The Frog Board Meeting

Good Ribbets, Everyone, and thank you for attending today.

Our first order of business [Points upward with one suction-cupped finger] The newts have challenged us to koi race at the pond. Who’s in? [crosses suction cup fingers]


Pass the flies, Crom74. 😉



  1. So teeny (bleeny?)! 😀

    Frogs are my faves!

  2. *places teeny miss piggy suction cup plush toy (as seen in car windows) next to ‘Kermy’*

  3. sooo squiiiishable

  4. I called you all here today to tell you that one of you has been eating all the flies in the office refrigerator. Now fess up.

  5. Awesome eye-bulginess! Nice going, Crom! Yay!

  6. Ommme omme thats what this frog is doing in his or her yoga postion. Great Pic

  7. OMG look at his little folded hands. He is such a gentleman!

  8. Perched on a _single_ fingertip? That little crittur must be only centimeter across! *miniscule, gentle pinky stroke betwixt those eyecapsules*

  9. wow, he’s like a froggy Mr. Burns! Exxxxcellent! can’t wait to see a froggy Smithers.

  10. Oooooh I’m a sucker for itty-bitty toady-froggy things!! He reminds me of the little guy that one of my 4-H kids found in the driveway at the fair a few weeks back.

  11. O.M.G.

    That is the KYOOTEST frog that ever was a frog!!!

    Lookit lookit lookit his leetle crossed fingers….

    *sploit* Brains everywhere!

  12. Excellent! I had the exact same thought, Cheryl.

  13. NotSupposedToBeDoingThisAtWork(ButNowI'mHome) says:

    haha! third on the “excellent” thought pattern.

    tooooo cute!!!!! 😀

  14. And my favorite part is that it looks as if a couple teeensie warts are beginning to form on the finger….perhaps warts come, not from toads, but from being toed?

  15. Shannon Johnson says:

    Teeny frog, how cute.

  16. SeaBreeze says:

    I will lurves him and hugs him and kees him and take him home and name him Rex.

  17. acelightning says:

    Teeny and green-y! Rules 14 and 24, too!

  18. Bug eyes! Little hands! Squeee!!!

  19. berthaslave says:

    LOVE the folded hands. “Any more questions before we get on to new business?”

    If Kermit were real and teeny, this is what he would want to look like.

  20. Wait, aren’t suction cups for hands one of the rules of cuteness?

  21. the little folded hands are too much…adorable

  22. How precious!!!

  23. How in the world did they get him to sit on their finger like that? I love it!!!

    He looks so distinguished with that face and those crossed feet/paws/fingers… What do you call those anyway?

    I love teeny frogs and this one has stolen my heart…

  24. Good eatin, them.

  25. He is such a professional frog. I want him on my team at work!! He looks like he’s all business.

  26. Wait, Kermit’s NOT real? sad.

  27. Ribbets Rules of Order!!

  28. Theresa LOL I second the motion.

  29. Please post heem on my Flickr group: Tiny Animals on Fingers!

  30. i want to kiss his wittawl head

  31. what you mean IF kermit was real? 😡

  32. I die! I die! Best frog ever!

  33. squeeee! cutest little frog ever!