Daily Puppeh shout out

If you’re really, really, nice, this puppeh will let you tosche it’s muzzlepowshe. Those People over at Daily Puppy are insane. Don’t they know they could BREAK the Internets posting a pic like this?


Luthe, I think you picked an exceptionally good puppeh of all the Daily puppehs.



  1. charliewabba says:

    and um, Bleen?

  2. Puppeh looks so sad…like he doesn’t want you to be at work…you should be outside, playing with him!

  3. charliewabba says:

    I am a serious chocoholic. Especially dark chocolate. What a great way to start the day.

  4. luvinmalssomuch says:

    Awwwww is right. I saw this little one on Daily Puppy which I just lovve.

  5. Puppy bref!

  6. I can almost smell his wittle puppeh breff….

  7. ahhh. this kinda qualifies as ‘cute or sad’ doesnt it?
    the lil face is SOOOO very sad looking.
    I’ll bet he smells wonderful and is extremely soft!

  8. Avyel Kelly says:

    that is the cutest little face. Makes me wanna love mine more and more when I see cute pups like this one. Dont ya just wanna hug em and suezze em till the end. 🙂

  9. dandy_warhol says:

    don’t be sad, puppeh. i’ll take you home and love you and kiss you and call you george.

  10. I just died. Death by puppy.

  11. He has the same eyes as the sad cuttlefish post from late last week.

  12. The Honourable Gladys Anstruther says:

    English accent:- Let me introduce myself I am Miles Fortescue Chommodley Warner Fitzherbert Knackerington Smythe, but you can call me Sir.

    [Silly Party member in good standing, right? – Ed.]

  13. I still say it’s MUZZLEPUFFS (mouzelpoufs) unless they’re being used for storage.

    I stand by the Glossary version. Oh, and while we’re on it, about the recent misuse of “BAROO”…


  14. a greeeeeeenighed puppeh!


    [cheuws on earses]

  15. GI — you caught the green YEEMs too, right?

  16. Awwwwww, such sad eyes. He must be unhappy because no one is playing with heem.


  17. pugmamatimestwo says:

    oh, teh little feets! *swoon*

  18. Such a cuddlelumpkin. I can’t stand it. Must snorgle. MUST!
    *grabby hands

  19. “I understand that you cannot choose but to love me.
    “It is my blessing, my burden, my destiny.”

    – Über-Pup

  20. Scruffylove says:

    If you go to the Daily Puppy and scroll down to yesterday’s puppy, you will see Carmen, my co-workers pup.

  21. spoonplayer says:

    Da muzzlepowshe, da eyebwows, da matching schnozzlewet – AND PUPPYHIPS! Da flopped-out hips attached to straight legs, fully resting on the fuzzbun puptocks, no help from heels. I can’t STAND it. PuppyHips put me away every time.

  22. OMG.. Me thinks this is the second posting I’ve seen where the reference to ‘Dude, I am NOT high’ could be used.. I sense a new category commmming!

  23. This looks just like our Dixie (sans little white spots) when she was a pup all those years ago…she grew up so fast! Lab puppies are sooooooo cute!

  24. Yeah, unlike all those ugly puppies you run into!

  25. PUDDIN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Chocolate? Why yes and thank you.

  26. BumbleBee says:

    The belleh, people – nobody has mentioned the belleh! It has pink folds and creeeases.

  27. Yummy a chocolate pudding pup.

  28. berthaslave says:

    That might be a puppeh, but those are the eyes of a very, very old soul. Welcome back to this life, old friend! You will be snorgled!

  29. *pat pat* sad puppy.. 😦

  30. I’ve never see such tired eyes on a puppeh – amazing she hasn’t flopped over yet!
    Come rest on my shoulder, beautiful girl, and blow sweet puppeh-bref honk-shu’s in my face. Preas.

    Oh, and what is Yeem (from green eyed kitteh pic)?

  31. Puppy Power!

  32. oh good lord

  33. Clearly, this poor little pup did not get his/her morning coffee. To Starbucks at once!

  34. donutbill says:

    Ohhhh…Come here pup, I’ll make it ALL better (Kisses wet nose.)

  35. Aww!!! Sad green eyes…

  36. WCGC — actually, I think pupster EMBODIES coffee, from a certain perspective… but:


    Or, if you’re very lucky:


    (ASS COFFEE: avoid it at all costs!)

  37. That puppeh’s begging me to take him home wid me.

  38. oh my…
    what a terribly sweet sweet face
    i must have!

  39. Hereby proving my daughter’s childhood observance: Labs have such worried eyebrows!

  40. Indifferent dog is indifferent. :O

    (I want to kees his forehead~!)

  41. He looks so silky soft. Fuzzy little cocoa puff.

  42. OHhhhhhhhh- I ‘member the three days my babygurl Willow was thees widdle. Why didn’t anyone tell me choclabs grow like weeds? 8 lbs to 20 lbs in 10 days. Stheriouthly. But she still has teh muzzlepowshe, that I snorgle every morning! Oh- and she lets me eat her ears. Squeeee!

  43. That is EET!

    There is a wrinkly, velvety mastiff mush on my daily run route.

    Tomorrow, I take my camera to CAPTURE heem and show heem to you all!

  44. I’m sorry but I think THIS is the cutest puppy over at The Daily Puppy.


  45. This bebeh puppeh reminds me of my 10 year old bebbeh when he was little…
    Tooo freaking Cute Peeps

  46. Can’t tell if it’s the angle but he looks like he’s got the oversized puppeh noggin that he’s not quite grown into.

  47. Theo, the poor pooped pup is more likely to run into a Starschmucks since there is one on every corner. I like your suggestions though. yum.

  48. *notes convenient ring on collar*
    *looks over shoulders*
    *latches lead onto collar ring and leads choco pudding pup home*
    *collapses with soft gorgeous smooshy puppeh on floor*

    (commence honkshus)

  49. Nope not coffee I got my very own Choco puddin cup in my hand Cozy Shack Variety and it is definately the same color as this here chocolate pudding pup.

    Altho… maybe if it was a mocha with whip cream

  50. Kozy Shack rules!

  51. Furbabies says:

    Fudgesickle pup, cool, creamy and sweet. Pupsickle, yeah that’s it!

  52. The super sad neglected puppy look lasts into adulthood. Trust me. At least in black labs and I ‘spect all of them. It still kills me. What can I do to make the face happy!?!?!? You are NOT neglected or abused – stop with the sad sad face!!!! *dies of shame*

  53. Puppy Ques Karyoki Music–
    I would’ve given you all of my heart
    But there’s someone who’s torn it apart
    And he’s taken just all that I had
    If you want, I’ll try to love again
    Baby, I’ll try to love again but I know

    The first cut is the deepest
    Baby, I know the first cut is the deepest
    When it comes to being lucky, he’s first
    But when it comes to loving me, he’s worst

  54. Shannon, we call that the ‘nobody loves me/starving puppy’ look. I always say “baby dog, that look would be a lot more believable if you weren’t so gigantic and you didn’t have so many toys” (I have a three and a half year old, 98 pound black lab)

    I love the lab worried brow, it’s so funny. It’s like they are trying to communicate to you just how very badly they need a yummy treat.

  55. youareallwrong!!! says:

    Sorry folks, THESE are the cutest puppehs EVER on Daily Puppeh.


  56. I SWEAR I saw his/her brow move!

  57. I love Daily Puppy! My grown-up puppy, Tom, is on there! 🙂

  58. Daily Puppyis the high point of my day. Srsly.

    (Well, I guess Cute Overload is up near the top too 😉 )

  59. You might want to check out Roxie’s other photos. She was featured on 8-22-07. The above picture is cute, but you have to see all the photos to fully appreciate her puppy paws, tongue and belly. Enjoy.

  60. Yes that look says all those things, Renae. I tell mine he doesn’t KNOW what neglect is. He’s living the life of Riley – he just doesn’t know it, lol.

  61. Oooh my god! I normally don’t like dogs, but this one is too cute to be true ^_^

  62. I’ve heard of a pudding cup but this is a pudding PUP? Does this baby have GREEN eyes? That’s some powerful puppy mojo, indeed.