Tennis ball with a head

Doesn’t this guy’s head look like it’s gonna pop off? Sender-inner Anna G. says [in Sports Announcer voice] "He… is… his own… C.O.X.C.U.!" 

Anna, [sideways glance] you’re weird.


You think this is good, check out the other pics from this crazy Russain site.



  1. Anne Onymous says:


  2. best fluffy burd EVAH!

  3. Space Cowgirl says:

    If people like bleening so much, why don’t they just make posts in their own blogs and be the bleen?

    Rhetorical question.

  4. From Russia with Fluff.

  5. Anne Onymous says:

    Except that I didn’t bleen. I spleened. This was a spiteful spoof on all the fools that think it’s so incredibly important to shout out “First!” or, here, “Bleen!”.

  6. Peppermint says:

    That bird is adorable!
    The pictures on the crazy Russian site are cute too… but a lot of them look ‘shopped.

  7. Eef eet ees from Rahsha, then eet ees true bleeni-bird. Nazdrovye!

  8. cute lil puffy-fluff.
    Oh! and the stork with the calf on
    outrageous cute-ness.

  9. Peppermint says:

    That bird is adorable!
    The pictures on the crazy Russian site are cute too… but a lot of them look ‘shopped.

  10. Oi – what’s wrong with bleening ???

    It’s part of CO …

    like birdeee fluffulence

  11. pugmamatimestwo says:

    that is one angry chickadee…

  12. normally i don’t dig birds (too many incidents when i couldn’t yank my hand back out of a bird’s cage before it got pecked!)… but this fella’s schweeeeet ^^

  13. He looks like those litte ‘toys’ that you .. ‘suction cup’ to a flat surface and then it slowly ‘un suctions’ itself until in POPS up.. you know what I mean???

  14. fish eye no miko says:

    Disapproving birdie! Must be taking lessons from the bunnies.

  15. Golden, I know what you mean! Poing!

  16. He’s got a practice session with Sharapova at the Open tomorrow, though poor thing doesn’t know he’s gonna be the ball.

  17. berthaslave says:

    The other photos on the Russkie site are pretty awesome, too (though some are clearly shopped).

  18. I feel a new cute painting coming on…

  19. must… poke.. *pokes fluffeh teh birdeh*

  20. *watches birdeh explode after being poked*

  21. i want to put in my mouf.

  22. I think there’s some disapproving going on here.

  23. I think you need to steal some pics from the russain site – it’s great 😀

  24. NotSupposedToBeDoingThisAtWork(ButNowI'mHome) says:

    i agree with the folks who say “disapproving birdeh”… so precious, with his little disapprove-y face!! lol.

  25. Shannon Johnson says:

    Who ordered the ball of fluff.

  26. OMG where is his leetle neck? his leetle head
    is sweet lil fluff on his
    round lil fluffy bod.

  27. SQUEEEEEEEE!!! I want to tickle his belly!

  28. And that Russian site is REDONK!

  29. That is the best link evar.

    OT, somebody tell me why which previously worked fine now gives me a list of links Japanese dating agencies…?

  30. Lisa — the URL still works fine. Possibly your PC has been hijacked by malware.
    Bad news, I know. Sorry… but what I would do would be to check a few things to make sure I was right, then back up all your data, wipe your hard drive completely, and then reinstall everything from scratch. (and THEN bill you something like $300)

  31. Lisa – Instead of typing, simply type That should solve it. I always leave out the “www” and I end up getting the real thing. Though I wouldn’t mind looking at cute Japanese guys. 😉

  32. Lisa Awww just had this happen to me no japanese links but I lost allllllll My network connections it sucked. big time. on a good note my computer works great now it has been wiped and had everything re installed on a bad note I still haven’t got all my stuff back on it as far as what I use…and it is like being on someone elses computer.

  33. AAH! He ees shrinking into a ball of fluff!
    Oh, and is that SNOW I see?
    Too cute.

  34. From Russia with Fluff.
    Awww! This is the greatest!

  35. I have checked everything and on my computer everything seems to be fine. Also, the works again as usual. Weird :/

    Thank you everyone!

  36. Weird… glad it didn’t cost you the $300, though.

  37. Every once in a while when I type in it takes me to a generic search site that isn’t yahoo or any other legitimate search engine. Only once in a while.

    I think it’s a site hijackingks. But its very rare and happens at various locations not just at home so I don’t know. Could even be something as simple as I’ve typed one letter wrong or something and it’s one of them take advantage of another’s mistake kind of things. So I save myself the headaches and have CO on my favorites wherever I have comp access. LOL

  38. Metz — you mean that OpenDNS page? That one’s still legit; it means that for whatever reason, one of the links in the chain that serves Cute Overload to the internets has broken (and I believe it’s specifically the link that actually provides the “” URL). Usually it doesn’t last long. It used to happen more often when CO’s allotted monthly bandwidth was exceeded; the early rocketship growth of Teh Qte™s readership was kinda surprising.

  39. It´s not tennis, folks, it´s badminton. And he´s the birdie!

  40. ohhhhhhhh. nevermind (Emily Litella voice)

  41. Anne Onymous — late response here, but hon, I’ve *tried*. Lots. That’s what “BLEEN” itself was, originally. In my experience, either folks understand irony naturally, or (much more often) they just never will.

  42. fluidstatic says:

    It’s a cotton ball with face and feet. I want to pop him in my mouth, for some reason. Not eat him, just hold him in my mouth. (Bet he tastes like caramels.)

  43. I lof his little cheek smudges like he is on the warpath.

  44. Ohhh and I wnat to pick him up and cup him in my hands and feel his fluffy feathers.. he is just soooooo cute. must save for wall paper this winter. Cute cute cute.

  45. Okay and the last one I promise those little tufts on the sides of his cheeks look just like little wings all poised to take off LOL okay I am done Now. (Maybe)

  46. Wait, where are the wings?

    *feels under the fur*

  47. optically delicious says:

    If you do not look directly at his face, it kind of makes him look like his mother let him get dressed and he put his head on upside down.

  48. Okay I found one more awesome thing right above his eyes his eyebrows look like furbrows and they are knitted in disapproval. And Optially delicious, Yup upside down head visual.

  49. Tugs (aka optically delicious) says:

    Annie – I am glad I am not the only one! I thought maybe the aliens were photoshopping my brain so to speak.

  50. sometimes i’m all spastic as i frantically type in ‘’ and, in my haste, i instead type in ‘cuteoverLoRd’ and then i get sucked into looking at cute pictures of Mao and Darth V. and Lenin…

    ok maybe not 😉

  51. Weird. Now that you mention it Annie, his eyes are BELOW his beak as opposed to being above it.

    Maybe it’s the angle of the shot but that’s kinda, odd. Like having eyes in your cheeks/jowls.

  52. FINALLY. I figured out what kind of bird he is. Eurasian tree sparrow. See

    In the background of his own picture above you can see the wing pattern on another bird out of focus in the background.

    I agree with those who say his eyes are actually in the “mask” next to his beak. The lower black spots are cheek patches. But definitely if he put his face on upside down the cheek patches would look like eyes! Maybe that’s a camouflage thing as on butterflies and caterpillars, fake eyes to fake out a hungry predator!

  53. How can one so fluffy be so serious?

  54. The Honourable Gladys Anstruther says:

    Ok so I’m a boid tweet f-ing tweet.

  55. I never seen a tree sparrow that foofy before O_O is it a cold climate thing?

  56. Yes, Oso, it is a cold-climate thing. That’s why down quilts work. We use birds’ down (and feathers) and let them trap air around us. Then our bodies’ heat warms the air. The birdies carry their quilts around with them, and floof themselves up to make the air spaces that their body heat warms up.

  57. haha! so that’s why all the sparrows I see here in the tropics are small! thank you @birder!