post? Just curious.

    I believe it was a Pitch Black ref. btw.

  26. never thought of ham with peaches ‘n’ cream as a good combo, but i stand corrected!

  27. Carrie — yes. Happens to me like once every 20 comments. TypePad glitch, I think.

  28. um, excuse me?
    thanks. :o)

  29. he’s about to do the Cabbage Patch
    –you can totally tell

  30. Not pitch black her quote was from Jerrasic park, the Trex scene shortly before the Rex ate the Lawyer(load clapping)

  31. Opps that was supposed to say Jurrasic Park and Loud clapping for the lawyer being eaten. (Must proof read before posting)

  32. Go hammie, it’s yer birthday. 😛

  33. LOL @ Annie’s proofreading… but I think we can pretty much read what you *mean*, rather than what you might actually type, so no worries.

  34. NotSupposedToBeDoingThisAtWork says:

    NYgirly, I thought he was gearing up for the Running Man myself….

    …and sad, indeed that there is no COXCU… but look at those nibble-able little ears!!! I may have to nibble them.. FIERCELY. XD

  35. Annie – I am not sure what “load clapping” is but I am pretty sure it would apply to many lawyers.

  36. luvinmals says:

    Can I just hold him for a little while. I promise to give him back.

  37. The Jerkassic Era was followed by the lesser known Criceticeous Era, unofficially labeled as Hamsterrific Era.

    The fierce Hammysaurus swept away all his reptilian competitors and ruled the Earth. Never before had the World seen such a monster…

  38. I’m with kimchi. Where’s the C.O.X.C.U.???? =)

  39. His little pudgy belly just begs to be tickled. I volunteer.

  40. That ham is so well groomed! Look at that perfectly fuzzy fur! I must snorgle!

  41. He looks like he should be hanging on to the edge of an exotic drink…with a brella! 🙂

  42. Yes, we need COXCO’s of both the perfectly curled paws and the little toes!! Also, check out that eye capsule action!

  43. Since he’s so FIERCE, it’s a good thing America’s Next Top Model starts again soon.

  44. To those requesting COXCUs —
    (i.e. ) —
    Generally they get posted if we get ’em. Oftentimes, submitted pix aren’t of sufficient resolution to permit a close-up. It all depends on the original photo.

  45. you guys are funny! the whole hamster is an COXCU.
    Look how close you are to him. HEhehe

  46. Oh my gods that is unbelievably prosh. Is that another hammie there in the corner, pouting because he can’t compete with the cuteness?

  47. cutelover says:

    SO CUTE!
    But shouldn’t they give the little guys something better to line the bottom of the cage to stand and lie on? Those bars must hurt those tiny little feets!

  48. luvinmalssomuch says:

    carlisa, Exactly, hanging on a bahama mama drink.

  49. Yes, Jurassic Park weeee! Do the ole hover over the hamster and find my inspiration!!


  50. (my hand r 2 little and my head is 2 big)

  51. Despite all this talk of fierceness, I want to Photoshop in a little handbag and a Sunday-go-to-meeting hat.

  52. Leslie, that’s the best idea I’ve heard all week!

  53. berthaslave says:

    I think he’s auditioning for the role of the White Rabbit in “Alice’s Adventure in Wonderland.” “I’m late, I’m late!”

  54. [telling his pal] ”i seen a squirrel – he was doin’ like this”

  55. Is that another hammie behind him? He’s cute, but Syrians really need to be housed alone or they’ll fight and possibly kill each other. 😦

  56. She needs a dainty little purse and a pillbox hat.

  57. Save me Jeebus!

  58. Amy, the crazy one. says:

    Yay for McHampsterPants!

    I went back to school yesterday and I’ve had several hours worth of homework, and my backpack weighs in over 20 pounds. I think I might scream at times, but then I think of cuteoverload. And life moves on.

  59. Has anybody tried hoovering (?) their marker over the picture? The text had me howling with laughter!

  60. LOL, FatCat! I think you mean “hovering”… “hoovering” sounds like using a giant vacuum cleaner. (RUN HAMSTER RUN!)

    …and thanks. The hovertext was mine, inspired by LOLcats captions.

  61. Cute picture of your hammy. When mine do that I call it woodchucking. Please make sure your hams have soft bedding that is 2″ deep to walk on, either carefresh or aspen. Wire bottom cages and wheels damage the feet of all small animals from mice to rabbits.

  62. Shannon Johnson says:

    Adorable Hamster

  63. Who’s got little T-Rex arms? You Do! Awwwww!

  64. He is soooo adorable!

  65. Please make sure your hammies have soft bedding that is 2″ deep to walk on, either Carefresh or aspen. Wire bottom cages and open wire wheels damage the feet of all small animals. Also, Syrian hamsters need to be housed “One,” to a cage or bin, or they will fight to the death.