Sunshine… on my schnozzle… makes me happeee! [sing in John Denver voice]

Sunshine in my eyyyyyyyyyyes makes me cryyyyyyyyyeeeeee



Catherine S., if you think about it, I bet you can come up with EVEN MO’ lyrics!!! come on, People, let’s hear ’em!



  1. Madeleine says:

    if I had a bone that I could give you… I’d give a chewy to make you feel this way…. If I had a bark that I could share with you.. I’d bark a song to make you feel this way!

  2. Sunshiiine on my derriere, makes me a terrier…

    Okay, that was just terrible.

  3. You fill up my senses,
    Like a pup in a sunbeam…

  4. (by the way, my alternate second line would have been “Like a hot summer outhouse…”)

  5. Cassandra says:

    That shnozzle is just too outrageous for words. Please, somebody, stop that puppy before someone gets hurt!

  6. Shannon Johnson says:

    Very cute.

  7. so dignified for a youngster, “arm” casually thrown over leg, already feeling safe and bonded to new parent. couldnt be better! “yes, you may take my photo now”

  8. NotSupposedToBeDoingThisAtWork says:

    omg. it has been overcast and rainy all week. this makes me remember the smell of sunshine and warm puppy… aaahhhhhh. much better!

    p.s. Theo! bahahahah! hot summer outhouse indeed. i *heart* Theo.

    p.p.s. sorry.. no additional lyrics from me. it’s been a long week and i’m just not feeling that creative. happier now, though, so thanks, C.O.!

  9. “Thank God I’m a country dog…”

  10. I fill up my scent-ses,
    With the smell of wet doggie,
    With the odor of canned food,
    With a fifth of cheap scotch.

    With a dead jellyfi-iiish,
    With a loaded old diaper,
    Why won’t you let me,
    Put my nose in your crotch?

  11. I don’t know what kind of car that is in the background, but the sunshiny puppy would be a great advert. for it.

  12. Puppy! I’m more of a cat person but I still can’t resist a cute puppy! Watch out, though. They don’t stay that size for long…and they never out-grow trying to sit on your lap!

  13. SonjaSonja says:

    You fill up my senses like a just-opened can of Puppy Chow…

  14. Well, I should hope not. Dogs are meant for laps and love. This puppy helped me get through a somewhat grim day.

  15. Mary (the first) says:

    Trying to read the puppeh’s name tag, it looks like .. dare I say .. “Farkel” ???

  16. OMG. Suda Nim!!!
    It’s pretty rare for me to do a real-life LOL, but man, Diet Coke monitor moment…

  17. Puppy mountin’ thi-igh!

    […in LOL-orado… – Ed.]

  18. Yitzysmommie says:

    OMG you guys! The picture of the pupper is adorabuhls but the song lyrics are bringing tears to my eyes (and snorts to my nosicle and laffs to my mouf).
    Good thing I’m home where there is only Yitzy to look up sleepily with a WTF? look….

  19. What an absolute cutie.


  20. AuntieMame says:

    Sunshine on your schnozzle makes me happy, too, Mr. Too Serious Pupper Dude!

    I’m walking on sunshine, wooah
    I’m walking on sunshine, woooah
    I’m walking on sunshine, woooah
    and don’t it feel good!!

  21. i wuv goldy treevers!

    i was going to say the same thing way cool chick – this looks like a car ad aimed at folks like us. in fact i’m getting the urge to go buy an suv right now…

  22. Sunshine on my paddy paws… makes me want to dance!

  23. LuvBJones says:

    Must … kiss … schnozzle …

  24. berthaslave says:

    Can’t believe I’m the first one to offer these lyrix, but thanks to Ms. Crow….

    I’m gonna soak up the sun
    While it’s still free
    I’m gonna soak up the sun
    Before it goes out on me
    Don’t have no master suite
    I’m still the king of me
    You have a fancy ride, but baby
    I’m the one who has the key
    Every time I turn around
    I’m looking up, you’re looking down

  25. Is it just me, or is that photog just astoundingly clear and beeaauuteeefuls? Look at the clarity? Look at the whiskers! Look at the jaunty collar! Just look darn you! LOOK!!!

  26. now that’s what i call a perfect puppeh 🙂

  27. awwwwwwwwwwwwwww puuuppppppppyyyyyyyyyy!!!

  28. wait until three am and I’ll think of a clever retort for cute puppeh..

  29. You are the sunshine of my life
    That’s why I’ll always be your hound
    You are the puppy of my eye
    Forever you’ll stay in my heart

  30. you are my sunshine
    my puppy sunshine
    you make me happy
    when skies are grey
    you’ll never know pup
    how much I love you
    please don’t take
    my puppy sunshine away

  31. That is one prosh doggie.

  32. Oh, the wistfulness on that face. Just fills the ol’ heart up…

  33. Beautiful, beautiful blowin’ in the wind hair puppeh.

    I lurve heem!!!

  34. “Good day sunshine
    Good day sunshine
    Good day sunshine

    I need to bark, and when the sun is out
    Tickles me nose and makes a doggie shout
    Then I smile, it’s as if to say
    Bring some treats ’cause it’s a sunny day

    Good day sunshine
    Good day sunshine
    Good day sunshine

    We take a walk, sun shines on my brow
    Burns my nostrils, but I don’t frown

    Good day sunshine
    Good day sunshine
    Good day sunshine

    Then I lie on my owner’s lap
    Puppeh love – nothing wrong with that
    Sun feels good, I know I’m looking fine
    I’m content that it will always shine

    Good day sunshine
    Good day sunshine
    Good day sunshine”

  35. This picture is FANTASTIC! As are all the songs…

    I work for a car rental company and the way the car is there in the background, it looks like this pic should be used as stock photography for collateral promoting some kind of active summer lifestyle. Loooooove ittttt.

  36. elizabells says:

    What I saw in that caption was “EVEN EMO lyrics”. Which would be *awesome* if anyone could…

  37. Puppy in the Sunshine, sings a little sunshine song.
    dreaming of doggie biscuits as if there’s nothing wrong.
    Thinkin’ ’bout playing fetch a long long time ago.
    Thinkin ’bout forgetting ’bout doggy worries and woes.
    Puppy in the sunshine, sings a little sunshine song.
    la-la-la-la- la-dee-o,

  38. Here comes the sun, here comes the sun,
    And I say, I won’t bite!

    Little darlin’, it’s been a long time since my dinner.
    Little darlin’, it feels like hours since it’s been here.
    Here comes the sun, here comes the sun,
    And I say, I won’t bite!

    Little darlin’, I swear that’s just my tummy growlin’.
    Little darlin’, it seems like years since it’s been full.
    Here comes the sun, here comes the sun,
    And I say, I won’t bite!

    Sun, sun, sun, here it comes!
    Sun, sun, sun, here it comes!
    (A little snack would be nice too, but…)
    Sun, sun, sun, here it comes!

  39. hmmm…looks distinctly like “scribbles” from a few days ago, minus the crazy eyes and attack position…

  40. Pupppyyyyyyyyy!!! Squeeeeeeee!!!

  41. The Honourable Gladys Anstruther says:

    I’ve filled out your census like a man in the high street.
    I’ve anwered your questions
    about puppy chow.
    Now I want my pay out
    for giving you info
    and if I don’t get it
    I am biting you now.

  42. Ohhh that FACE and the look!!!! Adorable.

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  44. As soon as I saw this photo, this reggae started playing in my head:

    Sunshine, sunshine puppy…

    And it won’t go away! I’ll be humming it all day.

  45. jerseystitch says:

    on my muzzle
    looks so fuzzy

  46. Oh my goodness, Meg, I’ve been singing this for 2 days now, and I can’t stop.

  47. Sunshin Puppy's Dad says:

    Sunshine’s name is Tarheel!!!

  48. AuntieMame says:

    Tarheel, huh? Do you live in Chapel Hill, NC, by chance?

  49. I vot Suda Nim’s lyrics the BEST!! I laughed out loud.

    Cute puppy, too.

  50. sunshiiiiiine in my kibbles
    makes them cruuuuuuuunnnchheeeeeeee….

  51. Farmer John says:

    OHHHHH, Sunshine is our favorite puppy – DU DAAAHH, DU DAAAHH!!

    Sunshine’s our favorite puppy – Oh DE DU DAAAH, HEY!!

  52. Pussytoes says:

    I for one am offended. I mean, look at where that puppy has his paw! What is this, paws ‘n balls?


  53. francesca says:

    Cutest. Puppy. Ever. 🙂

  54. How mush is that puppy in the sunshine?
    The one with the golden ears?
    How mush can he make you feel happy?
    For now and many more years.

    (the crowd goes wild) : )

  55. and, that’s a serious chick-magnet !!

  56. ThreeCatNight says:

    “Just love chillin’ out here with the wind in my fur. Ah, a dog’s life!”

  57. sad in jersey says:

    Puppy nose
    Take me home
    To the place
    I belong

  58. LuvBJones says:

    Tarheel puppeh has stolen me heart!! Thank you for posting!

  59. AuntieMame says:

    I’m still giggling over his primmed up lips. He looks like Dana Carvey’s church lady. 🙂

  60. I’m a little puppeh
    Layin in the ‘shine
    Looking oh so fine
    Not worried about time

    I’m a little puppeh
    Laying in yo lap
    Soaking up the love
    Just before I take me nap

    I’m a little puppeh
    Oh so happy and free
    Ready for a yummy treat
    And pee’in on a tree

  61. Furbabies says:

    Puppeh perfection! I loves me some goldens.

  62. Rob Coover says:

    I can see puppies now, the rain is gone
    I can see all schnozzicles in my way
    All of the leashes now are off and gone
    It’s gonna be a bright sunshiny day

  63. Dana Carvey’s church lips, that is too fareakin funny. And now it’s time for…. “Church Chat”

  64. says:

    What a cool, happenin’ pup – and what a gorgeous photo. Can I please be a goober and ask Catherine S. what kind of camera was used? Pleeeese? I am a photography nut, so it’s not such an odd question, right?

  65. Catherine (fellow goober) says:

    hey Trixie
    It’s a Nikon d50.. was trying out me new lens, a Sigma 10-20 🙂

  66. I don’t have any lyrics to add, just wanted to say that I think this puppeh needs a beep on teh nose.
    K’thx Iloveyoubyebye!


  67. oK maybe I DO have some lyrics:

    Mr. Sun, Sun
    Mr. Golden Sun
    Please shine down on me
    Mr. Sun, Sun
    Mr. Golden Sun
    Hiding behind a knee.

    All the CO’ers are asking you
    to Please come out so we can play with you

    Mr. Sun, Sun,
    Mr. Golden Sun
    Please shine down on me.

    Miss Meggy Moo and the Cute Overload Crew
    all would love to snorgle you!

    Oh Mr Sun, Sun,
    Mr. Golden Sun.
    Please shine down on
    Please shine down on,
    won’t you please shine down on meeeeeeee?

  68. Whoa, that’s a song our mom used to sing to me & my sister when we were just little.
    Bright & shiny moon…

  69. I’ll admit I stoled it from Barney, but where HE got it from I couldn’t tell ya. LOL

  70. Trust me… “Mister Moon” is definitely older than that bloated purple abarnimation.

  71. faifydove-found-her-mouse says:

    sunshine on mah blonde furs makes ’em blonderrrrrrrr….

  72. scribbles redeemed

  73. Hello, Sunshine, my old friend
    I’ve come to frolic here again
    By a SAAB so neatly parking
    I’ll stop and do a bit of barking
    Then the click of a Nikon makes me pause
    And stretch my paws
    And warm my nosicle in the sunshine

    Aw, forget it. It’s 1 AM. I can’t think this late. Or this early. Quite the prosh pup, though. And why has no one yet mentioned his little hang-y down-y ear? Perfect for nibbling, folks.

  74. Jilleb Perfect postinks.

  75. And the peeps all bowed and prayed
    While teh pupster shunned the shade…