Making biscuits AND cats ‘n’ racks!?

At first, I was all; this is toooo risqué to post! And then I was all—wait—it’s actually the BEST CATS ‘n’ RACKS OVERLOAD ever! The outrageous purring! The cleavage! THE KNEADING PAWS!

I’m sure you’ll tell me what you think. 😉 [DUCKING]

Jennifer C., you win best ‘cats ‘n’ Racks so far. The aggressive purring is actually the best part, I think. Serious.



  1. Ooooh…….looks like baby-making to me. It’s what mine does to my cashmere sweaters.

  2. Shannon Johnson says:

    awesome. That cat was HAPPY!!!!!!!!!

  3. Too Many Maureens says:

    LOL! Awww.

    This vid reminds me that I need some fuzz therapy–STAT!

    *looks around the office*

    Sigh. I don’t suppose a split-leaf philodendron’ll do the trick.

  4. That is hilarious! And what a loud purrrrrr-er that kitteh is!

  5. Squeeky purrs! Didja ever?!

  6. Anything that makes a cat purr like that is alright with me!

  7. I know that sound – it’s the sound of Needy McKittertons who can’t get enough of you. I have one. She’s not interested in my ta-tas, though – that’s a new one.

  8. hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha

  9. that is some SERIOUS cat lovin.
    seems they’ve done that before!

  10. Well… kneading is an instictive mechanism to try to get milk… !

  11. This is so redonk! I don’t know what I love more– the stomach massaging or the kitteh motorboating this lady’s bits. Just what I needed after a long day at school!

  12. I’m hoping that cat isn’t a drooler.

  13. Breast in show!

    That’s a very happy kit.

  14. I wish I could see videos at work! I’ll have to wait till I get home 😦

  15. Crazy purrin kitteh… sniffin the boobz…

  16. I’m in your shirt, smellin your ta-ta’s..

    That was great! Loved it!

  17. Villeline says:

    Can’t see a thing… 😦
    It jumps directly to “replay” without showing the vid…

  18. I can watch videos at work, but no sound! And yet, I totally heard the purring…probably ’cause I’ve heard that purring before (and pretty much in the same place–maybe it’s instinct to nuzzle there?). I’m still going to watch it again when I’m home, to see if the sound in my head matches the sound in the video…

  19. I think you should have more of a warning on certain pictures. No not a cute warning, a warning that some would find the pic, or video in-appropriate.

  20. I got this going on every day at my house. Sippy is addicted to cleavage-purring-biscuiting.

  21. yay boobies! yay kittehs!

    *squeaky purrr*

  22. “…kitteh motorboating this lady’s bits”
    HAHAHA Steph!
    Lovin the squeeky purrin…sounds like a loose belt in the ol engine. I’m curious what the kitteh is doin exactly: there’s no tongue action or anything. Literally looks like a shirt sniff. Is the motorboat’n inspiring the kneading, or vice versa??

    The world may never know…

  23. Mary (the first) says:

    I’m thinking perhaps something yummy was dabbed in the lady’s bosoms.. a little tuna juice or catnip or .. something .. that would cause that kind of obsessive purring/kneading. I don’t mean the kitteh doesn’t luv his/her human.. just maybe a little encouragement. That’s my take on it, anyway.

  24. Too funny! That’s one powerful purr. How did that lady keep from giggling? I would be dying.

    Natalie, Meg did say that the video was almost “toooo risque to post.” Not trying to start a disagreement, just pointing out that there was a warning.

  25. HerMeowness says:

    My Charlie sounds just like that! And he will start kneading the second you say his name, even if he’s across the room!

  26. “I think you should have more of a warning on certain pictures. No not a cute warning, a warning that some would find the pic, or video in-appropriate.”

    You mean like this:
    “this is toooo risqué to post!”?

  27. What the…? Boobie-sniffing cats are cute, now?

  28. I’m guessing somebody uses a minty moisturizer.

  29. Oh, God, purrr… Yes, purrrr… PURRRRRRRRRRRRRR!!!

  30. OMG! It's Carrie says:

    Only thing I’m griping about is that my ta-ta’s don’t look like those ta-ta’s. How do you get ta-ta’s like that???

    I miss kitty biscuits terribly, someone tell my hubby I now need a kitty and a puppy!!

    Run.. do it NOW!

  31. Ha ha Ta Ta!

    LOVE it. I approve meg!

  32. anonymouse says:

    OMG! It’s Carrie:

    Extensive plastic surgery would be my guess.

    [oh please… maybe you think it’s photoshopped, too? – Ed.]

  33. this is the most appropriate kind of inter species snorgling i have ever seen, just a lil more passionate. gotta love a love-cat.

  34. OMG! My Peanut does this to me ALL THE TIME! But he actually kneads the ta-tas! And he’s not de-clawed, so it’s not the bestest feeling in the world. (I just wish my ta-tas looked like these!)

  35. AliceTanzer says:

    Anonymouse –
    Its called a really good bra.

  36. I wonder if she put catnip oil between her breasts! That would be…really…cool. Yeah. *shifty eyes*

  37. um. gross.

  38. Yep, I’ve got this going on at home all the time, too.

  39. tiny bubbles says:

    Boob snorgling! Kitties can be so kinky.

  40. Too funny. And the crazy purring – to die for!

  41. Anon E. Mouse says:

    My kitteh would do that all the time with no prompting at all, and would fall asleep sprawled over me.

    And it’s not too risque! it’s win.

  42. waits for commentroversy beyond tatas not looking like tatas…

    yay for squeaky purrs!

  43. Yitzysmommie says:

    LOVE it, Miss Meg!! I too wonder how the young lady kept from giggling hard at teh purrage and the biscuitage.
    YM, who doesn’t have ta-ta’s that look like that either, but my daughters do…

  44. That cat makes its needs known!
    So funny & cute.

  45. so what’s the name for that move anyways… biscuitboating?

  46. I bet that cat was a man in his past life.
    He sure knows how to live his current one, lucky bastage.

  47. OMG! It's Carrie says:

    I don’t think the boobage is photoshopped at all… perhaps the kitty is though.

    JUST KIDDING! I’m trying to be a light and airy posterer from now on, like most everyone else. Not a gripy worried poster.

    I had a male kitty who would ummmm love me too much sometimes, and then one night he sprayed my leg and bit the crap out of my ankle. He had a good talking to after that.

  48. I smell a set up.
    She filled her belly button with tuna. I know it!

  49. OMG! It's Carrie says:

    Did you watch the cat spanking video on the bottom bar? OMG!! It would be horrible, if the kitty didn’t seem to like it so much!

  50. Purr me a river, kitty.
    really one of the best cats and racks I have seen on here.

  51. Holly — LOL, strange bellybutton positioning though…

    Micah — tip o’ teh Mad Hat for “biscuitboating”

  52. Cats N’ Racks for sure but that paw thing I call a “kitty massage” 🙂

  53. I have a trade secret.. it’s called Victoria’s secret. I didn’t know I could even have cleavage until I bought one of their bras. LOL. I love this post..

  54. Wait.. a ‘trade’ secret.. exactly what ‘trade’ would I be in? How about..just.. I have a secret..

    *narrowly escapes bad jokes about the job I may currently hold*

  55. Happy purrsqueaking biscuit-kneading cats are always cute!

    They also are probably blissfully unaware of why some people get worked up about a little innocent interspecies snorgling. 😉

  56. berthaslave says:

    This is possibly my favorite CO post EVAH, although it’s crossing the line from “cute” into “kind of hot.” I’ve had my cats make biscuits on mah belleh, but being a guy I can’t say I’ve ever experienced the sternum snorgling.

  57. Stephanie says:

    LOL, this one and the kitty spanking one both cracked me up!

  58. there is no need for ducking miss meg that was wonderful, like kitteh thinks he still at his momma nnursing happy memories, that kitthe has. That made me smile.

  59. Flamenca Mama says:

    Cats are weird…

  60. Surprisingly little nuffage today.

    Which makes me smile 🙂 🙂

  61. LOL. Did that gal put some “Eau d’Catnip” in dere?! 😀

  62. A good bra, some youth, and a good camera angle, it’s the stuff of loverly boobies.

    That is one happy happy cat.

  63. valliegirl says:

    Michelle-if you say it, they will come 😉
    Flamenca Mama-I think that cats are pretty normal compared to some people

  64. That’s how I react to breasts too

  65. this is toooo risqué to post!”?
    that could mean a number of things.
    besides, i dont really know what that means anyways…this site should be for ALL ages.

  66. Thanks to everyone that fell in love with my kitty today! And for the record, it was instinctual, no catnip or tuna juice (yuck) needed.

  67. astrogrrrl says:

    Karo: I call the paw thing “kitty massage” too =) now if I can only direct my cat to massage the parts of my back that need it most when he does that…

    and I love that purring, so heartwarming =)

  68. Natalie — just to remind: This site should be for Meg.
    It’s cool that so many other folks like it too, though.

  69. Yitzysmommie says:

    jennofur, thanks for sharing your wunnerful vid and squeaky purry kitter.

  70. oaklandcat says:

    I wish I could make this my ringtone!

  71. ...jay edwards... says:

    kitty porn!

  72. Natalie — just to remind: This site should be for Meg.
    It’s cool that so many other folks like it too, though.

    ok i understand that, i really do…just i found that at first it was family friendly, and now its getting worst…all im asking if there could be a little end note that says something like “some might find in-appropriate” thats it. we could call it the IA code or something. Two simple little letters.

  73. NotSupposedToBeDoingThisAtWork(ButNowI'mHome) says:

    too too cute, jennofur! i second YM’s “thanks for sharing”!

    i once had a kitteh that had that squeaky purr… so endearing. it totally made up for the fact that while sitting on your lap squeaky purring, he would fart like it was going out of style.

  74. I love it. The cutest evar.

  75. Natalie: PG-13. Always has been.
    Plenty of G-rated stuff here too, though, if you cherry-pick.

  76. My kitty kneads my ta-tas too! With claws. It makes for interesting little red marks on them. But he looks and purrs so happy when he does, its too cute.

  77. Hmm… actually, the previous post, y’know, with the Golden puppy and the John Denver lyrics? That one appears to be all G-rated stuff, even the comments. (So far.) I’m a little surprised.

  78. Natalie: PG-13. Always has been.
    Plenty of G-rated stuff here too, though, if you cherry-pick.

    yeah your right…

    Sorry, I wasn’t in the best mood…my past few posts. But thanks a bunch for hadling that like adults.

  79. OMG! I thought my kitty was abnormal with his squeaky purrs! We calls it a wheezy purr, though, but it sounds the same! He likes to lie on my chest and purr like crazy, but he doesn’t knead me.

    Oddly, I have caught him kneading the bedspread, but that’s a quirk for another day.

    Oh, and for the record, I didn’t see anything shocking or sexual about the vid. It was cute (the cat)! As for the ta-tas, hmmm, they were lovely. Kudos to the rack…I wish mine were as perky. There was no nippleage that I saw. Why are some people so uptight about nudity that even the hint of boobies sends them screaming for the censors?

  80. Maybe because they’d rather not see that part of someones body. I’m not screaming for censors, just asking that I’d know ahead of time.

  81. Our cat did this to me at the shelter, the first day I met her. Belly-and boob-kneading, frantic purr. (Made the shelter attendant laugh.) After that intimate of an initial encounter, I felt we had to take the krazy kitty home with us.

  82. HAHAHA! someone beat me to the motorboatin line… but it’s still hilarious. Kitteh’s a wee bit on the pervy side perhaps, but this really is the cutest Cats N’ Racks post yet. I’m usually not a fan of them, but something about the deafening purring and the enthusiastic tummy massage melts me.

    I want a kitteh!

  83. That cat is a perv!

  84. Natalie – Cats N Racks always involves boobage… the fact that the post mentions it’s in that category about 77 times should be enough to let you know “ahead of time.”

    Arguments have been made that Meg should censor posts or warn people in the past… and it doesn’t happen because it’s HER blog. Say it all you want, it won’t happen.

  85. gravyboat says:

    Look out, kitty! You’re gonna fall in!

  86. Natalie, it’s not Meg’s problem if you don’t know what risqué means. Do you read at all?

  87. Arguments have been made that Meg should censor posts or warn people in the past… and it doesn’t happen because it’s HER blog. Say it all you want, it won’t happen.

    Yes, but its not usually at all that bad.
    But thank you (im not being sarcastic) for reminding me that it is HER blog. You’ve got a HUGE point. Sorry about that.
    I really do love this website though!!!

  88. Natalie, it’s not Meg’s problem if you don’t know what risqué means. Do you read at all?
    I’m done. I apoligized, I’m sorry.

  89. Natalie – I guess the level of “bad” is all in the eye of the beholder (to use a totally overused cliche), so where exactly do you draw the line and start to censor?

    Though I might not see eye to eye with you, I understand where you’re coming from… I believe I may have even commented on a Cats N Racks post in the past about not understanding it and even defending the people who were offended by it… but I just kind of leave them alone most of the time.

    And “here here” to loving the site!

  90. Haha this is a hilarious video. That cat is too cute!

    People that think this video is “inappropriate” are just stuck up prudes…

  91. And “here here” to loving the site!

    Thanks alot for understanding what I mean, I really needed it after what people have said. And now I do remember that it is HER blog, and it’s her choice what to put on it and not what everyone else wants. Thank you soooo much for that comment!!!

  92. elizabells says:

    Risque: Suggestive of or bordering on indelicacy or impropriety.

    I’m not being snotty, I’m just a word nerd. I like it when people learn new words.

  93. extraliberaliguess says:

    Honest and non-snarky question.

    Why do some people get so upset/bothered by the sight of a woman’s clevage? I really can’t see what’s so bothersome or upsetting about it personally. If any of the Cats n Racks pictures were of a totally topless woman with a cat cuddled up in there, yes I could understand (though not be bothered, upset or offended myself), but in every picture here the woman was clothed and the worst seen was the top part of the breast. The part every one of us women sees whenever we look down (except when we’re wearing a turtleneck or high necklined top of course, and even then you get the obvious roundness of the breast jutting out from the chest), what we see in the mirror after putting on the bra and before putting on the shirt.

    So please, could someone explain to me just what is so offensive about clevage? Because short of cutting the dang things off, they aren’t going anywhere. (and I’ll be honest and say I won’t in the least buy the ‘protecting the children’ line. It ain’t porn, nor is it actually suggestive…unless your own mind automatically leads to that. Animals cuddled up in there is so far from suggestive it’s rather laughable.)

    Errrr….I hope that wasn’t snarky. I really am just curious, having a completely different mindset about it all and so far totally unable to see where those bothered by it are coming from.

  94. Hey, no nuffs jumping on poor Natalie. She apologized. Don’t be any meaner than you have to be; it’s mucho bad karma.

  95. Christine says:

    I think this is cute! Cats’n’racks posts bug me sometimes when it feels like the cats are just an excuse for the rack picture, but this looked unstaged and sweet. I was impressed to read there was no catnip involved!

    From the comments I read only one person complained, and it was a kid, so give her a break. It’s Meg’s blog, as you say, and if she didn’t want disagreement she wouldn’t have a public comments section.

  96. Extra Lib: Breasts are over sexualized in the American mindset. Er, most Americans view breasts in a sexualized manner? I dunoo how to make that clear exactly… Too tired. Even though I personally see them as instruments for the feeding of children (babies, in case anyone wants to start flaming saying I support molesting children or something), I also understand that I’m going to be viewed as “easy” for wearing tight, cleavage baring tops. Except in some warmer climes, where it’s so hot no one cares 😛 Breasts have been changed from being the part of a woman’s body used to feed her young to a toy for men somehow, so they have culturally, if not biologically, become sexual organs to many people. In Toronto, ON a woman can go topless whenever a man can, but that doesn’t mean she would. The stigmas about such things are too strong.

  97. extraliberaliguess says:

    I’m in Toronto as well R.Moore. 🙂 I’ve seen my fair share of ladies wandering around topless (but not as much in the last few years as I did right after the legislation changed). Not ever done it myself, I have to many cute tops to wear. Low and high cut. (never been given the impression that someone thinks I’m easy though, or else I’m just so dismissive of that kind of attitude that I don’t even notice it at all)

    At any rate, I wasn’t jumping or nuffing on Natalie or anyone else. I just honestly cannot understand what is bothersome about it. And I honestly want to know from those bothered by it *why* they are. You know, that whole “understanding where others are coming from” thing?

  98. R. Moore beat me to it. Lady has apologized and more. Perhaps some people should read previous posts before asking others if they read at all.

  99. extraliberaliguess says:

    Britt, if you peek up just above your own post, you’ll note that I explain why I asked what I did. I also stated it in my original post.

    Because I seriously want to know. I honestly want to know. I don’t understand why, but I want to understand why.

    A touch of your own advise will do you good.

  100. extraliberaliguess, I WONDER THE SAME THING! Although, I am admittedly quite liberal.

    I just spent the summer in Spain and the beaches are TOPLESS. And Spanish kids grow up fine. What’s wrong with a little cleavage?!

  101. I’m probably gonna get in trouble for this, but I wanted to say one more thing!

    I understand where Natalie is coming from, it’s fine if she didn’t know a word. But I hate when people think we should cater everything to children, or for an audience for whom the site isn’t even intended. See: Cuteoverload, Janet Jackson’s boob, primetime television shows, etc. Censorship (for the sake of “THE CHILDREN! OH GOD WE MUST PROTECT THE CHILDREN”) is not cool. Regulate your own flippin’ children.

  102. Look I dont want anyone fighting over a little opinion of mine. Its in the past, just forget about it. But thank you to those who did/are defending me, It made me feel alot better.

  103. AuntieMame says:

    Hehe! I’m usually pretty conservative about overexposure (a little modesty is NOT a bad thing) but this video just made me giggle.

    Although if I had a kitty that purred like that, he’d have to sleep in a different room. I’d never sleep through all that racket!

  104. AuntieMame says:

    Ally, it’s over. Let it go…

  105. extraliberaliguess says:

    Last I checked, it wasn’t a sin or socially unacceptable to want to see where someone with a different opinion or outlook or perspective is coming from.

    Last I checked, it was not a sin or socially unacceptable to ASK when you do not know or understand.

    Last I checked, I was being encouraged to do so.

    Last I checked, it was considered an excellent way to come to a communal understanding.

    It was never my intention to afterwards belittle, scoff, bash or anything else once said perspective was explained to me. It was always my intention to come to an understanding of said persepective and let it live side by side with my own.

  106. Some people are so ridiculously prude. This is not sexual in any way. It’s just some girl’s chest and the cat is the center of it all.

    Anyway, that is too funny!!! And that…is a very nice chest on that “some girl”. If you need help with the purring and kneeding, look me up! ;D

  107. extraliberaliguess – I don’t know that you really CAN understand it. I liken it to the whole war in Iraq thing – some can’t for the life of them understand HOW others can support something, while those who do support it cannot understand why people would be against it. When you’re so set in your ways and feel so strongly about “who cares about the boobies,” I don’t know if there’s really any good way to understand someone who’s so anti-cleave. I think it just comes down to it makes them uncomfortable and that’s that.

    I have no idea if that made sense.

    I’m a lady, and I like teh boobs. They’re fun. But I wouldn’t want to see them bare on this site. A kitteh curled up in them though? Sure, I’ll take it.

  108. Gendo Ikari says:

    I’d snorgle those bresticles, too.

    Smooth, kitty… smooooth.

  109. falnfenix says:

    ok, the snark is a tad ridiculousOOOHKITTYYYYY!!!

    wheezy purry kitty snorgles r t3h bestArest…and completely covered boobage with a kitty head in the middle = win.

  110. What the…

    Is he sucking on a rosette or ribbon or something on her bra?

    He doesn’t seem to be nibbling on the edging.

  111. All through the video, I kept thinking “Her stomach is going to have holes in it! Owie!” No-one elses seemed to notice that. Having had biscuit-holes in my legs from happy-cat claws, I’m just glad I never had to deal with biscuit-holes in my tum-tum. I repeat, “Owie”.

  112. acelightning says:

    That purring sounded as if the microphone was right up by kitty’s mouth – it’s actually rather hard to record a good purr. (I’m a semi-retired audio technician, and believe me, I’ve tried with my own cat, who has always had a loud purr himself.) As for *where* he’s purring… obviously he’s going for the softest, cuddliest place he can find ;-D

  113. That cat spanking video on YouTube is very funny. All my cats have loved to have their haunches firmly smacked, but nothing like what that video shows. The cat is so loving it!

    I think it must feel like massage to the cat.

  114. Okay, just writing again to dispel any rumors – first, Tito will knead and nuzzle anything. But, when he bakes on my tummy, and I have a low cut shirt on, he always nuzzles. Second, there is no biting, drooling, whatever…he just sits his adorable mouth close to what he nuzzles. So, no biting on my bra. Oh, and yes, Tito purrs that loud, that’s just with the mic on my camera, but remember, it was close, but he really is the loudest purrer I have ever met. Last, I am sorry to anyone that my video offended but I appreciate Meg posting it. I felt that it was no more scandelous than the other cats ‘n racks pics so I submitted it. Btw, isn’t he adorable?????

  115. Jennofur,
    WAY TO GO with your awesome vid!

    People! KNEEL B4 Jenn-o-fur and her awesomeness!


  116. Jennofur,

    I my kitties did that I would post too. I love the kneading belly action. He thinks your his momma…too cure

  117. Cat Tease? says:

    When I was in college there was a neighborhood cat who would wander in and out of our place and was really into kneading breasts. He was sitting on my bed one time when I took my bra off and he jumped up, put his paws on me and reached up to smell my breasts. As much as I like cats, it was kind of creepy.

  118. I don’t find the pics/vids offensive, but what IS offensive is when people start posting lewd comments – i.e. “Oh, yeah, I’d snorgle those too.” That’s just crude and unnecessary to say.

  119. New York Michele says:

    First- this is NOT a question for Natalie, as I don’t want her to see it as bashing. I
    It’s not intended that way.

    I have to admit it- I don’t get the offendedness most of the the time, either. While I’m not crazy about the occasional use of the the word ‘bitch’ (but I consider that my problem, not Meg’s), I see breasts as, well, fleshy bits. This might be because I carry around a large pair myself. I realize that others have different moral systems than do I, but I would no more go on a Jewish website run by a rabbi and insist on a discussion of, say, how Buddhism is equal to Judaism, than I would go on a website that has a list of pictures called ‘Cats in Racks’ and expect that I would never see boobage. Ditto a site that regularly features ‘Tocks’ in a rather prominent fashion. On such a site I would expect to see some light-hearted sophomoric humor (and I mean that in the most loving way). On the other hand, if I went to a site entitled ‘Nature’s Cutest Angels’, I’d expect to see nothing but adorable pictures of animals and infants that might border on the nauseating.
    Words and phrases such as ‘Racks’, ‘risque’, ”tocks’, ‘outrageous’ and ‘cleavage’ are all warning enough to anyone with a dislike of looking at breasts to stay away. Other than a sign showing two breasts with a European stop icon over them, I’m not sure how much warning people could want. Especially since there is no real picture- there’s a film clip, which gives potential viewers time to look up words like ‘cleavage and ‘risque’ if they aren’t sure what they mean. No one was being forced to look.

    I guess my reall question is this- why must everything follow the morality of people who don’t know what the word ‘risque’ means (I teach, and a lot of my students don’t know the word either- so no harm, no foul), but who would be offended by anything in that category? How many warnings must any item have before sensitive folk know to not look at certain things (I’m including violent and truly disturbing images in that category)? And if we did make everything on the internet safe for, say, a child of three whose parents were fundementalist Muslims (in other words, no pictures of humans or animals at all- that would be pretty safe, right?), are the rest of us supposed to sit in a dark room for the rest of our lives because we shouldn’t ever look at something that’s already covered with warning signs for people who don’t want to pick and choose what not to look at?

    I ask this because there’s a whole lot of sites I refuse to look at- I find the racism and sexism on certain ‘mainstream’ sites to be offensive. Much more offensive than a cat sniffing a lady’s boobies, but my standards are my standards. On the sites that claim to be for everyone and to offer information, I have sometimes voiced my ire- and explained why it upset me and probably upsets others who aren’t as vocal. Just saying ‘I’m uncomfortable’ isn’t enough- that’s not logic, but a personal feeling. If no one listens to me- I stop patronizing the site and find another that offers me the same or similar entertainment and information.

    There are plenty of sites that show adorable animals. I’m trying to understand why people who are offended by some photos on Meg’s site and feel it’s getting worse don’t vote with their feet and leave, or put up rival sites, or give logical reasons for why certain material might be offensive to some people other than themselves. If they did so, they might be taken more seriously by others, or they’d make themselves less upset. But it would be hard to claim that Meg didn’t give warning. That’s like the people who don’t understand what ‘strictly platonic’ on Craigslist means, when it would be in their best interest to find out.

  120. What next a dog sniffing someones hiney? I did not find this cute and her boobs were not attractive.
    It was not risque just a bit repulsive. I don’t know it seemed like TMI. If my cat had done that I would have stopped it.
    Not kitty’s fault.

  121. The Honourable Gladys Anstruther says:

    Kitty getting its rocks off. Huba Huba.

  122. Okay, it seems the further down the list the comments get, the less they are about the video itself. New York Michelle was right, the two comments after that were just stupid, and anyone who’s offended is welcome to leave.

    That being said, the important thing is that Jenofur has a wonderful cat who clearly adores her, and man, can he purr! LOUD! I loved it! 😉

    My cat Coal will knead and “nurse”, but for some reason he puts his paws and face together, on the right side of my stomach. I wonder if, when they were kittens, Jenofur’s cat nursed on one of the Mama cat’s higher nipples, and Coal on a lower one…food for thought. 😛 Anyway, the vid was adorable. Thank you, Meg! And thank you, Jenofur (great name!)! 🙂

  123. Juniper Jupiter says:

    Oh my!

    That kitteh wasn’t just purrin’…she was chirpin! My baby girl Gentry does that when she purrs, too! ‘Course she never makes bread on me! 😦

  124. I’m starting to hate this site, especially the comments. Whenever someone says something out of the norm, he/she gets picked on. The American way…

  125. acelightning says:

    New York Michelle – I think Robert A. Heinlein summed up the foolishness of censorship “to protect the children” pretty well with the comment that “we shouldn’t all have to live on mush just because the baby can’t eat steak.” (Although it’s very ironic that people object to the concept of a small child seeing breasts, when most of the time those are among the first things an infant *does* see.)

  126. Alice Shortcake says:

    There’s tuna in them thar hills!

  127. I agree Shawna.

    NOt to the point where I’m actually BOTHERED by the comments, because lord knows I don’t need to read them…but I certainly roll my eyes every time I see stupid comments like that.

  128. Why all this fuss about the cleavage, when the entire CAT is stark buck naked?!

    And while I’m on the topic of how far along the road to pr0n perdition this site has got, a general gripe: what’s with all these puppies and sea otters and hamsters running around in the nude? For pity’s sake, somebody give the hamsters some litte green lo-rise beach pants!

    Will no-one think of the children?!

  129. Alice Shortcake: There’s tuna in them thar hills!

    heheheheeeee …

    yep, and there’s nuffs crawling out of the woodwork in them thar hills, too

  130. Now, how do I break it to my cat Nox that he isn’t the only cat who does this?

  131. DoodleyDog says:

    Ahhhh….that’s some first-class snorgling!

  132. BrianMPLS says:

    Cats dig each person’s unique scent.
    In my experience, that location is a lovely concentration of that scent, and probably the only one not prone to the additional scent of deodorant, hair product, or, um, waste residue. It’s among my favorite places to be, even if nothing R-rated is going on; it smells so “her!”

  133. My kitty does this too. sometimes he kneads by breasts as well. I don’t mind I know its his way of showing affection. And I’m not bothered by boobies (they have many purposes – one of which is sexual – and there’s nothing wrong with that). Wish my rack looked as good as hers too….ah jealousy.

    Also I don’t agree with bashing someone because they don’t know what a word means. That’s just wrong and kudos to the “word nerd” who posted the meaning. I’m with ya too fellwo “word nerd” here!!

  134. awwww that is one happeh kitteh. cute cute

  135. francesca says:

    so cute, that is a very happy kitteh.

  136. Goodness gracious folks– just remember this.

    CO is somebody’s blog- somebody meaning Meg. It is sheer happy happenstance that a lot of people find it and Meg delightful and endearing. It isn’t a public utility or a consumer product. Meg has first to please herself. You didn’t pay money, you don’t own the blog. You don’t have the right to make any demands on what Meg chooses to post. It’s by Meg’s grace and graciousness that you even get to express an opinion.

    All that said, THANK YOU MEG for keeping the mind-boggliung quantities of CUTENESS flowing!!!!

  137. teh sound! teh glorious sound of kitty purring. i like how this one has a “voiced” purr (although i’m not sure it would be as relaxing to sleep to as my Petra’s rumble).

    i it’s really interesting how adult domestic animals have these baby-animal habits, like kneading, and act them out on humans. i guess it’s kind of an unintended side-effect of taming.

  138. o to the m to the g

    was that shot in the er um san fernando valley by a pool with hunky extras lounging around?

    tee hee i didn’t mean it. yes i did.

  139. pat_the_bunny says:

    Warning: nuff ahead.

    Cat was regressing to infanthood. If that chick had plopped out one of her boobs, that cat would have started nursing.

    Don’t exploit yer kits to show yer tits.

  140. pat_the_bunny says:

    if there’s not enuff nuffage, as one commenter posted, it’s probably b/c the nuffs have been sufficiently beat up on on this site. i love this site, but if the owners of the site don’t want to see nuffs, either don’t have a comments section, censor them out or ban the nuffs.

  141. I’ve had my boob pop out of my pajama top when my kitty has been “makin’ biscuits” on my boobs and he definitely did NOT start nursing. Geesh.

  142. In fact he didn’t do anything, just kept on kneadin’ and purring. I put said appendage away where it belonged (once I realized it escaped) and continued to cuddle

  143. I looove the squeaky purr! Sounds like an engine. A cute engine. The little cute engine that could…
    Ok, I’m done.
    P.S. Racks provide excellent kitty nestling places.

  144. I can’t get the video to play here or on YouTube. I think it’s overwhelmed with people trying to see tha’ kitty goodness.

    My viewpoint overall(not having seen it, of course) is that cats consider their people surrogate mothers. It is a great comfort to any cat to be snuggled lovingly and the cat equates that with being held close and nursed by its mother. Cats of any age when held closely with affection or on a fave blanket that smells or feels soft and comforting to them may go through the motions of nursing. They do it because it feels good, but there is nothing sexual involved. It’s like a human toddler sucking his thumb.

    My grown cat likes to knead my fully covered chest when I hold him close, but the claws are painful, so I cut up an old blanket into pieces to cover myself.

    As luck would have it, the blanket was hand-made and was tied with small short tufts of yarn every few inches. Well, my cat soon decided these would suffice for nipples. He sniffs out the best smelling one, then drools as he nurses for comfort. Thankfully, the blanket sections are washable!

    My brother-in-law saw me holding the cat thusly on a visit and the look on his face told me he thought he was seeing something perverted. He’s had cats during his life but has never been close enough to any of them, or snuggled so deeply with one to have it nurse. I had to make a hasty explanation.

    When people don’t understand what they see, they try to fit it into the context they know. Many think breasts = sexual objects, and any touching thereof must be too.

    Finally, while I am still waiting for the video, I’d lioke to thank Meg for the site. It’s purrrrfect! snort!

  145. Adorable. Kitty looks very much like my dearly departed Archie. While Archie and I loved each other greatly and snorgled on a regular basis, he never did this. His brother, Smudge, on the other hand….

    I’m surprised to learn that some folks consider a woman’s even partially clothed breasts offensive. Okay, the camera angle is kind of odd in that one doesn’t usually look down a stranger’s shirt, but come on! Breasts are just body parts, they are not the enemy. Sheesh.

  146. MommaMackie says:

    Well, it’s obvious that he spent a LOT of time snuggled in there as a kitten. He’d be there now, if he still fit, but for heaven’s sake, he’s bigger than the whole rack and the girl he’s perched on, massaging away so happily, doesn’t look any bigger that I was, back when MY stomach was that flat. How she is still breathing with that fine big furbaby sitting there, I have no idea. But this is truly a wonderful video.

  147. well said, New York Michele!

    (also, well said Robert A. Heinlein…but I doubt he’s a CO aficionado)

  148. Elizabeth P. says:

    Oh yes. That’s my kitteh in a nutshell. She’s an expert at giving hugs too…. I always call her my little pornstar because she ALWAYS looks a little risque!

  149. So…..all I really can say about this is WTF?


  150. i love you, meg.

  151. I think these postings of pets and boobs are STRANGE AND CREEPY. What body part is next?!

  152. Remember people: Cats don’t know from boobs! Breasts are external excretory organs and little else to a kitteh. Why sexualize something that’s clearly not sexual? See it from the cat’s perspective: “Wow, she feeds me, shelters me, snuggles me, AND SHE HAS BUILT-IN PILLOWS TOO! WOOOOOOO!” =-D

  153. Persephone says:

    I watched this with my husband, who is a major “breast man,” and even he didn’t see anything overly sexual about it. 🙂 We both thought it was a riot that the kitty was purring so loud.

    My father-in-law’s chihuahua likes to put her head between my breasts, too. 🙂 I think it’s because it’s a warm place where you can clearly hear the heartbeat.

  154. Persephone says:

    Also, would anyone be the least bit surprised if Meg *did* post a pic of a dog sniffing someone’s (clothed) hiney? Heck, we had a dog curled up against a hiney just this week. 🙂

  155. “Wow, she feeds me, shelters me, snuggles me, AND SHE HAS BUILT-IN PILLOWS TOO! WOOOOOOO!”

    I think I just wet myself giggling.

    Female breasts are a body part, yo. They’re no different from male breasts, just that one is softer and has a bit more mass. (And have you ever seen those beefcake exercise equipment models? They practically need a bra themselves!)

    Anyway, just put my headphones on, and YEOW! Sounds like a chorus of canaries going on there.

  156. My kitteh used to lay on my belly when I was in bed and she’d start kneeding my stomach, too. Then she’d tuck her head and rest the top of her head on my boob while she was kneeding and purring along. It was so cute that I’d just pet and her cuddle her the whole time. The only downside was that she drooled a bit so I’d walk away with a tiny wet spot on my shirt. Oops! Mine didn’t purr like this guy, though…

  157. Elizabeth P. says:

    Also… I have GOT to know what bra she’s wearing. 😛

  158. I totally agree with Wrench’s comment above; why freak out over the kitty snorgle? My instant reaction to this post was “why do I not have a purring, biscuit-making kitty in MY lap right now??? Life is so unfair!! x_x”

  159. Persephone: Well there WAS a pic of a dog curling on a man’s hiney not long ago. But everyone loved it. I have doubts if people would still love it if that was a woman though. *shifty eyes*

  160. AuntieMame says:

    And as usual, the people complaining about the nuffs outnumber the nuffs by at least 4 to 1…

  161. oh my god that is so disgusting and f*cked up. i can’t believe it got posted. this makes me question my choice to visit this site.

  162. ShelleyTambo says:

    Kitteh whiskers nuzzled in that spot tickles just thinking about it.

  163. Pudding? or perhaps a cool refreshing beverage? with a small snack maybe?

  164. My kitty does something very similar to that to me! That’s so funny. 🙂

  165. Oh, God … the dear departed Miss Amber (died last September at the age of 17 1/2) used to do this very thing!

    I don’t like my puffy abdomen, but *she* thought it was just the perfect place to knead while she nuzzled my knockers. Silly kitty.

  166. > I think these postings of pets and boobs are STRANGE AND CREEPY. What body part is next?!

    If you see this as strange and creepy, Anne, *YOU* are strange and creepy. I get so sick of hearing from all you nuffy [sweary swear]-up puritans.

  167. >> “I think you should have more of a warning on certain pictures. No not a cute warning, a warning that some would find the pic, or video in-appropriate.”

    > You mean like this:
    “this is toooo risqué to post!”?

    Oh, you know … the kind of people who object to videos like these are the kind of people who usually aren’t very good at that Reading thing.

  168. Can’t we all just love the cute? Kitteh just needed a place to relax his sleepy little head as he did his kneaders.

  169. Oh man this is great. my kitteh kneads my belleh all the time, but i’ve never heard him purr like that. “redonk” as they say.

  170. >> this is toooo risqué to post!”?
    > that could mean a number of things.
    besides, i dont really know what that means anyways…this site should be for ALL ages.

    WARNING: I’m in no mood for coddling idiots today.

    Natalie, I suppose you also couldn’t find any of the twenty or thirty good dictionaries online? I’m sure you don’t have any in your house or at your workplace, but apparently you’ve learned to use a computer, so …

    Guys, I am unapologetic about being mean-spirited to prudes.

    As for “all ages”, um … kids are not really bothered by the sight of breasts — especially *covered* breasts — unless the adults around them make a Big Dirty Deal about them.

  171. LesbianNeoCon says:

    Nice rack – er – I mean cat!! 😉

  172. > I think you should have more of a warning on certain pictures. No not a cute warning, a warning that some would find the pic, or video in-appropriate.

    Meg, a lot of us *love* the cats’n’racks category. Keep ’em coming!

    But perhaps you should preface each pic with “BOOBIE ALERT! BOOBIE ALERT!! WARNING! WARNING!” Maybe that will keep certain people from accidentally seeing the Life-destroying Shocking Surprise that pics of covered breasts represent to some.

    [CatFreak? Go take a nap. – Ed.]

  173. WOW. Okay, so I just started up the video with my own cat on my lap. The second she heard the purring, it scared the LIFE out of her, for some reason. Apparently it’s too loud even for a CAT! Seriously, I now have bleeding gouges in my knee from her being so scared, she couldn’t scoot away fast enough! I’m not kidding! I must go attend to my knees. Too funny!

  174. cyclinggirl says:

    I gotta tell ya. I like boobies. Boobies are nice. And cats—I like them, too.

  175. Good Lord, people can we quit pickin’ on Natalie. She apologized and its not her fault she didn’t know what a word meant and I’m sure in future she will look up words she doesn’t know but for goodness sake none of us are perfect. Quit being so mean spirited it takes away from the cute!

  176. “Inappropriate” is one word; no need for the hyphen. Between that and not knowing what “risqué” means, perhaps some should start out at before coming here. I have to agree the mention of “cats ‘n racks” couldn’t have made it any clearer that there would be…cats..AND…racks. *shrugs* Go Meg.

    (I’m all bandaged up now. 🙂 )

  177. (I wasn’t trying to be mean. I’m just sayin’… Education is fun. 🙂 )

  178. Lurky McLurkerson says:

    My boyfriend’s kitty does something like that to him, except she kneads his arm with her nose buried in the crook of his elbow. It’s still adorable.

    No reason, just felt like zerberting everyone. 😉

  180. Life-destroying Shocking Surprise that pics of covered breasts represent to some.

    laughed so hard I started to choke. *wiping tears away from eyes*

    sure no one wants puddin’?

  181. …maybe silicone puddins?

  182. most cats hate water, but this cat is clearly an experienced motorboater

  183. Yes, I’m quite suprised with as many comments as there are to this post we haven’t brought out the pudding yet. I’m so prepared to grab some…haven’t had pudding in a while…mmmm….

  184. says:

    I love cats, always have, and have become allergic to them in adulthood. *Sigh* Thank goodness for CO and others like ICHC for supplying me with the kitty goodness I can’t otherwise enjoy!

    Yay, cats, racks, and cats ‘n’ racks!

  185. hmmm, I am on a diet but I’ll have some puddin anyway. can I have some butterscotch pls?

  186. Hahaha. Too cute! The cat is so happy and chill.

  187. Theo …maybe silicone puddins?


    just keeping abreast with all the funny peeps …

  188. so that’s butterscotch for metz, theo ususally takes butterscotch, is that okay teho?

    Leanrose, what can I get you? I’m thinking i’m in the mood for tapioca.


  189. I could smell a ‘versy from a mile away on this pic… I think it’s cute. I loved the cat’s squeaky, enthusiastic purring.

    Chocolate pudding, please?

  190. Um. I mean video. Of course it’s a video. *foot in mouth*

  191. Metsakins: I’m a big fan of chocolate. Ohh, wait…chocolate and vanilla swirl. Haven’t had that in ages!

  192. iffen your gonna swirl, swirl chocolate & butterscotch. yumm yumm.

    You know upon viewing again, I’d be willing to bet she was a wee bit sore and maybe bruised aftah kitteh finally laid down & went to sleep.

  193. NotSupposedToBeDoingThisAtWork says:

    Meta, I come to this site for the cute, not to hear people talk about *shudder* tapioca! 😛

    i’ll take some butterscotch too. ;D

  194. so here’s what I’m gonna do…

    making a bowl each of butterscotch, vanilla and chocolate.

    Putting out dessert dish and spoons, dig in. O and I got a can of ready whip here.

    anyone for a cup of coffee with that?

  195. I’ll pass on the coffee. I like to compliment my pudding with a nice glass of cold milk. Mmmm…now I’m craving pudding…

  196. hey not supposed to- I guess I should have put up some sort of warning…

    Peeps – beware – the mentioning of puddin’s ahead (some may be inappropriate, read the flavors with caution) 🙂

  197. “oh my god that is so disgusting and f*cked up. i can’t believe it got posted. this makes me question my choice to visit this site”

    Ummm….David…..the door is that-a way….

    a) I love cute overload…thank you Meg
    b) Cats ‘n Racks….yeah, it’s right there in the name….don’t look if you don’t like
    c) my kitty Rosco used to nuzzle and knead in my armpit, or very close to it…I thought it was cute but I would never share the video with the world! ; ) Wouldn’t want to embarass the little darlin’ !

  198. may not be suitable for people of all tastes

    if there is any nausea or vomitting, stop eating the puddin’ and call the doctore. and if you have a puddin’ craving that last for more than four hours, seek immediate medical help.

  199. I think I’ve covered all my bases now.

    *self satisfied head tilt*

  200. This kitty’s just a loving sweetheart. The booby-snorgling reminds me of what my boys used to do to me when they were toddlers and had recently been weaned. They just remembered my boobies as a nice, warm, snuggly place, so a couple of times a day, they’d run up, give ’em a nuzzle, and run off somewhere to play, having had a quick bit of comforting to fuel their contentment.

  201. congrats, katharine, you’re 200!

  202. “As for “all ages”, um … kids are not really bothered by the sight of breasts — especially *covered* breasts — unless the adults around them make a Big Dirty Deal about them.”

    Hear, hear CatFreak. This post was adorable.

    All these nuffs remind me of a friend of mine who accused me of engaging in bestiality because I let my rabbit lick my back for 20 minutes. Why do people have to make everything about sex? Seriously, that’s what’s offensive.

  203. NotSupposedToBeDoingThisAtWork says:

    mmmmmmm coffee & butterscotch puddin’…

  204. cookiepants says:

    My adult cat Fiona has “nursed” my armpit since she was a kitten. A couple of times a day, she’ll jump in my lap, stick her little catface in there and knead and suck my shirt and drool until she falls asleep. My little boy kitten Eliot isn’t a nurser, but he does knead and curl up on my breasts pretty regularly. I second the person who said that it’s the heartbeat that’s appealing.

    Just to prove that cats don’t get the whole breast=sex thing, my cousin’s cat nurses her husband’s (clothed) chest all the time, precisely the same way the cat in the video does. Of course, he’s a boy, so it’s not a giant scandal.

  205. Renee of Brisbane says:

    that’s not cute dude, at all.

  206. Hmmm, I’m surprised that the commentroversy is so mild today. Usually people are trying to strangle the other folks through their modem by now.

    Reminds me of a former Cats n’ Racks commentroversy when the term “jungle humps” was born. XD

  207. Janet — it must be the catnip jenofur’s hidin’ in her bra.

  208. HAHAHAHA LUV the kitteeeee!

  209. Heh, must be Lotte.

  210. Hey, Renee of Brisbane …

    your nuffy comment is a slur on the rest of us Brisbanites from Down Under …

    cats ‘n’ racks are as common and as proper as prawns on the barbie

  211. “And as usual, the people complaining about the nuffs outnumber the nuffs by at least 4 to 1…”
    AuntieMame – AGREED. I said that just the other day on one of the scandalous posts. As soon as anything remotely controversial gets posted, people start commenting about the soon-to-come nuffery. For people who supposedly hate these nuffers, they certainly BEG to see it al… oy.

  212. “Guys, I am unapologetic about being mean-spirited to prudes.”
    CatFreak — what gives you the right to be mean-spirited to people who just happen to have different beliefS than you? If someone’s conservative and would prefer not to see cleavage, that doesn’t make them wrong or a horrible person. Grow up and learn to accept that people have a different opinion.

  213. I used to have a male cat that had a similar habit, but he was all about the neck. Since we first got him as a kitten he would snuggle up in my Mom’s or my neck and nurse, knead and purr like there was no tomorrow, to the point where he could leave you with a hickey if you didn’t stop him after awhile. It was probably one of the most endearing habits I’ve ever seen in a cat. This video reminded me a lot of him, thanks for posting it!

  214. New York Michele says:

    Pinkz- It’s Meg’s site. She’s never shown a picture of a dog sniffingg someone’s hiney. But if she did, it would be because she found it cue.

    You are using what’s known as a straw man argument- bringing upp something that’s never ben asked for, and positing it as part of the logical progression. That’s the same argument gay bashers use about gay marriage- that it will somehow lead to necrophilia; as if marrying a live consenting person of the same sex and a dead, incapable of consenting dead person of no sex are the same thing.
    Indy- in the US, the norm is that women aren’t supposed to like looking at boobies, or want to say words like ‘tocks. So this place isn’t the norm. You have the whole rest of the net in which to be offended.

    You know, they say everyone has a right to an opinion- and that’s true. What’s not true is the idea that every opinion has equal value, or even any value at all. Just because a person expresses an opinion doesn’t mean that person is entitled to respect, or to be taken seriously, or to not be called silly. Again, it’s best to spend one’s time where the audience will appreciate one’s opinion. If some people find that their opinions aren’t appreciated here, maybe they’re in the wrong place. And if they can’t find any place where they are respected, they either aren’t looking hard enough, or they might want to examine whether their opinions have any values to others than themselves.

  215. “You know, they say everyone has a right to an opinion- and that’s true. What’s not true is the idea that every opinion has equal value, or even any value at all. Just because a person expresses an opinion doesn’t mean that person is entitled to respect, or to be taken seriously, or to not be called silly.”
    New York Michele — who decides on what opinion holds more value than the other? You? I could agree with you if someone came onto the site and said something like “I believe any video that shows cleavage causes cancer.” But who are you to say that the opinion of someone who thinks cleavage is a tad risque is silly and shouldn’t be taken seriously?

    As long as there’s SOME rational thought behind it, I believe these people deserve to be treated with respect – they are thinking humans just like you, you know. Also, this site does not “belong” to the liberal, so I really don’t think you can say that those who are conservative should go speak somewhere else.

    Thanks though for making a joke out of me and assuming that people laugh at me for my opinions. Guess what? I share yours – I see nothing wrong with this video and actually quite enjoyed it. I don’t see eye to eye with people who think this is scandalous, but I also don’t treat them like garbage.

  216. I love it. It made me laugh and that’s really all I come here for.

  217. A fun video, Meg!

    What saddens me is the idea of a young woman or a girl getting upset about a cleavage. It wasn’t shown to exploit the woman in any way. The woman wasn’t having sex with the cat or the photographer. So what’s the problem? I guess some people are brought up thinking that women shouldn’t have breasts or at least they should be completely hidden. If breasts (or a hint of them) is seen, you should overreact like it’s going to hurt your eyes. Why?

    Breasts are beautiful, they nurse babies, they are nice and warm and soft and – gasp – you can even have fun with them. No kids are hurt by the sight of them unless you mess with their heads.

    Coming from culture where nudity in some places and some situations is considered natural and accepted, I can’t but wonder why people want to cause so much pointless angst about natural things. I agree that sex shouldn’t be seen by kids. There’s no place for it in their lives yet. However, just the sight of breasts doesn’t mean that someone’s having sex.

    All young girls should see lots of naked women in natural circumstances (like in swimming hall bathrooms etc.) when growing up. That would give them realistic picture of how different shapes and sizes there are, how body changes when you grow up, when you are sick, when you give birth to a child and when you get old. They would realize that the pictures in the magazines don’t reflect the real world and that you can feel comfortable in your own skin, since nobody else is perfect either. And they wouldn’t get upset about seeing someone’s cleavage in normal situations.

  218. ENOUGH ALREADY, people! That is an adorable cat with a charming purr and it was delightful. If you take more from the post than that – you need to get a job or go volunteer somewhere so you have more in your life than pettiness and complaints. Ever hear of the “dlete” key? Get over yourself!!!! Meg – you do a fabulous job and I love your site and all you do to make everyone’s day brighter! YOU GO GIRL.

  219. *runs in again*
    *deep breath*

    *runs back out of post again*

  220. PS: That wasn’t a raspberry or insult to anyone, just a fun random zerberting. 😉

  221. okay, time to send out for coffee, I take mine with milk and sugar. How many black?, who takes cream instead of milk? I’ll grab a handfull of splendas too, if that’s what you like.

    Do u guys want egg sandwiches? where I live the big thing is a bacon, egg and cheese on a hard roll. Would ya like salt, pepper or ketchup with taht?

    Now I’ll start a ‘versey meself…I don’t want any bagels or egg sandwiches from dunkin’ donuts. those havta come for the bagel shop or deli. you can get the coffee there, I’d even prefer the donuts from the bakery. (although those munchkin things are prettty good.)

  222. what da ya say to that…..


  223. nightbird says:

    To the comment by Vickie M.
    I got this picture of “cat hickies” in my head and can’t get it out….too funny!!!!. My mom’s miniature pincher (rip) always used my considerable bussamage as a dog bed…start out in my lap with me sitting upright and before too long, I would be semi-prone in the chair with the dog perched firmly in my cleavage…animals just don’t care.

  224. Janni – wow. beautifully stated.

  225. >> “Guys, I am unapologetic about being mean-spirited to prudes.”
    CatFreak — what gives you the right to be mean-spirited to people who just happen to have different beliefS than you?

    If I don’t have to respect an opinion like “black people are inferior”, or “the earth is flat!” or “women should wear burkas”, or “only *I* know what the creator of the Universe wants other people to do”, or “I think fingers are disgusting! I am freaked out by the sight of fingers!” then I don’t have to respect “I think boobies are disgusting! I am freaked out by boobies!!”

    Not all opinions are equal, and not all opinions deserve respect.

    Some opinions are -ing stupid, and the people who hold and express those unsupportable opinions have bought and paid for major ridicule.

  226. Something tells me that those offended by boobies would be just fine with those boobies if babies were attached…OMGKITTY!

  227. Speaking of boobies…I was at the gym the other day and was in the locker room getting dressed. I had my back to the door and had put my skirt and regular bra back on. A woman with a little girl came in, and the little girl said something. The woman shushed her, saying, “We can talk about that to each other, but we can’t talk about that to other people.”

    Curious, I finished getting dressed as the woman went in the bathroom with her kid. They came out and the woman said, “I don’t know if you heard what she said, but I’m sorry.” I said I hadn’t heard. She said, “She wanted to know if you were putting your boobs on. That’s what she calls a bra.”

    I started laughing and said I was not offended, that I thought it was cute. The woman said that the little girl was fascinated with things like that. Little kids are naturally curious about bodies. It’s not until later that they learn to have hangups about bodies.

  228. > Something tells me that those offended by boobies would be just fine with those boobies if babies were attached…OMGKITTY!

    Sadly, not all of them! Some people think that breastfeeding is *way* too sexual and creepy.

    I’ve met these folks. And no, I do not feel compelled to respect them, or their ignorant fear-based opinion.

  229. And yet one more cats ‘n’ racks comment…someone observed above that the cat obviously spent a lot of time snuggled in Jennofur’s (love that name) cleavage. In that case, looks like I’ve got something to look forward to when Philo gets big. Right now, he loves to be tucked into my shirt if I’m wearing a tank top or other scoop-necked shirt. He’ll go to his happy place and snooze and purr. I’ve told him before long, he won’t fit in there, but he doesn’t believe me and thinks I have a hidden agenda in trying to discourage him.

  230. Such a funny cat! My female cat kneads my belly like that, but I’ve never let her that close to my ta-tas. haha The motorboating comment made me fall out of my chair! Love it! And then, whoever posted the cat spanking… thank you! That is greatness. I “beat” my cat in a similar fashion (with my hands) and he LOOOOVVVVES it!

  231. I used to have a cat named ‘Oso’, who would get all kitteny and drool and knead only in our armpits. boy he could drool.
    if you lifted his head up, you’d see a huge smear of drool all over his mouth,and in our about infantile regression..
    poor made him so happy, so we let him do it..

  232. NotSupposedToBeDoingThisAtWork(ButNowI'mHome) says:

    Meta! BEC on a hard roll?? what are you, from the northeast or something?? 😀 salt and pepper, no ketchup, please!!

    p.s. thanks for the flavor warning… lol!

  233. I couldn’t wade through all the comments. I just have this to say: I love cats, and I love boobies (I am female) and I have a friend who has a cat who loves spankings. Said friend visited me recently, and we discovered that one of my own cats also loves spankings. We’re all a little freaky inside. This video is awesome. Thanks so much for posting it!

  234. The End … ???


  235. So veddy cute! I love kitty motors!

  236. Just to add my 2 cents. I’ve been told that cats who do this were deprived of suckling (sp?) when they were kittens. Don’t know if it’s true though.
    Very sweet vid.
    Everyone play nicely please.

  237. HAHA! Thats mating behaviour! You cat is trying to have sex with you… hah, nice. And you show your boobs. This is true sodomi!

  238. > HAHA! Thats mating behaviour! You cat is trying to have sex with you… hah, nice. And you show your boobs. This is true sodomi!

    I suspect you’re just trolling to get a rise out of people like me, but hey, it’s Sunday. I ain’t busy. Let’s go:

    Factually, you’re just plain wrong. If you actually think this, you don’t know jack about cats.

    It’s normal feline mother-and-infant behavior, all about affection and nurturing — feeling safe and loved and comfy and cared-for.

    Cat sexual behavior, OTOH, is, er, nasty, brutish, and short. It doesn’t involve any cuddling and purring and kneading, but, rather, tension, ambush, forced restraint, ambivalence, kicking, thrashing, neck-biting, and an ungodly amount of shrieking and screaming.

    You know, Charlie. Like [Last warning, CatFreak. You’re *this* far from being banned permanently. – Ed.]?

    And thanks for providing another example of an opinion no one should *ever* be required to respect.

    BTW, sure … in this country (at least so far) *everybody* gets to express an opinion.

    But no one gets to express their opinion, *and* enjoy guaranteed protection from scorn and rebuttal. Not me, not you, not anybody.

    (Europeans, please have sympathy for us Yanks. Our country is *full* of people who actually believe stuff like Charlie’s troll here.)

  239. extraliberaliguess says:

    Never mind that “Charlie” neither understands the concept of, nor can spell sodomy.

    [Needs more rum, and lash… – Ed.]

    On proper topic, the cat we had when I was a child would nurse on my mother’s hair. Only my mother’s. That cat could have done nicely without the rest of the family it seems, worshipped and adored mum and the rest of us were only good to fill the water bowl.

  240. MOTORBOAT!!!


  241. Of course the prudes and religious whackos freaking out are almost as much entertainment as the cute kitties and bewbs on this porn site here.

  242. That kinda caught me off guard. I think this might be one of those things where it’s what you’re thinking that’s the real damage. Is this kitteh acting like a bebeh really excited about milk or is this kitteh admiring his owner in a lover type way? I think I would be kinda freaked out by this.

  243. *sigh*

    No, the kitteh is *not* admiring his owner in a lover type way. We’ve already been through this, several times!

  244. New York Michele says:

    It’s ok if you agree with me. It’s ok if you don’t agree with me. It’s ok if you think my opinion is silly and worthy of scorn. The same for everybody else. But what’s not ok is to expect to be taken seriously after making the jump I often see from nuffs: the jump from ‘I don’t like that picture’ to ‘it used to be nice here until Meg started putting up those pictures I don’t like’ to ‘no one should have to look at these pictures without a warning, even though the warning is right there but I couldn’t (or didn’t want to) decipher it’.

    You know why it’s ok for you to laugh at me? Because we all have silly opinions on something. Everybody. And who judges that? Everybody. Sometimes the opinions are truly ridiculous in and of themselves. Sometimes the opinions are silly to a person who is narrowminded, or ignorant, or unworldly. Sometimes an opinion is silly because it is new, or based on things that can’t yet be proven, but eventually will be shown to be correct. In other words, why be offended if someone thinks your opinion is silly? You might just be right. However, if your opinion aligns you with people who want a world based on the mindset of people who have lived alone in a cave since 1952, then it might be a good idea to examine one’s opinion (actually, that’s a good thing to do anyway).

    So who am I to criticize you or anybody else? I’m a human being with a working brain. That’s it. I don’t really need to be anybody or anything else. Neither the wise nor the powerful have a lock on expressing disdain. Common people are allowed to do it also. Agreement is beside the point. Thoughtfulness isn’t a popularity contest. But I called it the way I saw it, and I didn’t see thoughts leading to their logical conclusion- which is if everyone gets to tell Meg that they are offended by something and they don’t want her to post certain things, and she feels beholden to listen to everyone, there will be pretty much no pictures left. In fact, given the state of discussion regarding humor, beliefs about showing living things, the thinking on the parts of some that the use of any animal as entertainment is a form of exploitation, and so on, this site would be blank.

    If getting a good laugh from looking at sad cuttlefish means I occasionally have to see the word ‘bitch’ or anything else that I might not like, I’ll pay the price. But having looked at every picture here at some point, I’ve seen people request that pictures of human babies, gay animals, Hitler cats, angry rabbits, animals nipping at each other, animals in bosoms, animals with other animals sitting on them, animals being fed human food, animals being given baths, animals who are used as food products placed near an item of said food product, animals handled by children,wild animals, animals bred for special characteristics, animals that that don’t have fur, animals whose genitals might be showing, animals that aren’t conventionally pretty ad nauseam, should be banned, usually for the good of children/animals/adults who didn’t know that animals had genitals/adults who didn’t realize that animals are sexual/adults who don’t like ‘alternative lifestyles’/radical vegetarians/people who hate children who know how to navigate to a website, but don’t know how to hit the back button or navigate to another site.

    Sorry- I have to admit to being an evil person. I think people who can turn a computer on, use Google or some other method to find Cute Overload, find things on the site going back to the beginning that they don’t like, and stay anyway to say every now and then that ‘they don’t like pictures of ‘[fill in the blank]’, but can’t find other sites that offer cute pictures without any silly or funny or ‘offensive’ commentary (there are links to some of them on the CO website, by the way), are not very smart. I don’t think a whole lot of people who defend self-serving behavior, either- again, it makes me wonder why supposedly smart people would feel a need to defend silly, stupid, or ignorant behavior when they know better, unless they themselves are afraid of being ridiculed as foolish (by people on the internet who can’t see them and don’t know them- kinda crazy, in my opinion).

    I hope that clarifies things.

  245. New York Michele, I think I love you.

    (No, we’re *not* the same person. I don’t do the “alt” thing.)

  246. Ooooo, I could be *bannned*.

    my life would be so over.

  247. I’ve been told I’m about to be banned, so maybe this is a parting shot.

    Let me get this straight:

    It’s OK for “Charlie” to seriously accuse Jenofur of committing “sodomi” with her cat, but it’s *not* OK for me to make a bad incest joke at *his* expense?

    Yes, yes. We must protect and defend the prudes and “respect” their ignorant opinions.

    Understand, people: the second the Prude Class has enough political power to shut *you* up, do you think they will “respect”, and allow you to continue to express, *your* opinions?

    Expose stupidity wherever you find it, folks.


  248. well, CatFreak, i guess i should hate you. but if i’d been drinking milk when i read the offending line, it would have come right out my nostrils. and that’s love, my friend. that’s love.

  249. In short:

    1. Everyone has the right to have an opinion.

    2. “Your opinion is stupid” is an opinion.


  250. > In short:

    > 1. Everyone has the right to have an opinion.

    > 2. “Your opinion is stupid” is an opinion.

    Exactly, John. Now — given the tenor of this site and that Meg is the webmaster, Meg would be well within her rights to *limit* certain opinions.

    For example, she could say outright “This site is a celebration of Cute. Please restrict comments to adoring teh cute, or explaining why something is cute. Do not insult the looks or motives of people who have graciously sent in pictures of their animals; do not accuse them of bestiality or cruelty; do not tell us all why you think this animal is *not* cute. We do not care, and we will assume you are only trying to stir up [bleen]… and why would you *DO* that on a Cuteness Site? Seriously — why would you?”

    As opinionated as I clearly am, I could easily live with that. I follow rules, with the greatest respect, when they’re spelled out beforehand and applied consistently.

    But apparently there weren’t any “rules”. Charlie could accuse Jenofur of “sodomi” for letting her pretty kitty nuzzle and purr on her chest, and get away with it, and that’s just wrong.

    I do not see why prissy prudes or psycho over-the-top “animalrightsers” get to post their ignorant huffy-nuffy crap, and the rest of us don’t get to call them on it.

    Am I mean? Sometimes. Am I profane or rude? Sure. I own it. But never right out of the blue, and never to somebody who didn’t have it coming.

    There are worse things than being “mean”. Being bloody stupid and uninterested in learning (“I’m not too busy to bitch you all out and register my terrible offense at boobage that I was *warned* about, but I’m *WAAAAY* too busy to look up a word I don’t recognize”) is, IMO, *WAY* up there …

    Why don’t I just Let it Go … or “take a nap”? Because combatting stupidity and ignorance is *important*. The world is partly in the mess it’s in right now ’cause we’re all “polite” when we maybe should be calling “Oh, BS!” when faced with BS.

    Sometimes, it’s *not* All Good.

  251. All that effort for so little payoff. I guess I have to assume it was worth it to you.

    My objections were primarily to your direct personal attacks, CatFreak, accompanied by your blatantly malicious swearing. Buh-bye is right.

  252. headscratcher says:



    Or start your own blog where you can, ahem, ‘combat stupidity’. Instead of placing multiple paragraph rants here. Where most of us stopped giving a damn the moment we saw kittens attack an empty coke box.

  253. > There are worse things than being “mean”. Being bloody stupid
    > and uninterested in learning (“I’m not too busy to bitch you
    > all out and register my terrible offense at boobage that I was
    > *warned* about, but I’m *WAAAAY* too busy to look up a word I
    > don’t recognize”) is, IMO, *WAY* up there …

    Ah. My post was directed at the ridiculous notion that just because everyone has the right to an opinion, opinions shouldn’t be questioned. People have the right to come in here and say Meg is morally reprehensible for posting what she posts, and other people have the right to say “Bull[ahem]!” in reply. For some reason, the first-mentioned people sometimes have a tendency to go all martyr and claim that their right to an opinion is being violated, just because they face disagreement. This phenomenon is certainly not exclusive to CO.

    My post was meant to say that freedom of speech isn’t that frikkin’ hard to wrap your head around. It was *not* meant as an excuse for repeatedly kicking a dead horse.

    Natalie’s error was already pointed out, long before your first post. In other words, there was no need for you to point it out again.

    What’s more, she had already apologised! In other words, you revived a discussion that had already ended in mutual agreement. In other other words, there was no stupidity left for you to combat.

    (I certainly think Charlie should be banned if he continues to post insulting nonsense, but if he’s just a one-time troll, there’s really not much point, is there?)

  254. Was that a rescued kitten? The enthusiasm looks like he spent much of his babyhood snorgling that rack. It reminds me of my ex-baby, Iggy, who was never happier anywhere else more than stuffed down my top.

  255. John, I wasn’t sayin’ the cat WAS admiring his owner in a lover type way; I was saying this is one of those “to the pure all things are pure” instances where it’s what crosses your mind that’s the damage, not the video or the cat or whatever. I read all the comments and didn’t see that point made.

  256. I posted a comment last week, and just checked back to see if I felt the same, and to read the others’ comments again. An animal snuggling is absolutely pure. My own dogs and cats like to lean into me, chest and/or other spots, because it’s warm, soft, and nurturing.

    HOWEVER, the fact that the HUMAN gets the video camera because it looks sexual is what twists this into something strange.

  257. Ginger's Cotton Socks says:

    Maybe because they’d rather not see that part of someones body. I’m not screaming for censors, just asking that I’d know ahead of time.


    Please don’t flame me for ‘combatting the stupidity’ but I would love to throw in my two pennies into the donation box of CUTENESS!!!

    That was a hilarious video. *wipes tears* Oh my…

    Anyway, I just wanted to know what the problem was with breasts? Children see them as soon as they are born, and they are a part of LIFE. Why can’t men accept the fact that we women have these, and are offended and/or ‘turned on’ if we show them a little?

    They’re nature. If I was religious, I would say ‘God’s Will’. Just because girls have them, and men don’t, they are seen as ‘different’. I’m not disrespecting anyone’s opinion, and I realise that Natalie apologized. But if all breasts are to be ‘censored’ then they will simply become more and more taboo in our (still man-ruled) culture.

    Why do I say this is a man ruled culture? Think about it. Women work hard to look good for men. We are submissive to men, and allow them to make the first move and ask US out on dates. If we ask men out, we are seen as ‘butch’. Free of being tied to childbirth, we tie ourselves to gym. Why? To look good for men. We cover ourselves up. Why? Because men are attracted to them, so they must be wrong! Women are attracted to muscled male chests, so why are they not banned and seen as inappropriate?

    Sorry, just had to let out my opinion. I really do think this video is outrageously brilliant. The purring!

  258. HOWEVER, the fact that the HUMAN gets the video camera because it looks sexual is what twists this into something strange.

    I’m thinking the train of thought was more “Oh how cute! I gotta get this on youtube and send it to CO!”

    You are the one doing the twisting…

  259. well… cat or not…
    i am pretty sure the reaction would be the same with a guy 🙂