Portable Chewbacca

OK, OK, this little purse-traveling guy is more like a Mini-Chewbacca AND an Ewok put together in one sumptious package.

Can you imaging caring this bebeh around with his mini chewy roar? "Rrrrrroooooooaaaallllghhhh!"


Isabel C. Save me a spot in your Ewok hut.



  1. Looks like a pupperfly.

  2. chicken1mama says:

    The eyes had me memorized and now I have no feeling in my legs

  3. I see portable Ewok, Chewie not so much. First truly adorable Ewok evar, though. Nice!

  4. I iz a budderfly…..

  5. Wish I had an ewok.

  6. On second thought – maybe he is a helidogter or doganfly.

  7. You can almost see the shifty eyes. “Oh, uh, hi therrr. Um, yeah, see, I was lookin’ for my, uh… *ahem* Well, um… I just wanted to come with you, okay!?”

  8. I first mis-saw the floor as a wall and thought our puppy (I say “our” in the collective sense of “it’s everybody’s puppy”) was free-falling. Looks like it, don’t it?

  9. How old are you Paula? 5? Just wondering. Anyway,that is one cute little fella. I just wonder if he or she is really happy being cooped up like that. Hmmm.

  10. SO Ewok-able!! I’m sure his “roar” is WEALLY SCAWY!! 😉

  11. elizabells says:

    Wow, Mr. Ant, double-nuffs in one post. Good show. /eyeroll

    I say: Awwww, widdlebiddle cutie muffin ::speech devolves into incomprehensible babble::

  12. what kind of dog is that!

  13. Laura Cawley says:

    I believe he/she is a Brussels Griffon…??

    totally presh tho!

  14. AuntieMame says:

    He does sorta look like he’s hovering, doesn’t he? It’s Hoverdog!

  15. Shannon Johnson says:

    Chewbacca dog.

  16. AliceTanzer says:

    Hhhhrrwaaaaaereeengg Wrreeeaaangh.

    wait, what?

  17. “Hi, I’m reporting for the casting call for Star Wars: The All Pet Musical. I’m reading for the part of ChewPAWka.”

  18. fic_kitty says:

    that is most certainly a shih-tzu… I see that leetle face every morning on my own baby… maybe a bit furrier. Just makes him cuter ^_^

  19. SeaBreeze says:

    ‘E walks just fine when ‘e wants to but if ‘e can mooch a ride, so much teh better.

  20. There have been times when jokingly I said I was going to steal my friends dogs inside my overly larger purse. But never had I attempted it.
    Now, I’m going to go around stealing their puppies just like this. Because cute little eyes staring back at me command me to do so.

  21. luckycliff says:

    uh, Meg, you’ve got Chewbacca on the brain…. I’m sorry but I don’t see it… Ewok, yes, but seriously, Chewbacca?? somebody’s been hitting the Merlot a bit hard there.

  22. Sara niice one !!?!?!?!!
    That puppeh made me laugh only second time today , this was the pic of the day for me

  23. Amanda Warren says:

    Looks kind of like my mom’s dog Teddi. http://www.flickr.com/photos/kansas_city_royalty/344932193/

    Except she’s different colors. 😉

  24. Grabbing the handle could be a problem – nothing like Chewbacca taking a snap at your hand 😉

  25. OMG where’s the rest of the pup?! 😛

  26. MaliceAlice says:

    very very cute. I didn’t notice the ‘free falling’ effect until you said so, but it is cool. still, a camo purse? I don’t know if I can support this kind of thing. And Mr. Ant: U iz a kranky-pantz.

  27. i can’t see nothing. it must be camouflaged.

  28. PatriciaWilson says:

    This pup is in his little case – safe from very big Dogs who might fancy him for a snack – do you honestly think he was MADE to get in there .
    Yeah right Mr. Ant is a kranky pantz, pup is protected here

  29. So convenient for the Jedi Master on the go. Ewok in a battle bag. Very good for those times when you need a ridiculously tiny ambush, or just insane moxie. I give this two thumbs up.

  30. This looks sorta like my own little Ewok, Peanut. I think its the shi-tzu in them that makes them look this way. They’re just so cute and so adorable!

  31. not only is it a pupperfly it’s an extremely rare camo-pupperfly.

    (Spock voice)

    Since this is an endagered species and all I think for its own protection I must take it home with me and lock it up, yep yep yep.
    (feels top of head for horns)

  32. OH NOES! Metz is mixing teh “Star ____” series together!

  33. LOL @ CBF for “ridiculously tiny ambush”

  34. Squeeeeeeee!
    Wall eyes!!!!!

  35. Dammit, why can’t *I* have a little buddy to carry around in a camouflage-print case?!

  36. Thanks Theo. My fav would be the ever popular Massive log roller ambush. All I need is a couple of droids to use as bait and I’m all set…

  37. Persephone says:

    Awww, he has a little underbite like my dog Lucy did. 🙂

    My husband did not care for this post, though. He kept saying “But… Chewbacca is *not* an Ewok!”

  38. This little sweetie REALLY needs a new bow! Check out http://bowsbybeth.com! Can’t tell I love dressing up my little pup and kitties, can you? hehehe…so cute!

  39. Little known fact – Princess Leia absconded with a baby ewok when leaving Endor – that’s a standard issue rebellion officer’s jungle combat purse. And there was only one female officer deployed to Endor…

  40. Now that you mention it CBD it DOES look like the same camoflage that they used for their uniforms there.
    either she absconded with it, or it was a stowaway and that’s what she saw when she opened up her bag on the ship.
    Ghaaaaaaaaaa! Whut the?
    Oh how cute! I guess I’ll keep it.

  41. berthaslave says:

    People, if you DO have a Wookie and an Ewok at home, do NOT try to have them mate. You could end up with a seven foot tall Ewok that does not carry easily in fashionable camo handbags!

  42. “Wookieewok”?

    [for when you need a whole freighter-load of fried rice… – Ed.]

  43. LMAO! Too funny- LOVE IT

  44. What breed of dog is that? I saw one in real life before and I want one!!!

  45. Ironically, fairly sure this is my neighbors dog… named Princess Leia.

  46. looks like the zipper is too tight and the eyes are poppin out of his lil head!
    “loosin it up a lil bit mama! i promise i wont jump outta here!”

  47. OMG it's Carrie - Be scared. says:

    just awwwwwwwwwwwwww

  48. Too Many Maureens says:

    “Yub nub,” indeed.

  49. This looks eerily like my friend’s Ewok backpack.

    Although this is MUCH cuter.

    Wonder if I can convince her to trade up.

  50. And this, is what centuries of dog breeding has given us. I think a wolf would LOL 😉

  51. moominkomet says:

    hehehe!! That’s my sister in laws dog, Chewie! 😀 That is really her name!! And yes, she is totally cute and is a sweetie as well! kiss kiss Chewie! Good dogie!


  53. moominkomet says:

    Laura, she’s a Brussels Griffon. 🙂

  54. The Honourable Gladys Anstruther says:

    Well I’ll be doggone.

  55. one of the erins says:

    I donno, I’m seeing Fizzgig.

    Dressed up as the abovementioned extremely rare camo-pupperfly.

  56. Is your pup a Brussels Griffon? Looks like my Olivia a brussels. SOO very cute!