Perfect Puppitude + Wall-pay-pères

Look, People, I KNOW you think you have the PERFECT PUPPEH.

But allow me to introduce you to Exhibit "B", the most perfectly prosh pup; I geev you: Lucy. She is like the poster girl of Pups.


If you like, you can cleeck on dee pics, and they will pop up in their own window. AT WEESH POINT YOU CAN RIGHT-CLEECK and SAVE AS WALL-PAY-PÈRES!


Small Wallpaper (800 px wide)

Gynormous Wallpaper(3008 px wide)


Chief Sister Officer, is THIS the type of puppeh you want?

Susan B., you actually DO have the cutest puppeh in the world.



  1. Cutest pup I’ve ever bleen!

  2. Pheas — are you saying you’ve bleen a pup in a past life? And this was in fact you?

  3. BlueFairy says:

    Spaniels are the BEST!

  4. Peg of Tilling says:

    Vargas puppy!

  5. keurejian says:

    GAAHHHHH!!!! My blood sugar level is now officially in overdrive!!!

  6. Juniper Jupiter says:

    Okay, I have to admit, I’m not the biggest fan of Spaniels, and I absolutely LOATHE Cocker Spaniels(sorry, their temperment is the same as a pitbull with me, I don’t know why!) but THIS puppers is anerables!!! And the ickle bickle bebeh teensy weensy spot between its eyes MIGHT make me change my mind and is making me melt just a smidge!

  7. *gasping*
    *reaching for inhaler*
    the the pinkness.
    the softness.
    the wee little paw pads & heart shaped nose!!!!!
    the come hither look in the 2nd pic!!!!!!!!!

  8. Okay, admittedly, the first picture left me with a bit of puppeh ennui, but that second picture…OMG! How cute is she???!!!!????

  9. I think the CSO wants a rescued puppeh so she can give a forever home to an unwanted puppeh.

  10. Isn’t that a Cavalier King Charles Spaniel?

    What a cutie!

  11. Ahn-It is the elusive Breck girl puppeh- such curliness of the ears! I think I *need* to brush them…

  12. The first one is wallpaper worthy, but, that second one….

    Not really digging the cameltoe. Gnome sane?

  13. Michelle — you absolutely needed to go there?…

  14. The first picture is totally anerable! I’m certain this little lady would let me brush her and adore her without turning it into a game of tag. *casts knowing look at her dog* Unlike some I know.

  15. Ok ladies, whose next? I see I gotchew down for a perm and fluff dry? Get inta the chair!

  16. Theo — anything’s pupsible!

  17. LOL, the Breck Girl! Oooh, this prosh bebeh (yes, Cavalier King Charles Spaniel) is so anerable I almost got teary-eyed.

    OH lordy, how I love pups. I wish I could smell her puppy bref.

  18. awwwww. she’s lovely. what a sweetiepie

  19. Im sorry but can anyone tell me how to send in pictures? ive found the cutest weirdest thing ive ever seen and someone on this website needs to see it! thanks….

  20. Andi — look for “Got Cute?” in the right-hand margin.

  21. oh. my. god.

    i agree, she’s the cutest pup i have ever seen !

  22. Oooh, what a diva!

    She’s a slightly beeg puppy, though…

  23. Teh belly-age! TEH BELLY-AGE!

  24. The Honourable Gladys Anstruther says:

    The saucy minx, nipples akimbo.

  25. This puppy is pure trouble. You can see it in her eyes….she WILL get what she wants all she has to do is give you that look……… 🙂

  26. Gladys: Nipples akimbo -lol. Is that like the Church Lady getting in a snit over “breasts askew.”

    Back to the pup: pink puppy part overload!

  27. Sweetness and innocence personified. Bebeh belly!!!!!!!!!!!

  28. Ha ha! Check out the cleavage in the second pic!

  29. Sweet Pea says:

    I’m so embarassed now.
    I just puked a rainbow all over my keyboard.
    No sure if any of my coworkers saw.
    Sooo cute!

  30. OH! Look at that little pink belly! And those little toes! I want! The baby needs one of these

  31. Furbabies says:

    I wanna blow raspberries on that puppy tummy! What a sweet baby.

  32. Anybody else think she’s a total shoe-in for the part of “Lady” in “Lady in the Tramp” if they ever do a live-action version? Get her an agent–now!

  33. Or would that be paw-in?

  34. SarahK – Is Midget your pup? She is adorable – reminds me of Knut.

    Pheas – What on earth did you do to come back as a human? …must have been pretty bad.

  35. OMG It's Carrie says:


    Almost as good as kitty nipples in my book!!!!

    Undoubtedly the most spoiled puppy in the universe, AND the most anerable or something like that.

    Can someone please call my husband and tell him I NEED a puppy

  36. Catsquatch says:


    Thats the cutest puppy Ive seen in a LONG TIME!!!!!

  37. I’m sorry, Susan B., but I’m going to arrest you for aggravated cuteness. And *ahem*, just take this here pup for evidency. Jes’ kidding! AM GETTING MY OWN REALL PUPPY ON SUNDAY!

  38. go ahead I dare ya … I really dare ya to say no to that face…

    Peg of Tilling; She is so oozing Vargas Girl.

  39. Tugs – Sadly, no; she belongs to my boyfriend’s parents. But I have had several opportunities to snorgle the dickens out of her.

  40. Suzy's Mom says:

    Lucy is so beyooteeful. My Suzy has a new “little brother” puppeh named Buddy. He looks just like Lucy, but he has freckles on his nose!

  41. OMG! It's Carrie says:

    Noone has called my DH yet… get on the ball people!

  42. Shannon Johnson says:

    So cute! I wants the puppy.

  43. So now I can’t decide. Midget…Lucy…Midget…Lucy…Oh geez, I give up! They’re both worthy of much aww-ness.

  44. Yay! A cavalier! My cousin has a red one of those, they are so sweet and sooooo cute!

  45. Stephanie C. says:

    There just aren’t enough kisses in the world for a pup that sweet.

  46. What a pup tart…

  47. this puppy needs no decoration, there is nothing you could do to improve the adora-bil ness of this baby.

  48. The squishy pink tummy did me in. I am now dead.


  49. eh…it’s just too prosh for me. i’ve never liked cavalier king charles spaniels – they’re such obvious richlady lapdogs and so delicate looking.

    don’t get me wrong – i always love a puppy on an individual basis, but as a breed…eh…

    but the belly is damn cute. no one can resist a pink girl-belly.

  50. Demo — 100% understood.

  51. ILuvCuteOverload says:

    When the police arrived on the scene of my death, and tried to firgure out what caused it, they were baffled until they looked at my computer screen, then ran screaming “its too cute! its too cute!”
    seriously, its not explainable how cute this baby is. My hamster finally revived me by turning on the news… the single most boring and depressing thing which reverses all effects of cute. 😉
    I <3 your puppey!

  52. wow! Looks like the
    pup picture of my Cavalier Hamlet (he is 2 now).You are in for the best dog you ever had. Mine actually puts a paw on each side of my neck and presses his head into my face!So loving….Enjoy!

  53. I downloaded the wallpaper for my monitor. Every time I see Lucy’s sweet face, my breath catches and I say “I love you, Baby”.
    Will I ever get used to seeing her?

  54. Oh my god..its Elizabeth Taylor

  55. aww bless, x
    so kutttei

  56. comfy?!?!?!…