You ever had that feeling that you posted something before?

…Because I think I might have posted "Capers" the otter before. Something about his floating, undulating belleh reminds me of a previous post. However, I can’t even find it if I had posted him before.

Well, if so, he’s DUE for a re-post! Voilà!


Nomming on Bebeh toys, Meg F.



  1. OMG…THE cutest baby/video yet!

  2. Even if we have seen this beautiful baby before, it makes me smile to see such a sweet swimmer! Keep those otters coming! Linne

  3. Pearl Ostroff says:

    That is soooo adorable. I’ve never seen it before, but if you look at the site you can see the otters holding hands video, which we have seen.

  4. I haven’t seen this before, and I’m sure I would remember such a sweetie otter… can I have him?

  5. Piggalette says:

    This is new. And, it is by far the cutest thing I have EVER seen, and I’ve been a CO peep for quite a while. I was making squeeing sounds that only dogs can hear!

  6. At first I wuz just lookin’ at it like a picture, becuz I thought it wuz just a cute picture. then I realized it was a video. I watched it once and nearly keeled over from teh cute… and then I realized I didn’t have the sound up. So I watched it again, with sound. The meeps did me in. I’m all asplody now.

  7. OMG, when I die I want to come back as an otter rescued by these wonderful caregivers. They seem to have so much love for this baby it would melt the heart of the coldest meanie 😉

    Just brought a tear to my eye…

  8. Forget baby humans, I want a baby otter.

  9. This totally melted my cold, cold heart. What a precious wee critter!

  10. Oh. My god. I have seen a lot of cute things since I started my daily (who am I kidding – hourly) visits to Cute Overload. But I think this may be the cutest.

  11. snorgle snorgles snorgle snorgle snorle gulp breath of air snorgle snorgle snorgle snorgle gulp breath of air snorgle snorgle repeat until pass out from cuteness of bebeh otter

  12. acelightning says:

    Love the squeaky noises. And there’s just something about a baby otter playing with a rubber ducky that quacks, er, cracks me up! (Are you *sure* that ultra-tiny mustelid from England isn’t one of these, only smaller?)

  13. I feel like a fool did not know it was a video, at first either. Glad to see something good happens on June 6 for somebody that s my birthday. Cause it sure does not happen to me, better it happens to cuter bebeh

  14. Oh just kill me now, why don’t ya? Because I will never see anything cuter than that for as long as I live.

  15. Oh. My. Lord. Don’t tell my cat, but that video was THE cutest thing I have EVER seen. Ever. I’m pretty sure I’m not exaggerating.

    As someone on YouTube commented, let’s get to work on domesticating otters.

  16. There can never be too many otters.


    My son said while watching.. ‘can we have it’?

    I didn’t know they made those noises! I didn’t know they seemed almost .. almost.. human.. I didn’t know you could DRY ONE WITH A HAIRDRYER! Lord have mercy.

  18. Carla Dawson says:

    It’s like looking at something divine…like you can almost hear angels singing in the background…I’m in awe…

  19. !! I want to SNORGLE eet, then snorgle eet ehgeyn. And if it bit me I would bite it right back.

  20. OMFG! That is amazing!
    Little Capers is just GORGEOUS!
    DO you think they’d notice if I stole him??

  21. as cute as the otter is, please set him free, this is just cruel. Let him be in free nature where he belongs.

  22. Khadija — he’s a rescue, which generally means if he were free in nature where he belongs, he’d be dead. Rescues are also usually rehabilitated (if at all possible) and released; this video is from 06/2006.

  23. oh sorry then, Theo. I just found it sad. Poor lil one.

  24. Ok, this little guy mad my heart hurt. Think how great it would be to just hold him and look at his little face while toweling him off or feeding him… owwww–more heart pains…

  25. Peg of Tilling says:

    Baby otter with Simpsons sheets! D’oh!

  26. Can’t ever get enough floating baby otterage! Even floating mama and daddy otterage is high on the cute factor! You can post this every day if you wanted to! 🙂

  27. Wet, fluffy and screeching in a bathtub. What could be better?

  28. OMG I just saw the bottle-sucking! OMG OMG OMG!!!

  29. OMG da FEETS!!1!

  30. Paws-rubbing-face action FTW!

  31. OMG! I love eeeeet! The little paw rubs, the nawming on the toys! I have found nirvana!

  32. Yeah, even if this weren’t new, you could pretty much post it every week and that would be ok by me.

  33. AliceTanzer says:

    *snrk* set it free?
    Ah. Those kinds of comments just kill me. Soo funny. Those people need to watch more of Animal Planet’s rescue shows.

  34. Khadija, rehabbers haven’t had much success with releasing sea otters raised from infancy, so they send them to zoos. This one now has a nice home at the Minnesota Zoo, with an older female otter who is teaching him the ways of otterdom.

  35. Tavella — seriously?? I had no idea! I’ve seen (and photographed) the RIVER otters at the MN Zoo… OK, I found some info on the zoo’s site:

  36. OMG!!! I’m overloading on cuuuuuuuuuteness!

  37. I don’t have a lot of maternal instincts. But you don’t know how badly I want to go to Babies R Us right now and buy a crib and toys and a bottle and wait for a bebeh otter to come along! Squeeee!

  38. I’ve just been watching a programme on BBC2 called Ganges and in India they have trained pet otters, to fish with, they even raise them from babies!

  39. THE BELLY RUB!!!!!!!! Did anyone else notice the quick widdle awwtter belleh wub!? GAh!!! *dies*

  40. wolfwhocriedboy says:

    OMG – I’m sorry but that video almost made me start lactating he’s so stinking cute!

  41. What do you want, Capers? What do you want? I will give it to you, just tell me what it is! Use your words, Capers! snorgsssssssssssssnumnumnumn

  42. Seriously can’t get enough of otters – EVAH!

  43. michellemybelle says:

    Theo – when he makes his MN debut, you’ll have to make a field report and let us know how he’s doing! What a great rescue story (and I could watch that video every day. The Simpsons sheets at the end just did me in).

  44. I really don’t think anything gets cuter than this. What the #$@*! That is so cute I am now stunned and dazed.

  45. Shannon Johnson says:

    What a cute little baby! I am so glad that noone forced him into the wild. I love him!

  46. Why was the embedded video disabled? 😦

  47. Just watched this video for the 50th time, now with my mother watching over my shoulder. Her responses:

    “Can they be domesticated!?”

    “Lookit his Simpson’s sheets!”

    “You need to change your major.” To which I replied “Can I major in bebeh otter schnorgles?”

  48. luvinmalssomuch says:

    OMG you could post this over and over again and I would never get tired of it.

  49. Baby otter with Simpsons sheets! D’oh!

    Posted by: Peg of Tilling | Aug 19, 2007 at 06:00 AM


  50. The holding the bottle…
    And the cries…
    And the curled up sleeping otther bebeh clutching the toy…

  51. ooh! I wanna hold the babeh otter in a towel! I love how he’s just chillin’ in a bucket of water.

  52. Cutest post in aaages! I’m all starry-eyed. Still mopping up the rainbow chunks…..

  53. Late reply to Ant — the author of the video set it that way in YouTube; it wasn’t us.

  54. omg sea otters are so cute my mom LOVES them!! they are really cute!