Puppeh whistle ;)


I have received this video three BEELLION times, so I will finally post it, seeing as the PEOPLE DEMAND IT!

Kate D. and ALL you sender-inners, you ken stop now. 😉



  1. omigoodness.. too cute! *Squishes puppy*


  3. cranberry says:

    ahhhw. kazoo?

  4. Um, clean up in aisle 3! We’ve got brains on the wall.

  5. OMG! I’m dumbstruck.

  6. Now I wish I’d married a man who kisses puppies. Too sweet for words.

  7. That is literally one of the cutest things I have ever seen.

  8. thats adorable, and such a VERY young lil puppeh to have such a wonderful singing voice! and yep. a guy who kisses puppehs is a good thing to find.

  9. I love you, meg!

  10. Meg and Theo, you must take this down IMMEDIATELY! Its level of cuteness are LETHAL! God, people, have you no compunction about causing thousands of deaths? Maybe MEEEEEELYUNS?

  11. A wolf inside every pup!

  12. smokeyJoe says:

    i like how the little ear goes back while he wooooooooooooos.

  13. Ohmigosh, that is the most anerable of squeeees!

  14. *gasp*

    this babeee puppeh is destined for fame and glory …

    no less than a Uni degree in elocution …

    I LUFF heem …

    I LUFF heem so mush …

  15. And the revs up to the second howl… just slays me.

  16. bebeh puppeh is channeling his wolfy ancestors!

  17. …his teeny-tiny wolfy ancestors!

  18. OMG that was the cutest thing.

  19. Ok, have to post the singing cat video:

  20. omg that is unreal i love it!!! um yeah meg it should be a crime NOT to post that…squeeee

  21. While I found this absolutely adorable, my Milo wasn’t so sure about it. http://flickr.com/photos/purrfectly_kittenish/1226015608/

  22. berthaslave says:


    p.s. i kiss puppies.

  23. *pulls fiancee over by shirt*

    ok i’ll trade him *points to fiancee*

    fer him! *points to ridiculously cute puppeh*

  24. Omigosh, that’s adorable.
    It sounds so sad, though. It’s, like, whining and singing.

  25. Thats so cute I could cry!!

  26. Okay, that was so cute that I am in pain. I need an ambulance. I cannot stop watching.

    This should be illegal. Shouldn’t it? *casts furtive glance*

  27. That is just the most adorable thing ever!!!!

  28. OMG CAN’T BREATHE!!!!1!!1

  29. The little ear thing just kills me. I am destroyed.

  30. I can’t see eet….-=sniffles=-

  31. OMG.

    O. M. G.

    Why did it take three billion sender inners for you to put this UP?


    AHHHHHH too cute for words!

  32. JCopper,

    I -did- cry because it was so cute.

  33. theloveofisis says:

    What Claudia said. Cause holy wow. Cuteness abounds and I have squeed myself. Again.

  34. I have never asploded from cuteness… UNTIL NOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    *splodes accompanied by mini awooooooo!*

  35. Every time I see this video I melt.

  36. Poor puppy, I’m sure the high pitched whistling hurt his little ears 😦 I know the guy’s whistling hurt my ears 😦

  37. China's Mom says:

    Quick, someone call 911 – I need resuscitating after that!
    Would it be ok to snorgle both of them I wonder?

  38. Juniper Jupiter says:

    Ooooh I juss wanna give’em a soff kronch on his earbuds!! He’s so cute!!!

  39. aww aww im whimpering with cuteness right now!

  40. The kiss is the cutest!



  42. ahhhhh this makes me soooo happy

  43. Oh my gosh, that is one of the cutest things I have ever seen!:D

  44. I’ve emerged from the lurkers! to say THAT was so SWEET!

    He reminds me of my old dog. When I played the piano, he would howl along in time (and somewhat in tune!) to his favourite songs. But if he didn’t like what I was playing, he would jump on the seat and try to get me to stop. =)

  45. Nice parrot imitation. Next let’s try a puppy.

    Too cute!

  46. Mrs. Fonebone says:

    He does sound like a little birdy! And the NYCAT’s link to the singing kitty? Gosh that’s really worth posting too, it’s only about 15 seconds but amazing!

  47. Oh, I’m so glad you posted this! It’s WONDERFULS!


  49. *squeee* ADORABLE PUPPEH

    *squeee* Ear floppage!

    *squeee* *incoherent bable*

  50. Awwwww.
    Seriously, the cutest video I have ever seen.

    I know I’m not the first to say it, but the ear thing. sgdkjhukg.

  51. oooh I want one…

  52. this is now officially the greatest website in the history of the internet

  53. I love the kisses from daddy!!! KEEEESES!

  54. NotSupposedToBeDoingThisAtWork(ButNowI'mHome) says:

    oh. my. Goooooooddddddd.

    i just watched this three times and made my pseudo husband come in and watch it too.

    so… anerable… *splode*

  55. Cutest. Ting. Evah!!

  56. SonjaSonja says:

    Do you think the man’s whisting hurts the puppy’s ears? His response looked like he was in pain. (Hope not.)

  57. Shannon Johnson says:

    So cute!!!!!!!!!

  58. Holy CRAP, that’s adorable. Aw, you just made me simultaneously laugh and sigh out loud. Ahhhhh!

  59. Puppy pups, how do sirens go?


  60. Bawooooooooooooooooo!

    Very baby wolfie!

    I love heem so MOISHE!!!

  61. I squeal every time this little guy howls! So my boyfriend across the room heard *whistle* “bawooooo!” “SQUEEEEEEE” *whistle* “bawooooo!” “SQUEEEEEEE” and came to see what was going on. ^^

  62. omg I think my heart just melted… he’s SOOOO tiny to have such an adorable, well-formed howl of his own! I seriously CAN’T HANDLE this vid.

  63. Elizabeth P says:

    Aww! Splodey!

    We’ve had some dogs that would sing for us like that little pooch! I miss them!

    Plus, is that a sharpei and goldie mix? If so, double plus WIN!

  64. my baby does that…

    only deeper, which is quite funny seeing as she is a tiny little bichon.

  65. Julia in BC says:

    I looked on YouTube and found an EVEN LONGER version of this vid (1 full minute long).

    Disadvantage: the puppy doesn’t actually howl during the first thirty seconds. It just looks adorably confused.

    Advantage: there’s a lot more kissage by the owner!

  66. Is it just me, or do the little ears laying back as he howls totally make the cuteness?

  67. Joan Carlson says:

    Good Lord!!! It had to happen eventually, no reason to fight it. This video is so sweet, all my teeth spontaneously fell out of my head. How on earth could this guy even live through that cuteness. I would have thought he would have turned into a big dollop of cool whip, as soon as he saw the puppeh do that the first time – just from the proximity, y’know?

  68. I have never been compelled to watch a video as many times as I have this one!! I’m not even a dog person and this is *hands down* the cutest thing I have ever seen, and I currently have a new Siamese kitten running rampant in my apartment! Too freakin’ sweet.

  69. dude, how would one go about downloading this video to my computer!? i neeeed eeet

  70. oops, disregard previous comment. the cuteness made me forgot about the wonders of google.

  71. Awww….I wanna hold that puppy! Too much cute, the
    body, the ears, the NOSE and the voice….

  72. Darkflame173 says:

    Oh mah gawd, this video brought TEARS to my eyes, it’s so cute! Oh God, that little howl!! ZOMG ZOMG ZOMG! I can’t handle it!


  73. He’s squeeing at his own anerableness! :3

    BTW, Meg if you’re reading this…
    post my sending-in of my kitten Barley (at least one of ’em lol) already >.:D

  74. If you don’t, I’ll set Barley on you and tell him to lick your toes repeatedly until you post it.

    (seriously, he does that to me and his tongue is too rough for that sorta thing lol) D:


    [messy splode]

  76. And I must have a puppy-kissing guy too …

  77. My Jack Russel Terrier/Fox Terrier mix still does this kind of howls to this very day, despite being nearly 10 years old. I thought he was the only one that did this!


    i want to keeeees his wittle face >w<

  79. That’s sooo cute! One of my cats joined the puppy’s singing with a ‘meeooow?’ which made it even cuter ^_^

  80. I keep rewatching this over and over again and it gets cuter every time!!! I wanna kees the bebeh too!! I giglly like a maniac after every Bawooooooooo
    This is seriously too cute to handle….

  81. I just died from teh cute, and I’m posting from the great beyond. OMG

  82. the mouf! look at the shape of his little mouf when he sings!

  83. behbeh wolfiness….am in awe. a–WHOOOO!

  84. LOL!

    Doggy see [hear] doggy er…doo?

  85. i actually smacked myself in the head over this one. twice.


    it’s worth it. i’m gonna watch again.

  86. Yitzysmommie says:

    Love the puppeee howls, and his leetle mouf!
    Check out the “Help me with my bra” vid too – a laff out loud one.

  87. My neighbor across the hall probably thinks I’m completely effin’ insane. If he can hear my idiotic squealing…

  88. Silent Meow says:

    I am so dead now from this cuteness. So very very dead. Too late to call 911 now. I am DOA dead. Very dead. Really really dead. Fell over. Over and out. Dead. Reason for death? Heart asploded from overdose of cuteness.

  89. Silent Meow says:

    Due to death from overdose of cuteness, I am posting this from heaven. I had to call over St. Peter to take a look.

  90. I’m telling you, the whistler is saying something meaningful in doggie language! My dog cocked his head (cute in itself!) to listen, started barking, whimpering, talking back–he even jumped up to put his paws on the computer table, trying to connect with the whistler! He just came undone. I guess dogs dig cuteness too?

  91. This whole Bawooooooooooing affair is driving me nuts!!!

    ‘Been looking for more bawoo videos and these are the top results:

    Bawooing for a hug!!!

    There’s something majestic about seeing a puppy husky howl, as if it were following deep-buried wolf instincts.

  92. OOH! OOH! SO KEWT!
    LOVE the little ear-action goin’ on there.
    By day, adorable little puppeh.

  93. BAROOOO!!!!

    That was VERY CUTE!!!!

    I thought puppies ears were closed when they were little but I guess they can still hear.

  94. I am dead. Le wolfie puppeh has KEEEEEEEELLLLLEDED me. In lieu of flowers, please send chocolate…

    Must get my friend D in here to tell y’all the story of Morgaine’s inner coyote…

  95. His ears look like fluffy little pita (bread) puffs
    *chompy chomp*

  96. *double dips in bowl of hummus*

    its overwhelming!

  98. helps us!

    already now half of caturday ees spent hittinks play and hootinks and hollerinks over this leedle puppeh instead of doinks laundries like we know we should..

    *twitchink fingers snake out to hit play yet again*

  99. I





    I just had the best belly laugh I’ve had in a LONG time. What a cutie baby. He looks like he just wants to go to sleep in this crazy guy just keeps whistling at him!

  100. I can’t stop watching this
    I just can’t stop
    must stop

    I try and do other things, and tom sawyer puppy with floppy ears sucks me back in

  101. OW! OW! OW! The cuteness is tooo much! That might be the cutest thing I’ve EVER seen! How can I go on without a singing puppy of my own?
    My cat yells when I sing (she thinks I’m in pain??!), but her adorableness pales in comparison.

  102. I MUST have one!!!

  103. I MUST have one!!!

  104. FTR, whistling doesn’t hurt a dog’s ears. Nor do distant sirens. Dogs howl for a variety of reasons, none of which is pain. They howl to communicate with others over distance. This puppy’s response to the whistle is instinctive. He’s just singing a plaintive duet with his new human litter-mate, most likely to call mother back to the den for dinner.

  105. That was seriously cute!
    I showed it to my Mum, but at the end it had a list of other clips on metcafe, and one was something about pretty girls farting at a gym!
    Gah the embarrassment! I don’t think she read it though, I closed the browser pretty quick.

    One of the downsides of the internet!!

  106. Thank you, Michelle. Judging from people’s reactions to this and other postings, you’d think they assumed all animals were defenseless, made of crystal and didn’t survive evolution.

  107. OH MY GOODNESS!! I literally watched this over and over again for 30 minutes. HOLY COW!! AWWW!! The little howl. Oh my GOSH!! AWW!! Aaawwrrroooo!! OMG.


  108. AAAH GOD!!!! that is just THE BEST. *squeezes puppee SOFTLY*

  109. OMG… I started screaming when this started and I kept screaming throughout. This is by far the cutest thing I have EVER seen. And that man giving kissies — OMG, too too tooooo sweet

  110. Holy carp…..this is…..breathtaking! :O

  111. OMG It's Carrie says:

    that is the sweetest puppy ever… that mouth as it howls just breaks my heart.

    High pitched noises do bother them., I don’t know where you got that it doesn’t. So he’s howling because it does bother him, I’m sorry to say.

    Evolution, there is no such thing as evolution…. just sayin’.

  112. I sent this thing in 3 days ago and i still love to watch it!

  113. puppeh is killing me softly with his howl…killing me softlyyyy…with his howl..with his howwwwwllllll….la la la la la laaaaaa

    so cute. i am dyingk. over the top cutetitude.

  114. OMG. The cuteness

  115. wow, omg it’s carrie, you just like to start trouble, don’t you?!

  116. OMG! It's Carrie says:

    No, I was just commenting. How was I starting trouble?
    High pitched noises do bother dogs.
    And there is no evolution. I am a creationist (aka Christian) and I had an opinion and I shared it.

  117. Mif — hehe… and the Holocaust was fabricated on a soundstage in Hollywood, didn’t you know?

  118. (IRONY, people. Black humor. Does not actually represent my beliefs or those of Cute Overload.)

  119. OMG! It's Carrie says:

    No, the Holocaust was real, the moonwalk was real, etc, etc, etc.

    I know, I know, Christian folk really annoy non-Christian folk don’t they? But I still like Cute things, and I still love this website and I love that the internet is just as free as America is, and I can state my opinions without fear of being flogged or burned at the stake or beheaded.

    But that’s just me. Carry on.

    Theo… tsk, tsk

  120. oaklandcat says:

    “Evolution, there is no such thing as evolution…. just sayin'”

    Carrie, you say you’re just commenting….riiiiiight 😉

    You don’t drop a bomb like that without expecting a response!

  121. Carrie — not all Christians are “creationists” (and vice versa, believe it or not).

  122. oaklandcat says:

    I have an acquaintance who’s an atheist and believes that humans were “created” by aliens.

  123. OMG that is the cutest thing I have ever seen. I’m gonna watch it again!

  124. fluidstatic says:

    There must be something wrong with me. I watched that and burst into tears. It’s so cute. SO CUTE. and yet I am so sad. WHYYYY???

    *watches it again* Please, little adorable baby, cheer me up!

  125. Hmmm aliens… maybe they invaded the puppy to make it howl??
    Nah just a plain old cute as can be puppy howling for the fun of it.

  126. oaklandcat says:

    Mebbe the puppy is calling the aliens to come pick him up! “Halp… this human is making me sing….”

  127. ViolentlyHappy says:

    I can’t take it! I watched it over & over. I can’t get enough. It’s addicting!

  128. Ohhh Puppy Phone Home????

  129. :::::wants to squish:::::

  130. Oh. My. Gawd. That precious puppeh is the root-toot-tootiest, cute-cute-cutiest, most precious handful of singing fluffitude EVAH.

  131. OMG It's Carrie Controversy says:

    I reserve my right to opine at will until asked by the management to cease. And by the management, I mean Ms. Frost.

  132. bcteagirl says:

    Howling is a social response, a form of communication, usually done by a relaxed dog with its head raised. Normally howling is done to elicit a response or to respond to another animal, or to a sound (like sirens) that triggers howling. Howling is not due to the dog’s ears being hurt.

  133. bcteagirl says:

    Wups… meant to put a statment with that that I borrowed that from an academic source, so is a quote, not my words :$

  134. The first time I watched this, my dog woke up. The second time he was in my lap trying to lick the screen, and he’s a 90 pound lab! Not only could my heart not take the baroo, but my lap couldn’t take the weight. That pup makes me think of my boy when he was … smaller:)

  135. this is toooo cuuuute. love that kiss. “okay, baby!”

  136. just curious says:

    Carrie – Just curious how you would explain the fossil record.

  137. Can’t… resist… feeding… fire… must… talk… like Shatner…

    Technically, if you were stating an opinion, that sentence would be “I believe evolution does not exist,” instead of a direct, “There is no evolution.”

    Neither statement having ANYTHING! AT! ALL! to do with cuteness, or ugliness, thereof.

    So, in conclusion, duckfart.

    (And Theo, nice try invoking Godwin’s Law 😉 Didn’t work though, too bad.)

  138. just curious:

    Obviously the fossil record was Photoshopped. 😉

    Sorry. couldn’t resist.

  139. Michelle not only was teh fosil record photoshopped but so is this video. IT isn’t really a man kissing a puppy and wistling it isn’t really a puppy howling. It is a cleverly photoshoped woman changed into a man who was not whisleing but rather retching and the dog is really a lizard who has been changed to look like a dog and the lizard is really eating a fly not whistling. Arent those photoshoppers clever in how they get every detail just perfect, right down to the howl and the ears drawing back. 😉

  140. Sorry couldn’t resist either
    Besides you guys are silly the dog clearly has been inhabited by aliens and is here to take over the world with the evil plotting otters. (snicker)

  141. I thought it was totally adorable, my hubby said “If my dog made noises like that, I wouldn’t be kissing him and encouraging him, I’d be nailing him with the squirt bottle and saying “No!” really sternly!”

  142. Obviously that puppy is wonderful, but the website that video comes from is creepy. Linking/recommending a “cobra vs. baby” video directly after watching the darling dog is super upsetting and offensive.

  143. Christine says:

    I LOVE this clip! I can’t believe more than one person had to send it in, it’s like the cutest thing I’ve seen on here in months!

    Sara, (above) metacafe is a site like youtube, where people upload videos. They list them by popularity (how many people choose to watch) and user ratings. So society is to blame for upsetting content, not the website.

  144. OMG It's Carrie Controversy says:

    If he had tried to Godwin the thread he’d have actually had to envolk Hitlers name, not just the holocost.

    What does the fossil record have to do with evolution anyway? I do believe in fossils and dinosaurs btw. They just aren’t billions and billions of years old. I could go on for hours, but I won’t.

    It’s a shame, that it’s shameful these days to believe in God’s work.

  145. violetgreen says:

    Look at how hard he’s listening! Concentrating! And what a quick little study he is! The start-up notes kill me. The “woop-woop-woop” before the “woooooooo”!

  146. Peanutcat says:

    I daid.

  147. AWWWW! Maybe the whistling hurts his earses though. 😐

  148. OMG Carrie, I too am a Christian, and while this bunch of lovely folks can talk amongst themselves in a calm and reasonable manner, to

    1) propose that sirens, high pitched noises, do hurt dogs, without sufficient evidence and

    2) start a debate about evolution without scientific reasons (there are plenty) for your belief)

    is a very ineffective way of talking about your belief, with possible goals of swaying others to this belief.

    I’m not trying to offend, I’m just saying that your incredibly short “drive by posting” method leads people to react, but you leave them no substantial evidence to react to. If you told people WHY they should consider your opinion, you should do so. This would be more efficient if you really wanted people to listen to you, instead of dismiss you or heaven forbid, see Christians as strange or crazy or to label them in one manner, which I don’t think the majority of the folks would do, but you have all kinds.

  149. OMG It's Carrie Controversy says:

    wow, I really suck huh?

  150. Whenever someone in our family starts playing the trumpet or the harmonica or the piano, our little terripoo races across the house to howl along–the louder the music the more heartily he howls. If the sound hurt his ears, wouldn’t he run away from it (for example, out his dog door), rather than to it?

  151. Well said, MissJ.

    I don’t think the puppy is in pain at all. I have never seen a dog howl in response to a noise that hurt its ears. I’m sure he’s just responding to what sounds like howling to his li’l puppy ears.

  152. berthaslave says:

    I’m a Christian, too, and I believe that God used evolution to create humans and all other beings. The details of evolution are so brilliant and bizarre that I believe only a super-divine creature could possibly have made it come about. As for what happens in the Bible, well, let’s just say that people writing down important stories 6000 years ago might not have had all of the relevant historical information to write an accurate accounting of the history of our planet and species. I’d still rather read the Bible than Darwin because I think it’s more relevant to my spiritual life.

    But, really, Carrie, dogs get hurt by sirens and high-pitched noises? They can hear different frequencies, but I don’t think our Lord in heaven would have granted them that skill if it only caused them pain. The howling is a reaction to the sound, but I don’t think it involves pain.

    Thanks for standing up for your faith, Carrie! And others, don’t hate! Christians love you!

  153. I believe in the puppeh.

    Follow the puppeh.


  154. OMG! It's Carrie says:

    I never said that the dogs get hurt by the sounds, it bugs them! Sirens bug me, don’t they you?

    Ughhhh why…. must… I… continue… posting….to… this…thread?

    I believe in the puppy – and the sweet man who kisses puppies. My DH would never kiss a puppy.

    I’m sorry I suck.

  155. Tugs (aka just curious) says:

    Carrie – You do not suck. There is nothing shameful about believing what you believe.
    I was raised without religion and studied anthropology and paleontology as an undergrad. I was just curious.
    Don’t stop posting. BTW I am still wishing a puppy your way.

  156. Pastor Thumpar says:

    Hello, my name is Pastor Bob L. Thumpar. I’m from the Church of Crusading Creationists, and I’d like to take this inappropriate venue to inform you of the fact that the Wanton Whistlers of Wrongness are working in consort with the Holy Howlers for Hate to cover up the truth about Agnostic Alien Apemen and why they’re really here creating an industry for torturing puppies with squeaky toys!

  157. You. Have killed me. Killed me dead. This is made of so much adorable win that I have officially lost count of how many times I have watched this. I will say only that my squeals go higher and higher in pitch every time.

  158. oaklandcat says:

    Pastor Thumpar, I have this sudden urge to give you 10% of my annual income.

  159. Martin-san says:

    Wow, this is a killer! I could loop it all day! Puppeh is an instant love!

    Anyone knows what kind of breed this is?

  160. Martin-san says:

    Wow, this is a killer! I could loop it all day! Puppeh is an instant love!

    Anyone knows what kind of breed this is?

  161. Don’t make the poor baby cry. His little ears are sensitive.

  162. All your cute are belong to us

  163. ’nuff said 🙂

  164. That reminds me of this scene from Errol Morris’ “Gates of Heaven”:

  165. aw come on, please don’t turn “Cute Overload” into “Internet Infidels”, okay? (how in the world you can get from a whistling puppy to creationism … [mutters under breath, reaches for cold coffee mug])

  166. I’m not a dog person, but I love this video so much, I watch every day! Unusual behaviour for me, confirming the utter cutability of this video.

  167. Gimmee Puppy Now.

  168. Puppy is a two-week-ish old Goldy Treaver

  169. Oh. My. GOD. THAT is THE cutest thing I have ever seen in my life, I could cry!

  170. Yes .. i think it might just be… The cutest thing EVER!!! move over Lassie we have a new pup in town!!

  171. can’t. stop. watching.

  172. OMG, Thank you for posting this! This brought tears to my eyes and joy to my heart. Lol.

  173. That made me cry a little bit!!

    And the puppy kisses!! I love a man who kisses his puppy.

  174. Meg,

    I do think this is awesome enough to post it again. Please consider 🙂


  175. Furbabies says:

    I ken smell the puppeh breaf thru the screen.

  176. OMG

  177. oh. my. goodness.

  178. This always cheers me up no matter what. I can’t help but squeal and Awooooh with him. Yay Meg.

  179. Can’t stop watching. Makes me want to go inhale a puppy. INHALE A PUPPEH!

  180. ashley kraft says:


  181. I’m gonna throw up from the cuteness!

  182. compy-saur says:

    I likes his muzzoh…. XD Puppy chins are the best. Melts me like a popsicle on the Fourf of July.

  183. OOOMG 😀