It’s Hiney Time

People, it’s past 5PM California time, and that can only mean ONE THING.

It’s Hiney Time.



Becky G., Hiney Time ends promptly at 7PM. Just sayin’.



  1. Spryte808 says:


    Oh wait… its talking about Heinys… like BUTTS – my bad!

    but srsly I’d like to have a Heinekin pls?

  2. ChibiKitten says:

    *snorts at the mouse-over*


  3. Melissa H. says:

    More like kitty crotch time! Lucky he’s got plenty of fuzz for modesty.

  4. Yeah, wouldn’t that be an upside down hiney?? A very floofy one, to be sure!

  5. AuntieMame says:

    My kitteh bits. Let me show you them.

  6. What a fluffy butt!! So cute!

  7. Pore me a draft of fuzzy butt beer please! Easy on the foam.

  8. [hovers pointer]

    [rolling on floor]
    [knocking over furniture]
    [scaring kitties]

  9. FyreKnight says:

    hehe, reminds me of our cat, rightfully named Sargent Fluffbutt.

  10. SeaBreeze says:

    Haha! Sir Fluffy n butt!!

    Furrybutts are cute!!

    … well, on *some* species…

  11. It appears to me that sir fluffy butt has already been partaking in his heiny kins a bit too moishe already and has fallen over and produced assulence!

  12. draft of fuzzy butt beer


  13. …and furry shorts

  14. The hiney is hella cute, but check out the little tufts of fur between her toes!!!

  15. Oh yes, I wanna Hinie Kin!

  16. I’m just wonderin’… what prompts someone to take a picture of their cat from this particular angle??

  17. Whew! 1 minute to 7:00. Got this comment in just in time, huh? Ok, well… here it is:

    Um, cute fuffy assulence.

    Oh wait, that’s “fluffy”… too early on that heineykins. 😉

  18. It may be time for a Heinie, but Tuborgs are better than one!

  19. Man I missed heinie time….What a butt tho!

  20. you guys, quit being so assinine about this cat’s butt, it’s obviously a cat from Ass-tralia. don’t make fun of them, they’re very emotional about their butt floof. its a serious problem…
    *bursts into sobs*
    ok, i’m done now…

  21. That’s word because you know
    Can’t touch this
    Can’t touch this
    Break it down!
    Stop! Hiney Time!

    anyone else thinking of that?? no? oh… it’s ok, i’m just weird like that. =D

  22. Hey,,,there is a winery in Walla Walla Washington that produces Hiney wine–Hiney Red, Hiney White and a dessert wine called Tiny Hiney! All excellent wines!

  23. Rosie, you just reminded me of an old sketch from “In Living Color” with Keenan Ivory Wayans as Rick James raving insanely about MC Hammer.

    She’s a super- floof,
    She’s super-floofy!

  24. Bottoms up!

  25. thanks Theresa, now i have *two* awesome songs stuck in my head– but with adjectives such as floofy, fuzzy, and hairy in them… there’s gonna be weird dreams tonight…

  26. Holy cat ass, Batman!

  27. Cat Butt!!!!!!! Woohoo!

  28. Shannon Johnson says:

    Fluffy cat butt, how hilarious!

  29. Okay. Hiney time over. Grab yer hats and let’s go get our freak on!

    Let’s go!

  30. Um. Assulence. Love. Also, I’m pretty sure it’s still Hiney time in Hawaii.

  31. The floof makes this much more ref-hiney.

  32. acelightning says:

    At first I wasn’t sure what kind of critter this was. But it’s got paw-pads, so it isn’t a bunny… must be a cat. A cat who richly deserves the common feline nickname of “Fuzzybutt”.

  33. Okay, so we´re all out of Hineykins, but how about something from Anheuser Tusch?

  34. Oh my god
    Kitteh, look at her butt
    Its so big
    She looks like one of those rap guys girlfriends
    Who understands those rap guys
    They only talk to her because she looks like a total cattitute
    I mean her butt
    It’s just so big
    I can’t believe it’s so fluffy
    It’s just out there
    I mean, it’s gross
    Look, she’s just so fluffy

  35. The humor here is in danger of becoming rather Low-en-brow.

  36. Aubrey, you have no idea. I erased my first version, which involved Stella Artwat.

  37. hey can we brush this heiny-kins with a little more humor here peeps….

    is this your responnse now pitteh, are you being a smart ass or just a fluffy ass,? the back end id cute butt (literally) can we see the front end or is it to dangerous being after heinykin time ????? LOL

  38. Oh my… I think I need to “de-tocks” now!

  39. You would have got into a world of trouble, too, Dale.

    And it would Serv-eza you right.

  40. Pirate Jenny says:


    Oops, sorry. I just finished reading alllllll the thirsty puppy comments. I guess I got some on me. Ew. Start over.

    Yay for floofy cat butts! 🙂

  41. oaklandcat says:

    Dale, ROFL!
    You get the Corona.

  42. DoodleyDog says:

    Anyone else have the irresistable urge to bury their face in that belly hair and blow raspberries?


  43. The Honourable Gladys Anstruther says:

    I ask but once,
    The flufulence,
    is assonance.

  44. Did you know that the floofiness around a long-haired cat’s back legs and hiney is actually called “bloomers”? I kid you not.

  45. OMG LOL!

    I was confused for a mo’ whether it was a cat-butt or a bun-butt…

  46. fluffulence is way better than flatulence

  47. no one seems to have mentioned the wonderful fluffy feet…..!

  48. Hey! I sent in a pic of my mini dachshund at this same angle and: *nothin’*. Dis kid flashes a little pussy and gets posted? What the dilly-O? This is dogscrimination 😦


  49. Looks like a Maine Coon cat – they have bloomers (fluffy butts) and toe feathers (the high quality ones have them on top AND bottom of the feet!). My Coon Cow could shame you ALL with his regal cloudiness. 🙂

  50. Juniper Jupiter says:


    Anybody remember that cartoon from Disney where Donald Duck had to wash what he thought was a bearskin rug but it was just Humphrey the Bear in disguise so he stuffs him in one of those old-fashioned washer/dryer combos where after he’s done being washed he pushes the button, gets dried, and then he opens the door, and this it the end result…….PUH!!!!

  51. Oi Golden —

    I like!
    FLUFF and I can not lie!
    You snorgle-huffers can’t deny!
    That when a cat goes flop on a print couch top with the fur that just won’t stop you go SPLODE!
    Gotta post on Teh Qte
    Cause kitteh your floof’s astute!

    (OK OK OK… enough, I need coffee…)

  52. *snort!*oh my
    fluff n tuffs!!
    love the padsies with tuftlets between.
    those are some major fluffy tocks!

    i want to kees the fluffy belleh

  53. Juniper– Humphrey the bear! OMG I haven’t thought about him in years! (SNORT!)

  54. oaklandcat says:

    Everyone’s so blinded by the floof-tocks that no one mentioned the *front* paws in the upper right corner of the pic. Kitteh is doing a full body strayche 😀

  55. Holy fluffy feetsies!! That’s the most rampant case of toe-tufts I’ve ever seen! Teh paw pads are getting buried by kudzu-like overgrowth!

    *Snirk* Assulence 🙂 Again, I appreciate the adherence to the “no nads showing” requirement…

  56. How come I get no hover-overs? Wah. I have Firefox, is there a secret?


  58. Aunty-G — nope, no secret.
    Maybe click once somewhere in the white space next to the photo, just before hovering?

  59. did you take a pic or my kitty Gizmo? looks just like him! cute little fluffy behind! 🙂

  60. I do have, thanks Teho.

    BTW I also have some of that floofy white assulence at my house. He’s 17 now and WAY too dignified to sleep like that anymore.

  61. Mary (the first) says:

    Yes, I too want to snorgle into the tummy fluff and go blblbblblblbbblblbl. I love kitty toe tufts, fluffy tocks, everything!

  62. Theo, thank you SO much for completing the Baby Got Fluff earworm. That is D Primo.

    My catsitter thought this pix was of my Ragdoll ’cause it looks so much like him (the cat, not the catsitter) – from this angle at least!

  63. Teho, Baby Got Fluff = genius.

  64. Is there something wrong with me? I keep coming back here to admire a cat butt.
    Ass kissing has never been so tempting ass it is right now.

  65. 🙂

  66. I’m going to hijack the comments for just a moment to ask all of you to wish good healing vibes to Gypsy, the 10-year-old tortie that used to live with me (was born in my house, in fact), and went to live with my ex after he decided he missed living with kitties underfoot.

    She had an infected tooth that caused her to stop eating, and she developed hepatic lipidosis (fatty liver disease). If my ex can get some food in her, her chances are good, but if she won’t eat, he’s heard the outcome is almost always fatal.

    He’s force-feeding her soft food with a syringe several times a day, because the vet can’t extract the tooth until her liver enzymes get back into normal range. She’s lost a lot of weight and looks absolutely pitiful but remains alert and affectionate. She just won’t eat on her own.

    Why I chose this picture to post on: this looks like a typical healthy Gypsy pose. 🙂 Please spare a thought for our girl. We’re just not ready to let her go yet.

  67. Noelegy..
    Good vibes heading your way.
    My Smokey had that very same condition.I tube fed her and she was on lots of different meds.
    I just wish I could remember what they were.
    She’s fine now.. Good Luck.

  68. hey guys haha this is my cat! my mom sent it in! his name is romeo and he always lays like that! weird huh?! we too call him fluff butt!

  69. Hey Lauryn… I bet Romeo never expected *this* pose to be the one spread out over the interwebs for all to see.

    BTW, it’s sure a good thing that *Romeo* has lots of fluff or this might have been more than a G rating, huh? 😉

  70. Fortune and strength, Noelegy. The CatCave has seen some hard times too. We’re with you.

  71. LOVE the fuzzy bootie !!!

  72. fuzzbuttz says:

    Hey, how did you get a picture of my cat??! 😀 no, not my cat, but sure looks like her from this angle. Cute fuzzy butt and toez! I want to grab those cute feet!

  73. Gypsy has had a feeding tube installed and is doing quite well with it. Thanks to everyone who wished her well. I don’t think the ex checks CO too often, but I’ll pass the happy thoughts on to him.