What a disgusting podcast

Heeeeeeeeeeey kittehs out there! Woooooo! Welcome back to the Daily Lick!

The Dr. is IN, and I’m taking yer calls. Line, 3, we got a Cats ‘n’ Racks fan. Ed from Ontario, you’re on the air…


What a shame—and so young, too, Maria F. [shaking head]



  1. Schlurptastic

  2. “theees does not taste like a popcicle”

  3. If Howard Stern was a pussy he’d never get anything done…

  4. In the immortal words of Jay Sherman,

    Kitten: “IT STINKS! *tthhhthhhthhphh”

  5. Hey human this does not taste like milk!!!
    who’s leg are you trying to pull, or should I say toungue, LOL

  6. plastic tastes…odd.

  7. Tasting, 1..2…3? Tasting…

  8. MC2 giggle

  9. If you lick it they will come!

  10. Shannon Johnson says:

    That is funny and cute

  11. I’m in ur studio

    pre-empting ur programz

  12. *In romantic voice*
    Hello there fellow kittehs out there in Pawsville. This is DJ Meow at 106.1 the LICK joining you ths purrific Saturday night. Up next is MC Tabby with a romantic love song. Knead the dough my friends…

  13. SeaBreeze says:

    I’m in ur studio
    Leecking your mic.
    Got to get in all the licks I can!

  14. acelightning says:

    As a former broadcasting technician and occasional “on-air personality”, I know *exactly* what’s going out from that microphone:

  15. how many licks does it take to get to the center of a microphone. One Two Three

  16. “Funny, this ice-lolly does *not* taste like catnip…”

  17. Annie – 😉

  18. It can has a flavor, of course. But which flavor can it has?

  19. thees ees shockinks *covers eyes*

    (ps btw can that kitteh get a real shock?)

  20. naym naym naym….someone’s been handling the microphone wit cheeze doodle fingers again! Yay!

  21. You people are silly, and improve Monday morning immensely.

    BTW, Metz, *here’s* Cheesedoodle:

  22. I am the DJ, I am what I play…

  23. Annie, cute comment!

  24. Silent Meow says:

    Kitten will be a pro at podcasting in no time. He’ll get it licked.

  25. …until the day he makes some scandalous slip of the tongue during a live interview

  26. NYgirly… LOL!!!!

  27. I have that same mic.
    Now I want that same kitty!

    *steals and runs away!*

  28. LOL I just noticed the edgy chess mag on the desk. So racy today Meg…

  29. “I leecks eet, but ees nawt a popseeckle!!”

    I can’t get over how darn cute this little kitty is!! I’m over here literally staring at the picture. AHH!! *sets as background* lol. <3

  30. Silent Meow says:

    That would really set some tongues wagging, that’s for sure! LOL

  31. Silent Meow says:

    And, this ain’t no tongue in cheek.

  32. All this attention! I’m sure little kitteh is just lapping it up.

  33. berthaslave says:

    For the old school folks, with apologies to Harry Chapin:

    I am the morning DJ,
    at W-C-A-T!
    Playin all the hits for you
    Wherever you may be,

    That bright “Good morning” meow
    That’s heard but never seen
    Lickin’ all my microphones
    Makin’ people squee!!

  34. WKRP(wild Kittens Rockin purradio) in Cincinnati.(Sing Song voice)

  35. “what your cat does while you’re at work”, you dont wanna know what happens to your toothbrush…

  36. Hey, This kitty will try anything once.

  37. “microphone check 1, 2 what is this?”

    –kitty doing half decent Beasties tribute ^^

  38. I believe you mean “podcats”