Heavy drinker

Dude, is this the FIRST drink this puppeh has HAD? Take a look as his belleh fills up with air and water. You know what they say; glurpitty. Slurpitty.

Oh, and BEFORE and AFTERS:


Sender-inner Darci G., you can PICK ‘EM!



  1. That’s the cutest waddle I’ve seen in a long time. Just look at that spare tyre!

  2. Craziness. He’s going to be a gassy pup soon.

  3. keurejian says:

    Oh God….why don’t you just kill me with cuteness!!

  4. ok, i can’t believe i just speny two minutes of my life watching that parched poochie … but i am glad i did. oh that little waddle was worth the wait !

  5. Now kids, remember there are THREE kinds of camels…

    Dromedary = one hump
    Bactrian = two humps
    Frenchie Puppy = side humps

  6. Yitzysmommie says:

    HEHEHE I kept waiting for 1. his belleh to ‘splode or 2. (more likely) the water to start recycling out the other end!

  7. Best. Waddle. Ever.

  8. luvinmalssomuch says:

    Geez, waiting for the belly to splode. I didn’t think he would ever stop dwinking. Waddle waddle.

  9. Christ I’m surprised this pup didn’t start peeing while he was drinking.

  10. pugmamatimestwo says:

    we all know what happens when this video ends: waddle, waddle, waddle, and peeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee

  11. I agree that it was overdue for a pee, but I also worry that it’s got such excessive thirst. They should check with the vet if this happens regularly. Poor baby.

  12. What I can’t believe is that guy in the background who goes into the bathroom, closes the door, presumably does his biz, flushes, then opens up the door again and says “He’s still drinking!”

  13. Anne, you said what I was thinking… a widdle babee like this shouldn’t be drinking so much, so fast. I would test for diabetes, IHWM (If he were mine).

    Is that a white Boston btw?

  14. serenity815 says:

    Get him outside QUICK!!!

  15. When our boy does this, we call him “Mr. Camel.”

    Hope somebody took this pupper outside soon after!

  16. Peanutcat says:

    OMG! You can practically hear him sloshing as he walks away!

  17. Lol reminds me of some people I know.

  18. goota be careful with puppehs and drinking the water.
    looks like this lil guy is trying to finish off the whole bowl.
    they can actually make them selves very sick/ and or hurt themselves drinking too much water at one time.
    hope hes ok.

  19. I’m sorry, but that wasn’t cute at all. I actually found that rather disturbing. No healthy dog should be drinking that much – especially to the point that can’t walk properly afterwards. They should be taking that dog to see a vet, pronto!

  20. Here a nuff
    There a nuff
    Everywhere a nuffy nuff
    Ol’ Miss Meg Moo had a blog, S T F U n00bs

  21. I like the part in the video when the person comes out of the bathroom; he must have also had a huge bowl of water.

  22. What a sweet lil puppeh! Seems to me someone was outside a wittle too long on a hot day. And da Waddal! I thought he wuz gunna fall ova at first from da sloshing in his tummy.

  23. maybe he always walks that way.

    i’m not sure we can tell how much water he really drank. it might not have been that much, relatively speaking.

    sure, if that was a daily routine, i’d bring him to the vet for a little checkupipoo.

    cute pup. does he look like yoda to anyone else?

  24. Aw, come on Theo. You mean to tell me you wouldn’t worry if Rikki did this?

    Yes, we know it’s Meg’s blog. Yes, we know this vid was taken sometime in the past.

    And yes, it was damn cute!

    Still, totally not normal for a dog to do this, and could (probably, even!) mean some really bad stuff for the dog. It doesn’t hurt to point out that excessive thirst is definitely something that warrants a vet visit. Lots of people don’t know.

  25. T[Ed.], you feeling okay?

  26. This little cutiepie is adorable, but I’m concerned. He looks bloated – could he have parasites? His excessive thirst also may indicate a problem. I hope they didn’t get him from a puppy mill, but if they did he may have serious problems. Run, don’t walk, him to a vet!!!

  27. There seems to be an imposter among us. I don’t think that’s Theo. Not only is it an un-Teho like thing to say, but the link is to a different address than usual.

    [O RLY? – Ed.]

  28. Yeah, that wasn’t very Teho-like. Anyway, even a diabetic puppy can be cute. 🙂

  29. Yep, imposter Teho is spamming on ‘Wow, that cat really impressed me.’

  30. Maybe you ought to check that “spam” a little more closely, Brinn. (And my “different” link, for that matter.)

    Nobody is *all* sweetness and snuggles, people. My purrs come bundled with teeth & claws just like everybody else’s.

  31. That is really sad.

    First of all, a pup’s bowl should be filled with water up to the top- that way they don’t ingest too much air as they are drinking- which can cause them to bloat, their stomachs to twist, which can cause death.

    Also, it is not healthy for a dog to be drinking so much water so that it can’t even walk.

    It’s sad that the owners in this video don’t even seem to know that their pup drinking like this could be a sign of serious problems. I feel bad for the puppy.

  32. C’mon, kids, the puppy is just not used to drinking. He looks small enough that this may actually BE the first time he’s had water! This used to happen to our pups all the time when I was young–they think they have to finish the entire bowl. Next thing you know, they’re sloshing their way to the nearest tree for a good pee and a long nap!


  33. Soxfan — actually, Rikki does have some dog-like traits. My point is, though, that once again, people are making assumptions wholesale about a video clip. I know this is the internet, but here on this little corner of it, where I live (OK, sorta part-time), I’d like to think my neighbors were a little savvier about the daily goings-on.

  34. …and then the cute lil puppy threw up in the mommys shooooes

  35. Persephone says:

    I like the way his little ears wiggle when he drinks.

  36. Dogs are like cattle in that if they drink too much water their stomachs can actually turn, which cuts it off at both ends and can be really painful. Our dog drank a bunch of water when he came back from the groomer and it happened to him. Emergency vet and hundreds of dollars later, it was not so funny. It’s called bloat, and they have to manually turn the stomach over, either from the outside if you’re lucky or with surgery.

    Hate to bring down the cuteness, but I just hope it doesn’t happen to anyone else… we had no idea.

  37. GAHHH!!!!

    every morning i wake up to read cuteoverload and have adorable little animals make me happy.

    and then, inevitably, i read the comments and get disgusted at how paranoid and judgmental people are.

    why do i read the comments? WHY?!?!?!?

    ps. not a white boston, if you were gonna go on a “omg it’s probably been specifically bred to be only white and it’ll have health problems EEEEEE!” rant. it’s a french bulldog puppy. GUH.

  38. Puppy!

    I don’t know if anyone else went to the page of the video and checked out what the person who posted wrote. Says it happened the first day they brought him home. Maybe it was just a one-time thing!

  39. we all love aminals here, so sometimes our sensitivities are a little heightened if we see something that -albeit is a small piece of a larger, unseen picture – naturally brings out our concern and protective nature. it’s not a bad thing.

    i just thought i’d say that, since sometimes people get upset here when someone raises a concern and then suffers a vindictive remark.

    i suppose there is a fine line between normal concern and nuffs sometimes, as what worries one person won’t worry another.

    anyhoooo, i’ll shaddup now! cute puppeh who i would like to snorgle even if at risk of being peed upon.

  40. LOL…

  41. My Boston used to do this same thing when he was a pup only it ended a little differently: glurpity slurpity blarfity barf! Then of course I got paranoid, took him to the vet for a buncha tests and it was nothin. Some dogs just LOVE water – it’s not always about excessive thirst, some dogs are waterholics and just don’t know when to say when! My guess is as this Frenchie gets older he’ll learn to self-regulate.

  42. Thar’s CRACK in thar them waters!


  43. ally:

    Heh. ‘Specially since it’s (honoes) A WHITE BOSTON THAT LOOKS JUST LIKE A FRENCH BULLDOG! (gasp) Just remember, unusual looking dogs are always specifically bred to be freaks (and come from puppy mills) and never have random genetic mutations. 😀

  44. omg walkie time in like 10 minutes. hello get the leash ready now!!

  45. Anyone else notice that the guy who went to the bathroom and came out again to ask the deep, philosophical question “is he still drinking?” — didn’t wash his hands???


  46. In any case (and possible disease aside), it is indeed cute. :3

  47. Charlotte says:

    Sorry to be a downer but excessive water drinking, or polydipsia, can be a symptom of something wrong with your puppy. That little cutie-pie needs to see a vet.

  48. I personally think there needs to be a ‘Cute or Freaky?’ section. The puppy itself is undeniably adorable (down to the waddle), but I was rather weirded out by the Incredible Expanding Tummeh right before my eyes.

    I hope it isn’t really a crazy alien tummy-burster. Pup’s gonna go all John Hurt! *eep*

  49. This is not cute, people. It’s disturbing and sad. That puppy needs to go to the vet ASAP.

  50. Andrea|Nash says:

    Wow! Everybody’s just about as cranky as me today. I generally blame it on barometric pressure; but, whatever, I do feel less alone:)

  51. Two Fronsh Bulldahgs in on week? I am in Heaven. And that prosh little no-bend-back-leggies waddle is just to die for dahlinque.

  52. The Honourable Gladys Anstruther says:

    I woz firsty Hic Hic.

    [Um, don’t you mean “bleeny”? – Ed.]

  53. Peg of Tilling says:

    Glurpitty. Slurpitty. Burpitty. Urpitty.

  54. Oi, sorry Teho. I should’ve learned my lesson by now about assuming things. I was used to your link leading to your vox, maybe that was from when we were all keeping tabs on the Bou kitty. And no, I didn’t check the links on the other post. Like I said, I shouldn’t assume.

  55. One of my Frenchies will do this too, and then puke it up a couple minutes after, especially after getting back from a walk.

    Now, we don’t let him drink so much, but he’s never had a serious problem.

  56. Brinn — I’m not “Teho” here, y’know; that’s me on ICanHasCheezburger.com (where, as you say, my namelink goes straight to my Vox). On TypePad blogs, like Cute Overload, I have the whole TypeKey ID thingy with its profile page.

  57. To everyone who is crying “not normal!”: my dog does the exact same thing, has ever since he was a bebeh puppeh. He won’t drink for ages (even though he always has water available) then he will drink practically his whole bowl at once. Of course, shortly thereafter he pees a river. Vet says that’s just the way he is. You only need to worry if they don’t seem to be peeing normally or if they are making themselves barf. Seriously, what is wrong with you people? Must you see abuse and disease in everything? Can’t you just enjoy the cute? Personally I think that says a heck of a lot more about your state of mind than it does about anything else.


    *hops off soap box to go watch the camel puppy again*

  58. I was only being concerned, and I was only asking about if it was a totally white boston or not, no rant intended, but

    *DAMN* it was an opinion, I care for animals very deeply and I worry for their health. The first thing I would do if my puppy did this would be to watch him/her a week or so then rush him/her to the vet if she/he kept doing this. It’s worth the money to make sure you are raising a healthy puppy and being a loving, responsible pet owner.

    I’m getting a little tired of people voicing concerns and being smacked for it. Perhaps I’m not the only one?

  59. yeah- i’d have to agree, this dog is likely sick, and this isn’t that funny at all. 😦

  60. Theo wrote: “S T F U n00bs”

    Ahhh – spaced acronym cursing and 1337 speak, in 2007….

    So, you’re a [oh very nice – Ed.], then?

    Thanks for clearing that up!

  61. Just cuz somebody is concerned about the wee lil pup doesn’t mean their state of mind is ‘off’. I think the puppy is BEYOND cute.. and yes.. the waddle is sooo amazingly funny.. but I did get a little worried meself.. I just lof the puppers, don’t want him to be sick.

  62. Ah, commentroversy! Delicious. 🙂

    Maybe it’s too late to suggest that the internet needs to take some Midol today?

  63. I can’t believe it is real. No special effects? 😉

  64. *sigh* Ok, so you’re concerned, fine, nothing wrong with that, but the “OMG, the puppy has diabetes or bloat or is in mortal danger of perishing right here on the spot, this isn’t cute it’s tragic/disturbing/sad” stuff is a little over the top. All I’m saying is relax, give people the benefit of the doubt, the dog is probably not sick, he was probably just thirsty, his owners are probably like all the other people in the world with a new furry baby, every cough and sneeze are noticed, every change in behavior monitored, any and all possibly serious matters are reported to the vet. This is a puppy having a drink in the house in the presence of his people, not a dog chained to a post in the back yard all by himself; put it in perspective, will ya? Most of us with fur children have spent at least one night in the emergency vet, we know it’s not fun, but we also know that the circumstances leading up to such trips are (thankfully) pretty darn rare.

  65. Okay, am I the only one who’s more disturbed by the guy who doesn’t seem to wash his hands after flushing the toilet? Yeeeeyuch!

  66. mr. smith says:

    I think it’s safe to assume that the owners are intelligent enough to take their dog to the vet when it displays consistently unusual behavior. Since we’re not the owners of the dogs, I’m sure we’re not as knowledgeable about the situation as we like to think we are… I would raise an eyebrow, but it doesn’t translate well over a modem.

  67. mr. smith says:

    No you’re not, Hannah.

  68. OMG he (she?) could barely waddle away: awwwwwwwww!

    Po’ widdle
    puppy gonna
    hafta piddle
    oh hunneh (honey)
    get a towel…

    Our pup Molly used to INHALE her food when she was a tiny thing and she’d end up that bloated.

  69. Pooteysmom says:

    Actually, if you watch the water surface the puppy is bearly even getting any water. In fact, it often looks as thought the water level is too low and he’s basically lapping at the air because he can’t reach it but he keeps trying. He’s probably only getting water on the very tip of his tongue, therefore he has to do a million laps to even get a reasonable amount of water. Fill the water bowl a bit more!

  70. Everytime i see a video or a pic with something a little abnormal i tell my self, dont look at the comments emily dont do it, you know there will just be a hoard of angry know it alls that think that every animal in the world is the same. They just brought the puppy home for the first time, and it drank a crap load of water. It is extremely possible it was a one time thing. Let the owner handle their own puppy. i am sure they love their puppy enough to make this cute video of it. You are not its owner, it was just a cute video of a water loving dog. Now its time to pee! geez


  72. That’s NOT cute. That pup needs a VET.

  73. Karen E. Kasonic says:

    My puppy does this. Turns out she feels so thirsty because she has a terminal kidney disease. You might remember her from when she was on cuteoverload:

    Maybe there isn’t anything wrong with this puppy. But I was sure surprised to see a puppy making itself uncomfortable as something “cute.” Personally, I think this post is way more sad than it is cute.

  74. Well I don’t know about the puppy but that video certainly made ME want to pee.

  75. AuntieMame says:

    Yes, I also noticed that bathroom guy didn’t wash his hands. Yuck!

    I think I also overheard one of the guys ask if the pup was okay and the other said he thought so, so obviously they are caring pup parents and will make sure that if the pup shows other signs of not being well, they will take him to the vet for care.

    Thirdly, I can’t help agree with those who wonder why any expression of concern, even one made politely, is getting the smackdown today. There is a difference between “Gosh, I hope that puppy doesn’t have something wrong with him, because drinking that much water isn’t normal” and “OMGWTFBBQ HE’S GONNA DIE OF TERMINAL BLOAT!!1!”

    I’m inclined to agree with those who said that it’s probably because there’s so little water in the bowl that Mr. Thirsty can’t reach it. But is it really the end of world to say out loud that we hope that’s all it is?

  76. He’s a cute lil pupster, no matter what the nuff’s say.

    And I want to share – Last month, I became a dog owner. My mother in law passed away, and I took in her 17 year old dog. I just couldn’t have him put to sleep… it wouldn’t have been right.

    He’s now been to the vet, and we’re under orders to put three pounds on him. Low protein diet (13% or less) and medication for his arthritis… otherwise suprisingly healthy for a minature American Eskimo his age.

  77. Mary (the first) says:

    Pooteysmom saw the same thing I did, the puppeh was drinking about 18 slurps for each few drops of water. Looked like a lot more than it was. I’m sure the owners will realize he just needs his bowl fuller and that’s likely to fix it. If not I’m sure they’ll have him checked out. I heard a note of concern/awareness in the voice asking “is he all right?” They’ll take care of him. The waddle and the puppeh were definitely cute. The rest of it, nothing to worry about, in my opinion.

  78. Glurpity slurpity fun, fun, fun… pretty soon the owners will have to run, run run….
    It’s potty time.

  79. Squeeeeeeee, what a cutie-patootie! And that waddle – OMG!

    As for the commentroversy here – can we come to a compromise, people? Some peeps have voiced their concern in a mature way, and I don’t think they should be shot down. And those out to shoot them down, understand that not everyone who voices a concern (nicely, that too) is out to harsh the cute. There are folks like me, for instance, who do not have pets, so things like these will be useful for future reference when/ if we actually *do* get pets. If you really love your pet, nothing wrong with making sure the pup is totally okay, right? For all we know, the puppy may be well and happy, but since there are so many people saying it, I’m sure that this *can* be problematic. Someone above even mentioned it happening to their own pup.

    In any case, if you all bothered to LISTEN to the video carefully, the guy with white socks asks after closing that door next to the puppy ” … is he ok?” Rest assured, the owners ARE concerned, and the pup probably got a chekup soon after, whether he was ok or not. So all the worriers can relax, and the rest can put away their boxing gloves. For a change, I don’t think this so-called “harshing” is unwarranted.

  80. I fail to understand why when people who OBVIOUSLY love animals are ridiculed by others when they show concern for said animals. We all love animals here or we wouldn’t be here. Some of us care, maybe too much. I don’t hate on people and you can’t tell much by ONE video, but if you disagree with what others are saying out of concern for an animal, take a mo to think that maybe, just maybe, they are speaking from experience.

    (And most guys DON’T wash after the bathroom, do they. In my experience anyway…. it’s gross but true)

  81. “There is a difference between “Gosh, I hope that puppy doesn’t have something wrong with him, because drinking that much water isn’t normal” and “OMGWTFBBQ HE’S GONNA DIE OF TERMINAL BLOAT!!1!”

    Succinctly put, AuntieMame! Since we all love cuteness and cute animals, I’m sure even a wee bit of concern can be accomodated, as long as its polite!

  82. Over Concerned Carrie says:

    OK, so from now on this is my new name on here.

    I’m sorry I’m crabby about sad little animals. I just worry about each and every one of them.

    Is that wrong?

  83. I love this site for the cute pictures. I always just take them for that moment in time.. don’t know what happened before.. or after.. but the point of right now is cute.. It’s so tiring on the internet how so many people feel the need to “educate” everyone else and the assumptions that are made floor me. This was a cute video. And I accept its’ moment of cuteness.. 🙂 Theo, thanks for being a great moderator on the site. I always snicker at your comments comments.

  84. headscratcher says:

    What annoys is not the expression of the thought but rather the automatic assumption that something is horribly wrong within the context of a split second photograph or a 2 minute video clip and that the owners are somehow negligent or horrible.

    THOSE are the ones getting called nuffs and being smacked upside the damned head.

  85. Over Concerned Carrie says:

    I forget now.. am I being smacked upside the haid?

  86. keurejian says:

    I’m going to hope that the people who own this cutie-pie puppy had their own concerns about the amount of water consumed…and would voice any concerns to their vet!

  87. Right said, jabbadoo. People just need to calm themselves down and stop jumping to conclusions/martyring themselves because people disagree with them/starting fights/what have you. And it’s not just the people who concerned about the critter, it’s (most) everyone.

    The site’s about cute. If there wasn’t at least a kernel of cute in the post, it wouldn’t be here.

  88. Queenbeenan says:

    Cute vid, but first things through my mind:

    sucking lots of air instead of drinking water=GASSY puppy.

    OR drinking lots of water=DIARRHEA puppy.

    Maybe even both…eww.

    Having been through the raising of a few pups, they get the poops pretty readily, and often drink lots of water pre-and-post poopy…

    Doubt if this is serious/vet-worthy, imho. But think puppy’s really gonna have to go do SOMETHING really soon…LOL

  89. carefully pick up the little bull dog hold him close to your face and breath in. let the calming influence of puppy hair reach deep into your psyche. Allow the warm soft fur to reach into that place of happiness each and everyone of us has. allow the calming influence to wash away the stresses of your day.

    This message has been brought to you by the national association of puppys not anger!

  90. Another Angela says:

    Theo, it is so counterproductive for a MODERATOR to say things like “STFU noobs.” It’s something a troll would say. I can’t believe you are so willing to escalate anger in the comments just because someone voices a concern. I hope that Meg knows how you represent CO with comments like these. So mean. Can’t you just let it go?

  91. Another Angela — rest well assured, Meg *does* know.
    And normally I’d agree, except… y’know… funny.

  92. I don’t want to be a downer but you should get him tested for diabetes

  93. First of all – love the puppy feet! They kind of look amphibian.
    I do not see anything wrong with people being concerned about animals. Gastric volvulus can be life threatening. It is one of the reasons I had to stop watching Emergency Vets on Animal Planet. However, I assume that if the video ended up on the internet that the dog is probably fine.
    As for the guy not washing his hands – since we were not in the bathroom with him, we do not know if he did or not. Maybe he washed them before he flushed the toilet. How can we pass judgement on the poor guy based on this short video. 😉

  94. keurejian , OBVIOUSLY they do have their own concerns or else the question, “Is all right?” would not have been asked.

    Listen a little better, you might get more info that way.

    Chances are, one of two things happened:

    1) This was a one time thing, but the owners kept an eye out to see if it became a habit.


    2)It DID become a habit, said owners noticed it, and baby saw a vet.

    Why half the people on here seem to think THEY are the only ones who know how to care for an animal is beyond me.

  95. Theo – BTW you better watch out. They might send Scribbles after you.

  96. I don’t think it’s any kind of hubris from most of the poster’s, Villy. The reason so many of us watching that video are asking the owners to take their puppy to a vet is we see potential problems. Perhaps these people are new pet owners and don’t know about bloat or other possible problems. Perhaps it never dawned on them their adorable puppy might need some medical help. They may be grateful for the advice. God knows I was when I had my first critter. Time teaches. I’ve been a pet owner and worked with animal rescue for thirty years now. So when my best friend got her first dog, she called me if she wasn’t sure she should take her dog to the vet. Now, I’m not infallible – but there isn’t much I haven’t had to deal with over the years. Some of the people here probably have similar experience. I’m sure this puppy’s owners are wonderful people who adore their pet. Why else submit this video? They might not be experienced pet owners though. Hopefully they will read the commentary here and act in the best interest of their pup. I wish them all the best. He looks like a sweet baby.

  97. Tugs — one thing you gotta understand about the CatCave: “IT IS DEFENDED”


  98. I am going to post this even tho I know no one will read it…as it was written above by some one else too. If you had gone to the youtube site you would have found out Puppy just came home for the first time(probably stressed) and this was a one time occurance. puppy is fine now.

    And personally Teho can cuss away as far as I am concerned because everytime a commentroversy starts it is always teh same. some one writes a comment of concern and then others jump in making rude comments with no basis in fact. Or with over the top assumptions.
    Not everyone who voices a concern is a nuff, but do you really need to argue to the death?

  99. RufusXavierSasparilla says:

    The ears, the EARS! So ripe for the munching…

  100. I agree with those who say people are overreacting, I also agree with those who are just simply concerned…however, there’s a line and honestly, if I were to come on here, see my dog video, I’d be happy, but then after seeing the comments that practically screamed that I’m a bad owner, well, I’d probably never WANT to see a post of mine on the website again because I know I’m a perfectly intelligent pet owner, why shouldn’t you think the same instead of assuming that I’ve done absolutely nothing?

    A 10 second video is just that – a 10 second video, people. Overreacting FOR the owners isn’t going to change their actions, whether they are good for the animal or not. It’s like being overprotective of other peoples’ kids, only this time it’s the internet, and there isn’t a thing you can do about it in real life.

  101. Awwww.. Lil bebeh Frenchie is stirsty!!

  102. Also want to note that the puppy is amazingly cute, the waddling was hilarious, and not ONCE did I think there was something “disturbing” or “tragic” or wrong with the puppy. Goodness, if that makes me a bad pet owner….it doesn’t matter, I know I’m a great pet owner.

  103. pat_the_bunny says:

    O my friggin’ G! Funniest damn thing I’ve seen in a while. I have never seen even an adult dog drink that much in one sitting! Hope they put out all of this month’s newspapers for piddles!

  104. It’s a baby, and he is adorable.

    One video doesn’t make the owners irresponsible or the puppy dying.

    I loved it, too cute!

    [Hear hear! – Ed.]

  105. How do all of you nuffs get through life? You all worry worry worry worry worry soooooooooooooooo much!

  106. PoppyBear says:

    I am also disturbed by this video. I am really appalled by how the people who are just showing concern for this puppy are being attacked with all of these patronizing comments. It’s enough to totally turn me off to this site.

  107. Another Angela says:

    I don’t think people here were overreacting. Just voicing concern. When I accidentally became a pet rat owner, there was A LOT I didn’t know about rats that I might have considered trivial, but were actually quite important and serious. Advice was quite welcome. I didn’t notice any owner-bashing.

  108. He’s ador-dor-dor-dor-able.

    But keep on eye on him; ongoing excessive thirst can indicate a health issue.

    Bloating can be caused by worms or other parasites.

  109. This is NOT good IMO!!

    This much water can really throw off any critter’s electrolyte balance along with all the other problems already mentioned!!

    This little guy has got to be hurting, too, like when the rest of us over inflate our little tumtums at all!!

    Please contact your vet to see why he’s doing this!

  110. Polydiptic Polly says:

    My sweetie used to work with a vet who examined a dog that the client brought in because the dog was regularly drinking so much water that it would barf. After doing a bunch of tests and finding nothing wrong, the vet solemnly informed the dog’s worried owner that he was sorry to tell her that the dog was suffering from Stupidog (pronounced stooopydog) Disease, for which there is no cure.

    Once you know about Stupidog Disease, you’ll be able to spot it in your own dogs.

    ***The More You Know!***

  111. Upon seeing the whole video;agree wholeheartedly with all concerned parties. This poor pup looks very ill. Pleeeeeaaaase take him to a vet asap.

    He looks very uncomfortable as is most probably suffering.

  112. Shannon Johnson says:

    so cute puppy.

  113. donutbill says:

    Well, so much for getting any work done TODAY. Must watch little dog drink over and over.
    Look at his belly all bloated with water!!!

  114. dandy_warhol says:

    i’ve always wondered why people feel the need to post the same thing that has been posted 20 times before. read through the comments before you post a new one!

    i think it is now safe to say that there are concerned people that think:
    1. puppy should go to the vet.
    2. it might be bloat.
    3. it might be diabetes.

    no need to state it again.

  115. 4. it might A SPLODE!!!

    oh noes

    (yeah, I’m pretty sure I don’t want to be at work today)

  116. The issue isn’t that the owners aren’t concerned about the puppy’s health, as they clearly seem to be… It’s that they’re exploiting his possible illness, (and/or discomfort) by posting it on a website dedicated to cute things.

  117. I don’t think it’s such a big deal with all the water. Probably just thirsty. Nothing to call the ASPCA about.

    the waddle is so cute .. especially how the ears wiggle when he drinks.

    on the other hand, the guy could wash his hands coming outta the loo.

  118. LOLOLOL (sigh…well go on with all of you)….

    I will just carry on with the real cutness of this video.
    that puppy is so cuuuute. look at his ears and that tailio is too adorable, and the glurpity sounds what is not to love. ANd to the new parents of this puppy he is da bomb.

  119. Another Angela says:

    “exploiting his possible illness…by posting it on a website dedicated to cute things”?

    I think we are all cuteologists analyzing the cuteness.

    Personally, I’m not worried about the pup. I just think people should be able to express themselves here without being attacked.

  120. The only advice that I welcomed after getting my first pet was from people I knew, trusted, and asked. Now then…

    It’s a puppy! He’s cute! Be excited to see him.

    And read Theo’s comments with amusement. That’s what you do, when things are funny.

  121. Another Angela says:

    “STFU n00bs” is not amusing under any translation. It’s just mean, sorry.

    [Sure it is! You just need to *sing* it. C’mon, everybody now! “Ol’ Miss Meg Moo had a blog…” – Ed.]

  122. She lurks! AMEN!! And pass the pie!

  123. Jabbadoo. I don’t spose that would be chocolate cream by by any chance would it. with whip cream?

  124. *picks up bluppy (bloated + puppy) and sticks him to inside of car window to see if sticky-looking webbed toe-paws can support his weight*

  125. I wholeheartedly agree with Another Angela.

  126. How cute. Lap lap lap lap lap lap ok he can go on forever

  127. Well, he’s just a LITTLE thing. Often young pups get carried away with drinking and think they need to empty the bowl, or they keep drinking even when they aren’t thirsty because they like the feel of the water.
    When our rott was a pup, he went through a short phase of that, then realized how to pace himself. We actually took him to the vet when he first started doing it, and were told that it’s a common occurence in the young ones.
    No worries, he’s just an overenthusiastic little guy.

  128. I say (well, type, but whatever) STFU to my friends all the time. Because it’s funny.

    Unlike the rest of us who are tired of nuffs, and who read the comments from some bizzare masochistic need to remind ourselves or the narcissism rampant on the interwebs, Theo has to read the comments. He might be getting sick and tired of people proclaiming their opinions as if GOD HIMSELF ordained them with wisdom. Or am I projecting?

    Might be that last part.

    I love pie. Is there rhubarb apple?

  129. Aw – little pooper made me laugh and laugh.

    Teho, your song made me laugh harder. I’ve been singing “S T F U n00bs” under my breath ever since. Clever man.

    People, RELAX, for Chrissakes.

  130. fish eye no miko says:

    Carrie: “I’m getting a little tired of people voicing concerns and being smacked for it. Perhaps I’m not the only one?”

    You’re not. If the people who run this Site are so bothered by the occasional criticism of the things they post, they should either moderate the posts, so they can only post the stuff they approve, or not allow commentary at all. But as long as they’re going to allow people to comment unmoderated, they need to realize that there will be negative comments from time to time, and they need to act maturely and not just brush them off.

  131. OMG! What did this dog do run a marathon before this?

    I can hear him sloshing from here……

  132. Mary (the first) says:

    YAY!! PIE!! where did that come from?? Rhubarb apple for me too, please. Thank you to whoever brought pie.

  133. Another Angela says:

    My point is that the moderator (Theo) should not be projecting his negativity to commenters, especially new people. That’s the opposite of what a moderator is supposed to do, which is to reduce hate and flaming in the comments.

  134. AuntieMame says:

    I also seems self-evident that the commentrovery isn’t the result of people expressing concern, but is rather a result of everyone ELSE sneering and hurling abuse at the original comment. If everyone else simply IGNORED the negative comments, it wouldn’t turn into a huge, hissing, spitting catfight every damn time there’s a mildly controversial post.

    Take the high road once in a while. There are no extra points award for shit stirring.

  135. I’m not a moderator, AA… and I’m not a fan… I’m *something new*…

    (and I’ll thank you not to tell me my job, unless & until there’s $$ attached)

  136. AuntieM — hello?? I *know* you know me here.
    It’s more like, every once in a while, the low road is *fun*.

  137. THis puppy is sooo cute and I bet he would love a piece of that rubarb Apple pie too. Especially after all that water.

  138. SheLurks — of COURSE there’s pie.
    Pie forever!

  139. if the pup had known that his thirst would trigger the third world war on CO then he probably would have just drunk half of it.

  140. Khadija — [SNORT] if THIS is the third world war…

  141. I agree with what others are saying. Not cute. The puppy needs to see a vet. He might be sick.

  142. …and the moment the sick vet sees this puppy, everything will seem so much better.
    I just know it.

  143. ya and don’t even know what STFU means. i is from a different planet pls explain

  144. Golden Phoenix says:

    Sorry if this has been said before but i got bored halfway through all the posts…

    I don’t think lil pup there is sick, it looks to me like the water level in the bowl is just too low and he’s not getting any water, his belly is filling up with air, watch, the water level in the bowl barely drops and its surface is hardly disturbed.

    Lil pup will have an almighty belch later on and will fly around the room like a deflating balloon.

  145. what if the owners are vets?

  146. Khadija — Southern Tip of Florida University. Lovely little campus down in Key West.

  147. HAHAHAHA awww

  148. Whatever happened to pudding for commentroversies? Now its pie? I do like pie better. And btw Theo you are crackin’ me up today!

  149. how about a puppeh & kid sammich?
    Here we have a Evie Sandwich featuring all natural dark Prysilla (Silla)rye and whole Willow wheat puppeh bread. Nearly as popular as the puppeh wrap a puppeh sandwich is always good on a hot summer day at poolside. Be sure to add a generous layer of dressing (for Evie we prefer kids sunblock cream). WW Points? Oh who teh heck cares. Monch away! Its summertime!

  150. AuntieMame says:

    Of course I know you, Theo.

    And as long as I’ve been posting here, I hope my opinions have some value, too.

    I didn’t name any names. I’m not singling anyone out. I just get tired of the everlasting snark.

    People bitch about nuffs. Well, I’m bitching about the nuff-bitching.

    Is that a problem?

  151. btw, puppeh is cute, all speculation aside.
    glurpity slurpity and all that.
    so if the otter post inspired the creation of a group called “POO” how come this one hasn’t caused “PEE” to form yet?

  152. Lisa N we decided today was Pie day. MAybe we should take a piece over to the sick vet. so he will feel better.

  153. Metz. Cause Lanie is on vacation with the chocolate covered rusty pliers with blood and everything. Want some Pie??

  154. Another Angela says:

    Khadija, it means Shut The F**k Up. Theo’s way of telling people how they should comment to be accepted by King Theo. Some people care about that.
    So, what is your job Theo? Shit disturber?

  155. BTW/BTW: I had to once fill our water bowl for one of our 5 dogs 2 1/2 times.
    He was just that thirsty. been playin and was hot.
    Then he went outside and opened the valve for a 1/2 an hour and all was well with the world once more.

    So much we don’t know, and can only speculate about this post/pic.

  156. Another Angela says:

    Thanks AuntieMame. I’ve been here quite a while too. I don’t like seeing new people turned off just because they express concern over animals in posts. That’s probably a big reason why they are attracted to CO in the first place. You can see all kinds of horrible things in places like YouTube and Break, etc. People have a right to be concerned sometimes.

  157. pie? I can haz lemon merange? choco cream?
    rhubarbh? uhk. sorries no likeys.

    *rummages in purse* I think Lanie might’ve left me with a spare set…..oh nope just chocolate sprinkle covered rusty tweezers will these do?

  158. Baden's Mom says:

    Khadija – Hey – I had to look it up, too. Do a search for the phrase.

    Additionally – As a concerned dog mom, I’m writing this because I didn’t know until recently the following information: There is some evidence that giving your dog ice cubes in water can also increase the likelihood for bloat. In the past, I did that regularly, but have stopped just in case. If anyone knows that this is 100% untrue, I’d love to hear that. My evidence came from an email distributed by the animal shelter I volunteer for, but I couldn’t find any collaborating or discounting evidence on the internet. Additionally, we were told to limit dogs’ swimtime in algea-filled ponds because injesting certain types of algea can also be harmful/fatal. If anyone is interested in the email, I can forward it to you, but there seems to be supporting evidence you could find on the internet. 🙂

  159. Maybe he had just eaten something salty. We had a beagle once who helped himself to a large serving of the Thanksgiving ham, and then he drank, and drank, and drank ……

  160. Good grief, Another Angela. Might be time to stand down a little, don’t you think?

    I can *be* King Theo, if you like. Your call.

  161. Another Angela says:

    Sorry to bother you King Theo. I guess I shouldn’t expect you to apologize for your original attack. Good grief yourself.

  162. ouchies, I don’t think pliers or tweezers are needed today. teh pointy objects is a flyin here! just don’t pop the puppeh ok folks? 🙂

  163. Sad.

  164. Pengraffe says:

    Didn’t any of the concerned people read the comments on the Youtube page which said that a) it was the first day he came home from the breeder, b) he was not from a puppy mill but a reknown breeder, c) it was an isolated incident and d) the puppeh in question is now a healthy 2 and a half year old? While concern is nice, informing yourself before getting all bent out of shape is better. The puppy is precious and his little French bulldog waddle is darling.

  165. Catherine says:

    Is this little pup really drinking? The water hardly has a ripple. Maybe he’s just feeling it with his lips.

  166. pengraffe, ah so he was just loading his pis-tol?
    to mark his territory?
    *slinks into corner for a self inflicted time out for that bad joke*

  167. pengraffe it was mentioned in the comments above by a couple of us but when people are worked up they dont’ listen. They just blithly carry on with their postings. would you like a piece of cherry pie?

  168. Pengraffe says:

    I would love some pie, Annie. How about some pecan pie for the group as well?

  169. AA, King Theo???? Original attack?? it was a poem and a rather funny one too. And please it was exactly what happened, people started carrying on with out seeing if it was warranted.

  170. Pengraffe i do have Pecan but I must warn you it is home made and quite addicting. That said would you like a scoop of ice cream with it?

  171. Metz did you see how cute his little waddle was. I totally cracked up. Puppys are so adorable. BTW Loading his pistol HEhehehe!

  172. Another Angela says:

    Actually, some people thought it was a troll and not even Theo because it was so mean.

  173. I’ve got some leftover dutch apple from Michigan, also exCELLENT with vanilla ice cream!
    Annie, I loved how he kept looking at the camera like, “What you never saw a dog drink water before?” that little eye roll. so teenagerish!

  174. It’s Okay Angela. I understand what your saying but Teho didn’t really mean it to be mean. IT was supposed to be funny. Would you like a piece of pie with us??

  175. Another Angela says:

    yes pass the pie please, even if I’m feeling a little bloated on pie. sorry Theo. I normally can handle your sarcasm better.

  176. Yes, Jen, I came on here specifically to say “spitting image of Yoda” heh heh

    So prosh

  177. MEtz Did you by chance get to have HHEhehe My favorites while you were there. You know the ones ring baloney and blueberries in everything.
    Like Muffins etc.
    Oh and yes when he gave that disgusted look to the camera man you know the one. “I can Not believe you are filming this” just like a teenager… I totallly cracked up

  178. Here you go Another Angela we got lots of variety. Dutch apple and rubarb and chocolate cream and cherry. What kind do you want?

  179. ring baloney, check.
    dutch apple pie, check.
    “no bakes”, gramma easy’s bbq chicken, tators, monkey bread, check, check and check and check.
    (feeling a bit bloated like puppeh) lol
    no blueberry anything this time around tho. *pouts*
    Gramma didn’t make banana pudding or baked beans either *extra pouts*
    oh well, always next time.

  180. Another Angela says:

    I want PUPPY PIE!!!
    (tie-tie puppy pie)

  181. Another Angela says:

    the chocolate-covered rusty tweezers look sorta good though too.

  182. Awww my heart is aching for Michigan now. Who knew I would miss my home state so much when I grew up. Even tho I love Love Love where I live now.

  183. careful wit the tweezers, weez don’t wanna pop the puppeh. 😉 or the metz for that matter. lol

  184. If everyone’s tired of pie I’ll pass around the no bakes but ya gotta share wit everyone! No keepsies!

  185. Wait Metz did you get jello salad you know the one with whip cream and those mini marshmellos in it.

  186. NO.

    I may be Midwestern but I do have my limits.

  187. Another Angela says:

    hey, stfu n00b and eat your jello. just kidding.

  188. AuntieMame says:


    Good one, Another Angela!

    I love jello. Just don’t put any frickin’ pineapple in it.

  189. LOL I don’t eat jello salad either! UCK! Our family called it “ambrosia” UGH. hated it. still do. can’t even look at the stuff.

    Of course its my Mom’s favorite treat so she’s always what? who’s child ARE you? Kinda like my dad when I put ketchup on steak (don’t go there!)

  190. LOL you guys Are funny I brought it up cause when ever I go back to Michigan at every gathering is some form or variation of jello salad.
    Eww MEtz catsup on steak Say it isn’t sooo.

  191. I SAID don’t go there. lol I know… I’m the black sheep of the family because of it.

  192. Another Angela says:

    Isn’t jello made from puppy toenails?

  193. only the freshest ones pulled using chocolate covered rusty pliars.

  194. I watched this cute video and it brought back memories of when I was a little kid playing outside in the summer and getting so thirsty. I’d come in and just guzzle water like mad because the first 5 swallows didn’t get absorbed into my system fast enough. Just kept guzzling and guzzling. Then walk away with my belly distended and sloshing. It’s something kids and probably pups do til they know better. I’m glad my mom didn’t rush me to the pediatrician for a full physical every time I did silly stuff.

  195. green jell-O… full of shredded carrot… and unspeakable horror…

  196. Has the owner been to the vet with this puppy? It might have a kidney problem or something. I don’t wanna spoil the video or anything but I think it’s rather worrying. It’s an adorable lil pup tho.

  197. Another Angela says:

    Hi Alisoun, several others have expressed this concern. We expect that the owners will know if their pup is ill.

  198. [humming]

  199. Since people are too lazy to read the early comments… to quote the OWNER of the dog:
    “This video was taken in March 2005 on the first day we got him. He was, in fact, well taken care of and was purchased from a renown breeder out here in San Diego. His visit to the vet a few days later proved it.

    This was an isolated incident. I’m happy to say that Cosmo is now a strapping 2 1/2 year old adult dog and is as healthy as can be.”

    What you say?! The puppy had a visit to the VET?! And it’s a HEALTHY ADULT DOG NOW?!
    If that doesn’t make it clear I don’t know what does!

  200. Teho ewww are you thinking aspic with the peas in it yuck. I was going with red and fruit cocktail and whipcream and mini marshmallos infinately more tasty. Altho we cannot put in Pineapple cause auntieMame said so!

  201. http://www.youtube.com/user/sentinel49 — this is the link to the healthy puppies site… 🙂

  202. I don’t know if anyone bothered to actually go to the owner’s youtube page (because i only got half way through the comments) but this ‘lil cut pup’s owners left a comment on their page after someone expressed their concern about Cosmo (Puppy’s name). They brought him from a well known breeder in San Diago and they did take him to a vet a few days after this video was taken.

    Cosmo is now a healthy 2 and a half year old dog and this was just a one off incident. 🙂

  203. cute*

  204. Mika no one reads the comments. That would be no fun at all. Here a nuff there a nuff everywhere a nuff nuff nuff.
    Good old meggie moo had a blog eee yi eyi Ohhhhhhh

  205. Ok, and I just realised someone just mentioned the same thing as i did a few minutes ago hehe

  206. Annie — UR DOIN IT RONG 😉

  207. AuntieMame says:

    Orange jello with mandarin oranges is teh yum!

  208. Teho I was not going to put that whole welll you know in there. What and have everyone crucify me… No way I am chicken.

    Okay here you go and only cause it’s funny

    Here a nuff
    There a nuff
    Everywhere a nuffy nuff
    Ol’ Miss Meg Moo had a blog, [edited out by Annie]

  209. Ohhh Aunti Mama that is teh yummmm. Also cherry with real apple chunks walnuts grapes(Sliced in half)and bananas

  210. opps sorry AuntiMame

  211. Another Angela says:

    has anyone checked out the lolrats yet?

  212. What is the name of this vid on YouTube? cuz it says YouTube right there on the lower right hand corner, and I have a YouTube account, so I wanted to add the vid to my favorites. can you tell me what to search for on youtube?

  213. That puppy isn’t well. He should be checked for diabetes. Our vet always wants to know if our dog is drinking excessively. I find it a bit disturbing.

  214. Susie, good one! hahaha!

  215. another Michelle says:

    K, I can’t read 200+ posts. so this may already have been said…..

    If he drinks this much water all the time he could be diabetic or have some other problem – my cat started drinking a lot of water suddenly a few years back and I took him to the vet to find his blood sugar over 400. Puppeh should maybe see the doctor.

  216. Kimberly can’t you just click on the video above until you go to youtube and grab the video that way? IF you click it multiple times it will take you to youtube itself.

  217. Another Susie says:

    Dude didn’t wash his hands after finishing in the bathroom. Gross.

    I’m sure they’ll care better for the pup though.

  218. CanadianChick says:

    aaaarrrggghhhhh! If you’re not going to read the other posts, don’t bother making YOUR post.


    he was such a cute pupsters…slurp slurp slurp

  219. Elizabeth P says:


    Did someone just put the comments on “repeat”?

    Other than that bit about pie, there didn’t seem to be any new material for a while there.


  220. And he drank his belly full and swished away to go pee on the bedroom carpet. but he was a happy puppy living in his new home.

  221. JESUS, PEOPLE!! Even if you can’t be bothered to read all of the 200+ comments, the number alone should tell you 1) there’s a wicked commentrovery in progress, and 2) there’s NOTHING NEW TO SAY!

    Theo, maybe you could add a comment to the original text filling people in on the fate of the poor, bloated, possibly terminal puppy?

    Whew. I feel better.

    Having said that, the puppy is beyond cute.

  222. oaklandcat says:

    I’m with that guy in the bathroom– pup made me havta pee too.

    My cat is an overdrinker- she will stand at the dish for a good three minutes. yes, I asked the vet about it, and there’s nothing wrong with her.


  224. AuntieMame says:

    2) there’s NOTHING NEW TO SAY!

    Believe it or not, Lisa, THAT point has been made a number of times, too. So I guess it didn’t need to be said, either, did it?

  225. Another Angela says:

    There is something old to say!! “This video was taken in March 2005 on the first day we got him. He was, in fact, well taken care of and was purchased from a renown breeder out here in San Diego. His visit to the vet a few days later proved it.

    This was an isolated incident. I’m happy to say that Cosmo is now a strapping 2 1/2 year old adult dog and is as healthy as can be.”

  226. I doubt he’s mortally sick or anything like that, but he is hardly drinking much in the end at all.

    Cwute wobble in the very end though. ^_^

  227. Another Angela and Auntie Mame would you like to join me in a rousing chorus now. ;D

    Here a nuff
    There a nuff
    Everywhere a nuffy nuff
    Ol’ Miss Meg Moo had a blog, (including everything Teho Said earlier)

  228. My cat does this. I always joke he’s really part camel.
    Also, the vet says its normal… he’s nearly 6 years old now and he still drinks more water a day than you would believe. It comes right out though… I go through a lot of litter!

  229. I read each and every post *reddens slightly*

    *daintily noshes on marshmallow delight anyway*

    Note: There are numerous variations of ambrosia. The ‘marshmallow delight” they sell at Publix Supermarkets is, however, Tha Schizz.

  230. There you have it.

    Are we done?

  231. Another Angela says:

    I think it might be time for some kitten huffing.

  232. Minor point of confusion… your screen name is “NYgirly” but Publix is a Florida supermarket…?

  233. C’mon Theo, everyone knows that 1/2 of Florida’s population is made up of NY’ers.

    *passes out Chocolate cherry pie*

  234. I bet it was the first time he ever had a drinking vessel all to himself. I read the comments and the repeats and the pies and now I’m hungry. Someday I’ll learn just to zoom to the end of any post with over 100 comments. Better yet, go have a piece of pie.

  235. I think this puppy deserves to die.

    Discuss amongst yourselves.

  236. I think this puppy deserves more pie.

    Discuss amongst yourselves.

  237. I’m glad someone finally saw the comment that the puppy is a healthy 2 1/2 year old now! Believe it or not, I read every comment here. My eyes are burning. Can I have some pie?

  238. sentinel49 says:

    Hello! This is sentinel49 one of the proud owners of Cosmo the thirsty French bulldog, and the guy that used the bathroom during the puppy’s extended drink session.

    For those that did not see my comment on youtube, Cosmo is a strapping young French bulldog and healthy as ever.

    That video was taken when we first brought him home. The breeder who sold him to us was 40 minutes away and although we had water in the car, he didn’t have a thirst for it until we got home. I just wanted to take this opportunity to let you know that A) This was an isolated incident and it has never happened since; and B) He does not have diabetes.

    Thank you to all who were concerned and rest assured he is fine and dandy as we speak. I will be posting an updated video of Cosmo in the next few hours confirming that he is fine! haha

    Take care everyone,


  239. Theo I’m from Florida, but recently moved to NY 😛


  240. Another Angela says:

    but do you wash your hands?

  241. yeh… even us FL -> NY transplants wash our hands ^^ *chuckle*

    [ummm… drunk driving? Fashion non-sense? Stoopytude? – Ed.]
    this is animal cruelty and i refuse to even recognize teh cute!

    (just kidding! i couldn’t resist)

  243. OMG Peppi – you’re funny. That cracked me up!

    I don’t have any problem with people voicing concern. We all need to speak up more in life. In many cases it can and does save lives. It never occured to me there was anything wrong in this video (except for the low water level). So kudos to those who said something. Even if nothing was wrong, it’s cool you cared.

  244. NotSupposedToBeDoingThisAtWork(ButNowI'mHome) says:

    I have two questions:

    1. What the H-E-double-hockey-sticks is a ring bologna?
    [Trust me, it’s not as bad as it sounds… – Ed.]
    [ http://www.kramarczuk.com/Sausages.html ]

    2. I just drank a whole bunch of water. Am I going to die?

    it’s never enuff…

  245. sentinel49 says:

    I have posted a new video of the great Cosmo on youtube entitled “Thirsty French Bulldog Grown Up”. See how big and less thirsty he’s gotten! haha

    – sentinel49

  246. PEOPLE! The owner of the above pup has posted! Please read comments before commenting!

    Also, stop being so mean to each other. I’ve had a bad month and I don’t want to deal with everyone else’s issues online as well 😛 You may now go about conforming the interwebs to my taste, thank you.

  247. acelightning says:

    ‘Nuff of this commentroversy! Pass me a creme brulee. And a Big Gulp of water to wash it down.

  248. PETA Sucks says:

    Once again, for the sniveling, oversensitive types who’re still crying about the “sick dog.” :

    “This video was taken in March 2005 on the first day we got him. He was, in fact, well taken care of and was purchased from a renown breeder out here in San Diego. His visit to the vet a few days later proved it.

    This was an isolated incident. I’m happy to say that Cosmo is now a strapping 2 1/2 year old adult dog and is as healthy as can be.”

  249. Okay, usually I don´t wade into these commentroversies, but never before have I seen a comment that so truly offended and worried me. Metz…YOU DON´T LIKE RHUBARB APPLE!?!?!! Talk about something that requires immediate medical attention.

  250. Dale not only does Metz not like rhubarb apple, but she also doesn’t like Strawberry rhubarb… A much bigger sin in my book as we all know this is one of those heaven sent kinda pies.
    Of course we can forgive this casue she likes LEmon Merangue and Chocolate cream pie.. Yummmmmmmm

  251. Comments should be totally DISABLED. Sheesh, let us just enjoy teh cuteness. Relax folks…

    [well, that’d be kind of extreme… I do close the comments on *old* posts, though, to prevent spammers from invading them… – Ed.]

  252. Where’s my pie?

  253. Dude….it’s a doggie inflatinist. Holy cow.

  254. calm down! says:

    that was cute =) i admit i did feel a bit worried, but seeing how the owners were also concerned made me feel better about the situation. and with research i found the pup was ok… there’s no need for such harsh comments =/

    also, theo can say whatever he wants! some of you make such caustic remarks then condemn him for giving you a taste of your own medicine?? it really doesn’t make sense! don’t go swinging punches and then start crying when someone flicks it right back at you!

  255. there there Mika, no need to get fussy 🙂 I was just a little bit concerned (and yes, I am indeed too lazy to read ALL the posts). Nice to hear the pupster is all healthy.

  256. That’s really sad, not cute.. =(

  257. I also think he’s entirely too cute for words, but as a person whose father died from diabetes complications, when I see any mammal drinking water in copious amounts I have to wonder. Extreme thirst is a symptom of diabetes.

    So, I’d be concerned for the pup’s health too, and if that makes me a bad person, fine.

    So go on and flame and tell me I’m a stupid bitch and I’m an idiot and I don’t know anything about pet care and I should go suck on a shotgun now because I’m too stupid to breathe and whatnot.

    First of all, does that somehow make you happier?

    Second: I don’t give a swut.
    [Wait, that rings a bell… what’s that from?? “Who gives a swut?” It’s going to bother me, now… maybe Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy? – Ed.]

    Pup’s health is paramount.

    Kiss my ass.
    [Wait a minute now, that’s MY line… – Ed.]

  258. Taken out of context this film could be a cause for concern, but the owner has commented above and said that Cosmo is now a healthy 2 1/2 year old with no health issues.

    He’s also posted a more recent film on Youtube to show Cosmo enjoying life to the full.

    He’s clearly grown into a very happy and well cared for dog. Can we relax now please?

  259. Tracie – noone has yet attacked you on C.O. but yourself !?

  260. Is this the longest number of posts? Cuz if not…

    BUMP ^^

    *backs away slowly*

  261. wow, lots of comments since I left last night. New additions of pecan pie, etc. Can I please hae some pecan? It’s my favorite. Also can’t wait to see how the little doggie looks all grown up!! Off to check out new vid

  262. no i do not likes rhubarb of any kind. I know I know and I call myself a midwesterner, what can I say? I also don’t like Mustard, an apparant staple and 5th food group in the midwest. lol

  263. First some people need to take a happy pill, failling that, an extra strengh snorggle on a pup’s tum.

    I do stand by Theo, tho’. First, he’s a volunteer. It’s not his job as he doesn’t get paid for it. Second he’s human and entitled to feel anger a few times in his life. So it’s ok to say whatever it comes to your mind because you’re a visitor to the site, but he can’t because he’s a mod? Third, if someone is going to criticize a pet owner for not taking care of their pets, the minimum I expect is the person to do some homework and check if their criticism is due (The pup is fine! And the owner POSTED HERE, people! They took him to the vet!!)


    …Ok, can I have a piece of the pie as well? :} pretty please?

  264. here ya go JT, just maded a fresh dutch apple, & here’s a cuppa coffee, and (shhh) a dab o’vanilla bean ice cream to go on the warm pie.

  265. Metz — maybe yellow picnic mustard. That’s only good on hot dogs.

  266. To be fair, JT, I *can* be professional. It’s just that I have the luxury of not being REQUIRED to behave like a Hilton concierge 24/7, so occasionally I indulge myself.

  267. PS — did anyone ever give Shaz some pie?

  268. Oh noes! i forgotz someone?
    Pie! Getcher fresh pie here!
    *dives out of the way of crowd stampee-ding to pie table.*

    Theo you iz fun. 😀

    Everyone has off days, things said in jest get taken wrong, but we all get back up brush ourselves off and jump back into line to take our own drinks at the Qte Trough. ;-P Glurpity slurpity!

  269. Oh my goodness, I ask for pie and get it with vanilla ice cream AND coffee?! Talk about being a happy soul now 😀 Thanks Metz!! *Glurpz slurpz, nham, nham… cleans off face*

    Theo I hear you, I’ve been a mod before… nuff said, lol

    Metz you’re right, I think the moon shifted position, we’re all crabby here in the office :)) Gotta run to check the perfect puppytude post!!!

  270. Auntie Mame – You make a very valid point. I suppose I was hoping (futilely, obviously) that someone would see my post near the end, and perhaps realize the puppy was not only OK, but thriving.

    Hope springs eternal.

  271. …like an artesian well!!

  272. NotSupposedToBeDoingThisAtWork(ButNowI’mHome): Just noticed your comment, what is Ring bologna you ask?
    Is it sausage? Not technically. Is it bologna? more or less.
    It’s tasty. LoL if you like that sorta thing. My family loves the pickled kind chopped into small bits with ritz or saltines and chunks o’cheese. ummmm yumm!
    Seems to be a mostly mid-western thing tho, as now that I’m in NY I don’t seem to find it anywherez. (pouts)

  273. oops 2nd link din’t work the way I wanted it to. Iffen you go here: http://www.koegelmeats.com/products/ and in their search field type in “ring bologna” you’ll get what I was trying to show you.

  274. WHAT?! No KEY LIME??!! No offense to the other pie favs, but I must needs bring on the best pie EVAR…and BUMP!!

    And adorapuppers looks like a water balloon – splish splash PISSSSSSSSSSS….

  275. NotSupposedToBeDoingThisAtWork says:

    Oohhhhh… ring bolgna. I think I may have been overthinking that a little. 🙂 Thanks! having led a sheltered life here on the east coast, I didn’t realize bolgna came that way…

    P.S. I *heart* pie…. is there any banana creme?

    P.P.S. I *heart* Theo! He can say whatever he likes, nyah.

  276. Metz… Damit you gotta stop this…. my little old Michigan heart can only take so much… Now I got pictures of my favorite bologna and the grocery store that was in my home town. Hmmm must go see if they have cream horns.

  277. O Wise and Gentle Folk,

    I am but a simple wanderer in this glorious realm of da Cute, and I offer the following observations with all humility and obsequiosity:

    When one wishes to express concern and render sage advice on behalf of a bebeh creature found in these pages, it may behoove one to remember that the gentle reader cannot hear one’s tone of voice when reading one’s comment. Short statements such as “That’s not cute” or “Not funny at all,” may, therefore, be received–understandably, if mistakenly–as angry chastisement of the 1.7 bazillion folks who did find the aforementioned bebeh creature cute and/or funny and/or adorable.

    If one desires to be understood as saying, “I am concerned for this bebeh creature,” rather than “J’accuse, you cruel and heartless scoundrels!”, one may want to consider the option of following the example of those ones who have reserved comment upon others’ perceptions of cuteness in favor of getting straight to the expression of concern and rendition of sage advice. In my own limited experience, bruised feelings are not terribly productive of generosity of heart and breadth of mind–whatever the purity of the (perhaps inadvertent) bruiser’s intentions.

    With peace, love, and fuzzy bunnies all around, I am,

    yours in the struggle,


    ps i gets “STFU”, but please what iz “n00bs”? i told youse i was simple…

  278. I hope this puppy gets told just how much trouble he’s caused in these comments

  279. Bologna ring sounds weird (bordering on inappropriate); maybe it’s shaped like a kielbasa, you know the two curved links kinda shaped like a ring…

    I’m new to upstate NY and I want some shoo fly pie dammit *pouty face*


  280. lol it looks weird bordering on inappropriate too.

  281. take him to the vet!!!

  282. Never mind…. he’s all grown up now!

  283. That’s not cute, it’s cruel! Any idiot knows that you’re not supposed to let puppies drink unlimited amounts of water! The poor thing probably got collick. Get a clue…..mean.

  284. Ok… I just made the big mistake of looking at the bologna ring (http://www.koegelmeats.com/products/db.cgi?snack+ring) and it looks like a bloated, fleshy toilet seat and now I feel ambivalent: 1/2 of me is like mega EW and the other 1/2 is all BWAHAHAHAHA! Thank goodness I wasn’t drinking something at the time or else I woulda hadda clean *spew* offa mah monitor ^^

  285. “D” seems to stand for “Doesn’t bother to read before mouthing off”, in this case.

  286. I swear sometimes I think the nuffers are just doing it to be annoying…….still love the puppeh and his waddly belly

  287. bloated fleshy toilet seat…

    *cleaning spew offa MY monitor*

  288. Yeah, I got an eyebrow up about that one, too.

  289. You all should really poke around youtube more instead of just hitting ‘play’ and then bitching over and over, causing Theo and Meg bandwidth. I mean, the offending owners won’t read comments here to make sure they’re never offending someone, right? You’re NOT making an impression here–go to the youtube pages if you are that worried at an animal you will never meet and that dis like every other thing on the planet. You can’t baby everything. At the very least, if someone has already posted about a damn disease, don’t post again. If someone is having an issue with an animal, eventually it will be resolved because of a routine vet visit or some such thing. No one is ever going to say “Gee, doc, my dog almost died, but thank goodness, a random poster on a cutesy animal blog online told me what was what!”

    Stop the spamming hysteria, and please, just for me, a first-time poster, long-time fan of CO, stop doing the cutesy English language butchering. Meg can do what she wants with her blog, but do we need 50 comments all saying how adorable an animal is in varying degrees of literacy?

    Most of us are full-grown women between the ages of 18 and, like, 80 so I don’t think we need to be acting like catty teenagers about commentroversy. I’m an outside observer, a lurking reg, and I just had to say something because it’s getting really ugly.

  290. One thing though… you think THESE comments are bad? Then my *strong* recommendation to you is never, EVER to wade into the stinking mire that is YouTube comments. Just don’t.

  291. When the cutesy wutesy talke gets on my nerves…….I don’t read it.

  292. Most of the time it doesn’t bother me though and sometimes it is quite funny!

  293. This dog needs to be checked for diabetis and other endocrine problems. This action is not normal unless you are not feeding him right.

  294. I don’t care if I’m 180, I’m gonna gush cutesy talk until someone pulls my Internet connection. One doesn’t just post uber cuteness and honestly expect `tha peeps to just sit back and not say anything. Jeez, whyncha chuck a hershey bar into a glob of pmsing women and tell `em not to eat it 0_o.
    What kind of sense is that?

    So… googoogah
    wubba wubba poobie poo glurpy shizzle
    smook’em hoobey woo-woo
    bebeh boo 😛

  295. Careful, NYgrrl. You’ll give Meg the dry Cabernet horks.

  296. Dum de dum dum dummmmmm….(Music from Dragnet)

    On August 21st 2007,
    the blog spot Cute Overload.com was over run with Nuffers.

    What did they say…

    everyone of them said the same thing… This dog has diabetes, this dog is i’ll

    what did they want….
    TO just get the thought off their chest.

    All nuffers were apprehended and plyed with offers of Pie, Ice Cream and Coffee… In the hopes of steming the tide of repeat comments…

    Unfortunately at this time Cute over load is still receiving comments from Nuffs.

    All events in this program are true but the names of the nuffers have bleeen changed to protect the innocent….

    All trials for nuffers are pending at this time…
    Join us next week when we see if Meg will add a men of CO catagory or Dogagory as teh case may be.

    Dum De Dum Dum Dummmmmmmmmm.

  297. Another Angela says:

    Bad ex-puppy racking up the comments!! Spank with rolled up newspaper 2 years ago!
    and what no blackberry pie???

  298. Another Angela says:

    Just an observation–I think we have the “freedom of speech” part down pretty well, but I sense a teeny lack of “tolerance” sometimes. and sure, I’ll include myself. Anyway, just wanted to bump the numbers a little.

  299. Another Angela says:

    Cmon peeps!! Who’s going for 300????

  300. Hi Another Angela HEre it is TriCenti Bleen

  301. Another Angela says:

    EXCELLENT job Annie! toot toot! (toy horn sound)
    kittens all around. Now I can go back to work.

  302. What’s “dry Cabernet horks”? It sounds like it might kick in the wine buzz ^^

  303. “Gee, doc, my dog almost died, but thank goodness, a random poster on a cutesy animal blog online told me what was what!”

    Hee! This made me laugh…it’s both hilarious and a good point!

    I’m amazed that people are STILL posting that the dog is unhealthy etc. My freakin’ goodness.

    *digs into pie* Anyone got some water?

  304. Sorry, none left. I think it was the dog.

  305. Awww… reminds me of our Westie, “Darwin”. He always took long drinks. Not THIS long, though. Maybe someone has already mentioned this (I’m not gonna look thru 300+ comments!) but filling up the water bowl might make it easier for pups to get more on his li’l tongue!

  306. Webster be darned, Khonsu, I shall never forfit the opprotunity to use zee Cutelish, neva! Mmm’k?

  307. chocolate pie, please says:

    Uh oh…just watched the new video. I think the pup must have been that thirsty because he has rabies.

  308. Mo K Yes my friend that was mentioned like at least twenty times up there. as well as the dog is gonna die, has diabetes needs to go to the vet. Something is wrong with that dog… Wait did I cover it all. oh forgot what horrid owners it has for not taking it to the vet and my favorite Did that guy wash his hands…even tho you can’t tell as the bathroom door thank God is closed.

    Want some Pie??? WE got no water as Theo pointed out the dog drank it all.

  309. What a totally delicious-looking widdle puppy! Absolutely adorable.I guess somebody forgot to tell him not to do anything suspicious on camera.
    Maybe dumb folks should just stay away from any place that might upset their equilibrium. Like anywhere outside their timid little heads… oh, wait, that’s where it starts.
    I love C O!

  310. christine says:

    That puppy hardly drank any water at all, if you look there are almost no ripples, and notice the lack of splishing noises. I don’t think the owners are being intentionally cruel, but they’re clearly not very observant if they think he’s “still drinking.” More like still trying to get a good slurp! Add some water to the bowl, guys!

  311. He listened to him momma…drink lots of water in the summer when it’s hot !!!

    GOOD poochie !!!

  312. What is freekin’ cabernet horks already?

    Are they related to Snorks?
    Or dorks?
    Or stainless steel forks?

    Tell meeeeee I must know deese…

  313. I can’t believe I just read all those comments… funny thing that I noticed though is that for every “nuff” comment, there are at least 5 repetitive comments poking fun at it from the same few people. Just leave it all alone, no?

    and NYgirly – I think “cabernet horks” would mean laughing while drinking wine, resulting in a wine-up-the-nose situation. Sounds mighty unpleasant.

  314. *passes Meg her chocolate* You win, you sooo just made me cry in glee/sadness and sheer emotional randomness. *sigh* Good job!!

  315. Another Angela says:

    we never did find out whether he washes his hands. but we know NYgirly does.

    I like the rabies idea. Was that new?

  316. Isn’t wine somewhat acetic? Therefore a good ‘cabernet snorking’ could actually be good for ole nozz ^^ and, thus, it would be fruitful…

    *ducks out of harms way from onslaught of airborne rotten vegetables, heavy shoes and anything else that could damage my widdle cerebrum*

  317. Isn’t wine somewhat acetic? Therefore a good ‘cabernet snorking’ could actually be good for ole nozz ^^ and, thus, it would be fruitful…

    *ducks out of harms way from onslaught of airborne rotten vegetables, heavy shoes and anything else that could damage my widdle cerebrum*

  318. ugh sorry for repost repost

    dum refresh button gettin’ all sassy

  319. I know that this topic has been done to death, the dog is FINE (this is an old video), and I can’t be bothered reading all 300+ comments, but as a vet if i was presented with this video from a client the first thing i would want to do is measure water intake over 24 hrs, and take a wee sample for testing. Quite easy to do really, but no need to RUSH to the vet asap!!

    As for ppl who say OH MY GOD IT’S DIABETES!!!! there are about a million different causes of excessive thirst, and diabetes is highly unlikely in a pup that age.

    Looks like that puppy “drank” more air than water, i dont think he’s even touching the surface half the time.

    Pretty funny video! (and reaction)

  320. PS average age of onset for diabetes mellitus in dogs: 8yrs

  321. memyselfni says:

    aw, so cute! And even cuter as an adult! I think french bulldogs are much prettier than english ones. Gorgeous dog!

  322. Let's take a deep breath, folks! says:

    Luv the site, luv the comments, even appreciate the different points of view. I read about halfway through these but now my typing fingers are itching too much to wait any more. Here’s my two cents.
    Like first-time parents everywhere, they’ll have bebbeh under 24/7 scrutiny for quite a while. People, they thought that two minutes of him lapping at a bowl of water was a camera-worthy event! Sheesh, even my parents didn’t think I was that special. Believe me, these guys have the vet on speed-dial. They’re going to be the kind of nauseating people who never stop talking about their kidlet, and who force you to ooh-and-aah over a zillion out-of-focus snapshots while lunch grows cold. All first babies, even human ones, have to tolerate incompetent parents, and in that kind of loving and doting environment, we all come through it just fine. I guarantee that by tomorrow these folks will realize that bebbeh needs a smaller water bowl, filled a little more deeply. And in under a week they will know, like every parent everywhere, exactly which grimace means “you have under 5 seconds to clear the room before the stink bomb hits.”

  323. Let's take a deep breath, folks! says:

    And in all the hubbub, how could I forget to say, that bebbeh is just heart-meltingly adorable! And he looks like he has such a sweet disposition, too! Want!! (insert grabby hands here)

  324. metsakins says:

    Wow, I missed a whole big commentraversy. Boy I gotta stop working so much.

  325. metsie!
    (hands metsie a piece of pie & some ring bologna with cheese & crackers)

    missed you hon!

    there’s tweezers too but be carefulz.

  326. Even though this was so cute it still would give me great concern. Drinking so much water can be a sign of a very serious health problem. If that sweet little puppy continues doing that I would certainly have he/she checked by a vet.

  327. thank you! this was soooo cute, it’s been a while since I have seen a puppy do this, but they do!

  328. Yea, I work at a vet and that’s not normal. If you can see their belly full of water then they drank a lot of water. Did they crate this little guy without a water bowl so they could control his urination? Must provide water to pets at all times – NO MATTER WHAT! This video is disturbing and gross! Even if this puppy wasn’t deprived of water, he shouldn’t have been allowed to drink that much at once. The fact that they watched it and filmed it gives me the creeps.