Whoever did that is SUCH a slob

I would NEVER let the place get this messy—whoever is responsible should really get their act together, this is disgusting—toys and hairbands—I bet it was the other cat who lives here. He is such a slob.


Antonio C., I can’t believe you haven’t cleaned that up yet.



  1. Yikes, a kitty tornado must have hit!

  2. such silky furzie. i want to stroke the kitteh!

  3. Look at da kitty-kitty; he looks (peripherally) disgusted

  4. Someone (The other kitty) was partying way to hard…. had one too many merlots and was disgracefulty klutzy.

  5. He was serious when he said he didn’t want dry food anymore.

  6. berthaslave says:

    This looks like a crime scene, but CSI: Kitteh is on the case.

  7. NotSupposedToBeDoingThisAtWork says:

    That is definitely some serious disapproving going on, right there. XD

  8. Ex-Network Geek says:

    Hmm. This looks familiar. Including the cat pretending like only the *other* cat would do something like this. Pretty cat!

  9. Fuzzybutt says:

    Wow! Looks like my kitchen!

  10. Obviously an illustration from Goldielocks and the tree Cats. Num, num, num – it’s juuuuuust right!

  11. Desdemona says:

    I was just going to say — looks like my kitchen, too! The other day, I caught one of them bouncing a piece of kibble off the wall and hitting it, like racquetball. My cats give “playing with your food” a whole new meaning.

  12. monekypants says:

    hold on, is that a rubber ducky on a string in the right lower corner?

  13. My kitten looked the same way when the TP “mysteriously” unrolled itself, and scattered itself across the bathroom floor…


  14. the ducky can’t be hung without a fair trial yanno

  15. luvinmalssomuch says:

    I don’t think he did it. Someone else is trying to pin this on him. Shhhhh he’s in the cabinet.

  16. That is a very silky prosh kitteh. And very disapproving! Clearly he has very discriminating taste, unlike SOME kittehs in the house.

  17. I simply can not live like this, I need maid service at once!

  18. It wasn’t the “other cat”. Hah as if a cat would do something like this.
    *knowing head tilt*
    It was the dog, yes, yes, it was.
    I swearz.

  19. I still haven’t determined which one leaves the paw prints on the glass table… So sneaky, those two.

  20. This reminds me of the time that I was running late for work and, in my discombobulation, left the open container of dry cat food on the counter. The more athletic of our two jumped up, knocked it to the floor, and there was a feeding frenzy as my boyfriend and I, both naked (one just out of the shower, one about to get in), scrambled to keep the cats from gorging themselves while cleaning up at the same time.

    Now we look back on it and laugh… But picking up hungry kitties + nudity = scratches in bad places.

  21. Looks like my three legged kitteh has been sliding through that kitchen…no back brakes…

  22. Seven Paws says:

    Of course he hasn’t cleaned it up yet…don’t you know the cat owner’s step-by-step rules?
    1)Catch cat in middle of heinous act
    2)Get camera and take photos
    3)Only after photos, reprimand cat and/or laugh hysterically.

  23. Shannon Johnson says:


  24. Thanks for putting my picture up! His name is Kitty, and is most certainly not the culprit. Willow did it, every day she drags objects and carefully places them into the waterbowl. Hehehe… Sneaky Kitteh.

  25. This looks like my house every morning.

    Except that there would be lots of pieces in the water so I’d have to clean that up too!

  26. Yes it was mostly Wilow how did this. She is very accurate most nights when she dropps rubber duck or hair tie in the water dish but something very very very wrong happened that night.. to poor kitty’s disgust!

  27. the poor kitty didnt know that if you step on the edge of the feeding bowl that it would flick over. why not give the kitties a proper bowl that sits firm? or put a doughnut shaped pad under the bowls there?

  28. Yeah — non-tippy petfood bowls (rather than human bowls) would definitely help.

  29. My kitty, Kit Kat, likes to steal my hair ties, break them, and bring them back to me so I can throw them. Silly kitties.

  30. I would have guessed it was the Coke box kittens from several posts down. They’re just craaaazy.

  31. Famed astronopurr Professor Kitteh illustrates the creation of the Milky Way using meow mix and rubber bands.

  32. Hey, don’t blame Antonio – when my cat makes a mess that tremendous, I have to take a picture too, or no one will believe me. 🙂

    What a beautiful silkeh-kitteh!

  33. now who could a done that eh?

  34. SeaBreeze says:

    Bring on the ants!!

    … And the mouses!!

    Cat is “fishing” for mouses!!!

  35. Make that a ‘canine mess’ and you’ve got my Zoey! LOL

  36. Its that darn kid. Now that he is crawling, he’s into everything including my food dish. So if you’re looking for someone to blame, go look at your child. Us cats would never, ever do that. And, oh, by the way, buy your kid some toys. He’s messing with mine now.

    Don’t make me tell you this again.

    [..stalks away with nose in the air..]

  37. hahahaha @ Lena. funny stuff

  38. My cat’s name is Jessica. We call her Jessica Messica. ‘Nuff said.

  39. 78op-+- (my cat typed that – must be important)

    Looks like our laundry room.
    One of our cats used to steal pens and hide them behind the refrigerator. It took us a while to figure out why she kept jumping down behind there and where all the pens were going.

  40. eikoleigh says:

    bad kitty!

    glad that’s not my kitchen floor – omg…!

  41. Oh, poor kitty. I know how it feels to have a messy housemate!

  42. acelightning says:

    It looks as though a toddler (with duckie and hair tie) tripped over, or stepped on, the edge of the dish, sending kibble flying down the hallway. Although it could have been a dog.

  43. The Honourable Gladys Anstruther says:

    It was the other cat, leaping to swat a fly, that did it.

  44. Yet another Michelle says:

    Ya know, being a bit of a neat freak myself I can totally relate to the quandry this poor kitteh finds himself in…

    Must. Clean.

  45. Yet another Michelle says:

    AND in addition to getting non-tippy type bowls, can you get all the same size and color please? I’m sure your disapproving kitteh would be pleased 🙂

  46. “I didn’t spill the food; it…em…it…ESCAPED, that’s right. Yeah. Wow. Look at those crunchies go.”

  47. Haha…disapproving kitteh.

  48. looks like a terrible out of control playing-with-toy , sliding-on-linoleum accident to me. I believe the guilty party is still standing there staring at his accomplishment.

  49. The Great Kibble Escape

  50. This picture reminds me exactly why my furbabies have to eat on top of their very own kitty condo. Litter on the floor is bad enough.

  51. The fact that this kitteh remains in the vicinity is a good indication he’s not the culprit. I came home one evening last December to find my Christmas tree completely destroyed…ornaments flung hither and yon, (fake) branches sagging, and strands of lights trailing off into the kitchen. As soon as I opened the door, the two younger cats ran like their tails were on fire, while the Grand Ol’ Man kitteh just looked at me from his spot on the couch, perfectly conveying his thoughts, “I TOLD them not to do it! But would they listen? Noooooo….!”

  52. Looks like something my Aria would do. She loves to play with hairties, and she’ll flip herself all around the joint, knocking over food.

    When we first got her, we were just using those Ziploc tupperware things to put her food and water in. But then she’d go up to the dish, stick out her paw and tip it right over!

    So we got her doggie bowls. you know, the ones that have a sturdy base, that you just take the bowls out of? Yeah. NOT a happy kitten. She gave it her best shot though!

  53. Christine says:

    Oh. My. Gawd.
    This is so totally what happens at my house– we even have that same linoleum.
    Only, I know who is responsible for which mess– Samson throws the food, Delilah takes care of the hair ties and flipping the waterbowls. (:

  54. I love the string-in-the-food, my cat does the same thing. If there is an errant shoelace or sweatpants string to be found, it will end up in the food or water bowl. Why??!!

  55. Lisa omg the visual and You do know he was telling them now take that branch over there and run those lights that way. HEhehe. Too funny. Love the story.

    NOt only do we have the same linoleum but the same carpet and cupboards at my house I had to do a tripple look… How did that kitty get in my house???

  56. My cats do the same thing….though not quite THAT bad (very nearly).

    And I don’t think its a hairband, my guess is the ring off a gallon of milk. My cats adore playing with those.

  57. oboemoboe says:


    Nice mess!

    I also had a cat (crazzzzzzzy siamese) who fancied elastic hairbands (and nails and bolts and string and screws and,well, you get it!)!

  58. Seven Paws says:

    I agree, why DO they put toys in the food or water bowl? One of my cats does that with pipecleaners – his fave toy. I can’t decide if he thinks it’s his prey in the dish, or one of his family that he has to provide food for. Sometimes they’re in the bowl, sometimes they’re just lined up in front of the bowl like animals at the watering hole.

  59. Madeleine says:

    Linda, instead of putting the string in his food dish, my tailless cat prefers to eat string. Whole. And then regurgitate it later.

    Of course I don’t let him do this–once I had to pull an entire shoelace out of his mouth when just a tiny bit was sticking out. I now hide all laced shoes.