When “Scribbles” attacks!

…It’s not pretty.

Check out his "crazy eyes" while he’s going in for the KILL.


NO, Scribbles! NO!


LOL, Briana S. Serious—L to the O to the L.



  1. Looks like a cry for snorggle, if you ask me.

  2. Another Angela says:

    Total crazy eyes! Good call Meg.

  3. DON’T MOVE!




  5. No, it’s just really, REALLY hot and Scribbles is just trying to catch a breeze.

  6. donutbill says:

    God help that poor, unfortunate adult dog. It doesn’t stand a chance against those evilest of eyes…

  7. ha ha ha MilkyWei

  8. That’s the patented Golden Retriever “wild eyed look”. Excellent picture of the type.

    The Wild Eyed Look is most often seen on Goldens when upside down gnarring on chew toy, or playing tug o’ war. 🙂

  9. LOL!!! What an awesome photo!!!

    And “Scribbles”. What an adorable name. Poifect!

  10. Yeeeeha! – feets don’t fail me now!

  11. oh dear!!! vicious, vicious beastie!!!


  12. I am going to see how far I can push this game today says scribbles….

    Hey wait How did I get a name like scribbles????
    Oh well on with the game
    darn kids says big doggie get him back

  13. I forgot to say thanks for the close up on the attaack ……LOLOLOLOLOLOL

  14. be afraid

    be very afraid…

    (cuase I gonna snorgle scribble whether he likes it or not)


  15. Exactly right, The Phantom!

    Sheens rule!

  16. Brak_Silverbone says:

    Once again I’m awed by the photography one sees on this site. Excellent frozen motion on wild-eyed jet-propelled pupster and resigned adult doggie!

  17. Nice C.O.C.E.C.U.!

    (crazy eyes closeup)

  18. Silent Meow says:

    Get ’em, Scribbles! Get ’em!

  19. HAW HAW HAW yes.

  20. hahahahahahaha!!! that’s awesome!

  21. Alice Shortcake says:

    Terrifying. Simply TERRIFYING.

  22. francesca says:

    that pic just made my morning, love it!!

  23. P. Erasmus says:
  24. Hi-dee-ho says:

    Scribbles is such a cute name!

  25. Looks like my little puppy girl chasing our older boy. We call her Jaws.

  26. WHOMPH!

  27. Those aren’t crazy eyes.

    That’s just the wind shear – from the force of his own puppy power – pushing back his fluffy eyelids.

    Scribbles is a fiend for speed!

  28. We call those Mad Dog eyes. That looks means Look Out in any species language, lol. Would really like to see the after shot….Nothing like a happy playing pup!

  29. Bluemenro says:

    C.O. is cracking me UP these days (more than usual). Being stuck at the office 24-7 lately, I really needed this. Meg, you rule!

  30. So I guess it is true… folding your ears back makes you go sooo much faster, as Scribbles here demonstrates.

  31. Today’s “ENHANCE!” seriously took my breath away.

  32. That is my puppy Scribbles with one of her daily occurences. This picture ended with a full blown body slam!

  33. Shannon Johnson says:

    That is one cute puppy. He looks so soft and snuggable

  34. Juniper Jupiter says:

    OH GODS!! XD!!!!

    I totally lost it when I saw Scribbles’s closeup pic!! Hilarious!!

  35. It just hit for some reason while looking at the unsuspecting pup. Anyone else remember the song “Leader of the Pack”? Someone warn that pup!!!



  36. Lawl, Sophie. We call our dog Jaws too. Or Landshark. I haven’t decided which name is more appropriate for her– but she gets that EXACT look when you’re holding something she decides is a toy.

  37. The Honourable Gladys Anstruther says:

    Scribbles should be careful he might be erased.

  38. pat_the_bunny says:

    Born to Be Wiiiillld!!

  39. It looks to me like the big dog just said something Scribbles didn’t like…”Stupid puppeh”

  40. LMAO!!!

    My friends and I coined this as a term for when we think someone is mentally unbalanced: “So and so has the crazy eye.”

    That’s why I keep laughing so hard- A puppy with the crazy eye.

  41. Scribbles. OMG. best “S” doggie name I’ve heard since Spaz & Skeeter.

  42. is this real? is he really a vicious dog? or did you just take the picture right the correct time?

  43. Furbabies says:

    She’s beautiful and she looks so happy.

  44. My puppy scribbles is not a vicious dog whatsoever. I caught that picture at the right time. She is just a happy playful pup i can assure you.