Bear ‘tocks and paw pads

How often do you get to see bear ‘tocks AND paw pads? At CuteOverload, we SERVE ‘EM UP! (Not to mention the tailio Iglesias.)


Ehn! David Bean, EXCELLENT Bronx Zoo action!



  1. fizzygrrl says:

    Oh. My. Gosh. A bleen on a ‘tocks post???

    Best day ever!!!

    I want to give those ‘tocks a little spankin’. Then run away post haste.

  2. Oh. My. GAW— *faints*

  3. oh good grief.
    there is NOTHIN you can say about that. cept-
    “I’m losin consciousssssssss

  4. annie poonanny says:


    So sexy.

  5. Personally, I love that the pic says Bear_Butt. Pure Geeny-us!

  6. I love the feet!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  7. The bear went over the mountaaaiiinnnnnn…

    with a little bear behind!

  8. He has a butt-sausage tail! I wonder if bears ever wag their tails?
    LUV teh paw pads

  9. OMG! Those are some massive ‘tocks! :O

  10. Uh-oh. Someone dropped his contact lens…

  11. With a pose like that, shouldn’t he be on a bearski… oh wait…

  12. ThreeCatNight says:

    Why it’s a bear tush!
    He should be ashamed!

  13. Emerson Bigguns! Somebody needs to get on the elliptical! Yr a braver girl than I, fizzygrrl! Must B the grr!

  14. Why do I have this unbelievable desire to run and jump on his back and hold on for dear life yelling “Yeeehaaawww”???

    “I liiiiike bear butts,
    and I can’t deny”

    Yea, it was lame…OH well..

  15. luvinmalssomuch says:

    Take a feather and sneak up to big bear, ‘tickle tickleeee’ GRRRRRRRR

  16. We seem to have had a lot of ‘tocks postings lately.. and I love it.. Mr. Sir Mix Alot has gotten a lot of play in the comments lately. I am guilty of quoting him a few posts back for the furry bootied kittay.

    And Dazie.. rotflmao! Good one!!

  17. It looks like he’s wearing slippers. All he needs is a huge TV in front of him.

  18. I know that guy at the Bronx Zoo!!! And I’ll bet that he was snoring when this picture was taken!! We heard the snores from a little ways off, and when we turned the corner and saw this guy sprawled out like that, it was hilarious!

  19. I know that guy at the Bronx Zoo!!! And I’ll bet that he was snoring when this picture was taken!! We heard the snores from a little ways off, and when we turned the corner and saw this guy sprawled out like that, it was hilarious!

  20. Awwww…this guy is gorgeous. S/he looks like I feel after a hard week at work. TGI(almost)F

  21. This isn’t just redonkulous (although it is that.)

    It’s also re-bear-bedonkadonk-ulous!

  22. Tony James says:

    Mary had a little lamb
    She also had a bear
    I’ve often seen her little lamb
    But I’ve never seen her bear…
    (brought to you by Pwned Puns, plc, supplier of word play to the crowned heads of Yurp since 1745)

    [Pandora had a little box… – Ed.]

  23. Oh, I’m so feeling this bear right now…”I just can’t take it – what do mean it’s not Friday YET??? You’re killing me!!!” Insert falling down face first on the ground from sheer exasperation…”I need a cookie and a hug, please.”

  24. Shannon Johnson says:

    very cute.

  25. Cassandra says:

    Here’s a story about bears for you kind CO folks. My sister was home alone yesterday at my parents house, when she heard a big crash, so she ran outside, and a baby black bear was in the pool. Either he fell in by accident, or it was far too hot to not go for a dip, but apparently he did a few laps and then climbed out and ran away (I should probably add that we live way out in the woods, not near any neighbourhoods or helpless baby bunnies or anything). So it’s a mostly good story, except he pooped in the pool…bears…yeesh.

  26. A Bronx Zoo bear– he’s practically mah homey!

  27. Dontcha just HATE it when the bears poop in the pool? Gaah…

  28. You just inspired a Caddyshack flashback moment, Cassandra:

  29. Looks like he’s trying to cool the belly. Must be hot as hell where he is, too!

  30. guineapiggin9 says:

    Cuteoverload: best for bear bottoms!!!

  31. Yitzysmommie says:

    I’m rendered nearly speechless by the hilarity of this most excellent ‘tocks, tailio & toesies pic!

  32. i want to put peanut bnutter on one paw and honey on the other and se whick he/or she cleans off first, think the zoo folks would mind if I did that?????

  33. guineapiggin9, Snicker

  34. hahaha so chubby! so cute! so BEAR? ah well… still cute 😉

  35. eee it makes me smile


  36. Here are some even worse ones, from Switzerland:

    Here Mr. Bear is, all, Check out my dance moves, y’all –

    And HERE – well, this is just wrong. It MIGHT be breakdancing – or it might not –

  37. That “bear” looks kind of like a rather chubby horse.

  38. Brak_Silverbone says:

    Years ago I was at the zoo here in Columbus with my camcorder. We were standing outside the grizzly bear exhibit. The bear got real close to the glass, and then he started to, um, pee, and I taped it and I said, “Well, now you know FOR SURE what bears do in the woods.”

    Best comedy moment of my life so far, pretty much.

  39. Looks like he’s prayin’ to me. “Dear God, PLEASE get me some better grub. This zoo food sucks!”

  40. Now all this bear needs is a PC and a “mutt n butt” to be matchinks Kevin.

  41. Y’know, MC2, that’s an interesting caption in all sorts of ways — philosophically, theologically, zoologically, AND gastronomically. Just for starters.

  42. anonymous coward says:

    Is it me or do bears have really small feet? (Not that there’s anything wrong with this, but it’s still surprising)

    …aaannd right now I have images of bears doing ballet dancing in my head. Because of those feet. Go figure…


  43. “Tailio Iglesias” says it all for me!!!


  44. Daaaaah! OMG Bear tocks! I’m totally hitting “set to background.”

  45. acelightning says:

    Many Native American tribes believed that bears and humans were close relatives. If you look the feet, you’ll see why. Except for the color, they look just like the soles of a human who goes barefoot (bearfoot?) most of the time. Their hands are unnervingly human, too – plus the fact that they can stand up like people.

  46. OMG such a huge head and such tiny feet!

    Bears are scary, but I still find them endearing.

  47. The Honourable Gladys Anstruther says:

    I think there is some cellulite under that fur, but I won’t be checking it out, discretion being the better part of valour.

  48. Juniper Jupiter says:

    Hey, whaddayaknow! It’s HUMPHREY!!! 😛

  49. DoodleyDog says:

    That bear has a double butt-roll!

    Now THAT is some top notch, quality ‘tock!

  50. Puts some pantz on, pleez! ;0

  51. omg, he’s got leather paw-pads like a high-end plush toy!

  52. This was the grizzly that killed and ate Timothy Treadwell.

  53. Elizabeth P says:

    I was not aware that bear feet looked like that! I learned something new! If only I could poke the pads to find out if they’re squishy like a cat’s pads are. I think I’d get eaten, though.

  54. Furbabies says:

    Hee, hee, hee, bear bottoms.

  55. Y’know, I’m fully aware that it would be the Stupidest Thing In The World That One Could Do, but I really want to snuggle up to that fella. I bet he’s hella soft.

    Meanwhile, restraining myself, I have only this to say: BEARBUMBEARBUMBEARBUM!

  56. Good camera work NANCI!

  57. I want to put Groucho Marx on his butt so his tail is the nose!! I have seen pics where people do it to dogs with docked tails, but can’t seem to find one to post right now. Anyone know what I mean?

  58. That is Groucho Marx GLASSES. You know… with the moustache? *Giggles at mental image*

  59. I can’t get past the paw pads!!!!!

  60. Yay! The Bronx Zoo is great! 🙂

  61. i don’t suppose bear would like it very much if i tried to hug her tocks?

    beary beary cute.