My nostril is the same size as your eye capsule

Nothing like snorfing a water piglette on a Monday morning.

Check out this mother/bebeh combo in the Zurich, Switzerland Zoo.


No, you can’t beat snuggling rodents, Lisa C. You just can’t.



  1. muskrat love?

  2. How sweet! “And they call it piggeh loooooooooove…”

  3. no, no it’s capybara love.

  4. Baby Cabyara: Mom…I feel sick…I can’t go to school today

    Mama Cabyara: *touching nose to forehead* Hmmm…you don’t feel warm…why don’t you get dressed and we’ll see how it goes.

  5. Smell my forehead.

  6. As a kid in New Orleans, I saw these all the time. (But never bebehs!)
    We call ’em Nutra.

  7. I keep mistaking those for nutrias.

    Ya gotta love a sweet forehead kiss.

  8. Fat Tabby says:

    Little bebehs mouth kills meh.. lol

  9. luvinmalssomuch says:


  10. “Sir, please step away from the capybara….”

  11. Super sweet! However, I don’t know if you’d want to try to put these guys in your pocket (“Pocket Pets”)–they’re 75-140 lbs as adults!

  12. Looks like the little one seems to be hanging his head in emcapybarassment.


    Aren’t they capybara though, not cabybara??

  14. haha Maggie,u gotta have to have quite large pockets for those 🙂

  15. ….SPEEEEAK!

  16. Pooteysmom says:

    How sweet it that? Just goes to show – no matter what kind of living being you are, mom’s kiss always makes you feel better.

  17. Khadija, I agree – that was my thought too – they’d have to be some awfully big pockets to carry these around!

  18. Shannon Johnson says:

    So cute. I want one!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  19. I think momma is tucking him in for a nap. They probably just had cookies and a story, and now the bebehs all tie-tie.

  20. BenPanced says:

    Momma give bebeh smoochies!

  21. My FAVORITE Animal in the world!

  22. Yeah, capybaras! I once saw a capybara dive down under water, swim to where some water fowl were hanging out and pop out right in the middle of them. The birds all took off and the capybara looked pretty proud of his shenanigans.

  23. Pocket Pet?! Maybe a babeh could be a duffle bag pet 🙂

  24. Scruffylove says:

    This looks somewhat religious to me, but I can’t quite put my finger on why…

  25. Classical w00t for ScruffyLove! It’s a reference to Michaelangelo’s God Invents Thunder, natch.
    (“pull my finger”)

  26. Mommy Kisses definately Mommy Kisses.(the best kisses in the whole world bar none) 😀

  27. The nostril kind of LOOKS like an eye… a little creepy.

  28. *dies*


  29. “I dub thee, Duckie… Prince of Cute… Earl of Cuddles… High Monarch of BehBehs Everywhere…”

  30. When the littlel one opens its eyes, sees the photographer, surely what will follow will be a

  31. Peg of Tilling says:

    Ohhh…oh FINE, Theo! I suppose you also look at Delacroix’s Liberty Leading the People and say “That lady must have left her baby on the bus!”

  32. Capybara on cute overload?!? My life is complete!!!! *Keels over in a happy stupor*

  33. ohhh, that is so dear!

  34. that is so sweet.

  35. HEhehe Peg I was reading Teho’s and Going Wha ??? Hunh????? so I feel better now.
    and I still say Mommy kiss.

  36. Suda Nim:
    “Sir, please step away from the capybara….”

    I see my ex-boyfriend’s capybara story has been remembered… 🙂

  37. Ok, one of the cutest photos I’ve seen on here for a while.

  38. ZOMG Capybaras!

    Bebeh: “Time for snuggl–zzzzzzzzzzzzzz”

    I heart capybaras! Largest rodent in the world.

  39. Peg — and you DON’T?

    (OK, yeah, I’m the guy who walks up to one of those showy 20′-by-15′ religious venerations deep in the classical collection, in glorious oils with miraculous light techniques and impossible detail, centuries old… and thinks out loud “I wonder what the glowy baby is spitting on the pope?”)

  40. Peg of Tilling says:

    Don’t…look…in the swaddling clothes! ***Pulp Fiction briefcase moment*** AAAAIIIIEEEEE!!!!!

  41. aww they look SOOOOOO cute! they r like mommy and her daughter!!! lol

  42. I needs Capybaras….. needs, I tell you…. needs ’em….

  43. ewwww you guys it was a nice madonna and baby moment. Pulease… grumbles under breath (spittin up on the pope and other such stuff Sheesh) 😉 Good grief Teho I will never look at those pictures the same again.

  44. Thalia, capybaras are a family favorite, and that story instantly stuck in my mind. When I’m drooling with Alzheimer’s, I’ll be muttering “step away from the capybara….”

    By the way, spellchecker wants to turn “capybaras” into “sybaritic.” Perhaps they are….

  45. This pic is so calming to me. Very sweet.

  46. POCKET PETS??? An adult capybara is 100 pounds and 4 feet long! The widdle babee capy is probably 25 pounds already!

    I don’t think Pocket Pets is quite the category to put them in, no matter how much they look like guinea pigs.

  47. Details for telling them all apart:
    Muskrats are about 2-5 pounds.
    Nutria are about 10-20 pounds.
    Capybara are 75-100 pounds.

    Also, muskrats and nutria have pointier noses.

  48. The Honourable Gladys Anstruther says:

    Dey ain’t my nostrils dere my sunglasses.

  49. Ah, capybaras… the original (non-fantasy) R.O.U.S.

    Props to anyone who gets that reference.

  50. Carrie- Hamster Defender says:

    Inconceivable! That you’d think anyone wouldn’t get that reference! 😉

    OK, so fill me in, I”m dying to know the “step away from the capybara” story… share!

    I happen to think they are just adorable, and Nutria aren’t too uncute either, for large icky rattling things.

  51. Carrie- Hamster Defender says:

    Capybaras are often kept for “decorative” purposes in public parks, farms, and tourist resorts which have access to suitable water bodies. The animals are usually allowed to roam freely. They adapt easily to human presence, and allow themselves to be petted and hand-fed.

  52. I think that is an EAR not a nostril….. The baby’s head is tilted down just a little.

  53. Yitzysmommie says:

    As you wish, Ulalume.
    Took me awhile to figger out what in the world I was looking at when I first viewed this pic. Now I just love the Mommy-bebeh love.

  54. Carrie, where? WHERE?? Tell me!

    Ulalume, stop that now, I mean it!

  55. You have six fingers on your right hand. Somebody was looking for you.

  56. Okay, DECORATIVE capys? Can you touch them? I wanna go!

  57. Somebody give Pheas a peanut.

  58. Thalia’s original post:

    An ex of mine, who had some sort of magical psychic link with any and all animals was at a zoo once when he came across a capybara who had somehow escaped from its pen. The poor thing looked rather scared, so when it came over to him (as all animals did, since they just *knew*) he patted it on the head reassuringly, which it loved. A couple minutes later, though, a zoo employee found them and said (and this is a true quote) “Sir, step AWAY from the capybara!”

    Poor little guy.

  59. Awwwww! Poor little animal

  60. Someone already pointed out that these rodents are unusually large, but 400 lb. is extremely excessive… they range from 80-100 lb full grown. That’s still huge for a rodent, though. More like a medium sized pig, ironically, since everyone keeps calling them “piggies.”

  61. ROUS – Rodents Of Unusual Size.

    Soooooooo cute (the capybaras, not the ROUS’s)

  62. Ye gods, NOSTRILS!

  63. The ROUS’s? I don’t think they exiiiIIIAAAAAAAARRGH!

  64. Wrench! I’m so happy I’m not the only one that thought that and that you know “The Tick” !!!!

  65. “…Speak?” Is that like an Aslan thing?

  66. Thanks for posting that, Suda Nim! Saved me retelling it. 🙂