Nuthin’ like napping with your own ‘tocks in your face

Sometimes, you get alll squinched up, ’cause you had to share a chair earlier, and you end up with your own ‘tocks in your face, and then, your Sender-Inner takes a photo of you. And then it ends up on Cute Overload.



Charlotte H., it might also just be a case of cat yoga—let’s not jomp to conclushons.



  1. I love kitty yoga! (Bleen?)

  2. Yes, the bleen asana.

  3. Oh, SarahR, very nice. [golf clap]

  4. amazing how they can sleep through anything, but how dare I sleep past their feeding time!

  5. The Honourable Gladys Anstruther says:

    I was justlmoarse when I fell asleep.

  6. Catman Dude =^-.-^= says:

    I wanna tickle de kitteh’s back paw pads with a feather!!

  7. kitteh says “i can see now it is all behind me”

  8. No jomping here.

  9. luvinmalssomuch says:

    words escape me

  10. they’ve finally done it… they’ve invented the boneless cat

  11. More evidence that cats are the only animals that change from solid to liquid when they fall asleep.

  12. Cat says ” well this is just so cumfy I could zzzzzz” (Passed out before he could finish his thought) Too Cute!Too Cute!

  13. that there kitty is gunna have a stiff neck.
    too much cat-nip I’m thinkin.

  14. [scratches head]

    Uh … I can’t tell the feet apart!

    Now wait … ah. Got it.

  15. Oh yes, they do that! Yet, when I would need a lap cat they complain my lap ain’t comfy enough!!!

    *serious pouting*

    I wish *I* had been born as a kittycat.

  16. awww what a sweet kitty-kitty

    *gentle tickles kitty toes*

    someone uses Fresh Steeeeeep ^^

  17. I wish *I* could be comfortable in crazy positions like that…I’d have the best sleep ever!

  18. Ahhh! this explains how they fit into boxes smaller than their bodies.

    Cat physics.

  19. Charlotte H says:

    Oh, I’m so proud of myself >.> WOO I GOT POSTED ON CO ^^;

    *hides* And “tocks in mah face” kitty is cute! And belongs to a friend of mine ^^

  20. Collapsible cat is collapsible.

  21. Woo-hoo, my sister’s submish made C.O.! That pwns. *smushes kitteh*

  22. book_monstercats says:

    I have often described people who are very pompous as being in danger of disappearing up their own a*ses, but really…..

  23. bunnyhunny says:

    Hey, at least having your own tocks in your face is better than having someone else’s tocks in your face.

  24. This is what happens when kittehs have too much wine.

    Gonna have a headache and a sore neck when she wakes up.

  25. I’m actually tinking of something like Pirates 3 where they run back & forth to flip the ship, this guy jus lost his footing and skidded into the side.

  26. As we know, cats are inherently quantum mechanical creatures; this one is currently in an indeterminate superposition of the spin-up and spin-down states.

  27. Yitzysmommie says:

    Very prosh! This is the kitter equivalent of those pictures our Moms took of us in our bare nudies on the changing table in early infancy….

  28. Hey,it’s the “upward pooter” yoga position!!

  29. acelightning says:

    “If I could do that, I’d never have to leave my room…”

  30. Oh dear- Meg, you are awesome! Here I was alone in my new mold-tastic apartment, thousands of miles from home, just had to say goodbye to Dad (senior year and I still cry!), migraine…

    …and at “.com.” I just burst out laughing. Thanks Meg, you put a HUGE smile on my face and made my night much better!

  31. Kricket ((Huggs))) From a mom with one away at college. right now your folks are missing you incredibly too. And congrats on your new apartment.

  32. *lewks at acelightning*
    *quickly scoots away*
    far, far away

  33. Invertakitti!

  34. Cat physics and lots of practice in the womb, I think is how pittys associate these slepping postions as still comfortables…….
    I got me a 20 year old who still sleppies in strange postions

  35. says:

    Also, on closer inspection of the other end, this is a “Kitler”.

  36. Shannon Johnson says:

    Hey cat yoga.