What if you could swish your ‘tocks like this?

…it’d be easier to get water off of them ‘n’ stuff.

I like to think that if I concentrate hard enough, I could swish my human ‘tocks like that. I could even hold them to one side, to "point" out something. Like at a cocktail party; like; "Hey! check that guy out!" [‘tock swish]. Yeah.

I mean, am I right, Julia K.?



  1. more penguins please! so cute!!

  2. I think some can, have you ever seen a hula dancer?!

  3. Shannon Johnson says:

    Really funny. I like it.

  4. Shake ya tailfeather!

  5. SeaDancer says:

    Did someone get all happy-tail on us?! This is so cute!! =)

  6. Martha in Washington says:

    I love the way penguins and ducks and other fowl creatures can shake their booty like that.

    Shake shake shake
    Shake shake shake
    Shake your booty
    Shake your booty

  7. acelightning says:

    Who’s been loading the background music for the penguin area with “Baby Got Back”, “Rump Shaker”, and “My Humps”?


  9. The Honourable Gladys Anstruther says:

    It’s your duty
    to shake your booty.

  10. don’t u wish ur buttocks were swished like this..

  11. I can hear the change rattling in his tock purse. Squeee

  12. dontcha wish your body had tocks like me
    dontcha wish you could shake your tocks like me

  13. Linux rulez! 😀

  14. hehehe…..I think I’ve seen some people shake their tocks like that….Shakira does it pretty well!

  15. Junk in the trunk!

  16. Hilarious, Meg. Though as far as subtlety goes, I doubt a human butt-point would go un-noticed by the hot pointee…’course that might be what you were going for in the first place 😉

    And ladies, if you want to learn moves like this AND get a fun work-out, I suggest taking belly-dancing classes. GREAT for the abs/tocks/thighs area!

  17. I think that would be “Hey! CHEEK that guy out”…



  18. More like a TOCKtail party, am I right?

  19. ZePenguinMuffin says:


    oh my

  20. That pengi’s too bootylicious for me. Baby.

  21. You could also call it flutterbutt

  22. yah, I second the bellydancing. I’ve been taking classes for 6 months and can move my tocks in all kinds of new and interesting ways. Plus it’s fun, and you get to wear ***SHINY JINGLY THINGS****!

  23. Aw, thanks for posting my video *feels honoured* This has made my day! I stood there watching this shaking for ages, seriously! ^__^

  24. [snerk]

  25. Our birdies do this when really, really happy.

  26. looks like somebody just found ms new booty