Double shifty eyes


Make yerself, uh. Comfortable, there.


Looks like you’ve got a built-in pup bed, there, Kevin (and sender-inner Katie S.)



  1. The puppeh’s all “I like eet because eet is warm here…bring me some kibble, woman!”

  2. That puppy looks all whuuuuzzz?

    It’s a cozy and warm place so leave me alone.

  3. Hmm, Kevin? I think maybe you sat in something? It’s stuck to the back of your pants…

    Don’t be embarassed, it happens all the time…

  4. Well..normally I would schnorgle something this adorable. Given his location, though, I’ll hold off on that. Once he moves, though, he’s MINE!

  5. That’s where my cat sleeps at night. At least, until I roll over.

  6. Dracwolley says:

    It’s a Dell 😛

  7. That pup better WASH OUT!! Growing up in a family of all men, I can tell ya that won’t be a nice bed for long…

    Shifty eyes indeed!

  8. omg adorable puppeh!!1

    Kevin looks kinda shnorgle-able too 😉

  9. this puppeh knows what he/shes doin! just adorable.

  10. Needs a C.O.X.C.U on that little pink paddy-paw there… and wasn’t there a “Diana Eyes” rule to cross-reference 🙂

  11. Riiiiiight… it’s the PAW that you want the close-up of…

  12. Pup’s all like “What? You maybe got some FURNITURE for me to nap on?”

  13. Awww…That’s Fratastic!

  14. Veddy sneaky, pup… This reminds me of my cat, who is an expert at pouring herself into little human valleys in such a cunning way as to UTTERLY IMMOBILIZE the victim… once she’s pinned you down you’re stuck for hours.

  15. NotSupposedToBeDoingThisAtWork says:

    cute and cute!!

    “Pups & Bums”? …anyone??

  16. I’ve had kittehs sleep on my back that prevent me from moving because I don’t want to disturb the kitteh.

    Oh, and it’s totally another entry for the “Boys of Cute Overload” category that we started voting for a few posts back. 😉

  17. Is it just me, or is CO more ‘tocks-focused than usual this week?

  18. Ass don’t know butt you’re tockin abooty.

  19. [sudden bemused expression]

    Where am I?

  20. Hmmm I don’t know about you guys but this is matchinks to me they are mirror images of each other.

    Teho… I am agahst that you would think we wanted a coxco of the paw just to see the boys bum.
    Who US… 😉

  21. He is kind of cute from what you can see.

    At a quick glance he looks kind of like Nicholas Brendon.

  22. No need to get cheeky now!

  23. darkshines says:

    *also snuggles into Kevin’s butt*

  24. I’m still laffing over “assulence” …

    which is applicable here

  25. how would this one sound calling 911, “Halp! I gots a puppeh on mah butt and can’t get up!”

  26. “Oh, here we go…”

    You can’t even see half his face!!! Cute?? How?? Whatt??!!

    He pooped a pup.

  27. tock bomb.

  28. *and gets ready to be annoyed with all the “he’s so cute! and the puppy isn’t bad either! ;)” comments.*

  29. my two cents would be to have “MEN of CO” and the only worthy candidate would be the dude on the bike with the cute puppeh in the basket (GAAAAA). he is day dream worthy. i cant see anything of this guy, but the puppeh is super adorable.

  30. Sweet Pea says:

    ***As long as the human in the photo didn’t have beans for lunch the puppy is safe!***

  31. Puppy Ball: adj. as in the puppy is in *puppy ball*; requires onlooker to wrap arms around whole of puppy ball so he/she can bury face in midst of puppy ball and say wubba-wubba-wubba-wubba-wubba over and over again until puppy ex-scapes ^^

    I totally coined this term too 😛 since our pups do *puppy ball* all the time

  32. Oh and…
    dis guy has some supah cute junk in his trunk WOO

  33. “OK – I know what beers you have. Now who’s gonna serve me?”

  34. Pup’s all like “What? You maybe got some FURNITURE for me to nap on?”

    Teho, totally. I was like, ah, college… using your computer on the floor in your beer t-shirt. The best of times for an adorable pup like this.

  35. Mary (the first) says:

    Puppeh is very very cute. This qualifies for “Pups n Buns”, “Princess Di Eyes” and “Men of CO” all!! Very versatile pic, thanks Katie for sharing!

  36. Yeah, the guy’s kinda cute, but the puppeh is ADORABLE!!!!! And so tiny…. Smart, too, sleeping in the soft warm place, lol.

    What kind of puppy is that, anyone know?

  37. Shannon Johnson says:

    Puppeh is so cute there. I love it.

  38. aw, hey there cute pupster!
    hellOOOOO smokin hot guy!

  39. Rumi: Terrière.

  40. My kitties do this! They used to both try to sleep in the butt/thigh area, but now that they’re all grown up, they fight for it. They have a special “someone is lying on their stomach! Hurry! It is nap time — again….” radar. Within seconds, there is a patter, patter, jump, then one-two-three-four paws and a flop/curl followed by purrring.

  41. Oh hey, I think I just figured out what the dude (not the pup) is doing… my guess is getting broadband set up for himself & teh roomies.

    Priorities, y’know. Pets, pipeline, and pizza first; furniture can wait.

  42. JulieRaven says:

    😀 awww puppy poopeeerr

    Cute <3

  43. Fratboy and mushy puppy buttsnuggle, awwwww!

  44. Looks just like our Libby! She does the same thing. We call her the Anal Dwelling Butt Puppy!

  45. You have a Cats ‘n Racks category, so how about a Butts ‘n Pups category? 😀

  46. “mushy puppy buttsnuggle”
    [ker-SNERKX!] bwah ha ha ha.

  47. Or, err, Pups ‘n Butts.

  48. Anal Dwelling Butt Puppy

    oh my aiyeee…
    teh hitz they just keep on a coming!

  49. “Terrière”

    Tears have sprung to my eyes…Theo has won for all time!

  50. Or maybe it’s a Jock Bustle Terrier?

  51. *rolls over & plays ded*
    I gives up you guyz is too too moiche!
    Hickery Dickery Dock!
    Teh Pup Ran up The Tock!
    see, you guys got me fumbling wit simple nursery rhymes. Paling in comparison to your stunning wits!
    *flops down in exhaustion*

  52. That is seriously one of the cutest things I’ve ever seen. That puppy is all “Whut you lookin’ at, hmm?” ^_^

  53. The Puppeh is so cute.

  54. ok now I’m thinkg puppeh is tinking “You can has it when Iz done!”

  55. New Category: Puppy Pantz!!!!!

  56. The napping location is a good one a least until the dude cuts the cheese the the pup will be like dude what did you eat ?!?!?! and yelp Ike! ike! Ike till he gets into the other room….

  57. One magnificent beer fart and that wee critter is airborn. That eyeball of caution is certainly warranted given the t-shirt. T-minus, 10, 9, 8 …

  58. That pup has nefarious plans to overthrow his shirt! He’s the Beer Over-Haul Pooch!

  59. …, I totally forgot what I was going to type…. *sigh*

  60. Kevin should fart. 😉

  61. My cats like to sit on my bum like that. Darn cats. Making me feel I need a diet! But what is with the ‘eyeball of caution’ here? Is the pup fearing an incoming fart? Or is puppy wary of the camera? In either way, it’s a cute pic.

  62. violetgreen says:

    Mutts ‘n’ Butts

  63. And I thought my Jack Russell was the only one that did that. She’ll even go as far to sleep on top of my side and my boyfriend’s side when we sleep spooned…like Queen of the Mountain. Must be a JRT-ism.

    This is too cute…but watch out for fumes, puppy!

  64. “One magnificent beer fart and that wee critter is airborn.”

    Hmm… I wouldn’t mind seeing that video. Theo? 😉

  65. “Mutts ‘n’ Butts”

    HA!! I love it!

  66. Going a step further, I’d say “Mutznbutz” has a certain meaty Germanic appeal.
    Like ring bologna. 😉

    I’ll think about the other thing.

  67. We used to call this “ass jail.” Though whom exactly is incarcerated is up for discussion.

  68. T., if this was a kitteh, and Kevin was wearing pajamas, we could call it a ‘Katzenjammer Kit’.

    Maybe not.

  69. Aubrey, only if he had a headache!

  70. Hey I just got home to my way better monitor and there on the book at the guys elbow is Road runner… Beep beep. I know it is off aubject… MutznButz hits the spot for me.
    Ohh and that katznjammers is like a definate cat-agory we need more katz in jamms.. Hobbes style of course.

  71. sundriedbagel says:

    HAHAHAHAHAHAHA. Love the sheepish look on the puppeh’s face. 😀

    As for the guy – eh, not so much.

  72. “Terriere”!!
    Theo is hilarious and quite the word wizard! ( If ass do say so hindself! )

  73. Puppy´s on crack!

  74. theo must be bored tonight I don’t know when he typed so much before, but then again who cares he is funny

  75. Silent Meow says:

    Butt, what about the pup on my butt? I’m bum-ed about it. Let’s not rear him to sit on my rear. Let’s leave behind the habit of him sitting on my behind. I can’t stand it when he sits there because I can’t stand. I won’t take it sitting down, because I can’t sit. I guess I will have to take it lying down, at least until he gets up. I guess he will leave when I get fume-d. (This is my mind on too much coffee. LOL)

  76. Silent Meow says:

    The guy is all, “Puppy, would you please get up? I have to go to the bathroom!”

  77. i’m all for “mutznbutz”…cute puppeh

  78. [Scoops up puppy and runs away]

    Sweepers Keepers! Wheeeeeee!

  79. The Honourable Gladys Anstruther says:

    Terriere tucked in tocks.

  80. Haha, yay, I vote for mutts’n’butts too!

    You just know that in a few minutes, puppy’s going to go “schneef, schneef – oooo! I smell somesink unpuppylike!” And it will no longer be the bed of choice.

  81. *farts*

    puppy: I can flies!

  82. So this is so wrong. Since when did C.O. start posting photos of booty?

  83. elizabeth says:

    the pup is a perfect bean shape.

  84. Oh could we please please have COXCU from Teh Paw? Please?

  85. *anxiously awaiting new pix*

    *wrings dishtowel*

  86. Terrière = teh awesum

    Theo, I gravel at your feet [Pumbaa voice].

  87. OMG, that is just toooooo freaking cute, and I’m not talking about the guy! I want a Jack Russell! Puppy! OMG

  88. Gearing up for the weak-end…you know Hot Daddy Friday is right around the corners when you see something like this:

    Butt seriously Teho, Pets, Pipeline, and Pizza? What school did you go to? Isn’t it more like Beer, Broadband, and Babes? At college pets seem to be something that just turned up…

  89. good old whatshername says:

    Brave puppy, to be napping in the middle of a blast zone like that.

  90. LOL – It’s sorta like a lap dog… but not.

  91. Dis is how you know humans evolved to serve puppehs and kittehs–the world’s best puppeh/kitteh bed, BUILT RIGHT IN!!!

  92. Oh! My dog likes that sleeping position too. He’s such a goofball.

  93. luvinmalssomuch says:

    Butt butt butt I like it here it’s so soft and cumfy.

  94. Pussytoes says:

    New Category: Pups ‘N Buttz.

  95. ROFL, Theo! “Terriere”, lololololol…Thanks!

  96. cutelover says:

    One of the cutest pup pictures ever!


  97. MaggieBee says:

    Can’t you all see, she has her ear to the “ground” listening for the assplosion…. HAHAHAH!!

  98. ThreeCatNight says:

    “Muttz and Buttz”! I love it! And the doggie’s face is all mischief.
    Of course, my cats do the same thing (not simultaneously, thank God) on my back. When it’s my 8-lb. female, it’s manageable; when it’s one of the boys (who weighs about 13 lbs.)- it ain’t fun!

  99. Let’s decode this photo. Dude is overcome with grief since he can’t get his Time Warner Cable modem to connect, and little puppeh says “I know what will make you feel better!”

  100. Dracwolley says:

    Guy: Hey man, look at this!

    Pup: Hey man, don’t get near me!

    (Repeat 8 times)

    100th Comment!

  101. Stephen — AND his roomie has snagged his iPod. Again.

  102. pat_the_bunny says:

    Oh my, teh precious lil bebeh, shifty eyes complete the heart-melting look. And one set of pink puppeh toes peeking out. Squishable cuteness!

    And my cats do that!

  103. ShelleyTambo says:

    Not to be crude… oh wait, who cares? One morning my foster kit was sitting right next to me on the bed waiting for me to wake up. I was lying on my stomach and, in the opposite-hypnagogic state just preceding wakefulness, I happened to, uh, let loose. Kit promptly attacked my butt (the precise source of the noise, in fact) with all fourteen pounds. Had blankets not been in the way, at least one paw would have ended up in a very uncomfortable place.

  104. My mom’s cat does this on my lower back when I house/cat-sit. I quite like it, it’s an organic heating pad. Til he reeeeaches out with one paw & starts flexing his claws on one of my my *ahem* cheeks. Some cats *do* have a sense of humor, even if it is evil *shifteh kitteh eyes*

  105. cubbybutt says:

    hee hee. mutts n’ butts! love the di eye!

    need new cuteness, its kind of an emergency!


  108. This photo reminds me of the episode of Friends where Joey and Ross start guiltily taking naps together. And lying about it.

  109. I have a dog of such highly developed sensitivities that if I, well, you know, even when she’s across the room, she leaves the room and won’t come back for hours.

  110. I’m surprised that no one’s mentioned that almost perfect Princes DI expression. Head tilt is just about correct, eyes or eye, correctly looking up, all of it.

  111. Shelly T. Oh I can sympathize with taht. My husband has been known to scare the cats outta bed and make the little dogs bark. (they tend to think anything making that loud o’noise is something we need protecting from)

  112. ShelleyTambo says:

    Metz, um, I think I’m glad I don’t live at your house. 🙂 I finally escaped that after my brother moved out.

    Luckily my foster kit wasn’t scared, so the claws didn’t come out. The pounce did startle me into being completely awake, though, and I laughed for probably five full minutes. Sweet kit–always good for a giggle–but not too bright.

  113. I hope the puppy’s name is not “Turd” haha.

  114. It’s almost time for Mutznbutz and Octoberfest, woo hoo.

  115. “Is the pup fearing an incoming fart?”

    Dunno about you, but mine don’t go inwards 😀

  116. Yitzysmommie says:

    Terriere, hehehe!
    Mothers of former teenage boys know that there are even more dangerous things than teen boy tocks and the farts therein……teen boy feets with no shoes!!
    Pupper: “GAWSH, Kevin, pu your shoes back on!!!!”

  117. Such a cute pup! Aww!

    And why is it that lots of guys have long full lashes? Huh?

  118. Brak_Silverbone says:

    Isn’t dude’s face a wee bit too close to the monitor? He’s gonna wreck his eyeballs for sure!

    The puppy’s toes are delicious-looking!

  119. Puppy is all “whatcha looking at? too cute
    our JRT sleeps between me and hubby…

  120. too cute 🙂
    anyone know what breed the little devil is?

  121. best part is the roll over
    Dees OK?

  122. Hey all, that is my boyfriend Kevin and yes he had just moved into his apartment and was setting up the internet. Little Roxy here is a Jack Russell who LOVES to find nooks and crannies to wedge herself into. I put her down to do some stuff and she wandered over to Kevin’s butt. Haha! Thanks for the comments guys, she really is a cute pup.

  123. Here are some more pics of the cute lil pup:

  124. my bosty has two swirls on his butt too!