School supply buying binge

I’m getting all kinds of "school is starting!" butterflies in my stomach.

And all the school supplies—that fresh paper smell—the notebooks—the pens—it’s overwhelming. I’m so skipping the first day.


Just one more nap before school starts, OK John J.? (Who sent this in via



  1. Bleen. He’s a cutie.

  2. I took a year off school to travel and doodle and spend time with family. That was 6 years ago.

    Classes start tomorrow. I mean today. Yikes. I really should be asleep right now. Just looking at that kitty is making me yawn. 🙂

  3. [sigh] I sent this to you about two months ago. [sad, dejected look] . . .

  4. Gaaah … this reminds me … WHEN will I leave college?!

    Its been AGES since I slept like this. 😦

  5. fish eye no miko says:

    “But $20 worth of school supplies and get a free kitteh!”

  6. The Honourable Gladys Anstruther says:

    Give a kitty with school supplies and they’ll be beating on the doors to get in.

  7. Anh! He’s relaxing in his Meow-O-Lounger(tm)!

  8. Awwww…I feel like this EVERY Monday…wait til the kids get out into the REAL world and school becomes work and they have to go year round, and they have to walk up hill both ways to school five miles in a blinding snow storm… etc etc.

    He is adorable…

  9. aaawwwwwwww, how sweet! that is one comfy kitteh!zzzzzz

  10. Hey, Cat…If I gotta haul my biscuits off to classes this morning, so do you. Up and at ’em! Fall semester beckons!

  11. Dem sho’ is beeg (back) paws for such a widdo keety. . .

  12. This makes me want to go back to school, but only if I can snuggle with the itty bitty fluffy kitty when I get home from lecture. That belly fluff is divine – I could write essays about it:

    “This image articulates Foucault’s statement that belly fluff is merely an internalized conception of softness that emerges from an ideological internalization of state power which defines “belly” and “kitten” as indicators of “softness” even though their actuality is beyond evaluation outside predeterminate indicators…”

    I apologize for the incorrect Foucault reference! But I couldn’t resist

  13. Now THAT’S relaxed! Sweet fluffy kitty…her tummy is foreshortened because her back legs & feet are so big, lol!

    On a related note, I SO wish I were wealthy and didn’t have to work — I would love to go back to school! I’m a poet, so for me that would consist of writing workshops and literature courses, the stuff I love!

  14. Ahh, I didn’t get a free kitty when I bought school supplies!


    Just needed to celebrate!

  15. Kittehs and Kids: They can both fall asleep on the most uncomfortable things and look totally at peace while doing so.

    Must come from not having any bones.

  16. im lucky my university doesn’t start until next week. and i have 2 kittays at home with which to snorgal and sleep next to after lectures and work. for being a poor college student, my life still rocks.

  17. There was something wrong with the Foucault reference? Looked right to me. 😛

  18. Brak_Silverbone says:

    You know what’s killing me?

    The perfectly pointed back toes! Kitty’s all doing ballet exercises in his/her sleep!

  19. Sho tie tie. Too many Hello Kitteh trapper keepers…

  20. Silent Meow says:

    This kitteh looks like how I always looked after spending hours and hours reviewing for an exam in college (until I was forced to put school on hold). I can hardly wait to return to college and to this kind of exhaustion.

  21. Silent Meow says:

    Your writing reminds me of some of the textbooks I read in college…you know…the kind that always lulled me to sleep! lol No wonder I had to drink so much coffee all the time to stay awake! lol Seriously, you otta write for textbooks! lol

  22. Silent Meow says:

    Kitteh is at a near-perfect 90-degree angle. I could use him as a reference when I study right triangle trig for college.

  23. Silent Meow says:

    What is the hypotenuse of a right-triangle kitteh?

  24. A-squared plus B-squared equals Zzzzzzzzzzzzzzz?

  25. Silent Meow says:

    Good one! I should use that rule on my trig exams! LOL

  26. Juniper Jupiter says:

    Catchin’ a sunbeam lookin’ all cumfurtabulls in an uncumfurtabulls-lookingks position! So cute! So anerables! So…so…SQUEE!!!

  27. Announcement:

    OK Peeps, the latest Kitteh models are in! They have been sent to everyone’s in boxes.
    Enjoy the huff.

    Mail room

  28. It’s a rule in any house with a kitteh: all notebooks must be properly fuzzed.

  29. I want to nibble those leetle back feeties! Naum naum naum! Then I must promptly press face against kitteh belleh and huff deeply.

  30. Shannon Johnson says:

    Whadda ya know? A case of the Mondays.

  31. Such a cute kitteh! I want to scritch it’s fwuffy head and pick it up and rub it against my face and neck!

    I’ve still got a week of summer left–but I’m at work! (I work full time in the summer–good monies!) Oh, well, only one semester of college left and I’m done!

  32. The pose so reminds me of the famous painting The Dying Dandy by swedish artist Nils Dardel. Check it:

  33. Teho,
    Teh yeems on dat Kitteh are too mighty, way beyond mah tolerance level. Oh, and do dese go to teh out box or teh recycle box?

  34. acelightning says:

    Okay, have I overdosed on kittens or something, or is this stuff new?
    ” Email to a Friend | Add to | Digg this”

    (Very useful, though – there have been many times when I wanted to email a particular Cute Overload! entry to a friend, and had to do it “by hand” with my mad HTML skilz.)

  35. Ace — they’re not new *today*, but they’re new as of this summer. Also note the new links at the bottom of each post (prev/home/next) and the week-at-a-time links at the bottom of the mainpage.

  36. Kitty: okay I finished my list I got the crayons, the colored pencils for the California Mission Report, the special markers for Fourth grade math. the scientific calculator for high school Geometry. New Lunch boxes for everyone, Reams of both kinds of notebook paper, erasers, pencils pens, those white out roller thingys and packages of multi colored highlighters.
    My Kitty Tootsies are “DOG TIRED” time for a catnap! 😉

  37. Yitzysmommie says:

    DANG. We were at Office Max today getting the DH his birthday present, and I DID NOT see any kittens. I protest!

  38. Silent Meow says:

    That’s because with the latest buy 4 notebooks get 1 kitteh free sale, the entire kitteh supply on their store shelves was Max’ed out at the moment. Next time you go in there you might want to ask if there are some in the back that haven’t been stocked yet.

  39. Silent Meow says:

    I hope you peeps know I am just kidding here. LOL

  40. thats how tired I felt today, but unlike kitteh their I can not sleep like that !!!!! I will hawever go to sleepies with a smile on my face thinking about this fittees in the aires pink and black pads showing nappies pose….lololololol

  41. aww thats really cute! i hav a cat too but my cat is like a dog cause it fetches! lol SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO CUTE! good choice!

  42. aw! so cute!