Amazingly distractingks!

Will you please check out the FEROCIOUS TACTICS used by "Nivea" the bun, to stop her owner from checking her teef.It worked.

Rebecca V. H., I posted this one faster than you could say; "no leecky!!!"

Oh, and also posted on CuteCast, natch.



  1. I bet the bunny tongue is all raspy-feeling yet tiny and adorable. I want a bunny!

  2. constance says:


    too cute!

  3. lickylickylicklick… lick..licky

  4. Critterfriend says:

    OMG Bunnies! Nyung nyung nyung…lick…sniff sniff…nyung nyung…twitch sniff lick…

  5. u has a flavr!

  6. Shannon Johnson says:

    Ha funny. I loves the bunny

  7. Would this work at the dentist?
    (damn, I’m probably not cute enough to pull it off anyway.)

  8. Mom – they’re fine. No really. They are. They’re fine. You don’t need to check them. They are fine.

    ( I get the same thing when I check my pup’s toes. Or even say toes…)

  9. I am “ROFL” and barfing rainbows. What AMAZING tactics!

  10. Cuter than those big eyes saying no Momms they are fine wait what is that a thumb, must kiss, kiss kiss
    (reminder to self says bun not a carrot, not a carrot do not munch)

  11. hehe my kitteh does that when I need to trim her nails…so cute.

  12. What REALLY makes this vid is the twitching paw!!! LOL!!!!

  13. Meg, can we get a longer vid of this one?

  14. oaklandcat says:

    ‘Nivea.’ LOL

  15. genetic lemon says:

    The twitching … oh, the twitching …

  16. I’ve come to the realization that I’ve only ever seen a bunny tongue once before. are they very “licky” creatures?

  17. my cats are losing their milk teeth right now. i tried to check their teeth to see if all is well. i wish they had justed licked me. they bit down with as much force as they could muster on their remaining teeths. aaaand i still gave them gooshy food and bought them new toys. i am such a sucker.

  18. LOL!

  19. The Honourable Gladys Anstruther says:

    Oh joy, to be licked to death.

  20. Oh Nivea, what BIG eyes you have!

    And a licky little tonguelet.

  21. Pippy – Yes, some bunnies are very “licky”. One of my buns favorite ways to greet me is kissing the tip of my nose. Bunny tongues are dry but very soft.

    tmmkitten – Hang in there! They will soon realize it is all out of love.

  22. BrianMPLS says:

    Depending on how cute the dentist is, it might be a useful tactic despite predictable failure. 🙂

    get pix. send in for “I shall leeck you” category.

  23. He was all anime bun to the max wit his wiggly nose, tremoring paw-paws and his huuuuuuuge big moonpie eyes with ginormous lashes–seriously, envision an adorable bunny in anime form and dis would be heem ^^

  24. Indiana Joe says:

    “That rabbit’s dynamite!”

  25. I feel mildly traumatized by all the bunny fear. The sad little look in the bun’s eyes and it’s desperate licky attempt to dodge the inevitable discomfort. sad cute, cute sad #sigh#

  26. violetgreen says:

    Well, of course, Nivea doesn’t allow animal testing!

  27. Awww, i want this bunny. Sooo cute. Lickey, lickey. 🙂

  28. nahm nahm nahm you human 🙂

  29. Ehhh, what’s up doc?

  30. My bunny and I used to play a little game…she would lick my hand until she decided it was my turn, then she’d stop licking and push her head under my hand. That meant it was my turn to gently pet her head. When sufficient time had passed she’d start licking me again, and so on.
    P.S. My friend’s bunny used to lick her (the owner’s) bare feet whenever he got a chance!

  31. Bunnies disapprove of getting their teeth checked.

    [just one click on the “Post” button is all it takes… 😉 – Ed.]

  32. dandy_warhol says:

    i wish i could be attacked by that tongue.

    my kitty has an attack tongue. she frequently goes after the tip of my nose. a few sweet licks and then a *CHOMP!!!!!!*

  33. Brings new meaning to the phrase “I shall leek you!”

  34. We are still trying to get our buns to trust us. When I try to put them on their backs like this, they go into serious Monty Python killer bunny attack mode and are all I weel thump you, monkey! Gnash gnash! They are rescue buns, so we will be patient. Ironically tho, they will let the 8 year old pick them right up, and lay on his lap….

  35. Arggh. Maybe I should actually read those alert windows when they tell me not to hit the “back” button.
    Thanks for the clean-up, T.

  36. My cat does this. If you rub his nose, he’ll start licking your finger.

  37. Espilonarge says:

    Talk about a bunny with tounge-a-tude. 😛

  38. What a beautiful sweet face this bun has!

  39. Silent Meow says:

    This is, honestly, the FIRST time I have ever seen a bunny tongue close up! SO CUTE!

  40. Elizabeth P. says:


    (That’s the only word that popped to mind…)


  41. Tracie – I salut you :)))))

  42. Yitzysmommie says:

    Inquiring Minds Want To Know: Are bunnehs tounge soft? Or kitteh like?
    Very Qte lickage, BTW.

  43. I think only cats have scratchy tongues, YM.

  44. My buns does stuff like this a lot. He’ll really sit and lick your hand. Lately, he’s been associating licking my hand with a treat, so he’ll lick lick lick and then look up at me with his big eyes. If I don’t give him a treat, he’ll just lick again a few times as if to say, “now, please?”

  45. I love how the tongue, nose and paw all wiggle in turn. Lovely bun. It’s for your own good, Sweet. [gently beeps bun on the nose]

  46. The nose-twitching is what got to me!

  47. awwww! Some buns have a lick-reflex, where you can pet them someplace and they will licklicklick whatever is handy. I think this is a variation of that,combined with “no really i’m fine!”

    Usually, when a bunny licks you, it’s a huge compliment. They are treating you like another bunny, and “grooming” you. It is suggested that you return the favor with gentle head-pets, ear-rubs, and the occasional face-squish. It’s only polite, you know.

    When I was sick a while back, my bunny hopped up on the couch with me and groomed my eyebrows!

    Bunny tongues are soft and not too wet, and they have very nice breath.

  48. Bunneh tongues are smooth and soft, not wet-sandpapery like a kitteh’s. They are also quite hot and strangely dry. It’s as if they have no saliva at all.

    They are very nice to be licked by.

  49. book_monstercats says:

    I have been away for a few days so I am catcheeng up on teh Qte. I am speechless with deelight.

  50. *dies*


  51. My rabbit has a licky spot. It’s a couple inches above his tail, and when you scratch it, he’s forced to lick something, even if it’s the air. I feel mean doing it, so I only do it when I’m feeling really low, lol.

  52. Sara – One of our cats has a spot that makes her lick the air as well. I am sure your bun loves you and is happy to lift your spirits.

  53. Those have to be some of the most amazing BEF I’ve ever seen.

    I wish my kitties were so complacent about tooth work.

  54. awww wendy, your eyebrows? really?!

  55. Awwww! This reminds me of the bunny I had when I was young. He was a very licky little lovebug. I’d get my face and hands thoroughly washed by him. He just loved to lick!

  56. acelightning says:

    What a sweet bunny! It’s too bad we can’t explain to our pets why we’re poking their mouths (and other places) – we’re not just trying to make them uncomfortable, we’re checking to make sure they’re all right. Sometimes, after a while, they seem to understand, and they don’t fight it, or at least not very much. This bun is only pushing her owner’s fingers away with her tongue; my bunnies would kick, and try to bite me! Fortunately, they were Netherland Dwarf bunnies, and it was easy to hold onto them so they wouldn’t hurt me or themselves.

  57. It is recommended by most vets that you refrain from having deelishus fingers when checking bunny teefs.

  58. stop stickin your stinky thumb in my mouf and i’ll quit lickin ya!

  59. Delicate nose-woogles!

  60. Nivea looks a lot like my bun Pip, who passed away in December at the age of 12. She was a white dwarf Netherland with huge brown eyes. Her tiny tongue was so adorable, and not raspy. Whenever she drank water, I just about died from the cuteness. Ah, Pip, I miss you so…

  61. So sweet!

  62. *smooshes* what a clever lil bun