Opossums aren’t so bad…are they? [eyebrow up]

Look, posting an opossum is VERY HARD for me. I went through this phase, at the time of Rule 16, where I couldn’t decide if opossums should EVER be consider REMOTELY cute .

Just look at them, all rodent-ey, in a non-cute, snout-a-thon, snickering whiskery, clawing type of way. But these guys are starting to turn me AROUND…espesh with the C.O.X.C.U. hand action.




Katie S., if you had never started "CuteOverload Owns My Soul" group on Facebook and made the comment about our lack of opossums, this never would have happened!

Awesome pic, sender-inner Dalaena ❤



  1. Now all you gotta do is admit the Naked Mole Rats can has Teh Qte™ too, and you’re golden.

  2. Opossums aren’t rodents…

  3. Just look at them, all mar-soup-yelly…

  4. judyrb825 says:

    Theo – I am glad there is someone else who appreciates the naked mole rat… I was beginning to think I was the only one

  5. I think possums possess a certain charm, especially the baby ones. I got to hold a young possum once and it was so friendly and sweet, but since it was daytime it soon conked out right in my arms. They are cute and ugly at the same time, what the French might call “belle laide.”

  6. Years ago, a local paper ran a story about a woman who had rescued a baby possum from its mother’s pouch when the mother was killed by a car. She raised it and talked about what an affectionate pet it was. I’ve always wished I had kept the photo, which showed the possum balanced on the palm of the woman’s hand and giving her a kiss. It was called “Possum Sugar.”

  7. Sure, they’ve got ratty tails, but they’re marsupials! It’s like having kangaroos, right there on the side of the road! Only…they’re actually distant relatives of kangaroos! But that’s ok, relatives are cute, too!

  8. OMG what? How can you possibly not think they are adorable?! They HANG from TREES with their TAILS.

    Also, anything with a pink nose is automatically cute. That should be a rule! =)

  9. To our dismay, we discovered that a litter of possums were living in our garage. I sent a total of 7 to the animal shelter. Three of them I had to capture myself, and there is NO WAY that they were cute. They are just so butt-ugly! Here’s the only picture I got.


  10. I like the opossom very much, especially the babies 🙂 Many years ago I had one as a pet and was suprised to find that a lot of people keep them as pets. I also found that their ability to hang with their tails comes in handy when you get tired of carrying them 🙂

  11. Oh, the leetle earses. I luff them.

  12. You want cute naked mole rats? We GOT cute naked mole rats. In towels!


  13. OMG… that one looks like a furbee from behind.. wif his leetle ears all a steeckiing out like dat.

  14. Opposums *are* cute. They kinda look like meerkats, raccoons and shrews (AND jerboas) combined.

    Naked mole rats? I need to see more pics.

  15. But of course little possums are cute! As JLP accurately pointed out, their leeetle earsies (especially on the little guy on the right) are delicious!
    Thanks for the best site in the whole wide world, Meg! I have just one request, though: More Raccoon babies… pleeeeeees.

  16. Karma loves fingers.

  17. I think any protestations that an animal is not cute are overruled by baby pics of the species.

  18. Hey that’s Crash & Eddie from Ice Age 2! :))

  19. Yubi Shines — that really is a very fine label. Shame about the squeezings though.

  20. YAY POSSUMS!!!

    Possums are great to have around – they are marsupials not mammals, so they don’t carry rabies. AND they eat pit vipers – rattlesnakes and that kind of critter.

    Possums are your friends!

  21. Reading the posts reminds me that cute is in the eye of the beholder. The ‘possums ARE cute. So are the mole rats ….. maybe there should be a new category called “so Ugly It’s Cute”. What do you think? Just a suggestion.

  22. I just can’t find anything NOT adorable about oppossums. But then I’m a big fan of naked mole rats. Naked mole rats’ four big front teeth are attached outside of the mouth and can be moved independently like chopsticks. I mean, hellooo… Maybe they’re not real high on the adorable scale (like oppossums are), but what’s not to love?


  23. This is so strange! Last night we saw a little baby possum at my in-laws, and I told my hubby, “Darn, wish we had the camera! He’s so CuteOverload!”…And then, this morning, there’s possums!! Bebeh ones, just like Pablo.(C’mon, I had to name him something!)

  24. Say what you will, everyone- but I still find the idea of being touched by one of those strange little hands quite creepy…
    (cold shivers just thinking about it…)

  25. eep! i think possums are cute. sure, their toofie grins can be a little unsettling, but their personality, waddle, satellite ears and cute little hands really make up for it. and they’ve got pouches, people! pouches! how cool is that.

    they are the only north american marsupial, methinks.

    i took a wildlife rehab class once. possums smell like cows milk. (well, except for when they’re playing dead. stinkayy.)

  26. well baby anything is cute and I’m sure thy’re cute to their friends and relatives…

    to quote hubby, while he was looking a a possum on our porch..

    “well I guess his mother loves him”

  27. there are some great possum photos and facts at http://www.possumrescue.com

  28. I love ‘possums, especially leetle ones.

    Once when visting my bro at college, I surprised a tiny bebeh possum while putting out some garbage. He puffed up and hissed at me, and waved teeny-tiny claws at me, then headed for the hills. I was stunned and in lerve!

  29. Yubi Shines, that label is hilarious! You have to tell us if the soap ever gets made.

  30. Yep. Cute *and* ugly!

    Kinda like my husband … ;->

  31. Yes! Raccoons! Raccoons!

    I saw three just last week, here in downtown LA. I was riding my bike home from work, just after dark, on the sidewalk (so I don’t get my ass removed by speeding cars) in a darkish residential neighborhood, with no pedestrian traffic.

    As I rolled along, I kept seeing cats near the sidewalk, scurrying out of my way. Then I saw a mother and two babies whom I thought, at first, were also cats.

    But their walk was all wrong, kind of ursine (bearish) and lumbering a little. And their tails were just a *leetle* too thick, and their backs humped up just a *leetle* too high.

    As I drew up close the three tried to “hide” in the darker shadow (cast by a streetlight) of a palm tree! The shadow was so narrow the three of them barely fit.

    I stopped, and there they were, about six feet away from me, three raccoons, with pointy little snouts and wide shining eyes, staring at me. I started talking to them softly, and the Mom walked forward, a few inches, raised her tail and made this chittering/chukkering noise. (I think that’s raccoon for, “Back off, bitch!”)

    So I wished the little family a good evening, and continued on my way.

    The babies were so completely snorgleable. Utterly darling. The Mom was cute, too, but she’d be offended to hear me say it, ’cause she was trying to look All Gangsta ‘n’ shit, ’cause she’s a tough-as-nails LA Alley Raccoon.

    Yes, yes, yes. Post pics of raccoons, Meg!

  32. That was me that sent these little guys in! My cousin works at an animal sanctuary and she rescued them, and god aren’t they adorable?

  33. The ears slay me.

  34. LOVE those precious pink toesies!

  35. Beauregard says:

    THE EARS!!! MY GOD!!! Those are THE BEST EARS EVAR!!!!

  36. My family had two pet possums years ago (before I was born) and they always talk about how cute and affectionate they were. Of course, my family has a tendency to adopt strange wild pets (we also had a pet squirrel when I was in high school).

  37. Yes! I agree Bauregard, I’m totally slaing by those ears! *dies*

    I’ve always thought possums were adorable, yet I’m repulsed by racoons.

    NMRats for the win!

  38. Opossoms do NOT hand by their tails, and if you carry one by theirs you are HURTING THEM. Their tails are prehensile; but they use them to balance and carry things (like bedding).
    They also make difficult pets, as their omnivore diets are difficult for most humans to balance out properly.

    And I think the adolescent ones are the cutest-about the size of a small kitten of puppy. Such a sweet face, with those weird paper-thin ears, and a sniffy, wet nose.

    Oh, and they drool when excited or nervous, like some cats.

  39. In defense of possums: My Mighty-Hunter cats brought a lot of these babies home to me over the years. Alive. One decided she was going to be adopted by us. Every morning, I’d wake up and find my cats and “Henry” possum all snuggled together at the foot of my bed sleeping. I finally just gave up. Henry joined my cats’ pack and they all hung out together for several years until Henry mysteriously disappeared. 8( Over time I’ve learned that possums are very gentle, sweet creatures who put on a big show in self-defense but I don’t think they’d hurt a fly. I hope everyone will be kind to these creatures even if they do look like mutant rats from Mars. Also note that the rabies fear is unwarranted – marsupials are not prone to rabies as their body temperature runs a bit higher (rabies only affects creatures with a narrow temperature range). Oh and P.S. my cats did the same thing with a skunk. 8)

  40. Purple Belt says:

    I used to be afraid of possums, but now I find them very cute (and helpful in the garden). They sure do put on a good show though, and make you think they’re fierce!

  41. Cat Freak, your story about the raccoons is FANTASTIC. I love the idea of the mom being all “gangsta”. hahahaha I still love the raccoon in Elf when Will Ferrell tried to give it a hug. SO FUNNY! I heart raccoons!

  42. One of my favorite animals!!!! Very Brave Meg! I’m proud of you!!! The bebbehs are the bestest – grownup can get quite grumpy and….hissy.

    They do NOT hang by their tails and I have never seen one “play dead” but they ARE the only marsupial in the US!!! They are so primitive. Another interesting fact – they rarely rarely have rabies. Scientists really can’t figure out why not. Most think it may have something to do with their metabolism. They live very short lives, unfort.

    Again – some of my favorite baby animals!

  43. How can anyone not consider these cute? I saw one on a road trip in the US and I was enchanted!! Such cute things!!!! Hugglies!

  44. B. Modern says:

    Anyone who may still harbor doubts about the cuteness of possums should check out the inimitable and sadly missed Walt Kelly strip, “Pogo”.


    You can’t beat it for a passell (sp?) of smart, Southern-jivey talkin’ critters…
    (and politically sharp, too… kind of a precurser to “The Daily Show”) with Pogo Possum as the hub of the action… all of ’em cute, even the bats and the alligator! Pogo also helped me to get over my aversion to bugs, as in the strip they usually stand around on the sidelines commenting asutely on the antics of the larger critters. I’ve been a fan for decades!

  45. Fang you, fang you, fang you, Meg, for breaking Rule # 16 and posting bebeh possuminos! I used to do wildlife rehab, and you just have not lived til you’ve had a litter of possums crawling up you with their chilly leetle feengers (their body temp is actually a bit *lower* than most mammals) and hanging onto your hair. On your haid. OMG, soooo anerable! And their delicate, leaf-like earsies and snoofly snouticles…. I am overcome!

  46. I have a baby possum that’s comes to eat the left-over cat food at night. he’s very cute, but I took a photo of him and he looks scary. I guess possums are the kind of animal ya have to see in real life, they’d never make it on America’s Next Top Model…right, Tyra?

  47. So is your possum prejudice why you don’t have more sugargliders too? I’d love to see more of them. They are the most adorable little creatures. Why don’t you give them a fair shake?

  48. OMG. So NOT cute. Those nails. Ew.

  49. Shannon Johnson says:

    So cute possums. I love them.

  50. Aw, I found a baby possum last night that was about the same size as these babies! I used to really dislike possums because they’re pretty crazy looking when they’re grown up, but the babies are delicious! My friends and I took care of our possum until a specialist came and took it somewhere better. We named it Barley Pierre Scooter Bo. I miss it a lot!

  51. Hey – my nickname is possum! So, I have always liked them even though one supposedly killed my sister’s duck and blinded mine.
    Don’t count on me to eat any pit vipers or rattlesnakes though – I’m vegetarian.

  52. The Honourable Gladys Anstruther says:

    I love the little hands.

  53. When I was a wildlife rescue volunteer, I was the only person willing to work with the opossums. Everyone else wanted to work only with the “cute” critters, like rabbits, raccoons, ducks, and squirrels (I’ll also add that I was the only one willing to work with crows because the other volunteers didn’t think they were cute enough either). I discovered that opposums are just as delightful and interesting as the prettier animals, maybe more so, and I fell utterly in love with them. Obviously, my opinion is tainted by my experience and affection, but I can’t look at an opossum without smiling, often chuckling out loud, because they bring back the memories of the great fun I had tending the opossums at the wildlife shelter. Oh, and crows are wonderful, too. Baby crows like to sit on laps, chat, and be cuddled.

  54. awwwww. Those are cute.

  55. Baby Possums = Cute.

    Adult Possums = Vile, disease-ridden Vermin.


  56. Oops sorry if I got the temperature thing wrong; I think I was thinking of bison (they apparently don’t get rabies either). Anyhoo I remember that possums aren’t prone to rabies due to their temperature “variation” from the norm. 8)

  57. Possums are the best! You WANT to have one in your yard. As others said, they do not carry rabies (unlike raccoons which can be very dangerous if they have it), they are nature’s sanitation engineers and will clear out snails and slugs and rotting fruit, they leave other animals alone (although dogs go after them) and they are harmless. They should have a long life span but it is cut short by cars and dogs. If you are lucky enough to have one in your yard, you will have a great, healthy garden…

  58. hey-h:

    Well, actually, it is! Buyable and everything. Three different kinds, even: Naked Mole Rat Soap, Happy Cthulhu Soap (Elder Clean), and CARNIVOROUS FRUIT (Savage Orange).


    Check that out. It’s brill.