Wow, that cat really impressed me

No, really.

He literally left an impression.

[whispering behind hand] He’s really big-boned.


Jille—you have GOT to be kidding me. Put that kitteh on a diet immediatemente.



  1. Blueberry says:

    Kitty love marks!

  2. OMG I love it! (and am lightly envious. haha!)

  3. that’s crazy cute!

  4. OK, somebodee has some cute scrapbooking supplies! [/singsongvoice] Like a paw stamp?

  5. Wow that could be Jabba the kitty

  6. Shannon Johnson says:

    That must be one fat cat, at least he didn’t claw you.

  7. Carrie- Hamster Defender says:

    Somebody needs to get to a Dr. quick, that looks like some serious water retention imho…

    Love to see the kitty that did it though.

  8. gravyboat says:

    That’s a CAT paw? I thought it had to be a medium sized puppy at the least!

  9. girlnextdoortn says:

    I’m not buying it.

  10. omg what’s up with her swollen leg? no way a cat would leave an impression normally. but cute i guess that a cat stayed on her so long…

  11. Martha in Washington says:

    I think that should be the official CO tattoo!

  12. FrinkLemur says:

    Doesn’t everyone know that kitties have the ability to actually concentrate more weight than they contain into each of their cute little paws? Puck, for example, weighs about 11 pounds, but in her pre-flop-on-my-chest kneading ceremony, can actually press down with at least 500 pkp (pounds per kitteh paw). It’s science.

  13. while this is a cute idea, i’m gonna have to declare shenanigans. everyone grab a broom, SHENANIGANS!

  14. Jabba the kitty or the happiest kitty on the planet until he or she jumped down.

  15. I just hope it was not a small lion that left that Impression……………

  16. frinklemur, you are so right about that kitteh paw science! i have always wondered how that works.

  17. FrinkLemur – That was EXACTLY my first thought. Kitty’s not big boned. Kitty’s working the laws of kitty physics.

  18. What the-

    Where can I get that?!

  19. While I’m not sure this pic is from a real kitty, I agree with the PKP theory. My cat Alaidh can concentrate at least 100 in her tiny little paw.

  20. The Honourable Gladys Anstruther says:

    I agree some manipulation going on here.

  21. YEp a paw stamp I bet but still kitties and that extra weight in each ppkp (pounds per kitty paw)I swear they have some internal switch they throw that changes the magnetic reasonance in their paws and magnifies the weight per paw

  22. MzKamikaze says:

    Methinks the subject in this piccy is preggers…when I was carrying my litter of two, the slightest poke to my ankles would leave dents. So if a kitteh stood on her to demand love/food/attention/cheezburgers or whatever…that woulda done it…

    BTW thats a HUGE kitteh!

  23. hahaha how cute

  24. Wow! Tattoos are so boring. A pretty kitten paw or a daring big cat paw is way hotter!

  25. I say it’s a stamp too. I have a big kitty and have never had a mark like that.

    And there is many a cry of “oof!” around our house when said kitty steps on you.


  26. it is amazing how heavy a still cat’s foot will feel in comparison to the weight of the cat. my cat went jumping up and over my leg the other night and he was as light as a feather, but when he is slowly walking across me – oooof!

  27. IF this is real, and not an awsomely cute photo-shop, it looks like scarification / branding rather than a tattoo.

    I always wanted kitty paws on me as a permanant reminder of my many beloveds!

  28. I’m surprised to see so many people doubting the reality of this! It has happened to me! My old lady cat, Snack, weighs around 12.5 lbs and she has definitely left paw marks on me before, maybe once or twice; I guess she was sitting in the perfect position to make an impression. Since she was the first cat I had ever had (we’ve since added two more to the family) I just assumed it was something that happened to everyone who had a fat lap-sitter.

    (By the way, lest I be accused of overindulging my cats, Snack has lost a pound and a half since we acquired her as an adult 3 years ago, and will, I hope, lose a little more. She’s such a slug.)

  29. I agree with the cat physics discussion above. On a related note, my cat Summer, who weighs about 11 lbs, can make herself weigh more than a good-sized grown man when she’s snuggled down into a bag of dirty laundry or anywhere I need to remove her from. She’s not a bitey/scratchy cat in the least, but she doesn’t need to be — she makes herself so heavy that I can barely lift her out of the bag, laundry basket, or wherever she’s planted herself! Akin to carrying in a small, sleeping child from the car, I think — evidently, willpower and/or sleepiness increase weight a thousand-fold!

  30. Brak_Silverbone says:

    And I think anyone here who’s had a cat walk across their lap, and had a carelessly placed paw land directly on their bladder, can testify as to cats’ abilities to manipulate their weight.

  31. the lady with the leg looks dehydrated

  32. Fake…think about what real cat paw prints look like. These marks don’t match. Not to mention the depth of the marks is way too even. Fake, fake, fake.

  33. don’t you doubters realize that cats do have this ability to focus so much weight on one paw? this is why they are such excellent shiatsu practitioners. shiatsu is derived from the exclamation “holy shiat, that cat is heavy!”

  34. Wow, it’s amazing what medical information you all are able to deduce about a person from a PHOTOGRAPH of their LEG. Dehydrated? Bloated? Swollen? What the heck. It’s a picture of a leg. Chill.

  35. Dehydrated, totally. The human, that is.

  36. now that is amazing !!!

  37. ROFL, jen!!!!

    “don’t you doubters realize that cats do have this ability to focus so much weight on one paw? this is why they are such excellent shiatsu practitioners. shiatsu is derived from the exclamation “holy shiat, that cat is heavy!”

  38. FyreKnight says:

    In my house we call this “dagger paw”

  39. in my own defense, this is a real photo! the cat is seriously a big guy, and he’s more of a lap-stander than a lap-sitter.. i was shocked to see such a perfect paw imprint on my leg, but hey, it was precious. and for further proof you can see there’s another half-paw imprint to the right that’s not so perfect..

  40. jille, I don’t really get why people doubt the veracity of the photo. Or why they think your leg is swollen or that you are dehydrated. As I said above, it has happened to me too, and I was very well hydrated and not swollen. Just had a big kitty standing on my legs.

  41. Melissa H. says:

    If my cat Julie is sitting on my lap with her hind feet pressing on my leg, she will leave paw impressions on me. And I am neither pregnant, nor is she overweight. I do concur with the strange feline ability to concentrate extreme weight on little tiny paws, though. Especially when walking across Mom’s premenstrual chest. Oof!!

  42. I’m chiming in to attest that cat paw prints on human bodies can be real. I have one right now, on my tummy, from a week ago, when my 18 pound long-haired Tuxedo, Jenny, decided to use me as a trampoline. Mine is a bruise, though, and is purple. Also not quite such a perfect paw shape. Jenny’s paws are the best, though. Black with thin white scallops; as if they were dipped in vanilla frosting. I call her my black-and-white cookie puss!

  43. OMG! that is really weird! lol i hope that didn’t hurt! :0 AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  44. sundriedbagel says:

    LOL. too cute 🙂 I honestly thought it was a puppy print too. It’s just so BIG!!!

    As for why people think you are dehydrated or swollen, it’s because your skin is not normally supposed to remain dented when pressed, which is a sign of pitting edema.

    That said, I get funny dents in my skin just from sitting on funny shaped seats and I definitely don’t have edema!

    I think this speaks to just how big and heavy your cat must be!!! 🙂 wowsers

  45. I don’t think it’s water retention… it looks like a really, really cleanly-healed flesh removal of a paw print. I plant to get one commemorating the loss of my beloved cat Elai.

  46. Jillie, forgive me for not believing this to be real. It’s hilarious. I take it you had your camera very close. I’m amazed that it came out so perfectly – and yes, I saw the paw print on your heel, I just thought it was put there to make it look authentic…lol.

    By the way, I don’t think you look dehydrated (there would be less chance of leaving an impression, then!), bloated or pregnant…wouldn’t it be interesting if we could tell pregnancy just by looking at a woman’s ankle??

  47. Nope it isn’t a tattoo. It’s a brand.
    What were you thinking?

  48. I agree. It’s a “brand”. What a moron.

  49. headscratcher says:

    Love it when folks don’t go scrolling up and READING what the PERSON SUBMITTING THE PICTURE said.

  50. IT IS NOT A BRAND! MY CAT STOOD ON ME! sheesh. makes me regret sending it in at all.

  51. headscratcher says:

    Don’t feel bad jile. For the record, myself and two partners and the IT guy all stood around my computer looking at your pic and laughing until we hurt.

  52. Jile, some people are just dumb (and somehow those people always have plenty of time to comment). *I* knew it was a paw print. And that it was AWESOME.

  53. Jile — also, very often, with comments that one might consider to be obvious irony, many other folks just blithely take at face value, and respond accordingly. My “brand recognition” comment, for one recent example.

  54. Damn you must love that cat!

  55. “don’t you doubters realize that cats do have this ability to focus so much weight on one paw? this is why they are such excellent shiatsu practitioners. shiatsu is derived from the exclamation “holy shiat, that cat is heavy!”
    ~Holy crap is that funny!

    “IT IS NOT A BRAND! MY CAT STOOD ON ME! sheesh. makes me regret sending it in at all.”
    ~Don’t let those crazies make you regret it, it is an awesome photo, you should be proud.

  56. Geez! I don’t get why people question the validity of this! My cat leaves these on me all the time, and he’s only 9#. If you put a 9-pound weight on top of something shaped like a paw for a certain amount of time, it’s going to leave an imprint! WHY is that so hard to understand?? Sure, it may not STAY long, but obviously she had her camera near by!