“Paws Up” THE RESORT!?

Pu_baybeeOMG, People.

Get a load of the "Paws Up" luxury resort in Montana! You thought "Paws Up" was a Cute Overload saying? Well, no mo’. It’s a seriously sweet luxury resort, with cattle drives, treasure hunts on ATVs, fly fishing, 5-star dining, you name it. Eagle-eyed reader Hillary N. has brought this to our atten-shons.

I did NOT trademark it fast enough. At least the place looks hella sweet.





  1. Lizzzzzzz says:

    No link?

  2. Shannon Johnson says:

    What is this?

  3. Beauregard says:

    Uhhm. Paws up? Like the logo? As in, when you shoot these animals, they will be so dead, that they will be paws up? Cause, that’s not cute.

  4. Anonymous says:

    Just so you know, this guy is NOT a native Montanan, is involved in many lawsuits regarding shady business practices, and has had several trademar5k infractions.

    [Just so you know, this could be construed as “libel” in legal circles, and can get YOU in trouble. Also, you’re not as anonymous as you think you are. – Ed.]

  5. Shux… I was hoping this would be a luxury resort in the wilds of Montana where you could bring you fur kids–kinda picturing fly fishing with Rover or sumpin o_0

  6. The owner of Paws Up has done some things that I definitely don’t like, but in Cute Overload fashion, this resort has opened up their barns and facilities to pets whose families have been evacuated due to forest fires in the area.

  7. I think that your sticker is a lot more affordable than any stay there Meg, But it would be nice I’ll remeber this if I win the Lottery

  8. paws up resirt isn’t that great, a better place to plug would be the “Paws Up Safe Home” in Seeley Lake, MT. and also a special and deep thank you to Leslie of “Basset Rescue of Montana” in Frenchtown, MT.

    both did their best when wildfires came a callin, and they both could use some help.

  9. oaklandcat says:

    Does this mean Meggy will get sued if she prints up more bumper stickers?

  10. well, just the kind of place for Cute Overload-fans. Hunting? Fishing? Yep, reaaal animal friendly.
    Thumbs down for paws up 😦

  11. it does say that it’s called ‘paws up’ because of how cute it is when some dogs greet you by laying on their backs paws up with tails thumping.

  12. “Does this mean Meggy will get sued if she prints up more bumper stickers?”

    No, a trademark infringement suit’s success is based on the likelihood of confusion between the two vendors’ goods. It would be pretty hard to confuse CO with a resort, (although of course one can pay a blustery lawyer to send threatening demand letters). Indeed, would think CO is far better known, given its press, than this fairly new place.

    (Note: the above is not offered as legal advice!)

  13. fivefive76 says:

    “Paws Up” isn’t from Meg or Montana. At the Monterey Bay Aquarium (suspiciously close to Meg’s hometown)there is a bunch of information about the sea otters that inhabit the bay and one very tasty tidbit is that the otters have a special trait of floating and holding their “Paws Up” to conserve warmth. They specifically use this term and it was about seven years ago that I watched the presentation there. Love C.O. and everyone should visit the very nice Monterey Bay Aquarium.

  14. 600 smackeroos to sleep in a TENT?!? (It is a beautiful tent tho).

  15. As mentioned, Paws Up Resort is hosting many, many animals that have been evacuated due to the Jocko Lakes fire. Anonymous is correct; there has been a lot of past contention regarding the owner and his business practices, but the generosity the resort is currently extending is tremendous.

  16. Mary (the first) says:

    How come y’all know so much about this guy? Am I the only non-Montanan here? (is it “Montanan”? sounds weird. Not as odd as “Michigander” but still …)

  17. ‘My kid wanted to go camping, so I looked on the internet to find a place where we could drink Evian and not get dirty.’
    And don’t you worry Nyn, this is the furthest thing from camping or the outdoors or experiencing nature that you could possibly get. (camping does not equal hunting btw..)
    Thumbs up for CO-
    *eyeroll* for PawsUp “camping”

  18. Yes, it’s Montanan. And we’re everywhere!!!

  19. We ARE everywhere. Go Griz!

  20. Jessica–go Bobcats!! Heh.

  21. Yes, we ARE everywhere! Go Griz…! Thanks to whomever posted the info about Paws Up opening their doors to many many pets and livestock displaced by the wildfires in MT. Paws Up also partners with Univ of Montana’s College of Forestry AND CONSERVATION (emphasis added) to maintain an enormous continguous tract of forest habitat (including the Lubrecht Experimental Forest). Don’t be too quick to jump to judgment, folks… the Paws Up people are good folks.

  22. yankeebird says:

    What? Other Montanans?

    I’m a native Montanan, transplanted to Boston, then Baltimore.

    However, I remember Paws Up. I was living in Missoula during the time of his um, legal issues. I’m amazed to see others here who know about it.

    Still, good to see that they’re helping out here. Those fires are a BIG deal!

  23. i worked for the guy who owns paws up (he lives here in las vegas). he’s a good dude, and i really want to go check out that ranch. bring your pets!

  24. bird angel says:

    Bird hunting, a “sport” at Paws Up, is neither sport nor cute. We appreciate that the resort has extended such protection to the wildfire victims. We wish we had not seen this “resort” (for bird hunting) on this site. We still love Cute Overload.

  25. Oh my god.I live in Montana XD

  26. The best swimming spot in the world is right past Paws Up. O how I miss Montana!

  27. Speaking of Montana and paws, any of the rest of you familiar with Rolling Dog Ranch? It’s a sanctuary for disabled animals near Ovando, MT, and it’s named for the same phenomenon — there must be something about this Montana grass that dogs really dig!

  28. yankeebird says:

    Amarieda, I remember hearing about Rolling Dog, as it opened shortly before I left Missoula. I always wanted to go visit and volunteer but college kept me too busy. What an awesome place; it’s great to hear they’re still in business and helping so many animals.

    You actually gave me a great idea. I’ve been wanting to make a charitable donation lately, I think this would be a perfect recipient. Thank you for helping me, and them.

  29. so what if the owners were not born in Montana…he lives there now!!! He’s not allowed to have a second home? Are we in the USSR? Cuba? What’s the big deal? Unless “anonymous” is a Native American Indian, he also came from another part of the world. Unless he started out as a tiny little squirmy molecule in the Black Foot River.

    Anonymous, stop talking about things you have no clue about and get a job!