No soft kronsche here!

Heres…. rrrrr

…what we… Arrrrrrrr…THINK OF YOU!


Right on, Rachel B.!



  1. Possible bleen?

    People are also apparently turning the shirts into shelters for some reason.

    They end up being used as rags for washing the dogs or as bedding.

  2. pugmamtimestwo says:

    woot! get ‘im guys!

    all in good fun…but lets take a moment to remember the animals who suffered because of mr. vick.

  3. hmmm, hmmmmm.
    nothing witty to say this time… (like I ever had before lol)
    naw, just hmmm.

  4. if only he were actually inside that jersey. it’d be a pleasure to watch him suffer horrific pain. make it happen now.

  5. Yay doggies! You go! Too bad Vick wasn’t IN that shirt..

  6. Ya beat me to it Jude. LOL.

  7. Thanks to DKN, I also have a blog link to this pic… but it appears to be overloaded right now. Looks like EVERYBODY wants a piece of Vick.

  8. Sweet revenge. And sweet-looking dogs.

  9. PS — “delicate nibbles”!
    Meg is wise in the way of the title tag.

  10. haha, awesome.

  11. Regina Franchi says:

    Go puppers!!!

    And don’t forget to write to the NFL, the only way that Vick will be banned for life from playing is if the gov’t adds gambling charges to the conviction, otherwise the scum will be back playing for millions of dollars after his jail term.


  12. Go puppies go!

  13. Perfect… Humane Societies putting those wretched jerseys to good use!

    Let’s hope the NFL commish realizes that people don’t care about the gambling, racketeering, conspiracy, etc. We care about the dogs. The dogs!

  14. astrogrrrl says:

    yes yes yes! good doggies!! you get extra milkbones =)

    heck, I want to get into that tug of war myself and help ripping up that shirt; must be so therapeautic!

  15. What a despicable human being. Since the dogs can’t rip the man himself to shreds, they might as well rip the jersey in effigy.

    E-A-G-L-E-S Eagles!

  16. LuvBJones says:


    Everyone write the NFL and get that *** banned!

  17. Those pups have the right idea. I think Vick should be in that shirt. I hope he gets the right punishment for his crime. And if he doesn’t, sic ‘im boys!

  18. Catherine says:

    They should make Vick clean at shelters with no helmet!!!

  19. W00T! I LOVE this post! Go doggies go!

  20. Thanks for the props, Theo. I was also glad to see that story on YGRS’ blog about the humane society putting the jerseys to use!

  21. Go pups! I’d happily help them if Vick were in the shirt. It was all over the NYC news in the last couple of days that a dog fighting ring in Mt. Vernon NY was busted. They got a bunch of dogs and even worse about 60 kittens to be used as “practice”. I know I’m preaching to the choir here but there are a lot more dog fighters out there to catch, let’s get them!!

  22. i’m with you, puppies!

    let’s all hope that since this is a celebrity case, dog fighting will finally be getting the attention it deserves.

  23. Amen Jude! THAT would be sweet justice.

  24. Christ, Lillith I hadn’t heard about that yet. KITTENS? Oh noes! What in the hell is wrong with people?

  25. Thanks for the great picture Rachel B. I love your dogs!!

  26. Juniper Jupiter says:

    Would this be the definition of delicious irony?

    Btw, the pups…CUTE!!!! 😛 I WANT THEM!!!

  27. too bad he’s not in the shirt…

  28. The Honourable Gladys Anstruther says:

    Let rip boys.

  29. ShelleyTambo says:

    I’m with Jon Stewart: “I’d like to cover [Michael Vick] in liver and let the dogs see if he’s as fast and elusive as they say he is. My guess is no.”

  30. Let’s try to see the positive of this. (I’m serious.!) people like us (COers and general animal nuts) have (I think) been aware of some of the horrors that go on already. Now perhaps more “mainstream” people will be aware and hopefully a greater awareness means more people on the watch , etc. , etc.

  31. *puts soapbox back under desk and goes back to work*

  32. Awesome. I’m ATL born and bred, and so pissed that we bought our nephew a Vick onesie a few years ago (for like, $50!!). His brand new little brother would have been wearing it now too, if that idiot hadn’t turned out to be such an ignorant-thug-monster…waste of money (Vick and the onesie…and the shirt in this pic) Get em, puppies GET EM!!

  33. Let your dog have his say about vick:

  34. ShelleyTambo says:

    Hm. That doesn’t seem to be the right link. Oh well, if you go to Comedy Central’s Mother Load and search Michael Vick, it’s the first one in terms of date (from a few weeks ago).

  35. That is fantastic

  36. Elizabeth P. says:

    GET HIM!

    Personally, I wanted to shoot the guy. Luckily, I’m not a judge, eh?


  37. GO DOGS! Tear up that Vick jersey! I’m even a Georgian and I (now) hate Michael Vick!

  38. astrogrrrl says:

    Lillith: I’m originally from Mt. Vernon. My mom called me the other week to tell me about that news story. She was all like, “you would’ve been so upset. These kittens were so adorable, it’s so horrible!” I tried to convince her into adopting one of the kitties, but my dad won’t go for it.

    But, grrrr, I’m so pissed this happened in the city where I grew up!!

  39. He’ll never play again. Even if they don’t add gambling, etc. No one in their right mind would want him on their team. People would be outraged. He’s RUINED! And rightly so. Sicko

  40. Yitzysmommie says:

    Jude (& others): Ditto. Wish there was some way that he could experience what he put those puppers through.
    Ya know how so many of us hope to be met at the “Rainbow Bridge” by our beloved pets who have died before us? Perhaps Mr Vick will be met at a different bridge (to Hell, perhaps?) by all the animals he tortured. And perhaps justice will then be served.

  41. animallover says:

    Too bad it is not n-Vick in the middle of the dogs. What a pathetic pig, his career is in the toilet, he will have plenty of time to reflect in jail and then on release selling cars. Pig

  42. SeaBreeze says:

    Go doggies!!!

    As for vick and the horribly cruel abuse he perped against so many poor pooches… “Right back at ya!!!”

  43. That makes my day. Go doggies! Go after Vick like he’s made out of ham!

  44. Yitzysmommie says:

    So off topic (well, maybe not): does anyone know how to and who to contact at the NFL to complain about Mr Vick and request that he be permanently banned from pro football?

  45. Dog fighting can only be done by very sick people. When you start learning about the “bait” animals (dogs, cats, puppies, kittens, bunnies, etc.) it is even more sickening. Then you start learning more and more things and realize the level of sickness is… well, I don’t even know what word to use. This activity takes place all over the world. Vick and his gang are just one small operation. Think of all the people that attend these fights and take pleasure in watching the horror. And make money off of it. In Georgia, where dog fighting is not a felony, some families actually bring picnics and their children to watch this. Please write to your senators to make this felony, even to attend a fight. And please donate to the humane society so there are more resources to investigate and eliminate these rings. And if a ring gets busted, and you can adopt one of the poor bait animals or one of the dogs who were trained to fight, that would be great too. I can only hope and pray that one day this atrocity will end.

  46. Awesome. And, Jude: word.

  47. Way to go !!

  48. Get him, grrrr.

  49. Why kittens for heavens sake? They usually like to tie up other dogs for bait because that way the fighters will build up confidence in facing other dogs their size, not kittens.

    Not that I’m saying that I approve of that either.

    I understand that the CFL will uphold the ban and I doubt that the AFL will take him. Their nose is too far up the NFL’s you-know-what.

    I suspect he and his brother will end up in the IRL.

  50. I know there are animal lovers in prison too. I hope Mr. Vick meets up with some.

  51. donutbill says:

    This is certainly justice and warms my heart, but….cute??

  52. Don’t miss the latest Daily Show coverage of the Vick horror:

    Of course, Jon Stewart’s wife is a veterinary technician, so he’s probably more attuned to cruelty to animals than the average guy. A friend of mine used to see Stewart walking his dog downtown all the time–as a dog-owner, he’s best able to use his public role to bring awareness.

  53. donutbill–for right now, let’s just let the C in CO stand for cathartic.

    National Football League
    280 Park Avenue
    New York, NY 10017

  54. you know, my sister went to VA tech when vick was there and she always said he was a jerk.

    i love how actually angry you can tell jon stewart is! ugh, i can’t believe this atrocity still goes on.

  55. Dragonette says:
  56. “even worse about 60 kittens to be used as “practice””

    my brain just ‘sploded and not in the good way.

  57. berthaslave says:

    Stewart’s comment the other night was something to the effect of: “He likes seeing animals fight each other to death in a cage for amusement? Well, guess where he’s going now?”

    Seriously, people, write to the NFL and let them know how you feel. And if this horrendous person does come back after his stint in prison, be sure to write the new team he plays for and boycott all of their games and merchandise. More importantly, WRITE THE MAIN SPONSORS OF THE NFL — the car companies, beer companies, etc. If Vick comes back, tell them you will boycott their products (I’m sure that many animal rights groups will be all over this). Every letter or e-mail you send could make a difference.

  58. cubbybutt says:

    sunnymum: there is a word for people that hurt animals for entertainment. They’re called sociopaths. There are so many of these people lurking about in the general population. You may know several sociopaths and not even be aware of it! Scary thought, huh? Anyway, I know that no matter what punishment he receives, nothing will match the suffering he inflicted upon those animals. Sad thing is that he’ll never ever be truly sorry, as sociopaths are not capable of remorse.

  59. Redwretch says:


  60. Jon Stewart owns pit bulls and I believe they were all rescues so this is a subject very close to him.

  61. But you know what would happen if he *were* in the jersey – the dogs would be all, aww, new friend! Lick lick! Wag wag!

    Puppehs. Love ’em.

  62. Cubby-yep, sociopath. Good word, and extremely accurate.

  63. Speaking of Jon Stewart, if you can check out the repeat of last night’s “Daily Show” — he was wonderful! I’m writing the NFL right now.

  64. Furbabies says:

    Hit Vick where it hurts him most: his wallet. He had everything going for him, and he blew it by showing his true colors. He is a violent, cruel, mean, thoughtless, greedy, evil, waste of humanity. He should be made to feel the pain and fear that he made those poor animals (that he killed with his own hands) feel 56 times. I can’t express the disgust that I feel for this barbarian. What really blows me away are the people still supporting him, saying that this is a cultural thing and prosecuting him is tantamount to racism. Bulls**t. He is a criminal, plain and simple.

  65. Sadly, the maximum penalty that Vick will receive $250K and up to 3 or 5 yrs in prison (can’t recall which) is not enough. $250K is chump change to him and he will not get maximum prison time!

  66. Sigh…I taught that guy briefly.

    I’ve collected bad news about Vick for years, but I have to say he exceeded my wildest expectations. Go dogs!

  67. saw this on the “Jon Stewart Intelligence Agency” site:
    “Jon and Tracey are both animal lovers, and Jon jokes that Tracey brings home the vet’s mistakes. They currently have two pit bulls and a cat. Shamsky is an agoraphobic pit bull who lived in a small cage before he was rescued by the Stewarts. She was named after the only Jewish member of the 1969 “Miracle Mets.” Monkey, the other pit bull, is named after his propensity to throw his own feces. The origin of the name of their cat, Stan, is unknown.”

  68. luvinmalssomuch says:

    Jude, Took the words out of my mouth. Sick him boys.
    Put Vick in a small crate throw away the key.
    Sick him boys.

  69. Vick is sick (sociopath = no conscious so yes, he is a sociopath). I believe in karma so even if he doesn’t suffer for what he did in this life, he will most definitely suffer in another life. I just hope the peeps take action for dog fighting in general, not just Vick. There are so many people like Vick out there. Dog fighting is everywhere. And like most unconscionable cruelty, it is very well hidden. The agencies that try to find and prosecute these rings need more resources in order to be more effective (i.e., money). Also, we need to make sure this is a felony (all aspects: keeping the dogs, training the dogs, transporting the dogs, attending the fights, gambling on the fights, etc.)so we need to overwhelmingly urge our lawmakers to take action. This atrocity can be stopped.


  71. I am so happy now. The dogs won that round.

  72. Caroline Hyndman says:

    Animallover… calling vick a pig is an insult to pigs.. He.. I mean IT is hardly human.

  73. luvinmalssomuch says:

    Dragonette, That picture of that poor poor dog should just show how heartless, uncaring, inhumane and dispicable vick and anyone associated with dog fighting is. I wouldn’t trust vick around any animals or humans. I hope he is left penniless and friendless. Piece of S**T

  74. Another Angela says:

    The Atlanta chapter of the NAACP is pushing for the NFL to give him another chance after he serves his sentence. We should probably try to influence them to change their stance. It’s sad that they are on the wrong side of this issue. This is not about RACE. It is about sociopathic behavior.

  75. Way to go pups! I wish he could be treated the way he treated those dogs.

  76. luvinmalssomuch says:

    They would be nuts to give this monster another chance.

  77. I can’t believe that Vick is trying to pull the race card. Why is it that rich and famous black people automatically pull that card when they get convicted of something? Sure, things have been oppresive in the past, but come on? Do you think we’re pursecuting you because your black or because you HURT INNOCENT PUPPIES FOR SPORT? Idiot.

    BTW–love the dogs in this pick. Tear that jersey apart!

  78. Here’s the contact info for the Atlanta NAACP. Lets remind them that there are MUCH better role models for our youth than this creep.

    Dr. R. L.White,
    President Dr. Carrie Johnson,

    Mrs. Henrietta Antoinin,
    Second Vice President Ms. Judith Withers Hanson,
    Executive Director

    Mr. Gregory Ellison,
    Treasurer Mrs. Dagmar Grimes,
    Legal Redress

  79. Definitely people should write the NAACP and its terrible that Vick is trying to use race… but let’s not forget that racism is still a problem in this country. What’s sad to me is not as much that Vick is playing the race card as that there is still enough of a problem for it to be believable to some people.

    People need to make sure that the NAACP, NFL, and all Vick’s sponsors know that this is about one thing: animal abuse!

  80. Careful peeps, when clicking on Dragonette’s link above. Very Very Sad Doggie Photo there! Barooo!May all peeps and furred and finned (and everything else) friends be loved and safe.

  81. Yesyes, write, but be polite! Its not about race at all, we just want them to know that a violent dog fighter is NOT someone that should be held up as a football hero…Here’s the quote:

    As a society, we should aid in his rehabilitation and welcome a new Michael Vick back into the community without a permanent loss of his career in football,” said R.L. White, president of the NAACP’s Atlanta chapter. “We further ask the NFL, Falcons, and the sponsors not to permanently ban Mr. Vick from his ability to bring hours of enjoyment to fans all over this country.”

  82. I think that’s what’s sad about all this. A lot of people don’t realize that (sub)humans who hurt innocent animals are sociopaths and if they are capable of doing what they do to animals, they are more than capable of hurting humans. I mean you can hear it on the sports commentaries: they are more worried about the gambling charges that could come out of this than the dog fighting charges! What are these sports commentators thinking?????? And yes, I wouldn’t trust Vick with my kids, animals or otherwise!

  83. Good post, Regina, Many thanks! 🙂

  84. luvinmalssomuch says:

    Who didn’t know they would call it a race issue, I knew that would be brought out. This has nothing to do with race at all. I agree what sandyp and alot of you have said. This person and anyone associated with these brutal appalling disgusting acts should be caged and labeled dangerous to animals and humans.

  85. That? Is awesome!!

  86. WOW, Regina, that quote is disgusting!

    I also think that the race card should not be played because it is really just about the horrors of animal abuse, but WHAT IS HE THINKING?

    Honestly! It makes the NAACP look bad by forgiving such atrocities. Like others have said, they can find MUCH better role models! (I don’t think they should be athletes, but that’s just my opinion….)

  87. The prosecutor in Virginia who first investigated Vick is black .

    The Sheriff in Virginia who contacted the FBI about Vick’s dogfighting is black.

    Every black member of congress voted for the anti-dogfighting law. The 39 votes against this law were by WHITE people.

    AL SHARPTON, JESSE JACKSON, and RUSSELL SIMMONS both pushed NIKE to drop Vick – and they did.

    Vick’s teammates, many of them black, have not supported him and are appalled at what has happened. Warrick Dunn in particular has been vocal about his anger.

    Not one prominent member of the black community has supported Vick.

    How dare anyone play the race card here! Black or white, people who use dogs for bloodsport need to be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law, PERIOD!

  88. cutelover says:

    Go dogs! Rip that thing!

    I read somewhere that people were sending in their $50 Vick NFL jerseys to the Atlanta ASPCA and that they are now cleaning the cages with them. LOL

    It won’t undo the pain and suffering he inflicted on those poor animals, but I hope this guy goes to jail for a long long time.

  89. I am fantasizing that some animal rights folks get arrested, put into the same jail as vick, and force him into a gladiator match with the biggest baddest dude in there, TIL THE DEATH. sounds like fun to me.

  90. cutelover says:

    Here is a must-see video.

    If you haven’t already seen it, that is! 🙂

    Pit Bull Kills Michael Vick

  91. You can write to the NFL here. I just did…….

    Oh yeah, awesome puppies. Get em!


    I guess the web address helps……


    I guess the web address helps……

  94. What ever punishment they give him. He will deserve 100 times more than that!

  95. Mary (the first) says:

    oh no I was reading a website about this and there was a photo of an injured dog.. now I’m crying at work.. ohhh

    be careful

  96. Mary (the first) says:

    it was the Hollywood grind website

  97. This is by far my most favorite CO moment ever. Although it’s adorable, I think it personifies how we all feel about the awful things Vick has done.

  98. Sweet Pea says:

    His jerseys are now being used to clean cages and as bedding at shelters..check out this article:
    P.S. Love the photo! Tear it up pups!!!

  99. Jeffrey Dahmer tortured & killed animals …

    Jeffrey Dahmer tortured & killed young men …

    Jeffrey Dahmer ended up in jail & got killed

  100. Me too Ash. We’re the animal lovers that can make this stop. We can write letters, we can boycott sponsors who in any way support orgs that support people like Vick and others who perpetrate animal fighting (lets not forget cock fighting), we can write our reps and senators to toughen the laws, etc.
    Let our love for animals stop atrocities committed against animals.

  101. The victims turn on the Vick. Nice.

  102. About the Vick dog chew toy:

    Apparently they had to pull the website because they got into trouble with NFL trademark rights because he’s in a Falcons uniform. You can still find ’em on ebay though!

  103. Shannon Johnson says:

    Fight, fight, fight

  104. Lurker here. For the person who asked “what are the kittens for”–when you’re training a “new” pitbull, they literally are thrown to said pits to get them chomped-once, then the kitteh dies-to get the taste of blood in the pit’s mouth to “work them up.”

    Disgusting but true. They also do the same thing with unwanted non-pit puppies. As the pits get older, they use progressivley older dogs as “bait.”

    I know this ’cause I used to live near a dog run where one of the regulars did rescued dog rehab, and he wound up falling in love with and keeping this one very sweet half-Beagle half-something else (German Shepherd?) that had been used as a “bait” dog. The poor thing lost an eye, had scars all over its body, and was TERRIFIED of most other men–she would hide between the owner’s legs and didn’t let him out of her sight, she was so terrified of being abandoned/abused more by strangers.

    Vick should go to jail, be fined the absolute maximum per dog per incident, and get his disgusting inhuman butt kicked out of the NFL, end of story. They kick out other atheletes for gambling, why is this guy begging for special treatment?

  105. Just an add on to my previous comment. Being an animal lover myself, obviously this is upsetting. But what gets me more is the fact that I think we’re here on earth on an equal footing, animals or humans (who are also part of the animal kingdom, let’s not forget this). We humans just happen to have better memories,better brain development, better reasoning capabilities, or so you’d assume, an innate knowledge of what’s right and wrong , and therefore, we also have the duty to make the world a better place for all living things. Cruelty against anything or anyone is wrong and just plain troubling. I don’t mean to sound preachy or anything of that nature so I apologize to people who feel I am and are offended by the tone of my comment.

  106. I’m actually looking forward to Vick going to jail, running into some bad a#@ who had his puppy stomped when he was a wee boy, and decides to enact justice. Or maybe they will send him to a jail that has a dog work program and let those men who have loved and cared for the dogs while in, have a go at him. Can’t wait to hear about that justice. Prosecution is racially motivated? Eh, he has nothing!

  107. Exactly Sandyp. And we do have a duty to help living beings that are suffering. Animals and children do not have a voice, they depend upon bigger and stronger beings to do the right thing. And there are some very ill people out there that hurt children, animals, and adults. When our society acknowledges that things like dog fighting exists, and does not take action to end the unconscionable cruelty, then in essence, it agrees to let it keep happening. And this is why I am so befuddled. How can we let this continue?

  108. I hope Vick gets all the punishment he deserves, and more! He should be dropped from the team. But part of me wants to see him play against a team of very angry dog owners. (Envisioning the football scene from Fast Times At Ridgemont High!)

  109. berthaslave says:

    Hey peeps, this is an emotional issue, and while I think it’s appropriate to write the NAACP to express your opinion about their support of Vick, we need to be sensitive to ongoing racial issues that usually see African-Americans accused and convicted of crimes treated differently than “white” Americans. I totally agree that regardless of race, Vick should be punished (in both this life and the next), but don’t condemn others just because they bring up the question of race. Hopefully Vick’s arrest and sentencing will help get the various state and federal agencies the resources they need to fight animal abusers of EVERY ethnicity.

  110. This is the first thing in the Vick case that has actually made me smile. I try not to have too many negative thoughts toward others, but I can get truly maliciously inventive when it comes to how I think those who abuse or neglect animals should be rewarded. I DON’T CARE what color you are, rich or poor, there is simply no excuse that can be made for what Vick and his buddies (and sadly, so many others) are being accused of doing. I’m giving my little Philo extra hugs and kisses completely unable to comprehend how anyone could look at a kitten and think anything but “SQUEEEE, how cute, must love and cuddle and protect!” And heck, if cats and dogs and other beasties aren’t your thing, at least leave them alone and don’t HURT them!

    I’ve never been a fan of pro sports, and one of the reasons is that so many pro athletes seem to be such despicable people. I know a little of the odds these people must overcome in order to hit the big leagues; why do they have to screw it up with Teh Stoopid?

    I’ve been listening to a morning radio talk show on my way to work, and I, too, get infuriated at those who try to turn this into a racial issue. I simply cannot believe that it is part of anyone’s cultural heritage to abuse, torture, and kill animals. And if it is, well, then that’s just a little diversity I won’t tolerate or accept.

  111. I seriously hope for Vick to die in jail – in the absolute cruelest, most tortuous way possible, at the hands of animal lovers on the inside.

    Skadhi make it so.

    Some of us DO go in for lethal retribution.

  112. gravyboat says:

    YES!!!! Get him, doggies!!!

  113. So when Imus made a racial comment (and perhaps just a little out of context as his position as shock jock), NAACP called for him to be fired. But when Michael Vick who has done much worse, they are asking NFL to forgive him and let him play football?? What is up with that? Talk about double standard.

  114. Damn right!

  115. Go pups!!!!

    I heard some other dude, NBA I think, saying he felt sorry for Vick. “As I understand it dog fighting is a sport, like any other sport.” I was SO infruiated I has to change the channel. He’s a guilty as Vick if you ask me. *screams in rage*

    I concur. The only possible rightful action is to do to him what he did to those animals.

    I also saw some humane society in FL was selling Vick Chew toys! Wish I coulda got my hands on one of those.

  116. Shannon E. Wells says:

    Sorry, no. Two wrongs don’t make a right.

    If I saw any of you attacking someone for something like this I would stop you. If I saw him attacking a dog, I would stop him too. Both actions are wrong.

    The ONLY rightful action is an actual rightful action, not another violent, brutal one.

  117. Furbabies says:

    It may not be the right thing to physically attack Vick, but it would sure make a lot of people feel a whole lot better. Including me!

  118. Jen, just to clarify your statement, the official in Surry, Virginia who first investigated this incident had not yet decided whether to press charges, that had to wait until the feds got involved. The Surry official made comments to the press that the reason Vick was being investigated was BECAUSE he was black, and a celebrity. Left in this person’s hands, the case never would have gotten this far.

  119. fish eye no miko says:

    Regina quoted: “‘As a society, we should aid in his rehabilitation and welcome a new Michael Vick back into the community without a permanent loss of his career in football,’ said R.L. White, president of the NAACP’s Atlanta chapter.”

    Pardon my French, but: Fuck. That. He can go out and try to get a job somewhere else. Does that mean he might end up flipping burgers? Maybe. So what? Deal with it.

    I think all those whining about him maybe going to jail and losing his career should be a shown footage–lots of footage-of dog fighting and the things related to it. Maybe if they realize just WHAT it was Vick was doing, they’ll shut and realize HE BELONGS IN JAIL. He does NOT belong in the NFL. And this is NOT ABOUT HIS RACE.

  120. this pic and this thread have made my day. i have heard some people say things like, “it was just some animals, who cares?” i have never been so enraged in my life! “just animals????” just because we think we are the perfect end product of evolution orgod’s creations doesn’t mean we have a right to harm, hurt or kill other living things like this. if anything, we should feel it our duty to protect them because we have the means to.

  121. astrogrrrl says:

    I just wish more people *would* realize it was a big deal. When this story first broke about a month or two ago, one of my colleagues asked if dog fighting is illegal. I said yes and his response was, “why the fuck is that illegal?” thinking about that conversation still makes me frustrated and distressed. and even the sportscasters on ESPN that was shown on that Daily Show clip, they didn’t even care about the dogs, just the gambling and if he would sell out other people.
    It’s so distressing to me that it’s not uncommon for there to be this lack of compassion for what I see to be a very clear-cut issue. the cuteness factor aside, who can stand back and condone or defend someone hurting an innocent animal that feels pain? why is there such a lack of empathy?

    but then I come to a site like this, and I realize that just maybe… things can be alright, that I’m not just taking crazy pills, other people do truly care.

    ok, enough babbling, time to cuddle with my kitty!!

  122. astrogrrrl says:

    tmmkitten: yes, I understand your outrage! if you have any good tricks to deal with it, or you know the magic words to say to get people to realize how horrible these acts are, do let me know!

  123. I’m boycotting Stephon Marbury, and the Knicks. too. According to Marbury, dogfighting is “just a sport.” Between the China boycott, the Vick endorsement boycott and the Marbury endorsment boycott, I’m gonna be living the simple life… Link to Marbury’s stupidity here:

  124. I too wish he were in the shirt. And I too thank God for Jon Stewart. Just had to put the vibes out there.


  125. I’m so grateful for everyone’s comments-I really felt as though I might flip yesterday when I heard people talk about his comeback. This is absolutely NOT about race-any person who committed these despicable crimes would be reviled. It chills me to think that there are people working overtime right now to get him back in the game. Vick, who was given opportunities others only dream of, chose to create a hell on earth-destroying not only the lives of many animals but also feeding the darkest urges of all those who attended these events, for greed and bloodlust. Please let there be real consequences for ONCE.

  126. Go pups!

    It’s good to take a moment to realize that what’s wrong with dogfighting is that people are trading animal suffering for a trivial pleasure — in this case, the pleasure of watching a dog fight. But is it really different if keep cows and pigs in hellish conditions in order to kill them for a meal? There again, it’s trading animal suffering for a trivial pleasure — in this case, the pleasant taste of whatever meal the animal is to be used for. If you really think Vick was wrong, show it! If you love animals, show it! Go vegan! 🙂

  127. Pups when your done playing with that jersey take a dump on it and bury it

  128. Rock on! woohoo!

  129. alexandra says:

    He is a savage animal beast. If there was truely any justice in this country, he’d be locked in a small room with 3 angry pit bulls.

  130. Am I the only one who is making the link here, that if this is about race, then Vick is saying all other black people are sociopaths? Like himself? And we should be ok with that? Any self respecting black person should denounce this evil man. That is all.

  131. Red_dragon_girl says:

    So, since apparently dogfighting is a cultural thing for vick he shouldnt be prosecuted??? What if raping a child were a cultural thing for someone of a different race? Should they not be prosecuted??? I dont care what your culture is, if it is illegal where ever it is you are practicing it, then you should be prosecuted. Yes, the united states is a mix of different cultures, but each culture should take measures to be sure they are not breaking the law. Vick should be punished to the fullest extent of the law and be banned from the NFL. If he doesnt get banned, all this will do to him is give him the inconvenience of being in jail for a few years, and then he is right back in the game making the money he already is.

  132. ThreeCatNight says:

    Good show! Now if only the real deal was there!
    When people get desperate, they start pulling out the race card. It has nothing to do with race; it has to do with being a HUMAN BEING who can walk, think and feel at the same time, and respects its fellow creatures. If you’re a brutish moron that gets a thrill from these proceedings, then we’re talking about a serious waste of space. Doubtless in jail, Mr. Vick will find a more than a few willing to knock that mighty chip off his shoulder.

  133. hell yeah, puppies! Gitit!!! Now, you can have extra treats . w00t

  134. guineapiggin9 says:

    YAY PUPPERS…GET HIM!!! This story really gets me angry. And then I was watching the news last night and they were interviewing one of his teammates (I don’t know which one) and the teammate was just like: “This whole case has really de-humanized Micheal. He’s a person too…He has feelings too, and I don’t think that the way the media is portraying him is fair.” Well guess what Mr. Teammate…THE DOGS HAVE FEELINGS TOO!!! IT”S NOT FAIR TO THEM TO BE BRUTALLY ABUSED!!! So, to you Micheal Vick (oooo, just typing his name makes me cringe), I say you are NOT human if you do such things to animals and you should be forced to have pooper-scooper duty for the rest of your life!!!
    Sorry that was long and ranting guys, just venting…and now I’m done, so everybody else besides Micheal Vick can have a lovely day!

  135. I hope Oprah blasts these morons who are making this about race. She is a true animal lover and I can’t imagine she would take kindly to people who would imply that African Americans would tolerate this evil behavior.

  136. Jorden, that’s a brilliant point! Oprah’s got such a huge audience… I hope she uses her exposure for good, like John Steward.

  137. Stephon Marbury recently called dogfighting a “sport”. Write to his shoe sponsor to tell them you don’t agree!

    By Mail:
    Steve & Barry’s
    12 Harbor Park Drive
    Port Washington, NY 11050

    By Email:

    Press Queries:
    (only editorial inquiries will be responded to)

  138. What is possibly even worse than Vick’s horrifying choice of activities, is that the Knick’s own Stephon Marbury was quoted in Vick’s DEFENSE (!!) saying that “dogfighting is similar to hunting” – seriously, just HOW mentally-deficient are these jocks?!?!?!

    Funny, he didn’t mention Vick’s other well-reported pastimes…choking & torturing / drowning dogs for fun

    This man should be barred from ever owning an animal, and sterilised so he can’t procreate.

  139. NO EXCUSES for this sociopath – please don’t insult any race of people by saying this is okay in ANY CONTEXT. I’m hoping Vick will be imprisoned with some real animal lovers who can “show him the light” in the most violent way. Sorry for being so angry – but abuse of a child or animal is NEVER acceptable in my world and shouldn’t be in ANYONE’S.
    The fastest way to get results is to EMAIL THE NFL with your promise that you expect them to show some balls and NEVER allow this monster back on the field. Tell them you’ll be boycotting the NFL’s advertisers and will be notifying their advertisers about your boycott and WHY. Hit them in the only thing that counts to most business – the financial bottom line. Here is the EMAIL LINK TO THE NFL: GO FOR IT.

  140. Shari-thank you for that link. It’s clear we need to keep the pressure on the NFL. It boggles my mind that people are defending him-I do take some comfort in knowing that child abusers and animal abusers do very poorly in jail. Even criminals hate them.

  141. SonjaSonja says:

    We should rub doggie scent on him and throw him in a pit with some of his fighter dogs and let them chew away. Slowly.

  142. ILuvCuteOverload says:

    It could be George Washington and I’d want him punished! No animal deserves to be abused by crazy, violent, bloodthirsty human beings who act no better than cavemen.

  143. bunnyslave says:


    Point well made.
    I’m not vegan but I definitely agree that we could each be reducing our meat consumption and cutting down on the number of chickies (for example) that are kept in horrible cages with their beaks cut off and never allowed to walk outside.

  144. I know it’s already been said, but I really love Jon Stewart’s realistic, humane understanding of the whole dogfighting tragedy. He understands that it’s not a race issue or even a sports issue–it’s about a vicious, sociopathic, inhumane man who tortured and killed dogs with his bare hands…just for fun.

    I’d never thought about it before, but I suppose I could see how a small number of vicious, mentally unbalanced people could develop an interest in dogfighting in poor urban areas, just as the same sort of people in poor rural areas turn to cockfighting. And it seems that “poor urban” often means black, and “poor rural” white, at least in this country.

    But to go so far as call it a “cultural” thing is ludicrous, and demeans the whole definition of culture. Female genital mutilation is a “cultural” practice in some countries, but it’s still sick and wrong, and condemned by the U.N.

    I understand that racism is a serious problem and affects–destroys, even–many people’s lives. But if Vick can actually turn that around and say that that gives him the right to torture and brutally kill many animals, it makes me wonder what exactly is the limit on that logic. Does that make anyone who can make that argument truly above the law? Do I actually get to say, “Hey, I’m Jewish, and there was that Holocaust…so I’m going to go on a killing spree and start stabbing people. My uncle did it. so it’s my cultural heritage…”

    Anyway…get him, doggies! 🙂

  145. Kittens too ? Id like to get my hands on that scumbag!!! I dont think he should EVER play football EVER again!!for lying to roger goodall and he should serve the MAXIMUM jail term!!!Who does he think he is ?? hes nobody in my book,,

  146. Christina (1st time poster!) says:

    What a despicable scumbag. I hope he gets put away for LIFE. And something to chew on (haha, I love the idea of Vick chew toys), how big of a jump is there from murdering animals to murdering humans? Come on everyone, email the NFL!!!

  147. says:

    So he admits to killing dogs, and to conspiracy. “Federal prosecutors agreed to ask for the low end of the sentencing guidelines.”

    As a native and lifelong resident of Atlanta, this is even more heartbreaking and infuriating. Everyone is looking at us like maybe we want to give him a break because he plays for the Falcons. Ha. I don’t give a good blankety blank how great a football player he may be or how children look up to him or what a “hero” he is for some groups. He is a sick, sick, young man, and I want nothing more than for him to get punishment to fit the heinous nature of these criminal activities and for him to just… go away, forever. I don’t want to hear about him anymore. No fallen hero stories, no disappointed fan stories, none of it.

    Hopefully the state of Virginia will be able to indict him for their own state charges that will put him in jail for a good long time.

    And yeah, there will be others in jail who don’t like animal abusers anymore than they like child abusers. You know what always happens to those guys. Just sayin’.

  148. It is cute but I agree with the other comments that we shouldn’t forget or forgive the situation which preceded this.

  149. Officially the first CO post/comments that have made me teary. This whole situation makes me so sick. I can’t believe that people could do this to poor innocent animals!

    I’m also repulsed that people are defending him and what he did. Stephan Marbury is one example, and Tiki Barber is another. Tiki was on Leno the other night defending him — anyone see that?? He was saying something about how we should lay off Vick because it was mostly his friends. Apparently as he became more successful he felt obligated to take care of his friends from back home, who needless to say are not the best group of people. So according to Tiki, this whole situation should just be chalked up to peer pressure and that Vick really can’t help it.

    Sorry Tiki, that kind of excuse doesn’t even work when you’re trying to convince your parents that your friends forced you to smoke pot — I certainly don’t see how you can even PRETEND it’ll work when he willingly murdered innocent animals.

  150. Funny! I like this one a lot.

  151. little gator says:


    Last month Emma, my neighbor’s small elderly dog vanished, and they believe she was stolen for bait.

    My dog only goes out on a lead or in her fenced pen which is set back from the road. Plus she’s a hound and would make noise if anyone approached her. Her warning bark and her hello bark are both loud. She’s always crated in the house when no one is home.

    But I still worry.

  152. OMG it's Carrie - Be scared. says:
  153. OMG it's Carrie - Be scared. says:
  154. OMG it's Carrie - Be scared. says:
  155. OMG it's Carrie - Be scared. says:
  156. OMG it's Carrie - Be scared. says:
  157. OMG it's Carrie - Be scared. says:
  158. Good news. He lost his job, and is probably going to be sued for money. and with such a poltical hot potato under his belt it’s unlikely he’ll be hired again even when it dies down.

    Karma is tough isn’t it?