Esscyuusse me, but I am not feesh please.


Yes I do understand how you may feel constrained by the classifications currently available to you, sir or madam.  However, this does not diminish my state of reptilianity.  I am what I am.  You see?  Not all that is wet is fishy!

We are TURTLE.  You will be assimilated.

Thanks to Lauri for the fine fotos!



  1. Yay!

  2. New York Michele says:

    I heart turtles. And gazillions of mcturtlesons are almost too much love to take in at once!

  3. So bleen, yet so far away!

  4. Awwww 🙂 Why are things that come in baby size just so freakin’ cute? Why? Because they can fit in your mouf and you can eat dem all up!

    *kisses each widdle turtey*

  5. YAY!!!! My turtee bebees!!!

    Heehee, he may not be fish, but he is certainly giving us the ol’ fisheye!

  6. Tiny turtles are totally too tweet!

  7. i wuv twootles! that is all.

  8. Yay for Lauri’s turtees! Yay for Teho’s creative cropping!

  9. It’s LAURI’S TURTIES! Woo Hoo! Way ta go!

    Oh, I forgot –


  10. And yes, Teho – the cropping makes for a nice composishe!

  11. Cool.. Turtle Borgs. You will be assimilated.

  12. gah!

    oh too cute too cute! so tiny and cute!

  13. AuntieMame says:

    They need a nickel in the photo, to show the size scale.

  14. smokeyJoe says:


    my day is complete.

  15. BWAAAAAAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA @ the scrollover pop-up. Nice one Theo!

  16. TURTLES!!!!!!

    *squeals and faints from the cute*

  17. They’re beyootifull! My fave turtle memories are scuba diving and seeing one swim gently along. They’re so peaceful.

  18. michellemybelle says:

    Yay! The babies made it!

  19. Seven of Nine says:

    Resistance is indeed futile.

  20. sunnymum that’s one of my favorite diving memories too. Especialy because the turtles just appeared out of no where. Of course, they were of the gigantic variety, not adorable mouf sized guys like these.

    It’s a total bummer that such kissable little guys can carry salmonella. I still wanna hold a mini turtle. 🙂

  21. metsakins says:

    state of reptilianity

    hunh wtf?

    cute pic though…

  22. Squeeeee! Teeny toitles!

  23. I like the radical positioning of the COXCU before the zoomed-out pic.

  24. Renae — mmm, salmon…

    Mets — you’ve never been there? The capitol building is an 8-story stucco brontosaurus.

  25. *sigh*
    Brings back memories of turtle catchin as a kid. Although we never got a motherlode like this one.

    Those teeny tailios have just turned themselves into arrows and shot me right through the heart. I ded from teh qte.

  26. Your resistance is SQUEEEEEEEEE-futile.

  27. So cute! My little guys were that tiny once…..I named them Sam & Ella in light of the salmonella thing….

  28. *singing…*

    We are not six fishees if you please
    We are not six fishees if you don’t please
    We will take you into our collective
    Your uniqueness enriches our perspective.

    [Good grief, Peg… oftentimes we’re given rhymes that are quite un-sing-able! – Ed.]

  29. w00t w00t for Lauri!!!

    “this does not diminish my state of reptilianity”
    teho, c’mon–they have no state thereof. They be Turdees, always of the amphibious variety.

  30. I almost forgot.


  31. jaypo, I love the word “reptilianity”, too.

    I am sure Pratchett would prefer “reptilialialialianity” however.

    Maybe that only works with “Continuinuinuinum.”

  32. Peg of T!!!!


    And, dang, thanks for pointing out the scrollover popup, locutus….I dun missed it!!!

  33. [commencing audit]

  34. I believe the correct phrasing of this would be:

    Resistance is reptile.

  35. Glurp…in the COXCU you can see the turdies little egg toof.

    I just noticed that!

  36. d00d(ette) — it’s YOUR photo! You never looked at it full-size??

  37. Juniper Jupiter says:


    I feel a new word cooking up in mah brain!!….TURTLING!!!!


    Anyone using it as they do kitling and pupling, well, you all know my rules…a million bux for me, but in this case, since not a lotta folx has turtles for pets, the next time you see one struggling on his back, or trying to cross the street, give’em a hand for me, kthxbye! 😛

  38. Juniper Jupiter says:

    I mean as in pupling or kitling…if they use either word which I invented(okay, I kinda stole one of them from my hubby) they either pay me a million bux to me or skritch their pet for me! Not a lot of people have turtles for pets…sorry should reiterate better!:P

  39. dOOd, I didn’t look at it THAT close up! 😉

    as in “turtling thru space”?

  40. Shannon Johnson says:

    tiny turtles. yay!!!!!!

  41. turty tinels. yay!!!!!!

  42. Peg of Tilling. Heheheh. wow and it is a toungue twister too. go ahead peeps try to sing it real fast I dare ya I double dog dare ya. I mean turtle dare ya!

  43. since we be claimin wordrulz here, can I verify if none have used Squeet yet? lol

    Turtling through space.
    All of a sudden I got that old song heard from Dr. Demento in my head, “Star Trekin across the Universe”
    hey it was either that or “Pigs In Spaaaaaaaace!”

  44. That’s it. I’m getting a tiny turtle. I was thinking about getting one when I went back to school and this is the last straw.

  45. Maryland grad says:

    Oh dear sweet Jeebus!!! I love them thar turtlees!!! Thank you people for loving and understanding how great turtles are.

    GO TERPS!!!

  46. resistance is toitile?

  47. YAY Lauri’s turdies!!!
    they are so cute!
    squeeeee! 🙂

  48. Jaypo:

    They are most definitely reptiles, not amphibians.


  49. hrh.squeak says:

    Teeny tiny turtle tailios!!!

    Pointy tiny tailios have pierced me to the quick with their Qte.

  50. Squeesistance is turtile?

  51. Theriously.. I could put one of those little guys on a Ritz cracker and just snack’em up

  52. What? 50-some comments and nobody has pointed out how the turtles are tortured and suffering and not cute?

    God, we’ve got to raise some awareness of the agony associated with being placed on a human being’s hand around here. Lookit that one being held by his sides! Squish!

  53. Educand with the obligatory preemptive quasi-nuff.

    (I wonder what Babelfish would do with *that* sentence…)

  54. I love turtles they are so cute. I want one but can’t find any around here…..

  55. Do I detect me an egg toof in little Mr. Closeup?

  56. Juniper Jupiter, I helped a turtle across the road just about a month ago. It was a fairly busy road too. I stopped traffic. Much fun!


    Love these teeny tiny turtles. Yes, I wanna put one in my mouf.

  57. When we last saw our five intrepid hero’s they had been snatched up by the giant in his huge hand. Oh no! does this spell the end of our turtle heros.
    Will they escape his mega clutches or will they be crushed in the blink of an eye?

  58. NYgirly…rotfl…fantastic!

  59. Alice Shortcake says:

    Those little tails….SQUEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!

  60. *turtle commander*
    Oh no! They’ve got Jerry!
    Quick deploy Qte rays!
    *tails begin emitting qte rays*
    *human melts from teh qte*
    Turtles run free once more off to rescue friend being held prisoner by a giant foot at beachside resort.

    Then it’s off to teh turtle party!

    The end.
    or is it?

  61. [must not quote The Doors]
    [must not quote The Doors]
    [must not quote The Doors]

  62. Overconcerned Carrie says:

    I bet those turtles are being horribly mistreated even as we speak

  63. lol theo

  64. Here’s something to ponder…what would one name a turtle?

    When they were young’ens, my mom and her twin brother caught turtles. He named his Oscar and she named hers Esmerelda.

    Growing up with that story, I can’t shake the idea that these are perfect turtle names.

  65. my only friend…

  66. OK, Theo, I couldn’t resist…

    Educand with the quasi-nuff of obligatory pre-emption

    (English => French, and then back. Not bad, actually.)

    Using Italian as the intermediary produced:

    Educand with the quasi-nuff preemptive obligatory

    And Spanish produced:

    Educand with quasi-nuff with obligatory preferred right

    However, Japanese wins, I think:

    Educand of priority quasi-nuff of obligation

    [teh internets is a strange and wonderful place – Ed.]

  67. RPenn — you mean other than “Sam” and “Ella”?

    (see Ness’ comment, upthread)

  68. Metz. Snicker… quick to the turtle cave.

  69. Indeed, Ed. “The internets is a strange and wonderful place”!

    So, too, is Emc^2’s mind! And…while we are at it YOURS!

    And…yours and yours and yours….*points at all the CO peeps*

    LMAO, Metz!

  70. [noting Comment #69]
    [it’s been a good day for Lauri]

  71. Resistance is reptile…

  72. so very cute!
    check the lil tails! ha!

  73. (aside) I am a little surprised about something. Not disappointed, mind you, but surprised.

  74. Sam and Ella are indeed wonderful turtle names. Inspired, even!

    My own twin sister and I, back when we were kids (odd that there’s another twin ref here) had those teeny turtles you could buy in petstores.

    Mine was Ping and hers was Skippy. Or the other way around. When you’re a twin, the lines get blurred about some things…

  75. share!

  76. I cannot believe nobody wrote “Someone save me from the wee turtles!”

  77. I can’t believe there was no Turtle power and no Teenage mutant Ninja turtles. Donte and wait HAng with me peeps I had girls so…. well I didn’t have to live and breath them… Leonardo and Ehn Gasp… Can’t do It I cannot remember their names

  78. donatello, michalangelo, leonardo, and raphael.
    of course I’ve probably totally mispelled their names so don’t kill me peeps that haz edukatuns.

  79. I guess the 5th one is their illegitmate brother no one talks about “George”.

  80. …that’d be KING George III

  81. Rapheal Really one was named Raphael. (jokes are flying thru my head here but in light of the puppy post I won’t write them)
    ANyway Metz no ones speaks of George because he got squished by the giant.

  82. not cute. sorry.

  83. Theo!!!

    You must have been aware of how much I debated whether or not to mention comment 69.

    It HAS been a good day! 😉

  84. What do you call a group of turtles? A herd? A flock? A swarm? I kinda like the term a ‘Shell’ of Turtles.

  85. AliceTanzer says:

    A group of turtles is called a Bale, a Dole, or a Rafter. 🙂

  86. I’ve always liked “a herd o’ turtles” myself.


  87. Okay I am slower than a herd of turtles stampeding through peanut butter. Dilbert told me so!

  88. Well, Annie, I’m slower than a Dole of turtles caught in a can of pineapple.

    (with heavy syrup)

  89. Pretty sweet, Chiquita.

  90. Q: Are we not fish?
    A: We are TURTLE!

  91. what about slower than a raft of turtles caught in a frozen river.. 😦 sorry not as funny as Aubrey’s)

  92. Elizabeth P says:

    Ok, there’s Raphael, Michelangelo, Leonardo, and Donatello….. so who the heck is the other guy, huh?

  93. So small! So cute! So … SHINY! I’ve been blinded by shiny cuteness!
    I love how the lil’ one on the bottom is all tucked into his shell – like he’s kind of shy. Oh, well. There’s one in every group.

  94. “TURTLEY-AWESOME!!” I mean you turtley captured the essence of the little dudes!!

  95. LOL!!!

    Nothing worse than turtles on the Dole, Aubrey!

    Hi, Renee!!! My good buddy from the lab!

    I believe I am hearing some excellent terrapuns! 😛

  96. Shannon M says:

    Teeny claws. Pointy tailios! Tiny egg toof. It’s too too moishe!

  97. Yay! Lauri! I lurve turtle babies. Great pics! I’m still thinking those tails were some sort of spy antennies! We’re turtie-doomed!

  98. Melissa H. says:

    Teeny tiny turtles!!

  99. Cheers for the Devo, Tamara.

    Reptiloid, he was a reptiloid
    And it determined what he could seeeee

  100. Centibleen Turtle Power. There my work here is done.

  101. King George. “I can fly! Wheeeee!”

    Donatello to the others, “Should we tell him?”

    Others, “Nayh! Let him have his dreams.”

  102. Metz so perfect so mutant turtles

  103. here’s something to wonder about… a turtle without a shell – is he homeless or naked?

  104. Jayell — he’s a lizard.

  105. After the horrific story I recently read about a poor tortoise who was tortured by some sick youth, it is sooooo heartwarming to see people loving and caring for these amazing creatures!

    Thank God, the injured tortoise is now at home recuperating.

  106. bunnyslave says:

    adorable photo…

    ADORABLEST cap-shon!

  107. acelightning says:

    Teeny tiny turkles!
    Only we can’t nibble on ’em, because we’ll get salmonella. I *had* salmonella once (not from turtles, but from college cafeteria food), and, believe me, peeps, you DO NOT WANT!

  108. terrapins
    I can’t figure out
    if it’s the end or the beginning.

    — though those little tail-dealies ought to make it sort of clear, you know.

  109. The Honourable Gladys Anstruther says:

    Bite size crusty pies,
    I surmise.

  110. Maryland grad says:

    Heroes in a half shell!
    Turtle power!

  111. Villeline says:

    The TAILS!!!

  112. Juniper Jupiter says:

    Oooh, Lauri! That’s good!! Turtling thru space!! LOL!!! XD!!!

    And yay for Soxfan!!!

  113. since when do turtles have tails?


  114. Since forever, Coco… you don’t know turtails?

  115. OK, I said “Wee turtles” and someone did say Michelangelo, Raphael, Leonardo and Donatello, and someone said “turkles” so it just remains for me to say “TOITLES”!


  116. PS, the Hon Gladys, shouldn’t that be “bite-size CUTIE pies”? 😉

  117. Yah, but yanno… if ya HADDA get salmonella, wouldn’t you rather get it from cutey turtey? ^^

  118. Unforutnaly this is why so many turtles wind up homeless. Because they are so friggin cute as babies, but they get bigger.

    Sorry, I’m a turtle advocate, I have a 10 year old and she ain’t no little baby anymore! I love her to death though.

  119. Did ya notice how the turtey all closest to 6 o’clock peed and is slinking himself back into his shell all embarassed and stuff?

  120. Turtle update:

    Those are my hands in that picture and the turtles were released into the wild shortly after the photo shoot. Rain came the next day and we can only assume they are having the time of their, so far, short lives!

  121. Aaron: You got peed on by a turtey! You got peed on by a turtey! ^^

  122. chelonianmobile says:

    The Turtles Move!

  123. squeeeee! baby turtles everywhere!! their baby turtle claws are so tiny!

  124. LOL!!! Aaron!!!

    I am sure the baby turties are as happy as they could possibly be….unless they are Philbert!

    These babies are happily living in a “flood” area, that 10 days ago was a “drought” area.

    Huh. Maybe people should just go with the flow!

  125. Love these turtles thanks for sharing.

  126. Awwww! They look like my two cute babies!