Let’s get this Caturday started

…Now pass me a beer STAT


Pete and Beth S. say that kitteh Toby is "fat and a little cranky" but they love him anyways.



  1. …and now I plan to sleep all the way through Sthunday.

  2. P. Erasmus says:
  3. did he EAT the pillow?! I love cranky fat cats. love love love.

  4. I smirnoff ice rasberry will that do, Mr. Pitty or would you prefer your beer????

    Where is the remote control ? Before he gets torked off peeps ???!!!!!

  5. I will drink a Smirnoff for you Mr. Pitty I need a hardy laff after working a night in a conveince store….. Thanks MEG

  6. Dude… how is it even POSSIBLE for him to sit like that? ROFLZ.

    And also, WHERE OH WHERE did the illustrious sender-inner get that bedspread? Want want want!


  8. Elizabeth says:

    Where did they get that quilt? I would love to buy one!

  9. I would totally annoy this cat just to see him be grumpy. You know, like by shaking and wriggling his chubby belly 🙂

  10. Been drinking too much beer, chubby boy?


  11. Break out that tuna, peeps, let’s get this party started! Oh and Weeds is starting, so hurry up!

    Americans are cool.

  12. looks like kitteh is watching a yoga video

  13. oo, i wanna poke his belly o.O
    poka poka poka C:

  14. Silent Meow says:

    I’d have a beer, too, but I don’t think codeine and beer mix too well.

    Looking at this cat makes me want a beer, though.


  15. Brak_Silverbone says:

    Heh-heh… cats are awesome. Look at the chub!

  16. Aw, what an adorable cat-lump!

  17. gravyboat says:

    That is the most chill puffalump I’ve ever seen. I wish I could relax half that well.

  18. Perfect Buddha pose!

    This is one relaxed cat.

  19. Silent Meow says:

    Kitty is all, “What are you looking at me for?!”

    Ohhhhhh, grumpy grumpy! LOL

  20. This pretty much reminds me of a friend’s cat, except for the fact that Toby’s face is not buried in his nutsack. Though I’ll bet it was shortly before and after this picture was taken.

  21. Shannon Johnson says:

    That cat looks lazy, HA I love it.

  22. Actually the more I look at this picture this cat needs a strong Stout Beer to keep up his post what does everyone else think ??????

  23. The Honourable Gladys Anstruther says:

    Will you put some pants on!

  24. charliewabba says:

    The comforter is from Pottery Barn – I have the shams that go with it. clearly, this kitteh has eaten the accompanying shams, along with their pillows. Both of them. Pete and Beth S. are out of luck – I think it’s a discontinued pattern.

  25. You’re right, charliewabba, the comforter is from Pottery Barn. We do have the shams – they’re just not in the picture (but our kitteh’s tummy does look a bit as if he’s eaten a pillow or two, doesn’t it?)!

  26. Trinketsmom says:

    Oy, such a schlub!

  27. Beths your kitty does not approve of you taking his picture during his morning Yoga workout.

  28. Maggie!!! Oh no!! I was thinking the same thing. I’d love to grab that belly and watch him get annoyed!! LOL!!