Holy Midwest Floods!

People! Are there floods near you? I’ve been hearin’ about the midwest going nuts with all the water!Eep!


Kelsey S.,  get thee to a higher elevation!



  1. Waaaadin’ in the waaaater…
    Waaadin’ in the waaaater, chilrun.

  2. aww cute puppy washin its footsies in da flood water full of unmentionable things……
    Get the disinfectant… NOW!

  3. “Are there floods near you?”

    Heck no. We’re baking here in the South. Just 100+ temperatures and no rain at all.

  4. Oh my god–that speckled inner thigh!!

  5. The pup’s tail is waggin’, tho!

  6. Is this little guy a toy fox terrier mix?

  7. “I didn’t do this! I swear I didn’t do this!!”

  8. “if I arch my back up a lil like this, and then i spin my lil tail like … this, I can get the tiniest bit airborne and maybe me ‘bits’ wont get wet!”

  9. doggeh seems to be thinkin’ ‘i didn’t to this’

  10. JJB, I think that’s a rat terrier. I have one, and the coloring and body type is exactly the same, except my doggy is 12!

  11. Catman Dude =^-.-^= says:

    Tinkle Lake is overflowin’!!!

  12. He looks very similar to my TFT, but my guy’s ears stand up straight and his body has more white. I was only wondering because I don’t see TFTs very often at all.

  13. He might be a rat terrier (super similar to fox & JR terriers) as he looks a lot like my dog. My dog’s ears flop over like this dog and they’ve both got the skinnier body/longer legs than most JRTs.

  14. luvinmalssomuch says:

    Did the puppa from yesterday that was drinking all the water do this????

  15. luvinmalssomuch says:

    Answers man I want answers I’m not getting blamed for this.

  16. dog in water – what’s cute about it? normal dog. normal water.

  17. luvinmalssomuch says:

    oh indy 😦 don’t be a downer

  18. violet123 says:

    Speaking for my fellow midwesterners, we appreciate the concern! I hope that everyone affected – animals and people – are ok.

    The strange part is that I live in Southern Ohio (Cincinnati) and it’s bone dry here, and almost 100 degrees. My lawn is dead.

    I didn’t really know about the floods in the northern half of the state until I got concerned calls from relatives. The national media tends to just say “Ohio” when referencing anything in this part of the country 😦

  19. ok i admit upon further investigation of the floppy ears i must say they are cute. but only the ears.

  20. Shannon Johnson says:

    Water dog.

  21. luvinmalssomuch says:

    indy 🙂

  22. indy!
    what about the tail??? the tail is cute!
    and tryin to lift one foot out of the “normal” water at a time is cute.
    and tomorrow is FRIDAY! and that’s good isnt it???

  23. Yitzysmommie says:

    INDY!!! Not only the earsies, but the tailio action, the spotty legs and the goofy doggie look!!

  24. I hope that you and puppeh did not lose everything in the flood that doggie bed will need a good washing and the human will need new sandals post haste…

  25. Yeah the water here in Northern Illinois is getting bad. We are actually getting federal funding to help with clean up efforts. My fire dept. went out the other night to do an animal rescue. Someone had left a litter of puppies in a flooded basement..grrr

  26. It was bright and sunny for most of the day here in Chi-town and then whooooosh, wind and rain blowing in every direction, thunder setting off half the car alarms in the neighborhood. And it’s still going strong. I actually love nights like this. They’re perfect for curling up with HBO on demand.

  27. Mary (the first) says:

    grrr is right, AJ. I hope things get better out there.

  28. jillyfishroot says:

    I live 18 miles from Rushford, one of the SE Minn. towns hit hardest by the floods. An acquaintance of mine spent an entire day in a canoe rescuing cats. Good human, goooood human…

  29. oh the worms…

  30. On second look, what’s wrong with his right hind leg? It looks like the top part is shaved or injured.

  31. Um, Ashley? That’s not an inner leg. Look a little more closely. Click on the pic to biggie-fy it. See? *giggles*

  32. All the same… don’t expect a COXCU.

  33. ILuvCuteOverload says:

    I live in the midwest, but not in an affected state, Good Old Michigan. I just returned from Kentucky though.It was 105+ the whole time.The corn was brown, so poor farmers there are praying for any rain. OHIO IS HOGGING IT! 😉

  34. I’m in Wisconsin, but fortunately far north and high up enough that we haven’t had flooding. It has been rainy and yucky for quite some time, though. The squirrels have been moving their nut collections to higher ground.

  35. Christine says:

    Definitely a rat terrier, most of them would have long tails but they’re cut off when they’re babies. 😦 Some are born with short tails, and some (like my dog Wiggy) have natural tails. Most rat terriers I know don’t like water much, hence the sad little face. They are very closely related to Toy Fox Terriers and pretty closely related to Jack Russels.

  36. I love how you can see that his tail is wagging. Too sweet!

  37. Kiddo (or Kelsey S.) says:

    I’m safe where I’m at – just getting cabin fever from being cooped in. My job is shut down as it flooded and we’re being told to stay at home. I think I’m above the flood plain or something. And I just moved into this area too! But there’s a lot of relief efforts going on and it looks like people are getting taken care of.

    Anyway, the little dude was so nervous about the water. He kept dancing around and I finally got a picture by letting him lick my face and then backing up and snapping the picture while he was in mid-lunge to keep licking me.

  38. Floods in the midwestern US??? All the same, hope peeps there are ok.

    Doggie looks completely unperturbed though.

  39. well…i like the speckley spots…but other than that, i must say there have been much cuter recent posts (no offense Meg, I just don’t see it…)

  40. wait, have to agree with indy…the ears actually are pretty cute. i agree with luvinanimalsomuch…it was definitely the puppeh from yesterday…

  41. The Honourable Gladys Anstruther says:

    We haven’t got flooding here in London (UK) but we might as well have. This is the worst frickin summer I can remember, it’s like November at the moment. I dare say Theo experianced it while he was admiring our scaffolding.

  42. glad you and your doggie baby are fine Kelsey S. Although there have been some unfortunate accidents with this flood, I am keeping those in the affected states in my prayers.
    Agnostic Pagans can pray. We just are not sure who we are praying to. Either way I got a lit candle in my front window for them and the Miners and their families.

  43. Yeah, in Chicago we got pretty dumped on with high winds. Took me 2 hours to get home (usually 45 minutes) on the bus, but at least it was running – the trains had power and fallen tree issues. Storm drains and viaducts were flooded, and the roof of a high-rise is lying in the middle of inner Lake Shore Drive.

    My bunny does NOT approve of all the thunder. *THUMP*

  44. THGA — the weather was great while we were there! It only got drizzly once we chunneled off to Paris.

  45. Yeah, I live in the UK and we had floods last month. :/ We live on a hill so we weren’t actually flooded, but our power station was and we had to go without electricity for two days!

    Cute puppy. 🙂

  46. Poor doggy. I wish it would rain down here. We’ve got a drought!