Nice orangutan—OMGSQUISHEDBEBEH!!1!

At first, the eye capsules grab you!


THEN, you see a BEHBEH! Squeeshed!



You’re right, we need more monkage, Emily H. That is all!



  1. What’s cuter…Mom’s smile or bebeh’s totally contented look?


  2. So so sweeeeeeeet! Love it! She looks so happy 🙂

  3. she’s a proud momma

  4. aww mommy got all the joy and pride in her eyes.

  5. Awwww! This is the sweetest picture ever! Beautiful momma smile and snuggly sleeping baby…so perfect!

  6. What a happy mommy!

  7. sweet…but i have trouble finding monkeys cute >.<

  8. I loves the baby orangs, chimps, gorillas, bonobos … but they aren’t monkeys!! You silly. They’re apes, like us. They’re more closely related to us than to monkeys. (I could give you a list of characteristics, but here’s one easy one: no tail = ape.) And more bebeh apes AND monkehs are definitely appreciated!

  9. Nitpick nitpick 😛

    monkeys are by far cuter than apes!

  10. Another Angela says:

    Apage! This is very sweet.

  11. Holy crap.. the momma’s smile is AMAZING to me. It’s obvious that these creatures are so intelligent and capable of feeling love. She is incredible, as is behbeh.

  12. I agree with Meghan. I love monkeys…not too fond of apes. Must be the same type of reasons that I think animals are cuter than people! 🙂

  13. that is so sweet.
    she would never squish the bebeh, look at the lovey eyes on her smiling face,
    she is SO happy to have her baby! it brings tears to my eyes. I LOVE orangs, they are brilliant and beautiful and so lovely.
    ( and the beebies are the
    funniest lil things ! )

  14. *names the bebeh ‘Peanut’*

  15. While I’m not a fan of most of the ape/monkey species, the sheer joy and happiness on that mother’s face – just as everyone has said – is absolute beauty.

  16. Ook!

  17. Lookit Mom’s wet eyes and delighted smile.

    She’s so proud and I can’t blame her!

  18. If you likes the baby apes, look at this picture of a newborn mountain gorilla:
    (stroll down, it’s about halfway down the post). Baby!

  19. book_monstercats says:

    OOOOHHHHHHH! What a blissful smile. *Keels over*

  20. michellemybelle says:

    Momma’s smile is just priceless – this is a CO Classic for sure!

  21. guineapiggin9 says:

    Awwww…the momma and the baby both just look so happy and content to have each other…so sweet!

  22. ObPratchett: OOK!

    (“The other wizards had gradually become used to the situation, to the extent that if someone ever reported that there was an orangutan in the Library, the wizards would probably go and ask the Librarian if he’d seen it.”)

  23. Oh, the momma looks sooo happy and peaceful. I want to feel like that right now….i wonder if she’s let me “borrow” her bebeh??

  24. AliceTanzer says:

    Aw..Momma just looks so happy. I think this picture would make my dad cry. He loves him some baby apes. He would love to be one of those people in the hospital that hugs preemies, but it would just break his heart if one of them died.

  25. Yes, that is one dear Maman..but my dears, that bebeh is not “squished” — that is a masterful snorgly-snuggle if ever there was one. Mighty fine picture!

  26. Yes, that is one dear Maman..but my dears, that bebeh is not “squished” — that is a masterful snorgly-snuggle if ever there was one. Mighty fine picture!

  27. Yes, that is one dear Maman..but my dears, that bebeh is not “squished” — that is a masterful snorgly-snuggle if ever there was one. Mighty fine picture!

  28. Yes, that is one dear Maman..but my dears, that bebeh is not “squished” — that is a masterful snorgly-snuggle if ever there was one. Mighty fine picture!

  29. Yes, that is one dear Maman..but my dears, that bebeh is not “squished” — that is a masterful snorgly-snuggle if ever there was one. Mighty fine picture!

  30. Yes, that is one dear Maman..but my dears, that bebeh is not “squished” — that is a masterful snorgly-snuggle if ever there was one. Mighty fine picture!

  31. Long Live Pratchett!

    Pixy Misa and Suda Nim way to go with the Librarian references.

    Behbeh is scratching an itchy on mamas chinny chin.

  32. I request a repost of this next Mother’s Day.

  33. Lymareck — I have every single Discworld novel, and a Beanie Baby orang on top of them….

    (p.s. love your name)

  34. Mama looks so content!

  35. Cassandra says:

    Baawwww, who doesn’t love a baby ape, especially an orangy one? So so cute, we needs a monkey/ape section! Please yes?

  36. I know, I know, everyone already said it but pshaw we need it said again.
    Beautfic smile on Mama’s face, peaceful contentment on babies face.
    This is totally a Madonna and Child picture

  37. That is one of the most beautiful photos I’ve ever seen!

    Yay for apes! <3

  38. My soul is completely soothed…………
    Was the Librarian ever this cute…? Prolly not…

  39. Shannon Johnson says:

    So cute bebeh.

  40. Typical Comment says:

    I’m not really sure that this is a “cute” photo. That baby is very fragile and it’s clear that the mother is applying far too much pressure when holding it. I’d like to know that the baby wasn’t hurt, because frankly this photo appears to be very irresponsible.

  41. Typical Comment: It may not be a cute comment to you, but honestly that’s your opinion. And I don’t think that the mother is applying to much pressure. She’s just being a mother — so i think she knows what she is doing.

    Well, I adore this picture. It’s beautiful (just like alot have mention) (:

  42. Apes IS cute. Baby apes is VERY cute. Adoring apes moms with adorable apes babies is CUTE OVERLOAD!

  43. Tanya — that was irony! It’s a CO regular posting under a joke name!

  44. (and it’s not me, either, by the way)

  45. …or were you just playing along?

    [confused and honestly a bit dizzy by now]

  46. OMG, what a happy, content smile on mama.

  47. Furbabies says:

    A proud, happy mama and a beautiful babeh. Just look at her smile.

  48. Theo: Meh was playing along, I guess. Lol.

  49. ‘L is for the love-light in your eyes’..what a happy mama,blissed out with her babe,as she should be. peaceful..

  50. I can barely look at this it’s so happy and cute.

  51. Sheer Bliss…..mama looks
    so very PROUD and sweet baby.

  52. I gots a bebeh!

  53. Oh my god you people!! How can you say you love animals and stand by and watch poor bebeh librarians beeing smooshed within an inch of their lives!!!???
    You call that cute?!!!

    You’re all sick!

  54. Momma is so proud of here bebeh, I second that we get an update on the next Mothers day on these two…

  55. aww mom looks so happy!!!

  56. Orangs have the sweetest smiles of all apes! Momma looks so happy!

  57. According to CO 6/2/06, this is the very foist monkey /ape foto posted on Cute Overload. I dunno about you, but THIS one made me go “awwwwww” out loud, just like our precious Mama and bebeh pic. Ahn!

  58. The Honourable Gladys Anstruther says:

    Reminiscent of Splangini’s Madonna of the Forest.

  59. Waitaminnit- i thot the librarian wuz a guy? What else got changed when the library went all wahoonie shaped? What ever you do, DO NOT give either of these apes a peanut…

  60. Heh, I knew there would have to be at least a couple of Pratchett fans up in here. The Librarian was always my favorite of his characters.

  61. ThreeCatNight says:

    Baby is cozy, and mama is happy to have him/her right where she can keep a watchful eye. Orangs are one of most intelligent and sensitive of apes, and I always love to see how they interact. They aren’t hard to love.

  62. Ick. I hate to say it, but I don’t find monkeys or apes cute. In fact, they give me the crawls, mostly because I’ve seen too many of them eat their own poo and vomit (or both at the same time). I guess you could say I have a monkey phobia almost. Now I will have to go look at bunneh photos for a while, to un-ick myself.

  63. ‘Twas beauty killed the beast.

  64. Diavobella, if I used your logic I would hardly find any animals cute at all. When I think about how many times I’ve seen dogs eat poop or my cat eat his own vomit…

    Anyway, this picture is beautiful.

  65. Catsquatch says:

    I love how mommas all smiling cause she has her precious baby all safe and stuff 😉

  66. Elizabeth P. says:

    I’m all for the opinion that momma’s contented smile is the cutest thing in the picture. She looks so happy!


  67. I love my mamma, and my mamma loves me…

  68. Diavobella…. I worked as a nurse in a Genral Hospital for many years…

    I’ve seen humans eat their own poop, vomit and weewee…..

    Sometimes we are no higher than the animals…

    but a whole lot less cute too…

    however we win in the destructive stakes….

  69. SonjaSonja says:

    She’s thinking, “My baby is the most beautiful creature in the entire universe.”

  70. Mikey B and Hazel – It’s not “logic” it’s my natural reaction. Some people aren’t bothered by it, but I am.

    And sadly, the poo and vomiting is only part of it, but I hesitated to bring up the other since this seems like a G rated site. Since you have commented on my comment however, I will reveal the final reason I don’t care for monkeys/apes – I have experienced the great misfortune of having a monkey *ahem* jerk off at/on me on more than one occasion. That pretty much killed for me what the poop/vomit hadn’t already.

    My sister thinks it’s hilarious. She says I may not like monkeys, but they SURE like me. LOL I just don’t visit that part of the zoo anymore.

  71. I nominate this picture for the best ever for 2007-08.

  72. Brak_Silverbone says:

    *happy sigh*

  73. whoa. ew. diavolobella has bad money luck..sorry to hear that. naughty monkies-naughty,icky,uber kawaii monkies ^^;;

  74. ahem..monkey. im dont have a clue about your money situation XD

  75. Furbabies says:

    diavolobella, apes and monkeys just do what comes naturally to them. Humans would do the same if the “self conscious” switch was turned off. We are all animals, as disturbing as that maybe to some.

  76. fluidstatic says:

    OK, this isn’t fair. I’m expecting my own little monkey in October, and this post just made me WEEP. Can it be baby time now plz? *strokes growing baby bump*

  77. compy-saur says:

    Apes rule. Too bad human babies can’t compare!