No Scribbles, No!

The_more_youll_coCompletely innocent and alert ready Shalini was walking the beach with her pup Lucy, minding their own business, when Lucy was suddenly "mercilessly attacked by a ravenous, bloodthirsty, vampire puppeh that MAY HAVE BEEN "Scribbles"

[Head shaking in shaming motion]

Thankfully, they were able to get away from this menace to pup-ciety, unharmed, and "with "tocks intact."

Thank God, Shalini.


Let this be a lesson to all ya’ll.



  1. Holy cow, lookit dem fangs!

  2. I’m amazed she had the wherewithall to snap a picture while being attacked!

  3. wherewithal, excuse me.

  4. thats why all puppehs should wear the garlicollar! this handy all in one device has grooves to place the cloves of garlic while being stylish and comfortable. the next time your pup needs a new collar think garlicollar!

  5. *GASP* It’s the doggy version of Bat Boy! Quick–call World Weekly News before it’s too late!

  6. Shannon Johnson says:

    Very naughty puppy, he should say he’s sorry.

  7. Not cute. Scary.
    (not a commentroversy – I just don’t see the cute)

  8. NOT cute. no place here.

  9. So Bram Stoker’s Draculya! Remember the scene in the motion picture theatre?

  10. Heh I have a picture of my puppy just like this one. They’re so cute when they get all involved in their play.

  11. !!!

  12. funniest pic i’ve seen in a while…maybe meg’s exaggerating a bit about the “attack,” for humorous effect perhaps?

  13. [Shiver]

  14. Wow. That is one scary pup!

    Seriously – I doubt anything “deadly” is going on here. My dog sounds like the scariest animal in the world when he is playing. All the neighbors are scared of him and he wouldn’t hurt a flea.

  15. I definitely find the snarl action unsavory, but check out the pawprints in the sand. Ahhh – that’ll do it.

  16. My puppy Scribbles is VERY evil! Awsome!

  17. Martha in Washington says:

    Please don’t go giving vampires a bad name. They’re people just like the rest of us. (OK, maybe not just like the rest of us but still…)

    Love the ear flip on “Scribbles” too.

  18. You called me a Beach I don’t freaking think so !?!?!?

    Oh I am sorry says puppeh after brazen attack, I was just just did not listen.

    No says Lucy I said this is a nice Beach to play at..
    goofy kidds ghad

  19. I’ve never laughed this much at a photo on here! What a perfect moment in pup photography!

  20. Those teeth! Worse than a hedgehog yawn. Are we sure it’s not a ‘shop?




    Funniest pup ever.

  23. I think puppies are supercute when they act all dangerous, with fangs exposed and lips curled! 🙂 Except when they attack me when I’m clipping their claws or something…
    I find the puppy’s facial expression and flipped ear superhumorous, and so is the caption.

  24. it’s Count Puppula … hehehee

  25. Hey, I tink dat’s my “more u no” logo submission! Yay, me!

  26. Look at all the paw prints in the sand! What a brawl.

  27. Are they really fighting? If so, I kind of agree w/the not cute crowd. Looks like it could just be play, though.

  28. NTMTOM – This is madness.


    After staring at kitty claws for so long, I forgot that puppers can be intimidating too!

  29. If you could catch my brother’s dog at the right moment she might be making this face, but she would be wagging her tail at the same time.

  30. The Honourable Gladys Anstruther says:

    Fangs for the memories.

  31. Ok, not cute. This is supposed to be Cute Overload, not stupid pictures of dogs fighting overload. Give me cute puppies, not ones bearing their teeth

  32. Okay, for all those saying this is not cute…THEY’RE PLAYING!! This is a golden retriever puppy. Most of them haven’t got the capacity for menace…lol. The photographer just got the puppy as he was ready to go in for a good chomp…lol. I think it’s hilarious.

  33. Check out the bloodthirsty ear.

  34. M-A, I dont see a puppy bearing his teeth in this picture. Actually I dont think I have ever seen a pup bearing his teeth. They tend to be a little too you for dentures, see.

  35. oh scribbles, you really need some professional help. {shakes head}

  36. Ronnstein says:

    “Lemme give ya a kiss… Nyeaahhhhh! Cameraaaa!”

  37. That pupeh is TWTALLY hamming it up for the camera – look at his eyes. He knows he the paps are there!

  38. All the puppies were kung-fu fighting.
    love the crazy eyes and fangs.
    it’s just doggy plays, peeps–have a Valium smoothie

  39. ka9q's wife says:

    This is cute people. My dog plays like this all the time. She even growls ferociously however the butt sausage that she has for a tailio is wagging so fast it’s a blur.

    She bares her teeth, and usually the other dog bares their teefs too. Note the wrinkles on the other dogs snout, that dog is also showing it’s pearly whites. With dogs its all about the ears and the tails folks.

    I swear to you that 2-3 minutes after this picture one or both of these dogs got distracted by a sand flea for a while. Then they looked at each other with doggy grins on their faces and did it all over again.

  40. I love that Scribbles is still teething – you can tell because the two top teeth (incisors?) are ‘big dog/ grownup’ teeth, and all the rest are puppy needles. Like a human 8 year old, grinning for school pictures. I know- S. is in a vampire role playing game. Hasn’t quite got the cape yet, but the floppy ear sorta gives the effect.

  41. ka9q's wife says:

    Good one dwine. It get difficult “baring” with those whose who forgot to come to class the day they discussed bear and bare.

  42. if these guys were truly fighting, wouldn’t hackles be raised? Just sayin’

    Cute puppers

  43. Jessarakitty is right, I was just going to point out the same thing. This puppy is probably just 4 months old because only the upper middle incisors have erupted, that’s how the teething begins.
    No way this pup can be considered “fighting” or scary. He’s adorable and I’m going to schmooch him to death.

  44. I think they are just playing but it does look a little disconcerting. (I HOPE they are just playing)

  45. Not to worry, this was purely puppy play. No fighting. No tocks harmed.

  46. Gracious Worriers…scroll down to earlier photo of Scribbles playing (with zany-eyes in Meg’s ExCU!)

  47. Silent Meow says:

    I see no cavities or tartar on those teeth-ees. Doesn’t look like Scribbles needs a denteest. All is well, folks.

  48. Everytime I see this I laugh out loud. I’ve come back a few times since it was originally posted.. And it makes me crack up each time. He’s so playing.

  49. YouShouldTalk says:

    k9qs wife, just want to point out, you should check your own spelling before commenting on someone else’s; specifically “it’s” and “its” which you have reversed completely in your comment.

    Just sayin’.

  50. Yitzysmommie says:

    Poor Lucy has been attacked by the vurry dangerous ***BAT PUPPEH***. I hope and pray that Lucy’s rabies shots are up to date, as the adorable Fang Face looks vurry fierce! I also hope for Lucy’s dignity that she told the puppeh off in Dog language.

  51. thats NOT cute at all its not funny either its dangerous.

  52. NotSupposedToBeDoingThisAtWork says:

    This is exactly how I generally feel on Mondays…

    it’s my new Monday wallpaper. LOL!

  53. “This is cuteness!”


  54. “Let me guess….You’d be Scribbles.”

  55. I agree – not cute. Mean dogs scare me. This is like “when Old Yeller went bad..”. 😦

  56. What scraggly teeth! And Mr. Chompers needs whomping with the newspaper. No bite!

  57. Mary (the first) says:

    I don’t think that’s Scribbles, is it? The collar is totally different. (Unless he/she just has a very extensive collar wardrobe.)

  58. headscratcher says:

    Yeesh. Get a grip folks. the dogs are not fighting, no one is getting attacked/hurt, the PUPPY is not mean or scary, and “Youshouldtalk”….not even gonna bother.

    Seriously. How some people manage to get from morning to bedtime I’ll never understand.

  59. Too much caffeine, not enough medication; headscratcher.

    I must say though that this picture brings back horrific memories for me. I can remember it vividly… two dogs… wanting to play… the bared teeth… me being drug along the pavement desperately trying to hold onto the leash in a vain attempt to stop the dog’s headlong charge…

    Last time I agree to hang onto a huge puppy-dog for someone with no choker collar.

    *shudder* I need a hug. Bad memories.

  60. Okay, the photographer Shalini has already said this was just puppy play, as most of us already knew. Would you people who keep saying it’s not cute please drink the previously prescribed Valium smoothie and go chill??

    I repeat: this picture is hilarious!

  61. And, Kiddo, my previous post was not aimed at you. Being…er…dragged…along the sidewalk by a giant playful puppy does not sound like fun. I’m sending a virtual hug.

  62. Yeah you are right. I always do bad self editing. But I do know the difference. However when I am being snarky I should watch mah own grammar. Rolls eyes at myself and goes off to pet mah own puppy who has come back from doggie day camp all exhausted.

  63. “For the Snark *was* a Boojum, you see….”

  64. Yitzysmommie says:

    Oh Kiddo – here’s a hug & Yitzy sends some peaceful, non fang action purrs.

  65. LMAO ! Scribbles the psycho-pup.

    I am soooo going to start using this as a word now.

    “He got this crazy look in his eye, and then he went all scribbles!”

    “Don’t make me go all scribbles on your ass”

    “Don’t talk to that guy, he’s straight up scribbles.”

  66. LOL, Leyla!

  67. –Wait.


  68. Given Lucy’s ears, I’m guessing this is all in fun and frolic.

    So this is what goes on at the dog park?

  69. ka9q's wife says:

    I think this dog has infected other dogs and turn them into puppy vampires. I saw this scene at the dog park tonight. Only it was a small dog (less than 10 pounds) going after a golden retriever. Funny thing is the GR was following the teeny dog around after that and protecting it from the other dogs.

  70. Ahhn.

    I don’t know if it was the picture or Meg’s comments, but this made me giggle.

    And to all you not-cuters= say “NO, SCRIBBLES, NO!” out loud and see if you don’t smile. 😉

  71. That is the cutest playing vampyre puppy I’ve seen in a while.
    And NTS(M)TOS(M)mwhahahahaha….. I need a hanky….

  72. My dog Toasty and her best friend Bean probably look just like this when they get going-and they are having the best time! No real biting, just crazy faces!

  73. Dear dwine, I’m not sure, but is the word you’re searching for “young”? If it is, I still don’t agree with you, because really, how many dog owners buy their dogs dentures? Your silly guessing game as to the meaning of your veiled insult to me is immature. I stated my opinion about the picture, get over it.

  74. The thing about photographs is that they isolate a single fragment of time, and take it out of context.

    Some people seem to believe that their judgment is good enough that they can deduce the danger of a situation just by looking at a photo. They might as well believe that they can deduce the meaning of a sentence, just by looking at a single word.

    At the same time, they don’t trust the judgment of the person who witnessed the event firsthand, took the photo and sent it in.

  75. M-A,


    1)you know what’s immature? regularly checking out a website showing pictures of kittens etc.

    2)you know what’s immature? not being able to spell. Unless, like me, English is not you first language.

    3)you know what’s immature? getting all grumpy and piqued when someone is just teasing you a little bit

    [I might add a (4) for Getting Into Flame Wars On Blogs About Cute Animals. Don’t be that person. – Ed.]

  76. Didn’t think it was, Shaz. I have a very dry sense of humor and was poking fun at anyone who has never had the experience of large dogs wanting to play.

    I luvs them but I would never survive owning a dog that weighs more than I do…

  77. headscratcher says:

    dwine thinks regularly checking a blog about kittens and puppies is immature.

    The irony is making me laugh harder than even this picture.

  78. My Puppy Scribbles is famous!…. even made a new term… Im gonna go Scribbles on you! LOL

  79. Fight little guy go go !!


  81. Oh they are so totally playing. Just got in mid-snap that’s all. A true case of bark being worse than the bite, or appearance of bite? *scratches head*

  82. ah! scary!

  83. when “you all” is a contraction, it’s spelled “y’all”, not “ya’ll”. my computer is highlighting “ya’ll” even as i type this comment because it’s spelled wrong.
    and i think the picture is funny. my puppy does the same thing.

  84. actually “ya’ll” isn’t a real word or contraction at all, it doesn’t matter how you spell it! :]

    this totally wasn’t cute until i saw all of the footprints and the wet ears, aww.

  85. Furbabies says:

    Dawn of the Dead (puppeh version). Brains! Brains!

  86. Ok, so Briana… this is definately Scribbles, then? I wasn’t sure. Either way, soooooo funny — and way cute. Such a “vicious” pup. 😉

  87. BannerDad says:

    Jessarakitty has it right. The golden retriever pup is still teething and I would estimate between 18 and 20 weeks old – Probably 30 – 35 lbs. and just playing. Note that the pup in not focused on the adult dog and the adult dog is not actively defending himself or counter-attaching the pup. I have seen like behavior from our pup and he is as loving as they come. Two minutes after the shot the pup is either sharing crewing on a stick with the older dog or cuddled in his master’s arms.

  88. Nope this isnt Scribbles. It def looks like her though. Its not even my picture. But it’s a nice tough on to my other picture.

  89. omg i love that pic it is sooooo cute!!!!

  90. nice but could be cuter!