You didn’t let us out on Caturday, and now ye shall suffer

Oh, I hear you back there. Making "kitty kissing noises" trying to get my atten-shons.

Well go ahead and beg. Caturday was yesterday. You’ll never make it up to me.


Ali B. Good luck — [shaking head]



  1. Add 5 lbs. to this cat and could be my Dad’s cat ‘Smudge’ (see grey patch on top of head).

  2. Cat on a leash? Right? Love that!

  3. The face just says it all… YOU WILL PAY… Those new $150 shoes better be locked up. (kitty growls)

  4. Brak_Silverbone says:

    Cranky kitty!

  5. I think that one torked of pitty, must remind my self to be mad at humans even if they are trying to look bored in the backround.

  6. Critterfriend says:

    That’s a great shot! =^.^=

  7. UH-OH!! Someone is maaaad! Lock the bedroom doors to avoid, um, liquid retribution!

  8. Kitty on harness/leash with camera in face? Oh yeah, po’ed puddy for sure! “I can’t be liking this!”

  9. Shannon Johnson says:

    Mad cat, look out.

  10. What the!? I’m scrolling through my RSS feed and WHAM! I see a pic I took of Cthulhu and my wife. Yes, that’s her name, the kitteh not the wife. =)

  11. Okay. The fact that the cat’s name is Cthulhu doesn’t stop me from wanting to kiss her on the noggin.

  12. TheCat is NOT amused.

  13. You may have not noticed the leash, but kitty is all too aware.

    “Leasheeeees are for dooooogs! Sheeesh, when will she ever learn?”

  14. Gah, I would be upset, too if my name was Cthulhu…

    “I am not a elder god with tentatles…my name is Felicity!!! Stupid humans…”

    She looks more like a Felicity to me..*shrug*

  15. hmmmm one would think after naming you Cthulhu one would know not to triffle with you. Especially on a lead. On the other hand after seeing the other pictures of Cthulhu, She/He was having a good time in the park.

  16. Disapproving cat!

  17. As someone who has tried leases on various cats over the years,

    it’s never a good thing. They just looked alternately humiliated/hacked off and you end up garrotted by it.

  18. kar, you won’t believe it, but i actually have a cat that doesn’t mind the leash…no humiliation or hacked off looks i swear!! of course he really walks me, since we stop when he wants, but then he is still a cat lol. you’re right though, he seems to be an oddity, because my other cat HATES the leash, and just wants me to drag it around the house for him to chase…

  19. Leash+my cat= instant paralysis. In order to walk her on it, you have to just drag her on her side. Actually, you don’t need the leash for the paralysis, just her halter. Put it on, boom! she’s lying on her side, unable to move, mewling pitifully. We’ve tried leaving it on her, and just ignoring her, to try to let her get used to it. She was upstairs, we went downstairs, thinking if we weren’t watching, she’d move. She did, slowly, dragging her hind legs behind her, down the stairs, crying like a baby. Sad really. : )

  20. Ahh the ears! The doom that is impending is an ill wind that bodes no good. Time to leave bits of catnip and gooshy food at Cthulhu’s altar and do a frantic rendition of the tuna dance. Dance monkey! Dance!

  21. Perhaps that is a “Come With Me Kitty” halter (product’s actual name), which I personally find means “crouch down and become immediately immobilized kitty”.

  22. Yep, thats one Pissed off kitty there.the same look my nubby ‘mella’ gives me..
    the old- “if looks could kill,you’d be 10 feet under my litterbox,slave!”

  23. Sesame street/Mr. Rogers Voice:
    Can you say ‘Ticked?

    I knew you could.
    Now fetch me some tuna, NOW!

  24. violetgreen says:

    She looks like a “Wednesday” to me. As in “Ash”? [I hope this doesn’t offend. If so, delete! delete!]

  25. must…know….how…to…pronounce….Cthulhu.

    It’s gonna bug me all day until I know.

  26. “KTHOO LOO”

  27. lol, thank you Theo!
    Now my mind can relax back into its non-thinking monday mode.

  28. Woebegone eyes

  29. Metz.. you may fetch the tuna… but you will not get the Tuna Dance.

  30. weensicka says:

    Dewd…that cat’s name is rilly Cthulu? That is AWE-some. That’s the nickname I use for my cat (Robert Louis Stevenson, alias Louie, alias Lou-Lou, alias Cthulu because he is PURE EVIL), especially when he decides to, oh, I don’t know, jump his lard ass up onto the counter for NO REASON other than to knock over freshly washed wine glasses.

    *Sigh* What would the word be like without evil cats?

    (Note: no kittehs were harmed in the creation of this anecdote. All were secured in a safe area while glass shards were diligently swept up and disposed of.)

  31. I’m so happy people like my little girl Cthulhu. (I’m the chick in the back of the pic) Despite her aggressive appearance she’s actually really passive. And for those curious, we call her Thu or Thuey for short:) She was actually hunting a bug in this pic. Hence the intensity…oh and of course was peeeeved about missing Caturday.

  32. she is beautiful, but having had many cats over the years,
    i wouldnt call that a “happy face”. she looks pretty p.o.’d

  33. oaklandcat says:

    Psst- Theo- the title is missing a word and it’s bugging me. Can you fix? plsthxbye

  34. Hehe. Used the “royal us”.

  35. of course

  36. uh oh. better watch your back. that kitteh is so scheming. he is just seconds away from rubbing his paws together and doing the evil laugh “mwaa ha ha ha”

  37. Theo- you have pleased us.

  38. What a pretty kitty! Love the pink nose, grey smudge on forehead, and pink halter leash thingey. I don’t see a p.o.’d look a’tall on her face. Her pupils are just a bit up. And her ears are a bit flat and back. Wait a minute, maybe she is p.o.’d. Looks like a lovely park. Has anyone seen the pet strollers? I would love to get one for my cat so I could bring her hiking with me. Basically it’s a nice carrier on the frame of an off road style stroller. Pretty cool, and expensive. If anyone has one, did your cat like it?

  39. chet's momma says:

    sunnymum- i wish i had one to walk my kitteh ’round the mall, like the other crazy ladies in Dallas do….!

  40. I can just hear the low-toned growl when you try to get this kitty back in her carrier. So not feeling the leash.

  41. Jerseystitch says:

    Looks like an angsty 1980’s dramedy:


  42. The Crapture says:

    Vengeful kitteh is vengeful