Good Times



Good tiiiimes! [Sing in Good Times theme backup singers voices]

Cheryl L., scratchin’ and survivin’ Gooooood Tiiiiiimes!



  1. Aww! That reminds me of my cats when they were little, all pyscho. ^^

  2. I love how the one of the kittehs finds out that the box is not as solid as it thought.

  3. If you can watch this, and NOT be filled with joy (and giggles), check your pulse.

    How great would it be if all we needed to be happy was our buddies and a box? I wanna come back as a kitteh…

  4. tracyFLICK says:

    MAN! Those cats are flying around.

  5. leendadll says:

    Step away from teh catnip!!

  6. essensual says:

    The last one is mine…
    No way, MINE.
    Mine mIne

    Phew…what the kittehs would do for that last can of coke.

  7. extraliberaliguess says:

    I wish I had that many baby kittehs in my house. 😦 I’d be able to cancel my cable, since I’d be constantly entertained by all those furry little hurricanes exploring and discovering.

  8. Siwwy kitty kitties *kisses each kitty on it’s nose*

    My fiancee likes to put an empty soda carton (12 pk. refrigerators pack) on each foot and then chase our dogs around.

    They like it, keeps him outta my hair for a few minutes and I just don’t ask any questions ^^

  9. now that was cute.

  10. I wish I had that kind of energy! I’d have to eat sticks of butter just to maintain a buck oh five on the scale. Look at ’em go! Kitties!!!

  11. I could watch those cute little kittens for HOURS

  12. Those are some batshit crazy cats

  13. I love all the scampering!

  14. Ha!

    Coordinated attack pattern.

  15. That reminded me of a pinball machine.

  16. It’s always teh “Free” toys that are the best.

  17. Bouncy bouncy tumbly kittens!

  18. …this is the the cutest thing I have ever seen on CO, and I have seen a LOT of cute! :O

  19. My 2 adult cats still fight over coke boxes, especially with one inside and one out. But this is like watching them in fast forward x 2!!!!

  20. SonjaSonja says:

    Those are some hopped-up kittehs! SO cute.

  21. OMG! That should be the new Coke commercial- no words-just that.

  22. OMG! It's Carrie says:

    Did you note that the one kitten goes out of the frame and comes back full tilt boogie, running sideways! How adorable is all of that/

  23. The little fat gray one!!! OMG!!! He wants to come live at my house. He told me. Really.

  24. look at those kittehs go! eeen n outta that big coke box. let me just see those kittehs…one more time!

    *procrastinating on sunday, with pile of work lurking on table across room*

  25. oh my god, after the vid there shows up a dog dancing contest….i stayed up all night watching dogs dance….MEG PLEASE POST SOME!!!
    “Tribut to Rookei” is so good I actually cried!

  26. Oh mah goodness! Four kittens, all in SuperPlay mode at once? Too much excitement!

  27. I was right there with those kitties! I found myself getting quite excited about the box as well. YARRR JUMP ON DA BOXX!!! Woooh!

    ahh, box.

  28. …oh, and et the end of the Musicladogsport coes a GREAT one with Emily Pyle & Henri to make you laugh!

  29. Awww, nothing like over caffeinated kittehs playing with a box. Sure, they may have expensive mechanical mice and giant furniture trees, but one free box and they are happy.

  30. Lovin' da cuteness says:

    This was AWESOME. It looks almost like those four little guys downed the whole case of Coke themselves before they decided to kill the box. Soooo much energies!

  31. The best part is when the three kittens are pushing the box around and the one inside the box is swatting at them with his one little paw.

  32. I love how they keep fighting over who gets to play inside the box!

    This is just precious.

  33. Oh lord, they alternate from “ZERG RUSH! HEADBUTT! BODYSLAM!” to “ARGH the red monster ate my brother omfg TO ARMS, COUNTRYMEN”

  34. Quote Lisa: How great would it be if all we needed to be happy was our buddies and a box? I wanna come back as a kitteh…

    How true, how true

  35. Do you have the coke syrup handy to give to them when there done I a little dizzy and I was just a watching , reminds me of the bunny cam on the floor with 10 to 12 little bub buns running around on the carpet

  36. yes! I first saw this video last week and have probably watched it 10 times already. I should have sent it in, bad me. There’s also an amazing video on Youtube called “Kitten and His Box” which has a great Spoon song as soundtrack.

  37. One of our cats likes to stick her head inside one those boxes and then bat around blindly at one of our rabbits.

    NYgirly – Do you have a video of your fiance chasing the dogs?

  38. Aww… they’re like magnetized to the box. XD

  39. Wish I had a box.
    Boy I’d be having some fun!

  40. Yeah kittens! Give that coke what-for! (They must of heard of the Coca-Cola company’s dubious environmenal record!)

  41. cute, cute, cute….this almost looks choreographed!!!Crouching kitten, hidden furball.

  42. cubbybutt says:

    I wonder how long that went on before the kittehs collapsed into nappytime.

  43. Tugs I wish!

    Ever since I *busted* him doing that he’s all stealth about it now and only does it when I’m in the potty 😦

  44. chet's momma says:

    my box! NO, my box! no, MY box! no, my BOX! *repeat*

  45. NYgirly – With everything we do for them, why are so many guys reluctant to share their cuteness with us?

  46. Sideways running for the win!

  47. Especially funny when you have Guns-n-Roses “Welcome to the Jungle” playing!

  48. squee! i’m a sender-inner again! these manic boxy kittehs absolutely slayed me, almost as much as the howly teeny golden pup!

  49. eeeheehee! that made me so giggly. they’re so unbelievably fast! so CUTE SQUEE!

  50. NotSupposedToBeDoingThisAtWork(ButNowI'mHome) says:

    bwahahahhaahahah! the sideways run DEFinitely wins!

    bahahahahahahahahah!!!!!! XD

  51. That what i call Catmarines!!!

  52. Oh, man, I could watch that ALL DAY.

  53. That is the most wonderful thing I have seen in a long time. Why isn’t there a cable channel that plays that kind of stuff all day long?

  54. Shannon Johnson says:

    That was so cute!!!!!! That is exactly what my cats have done.

  55. Holeh skittereh kitterehs!!!

    Man….caffeine just does not work on me like that anymore….

  56. Mary Ellen says:

    those fridge packs are the best invention in kitty history, after the laser pointer. here’s my fosters going to town:

    (with a cameo from my confused lookng persian)

  57. SeaBreeze says:

    Some little kittehs are going to be sleeping verrrrrrrry well after this! [tiniest of little ‘honk shus’…]

  58. thank you for making my day.

  59. thank you for making my day.

  60. thank you for making my day.

  61. hahahaha chubby grey one! I actually cheered when he made it inside.

  62. Today’s new CocaCola with FOUR TIMES the caffeine!

  63. hahahaha chubby grey one! I actually cheered when he made it inside.

  64. UGH I hate it when it stalls out so you repost then to see its already been posted! eh Met? I hate that time delayed glitch #@*&

  65. It’s amazing how much cats love those things, isn’t it? My 5- and 2-year-old (respectively) cats still love their empty soda boxes, even though they can’t fit in them anymore. They just like to pretend. 🙂

  66. * * * * * * * * *
    WOW! A few thoughts:

    1) It’s AMAZING how much noise those little rascals make. At first I thought there were still some Coke cans in there.

    2} How is the camera person NOT hysterically laughing? Pulse check time!

    3) I loved how they would frequently run off camera and then back in. Then one would disappear in the box. “Let’s play count the kittehs!”

  67. i feel tired just watching them

  68. dems some wild kitties.

    i love whoever said the “tilt boogie” lol I’m glad someone else gets a kick out of that!

  69. Nancy said it all

    :::crouching kitten hidden furball:::

  70. Kittehs for World Peace!!

    (How can you watch that and NOT be at peace with the world?)

  71. Boisterous puffers!

  72. acelightning says:

    I love the way they go in and out of the box – “Hey, how many kittens *are* there? I coulda sworn I saw 4, but now there’s only 3… oh, oops, he was inside the box, now he’s out, but his buddy’s inside, and another one has run away… 2 kitties, 3, or 4?”
    (And, of course, I want to snorgle all of ’em…)

  73. I hope Coke company is going to throw a few bucks your way Meg for posting this vid. 2 minutes of watching that box so intently…..
    better than drinking that sugar drenched syrup….

  74. Too cute. I lol’d.

  75. That’s three tuxkits.
    And a bitkit.
    And a box.
    And they’re having fun.

    [sigh] I could do with some good times myself …

  76. berthaslave says:

    I could have watched this for hours and hours. Golly. Those are some SERIOUSLY hyper kittehs. They’re gonna be good mousers someday, they definitely got the spring in the step.

  77. Christina says:

    Oh man, who knew a Coke box could be so much fun?

  78. Ok seriously, next time you go to the store, try the DECAFF coke, in the gold box.

    Maybe even the diet so we don’t get the sugar buzzes.

  79. why oh why did it have to end? i could watch that forever, i really could. I love when one comes shooting out of the box and scares the crap out of the others, who randomly all go flying. greatness, that video. pure greatness.

  80. Kittens playing = guaranteed joy! I often will take a BIG box (my Maine Coon girl is 14 lbs) and cut a few holes along the side and top. I then place toys near each hole on top. She goes into the box then you see one toy at a time get yanked into the box. Then she will stick her paw out each hole and I will try to “catch it”. Hours of fun!!!

  81. I love when they get chucked to the side and are all like Dood! A chair leg! Attack teh eevil chair leg!

  82. Oh, bebbehs, just say no to drugs:

  83. That was just 100% fun. I love how they NEVER slowed or paused in their attack. Kittens are absolutely THE BEST. They usually grow up to be sullen (i.e. cats), but I have a 12 yr old male who still occasionally acts like that.

  84. Ex-Network Geek says:

    omgosh that is the cutest thing I have seen in a long time.

    The littlest tux guy really likes being in the box. This is obviously the cat who will always be missing because he’s stuck in the dresser behind a drawer; in the fridge; under furniture that as far as any silly humans know is too low for a cat to get under; under the clean laundry; in a cupboard; behind all the floor-length dresses in the closet, etc.

  85. Thanks for making me smile first thing on a Monday morning … 😀

  86. Yubi Shines – Oh lord, they alternate from “ZERG RUSH! HEADBUTT! BODYSLAM!” to “ARGH the red monster ate my brother omfg TO ARMS, COUNTRYMEN”

    OK, Starcraft references = teh WINZ!!

    And this is absolutely, unbelievable, way out there too cute. Gonna have to watch this one repeatedly. 😉

  87. Is there anything more entertaining than kittens? Nope.

  88. Monday morning giggles.
    Monday morning guffaws.
    Monday morning wiggles.
    Monday morning trounces.
    Monday morning pounces.

    The day is good after all.

    Redeeming Mondays Since 2005

    (and we wage slaves thank you for it!)

  90. oh, BRA-vo!

    kudos to the foley artists

    that’s some BRILL box-scrabbling, there

  91. I LOVE IT.
    I needs me some kittens.
    Love the lil fat one- everyone else is all black and white and stealthy-
    can hes a lil pudge!
    Loved when he finally made it into the box!
    Made my day brighter and now I have a smile on my face.

  92. Metz and Yubi Shines lol

  93. OMG!! No work will get done today, because I will want to watch this over and over and over again! hee-hee!! Love the baby kittens, all hoppy with wiggly tails! 🙂

  94. luckycliff says:

    one question. how do they go in headfirst and come back out headfirst? is there enough room in that box for a U-turn?

  95. Too cute! What fun!
    ….and to think we pay money for “cat” toys.

  96. Sgueet video! Kitties are so much fun to watch 🙂

  97. I am guessing here but I think that the cat cave was probably like this a lot of the time.

  98. Plaid-Shirt Pyrate says:


    Spastic ganglions personified! (kittified?)

  99. I can haz no works done today … too busy watching KITTENZZZZZ1111eleventysevenw00t!

  100. The kitteh who is in the box for a while is way over excited. LIke Roo.

    (Yay for watching kitteh videos during training seminars!)

  101. Kittehs got springs!
    That made my morning. ^^

  102. Anyone know when they started putting real cocaine back into coca-cola?

  103. Melissa H. says:

    Oh my gosh!!! Is this what they mean by ‘cattywampus’?? I don’t think it’s possible to have more fun than these guys.

  104. eikoleigh says:

    This video made me laugh so hard. I love the part when the fluffier kitty jumps into the box and all the other ones freak out and run off, as if “OMG, the box ATE him, didja see that?!?!”


  105. did they actually drink the coke before they took over the box?!? wow, someone’s got their hands full.

  106. Espilonarge says:

    I was giggling the whole time through this. n.n;

  107. The Honourable Gladys Anstruther says:

    These kitten inhabit the land of contentment.
    “That is the land of lost content I see it shining plain
    The happy highways where I went and cannot come again”

  108. A pile of kittens and a cardboard box equals hours of fun and entertainment.

  109. Grace in DC says:

    Have a kitty and a smile! This is brilliant, brilliant, brilliant!! extraliberaliguess called them “furry little hurricanes”. Furricanes! Go kitties!

  110. Ooh, I do like that… this calls for a hovertext change…

  111. JulieRaven says:

    Bahahaha, I LOVE how when one of them gets in the box, the rest are like, “HOW DID HE DO THAT?”

    and it makes my heart smile

  112. ol’ whitepaws was hardcore about it!

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