Teeniest of weasel or stoat-like creatures found…

…on the side of the road in the UK. According to the Metro News UK story; the woman who found him said: "I picked it up and it triedto suck on the palm of my hand. " Ahhhn!

Wildlife Rescue is taking it from here, keeping him inside a sock on top of a heatpad. Natch.


Sender-Inner Tom W., that IS the most anerable muzzlepowshe in the "whole wide nyerld" I agree!



  1. squeeee

  2. Ms. Tumnus says:

    This would be much cuter without the hairy finger…or is that a toe?

  3. first? would die of shock if not already dead of cute

  4. Cuteologist says:

    Well a weasel is weasily wecognised, but a stoat is stoatally different…

  5. ahhh! the little fingers and nails and the extra special whiskers and lil nose.
    its adorable. I wanna hold it.

  6. Too Many Maureens says:

    So tiny, yet perfectly formed. Little tiny fingernails!!

  7. SO TINY and precious!

  8. Yitzysmommie says:

    Precious! That is a mighty fine muzzpowshe. I wish to rub it veeeery gently on my lips….

  9. those dang UK people-

    “Tiny creature dead-ringer for ET”

    I see no resemblance to ET. ET was a naked ugly wrinkly thing (??? hmm you thinkin what i’m thinkin?)

    foreigners are so funny…

  10. teh weensy teensy flat widdle ear!!!! oh my.

    Ms Tumnus — without the hairy finger, teh little thing would fall down go boom! (fingers have hair, stoats have teh cute, it’s a fact of life.)

  11. The Honourable Gladys Anstruther says:

    Looky like an Otter Otter Otter.

  12. ENHANCE! Meg, I said, ENHANCE!!!

  13. d’awwwwww.


  14. is s teenie weenie lil cougar!

  15. TheLoveOfIsis says:

    With with Red! ENHANCE!!!! I would’ve loved to be the finger the little guy tried to suck on… too sweet.

  16. I can’t help but notice that the hairs on the finger are longer than the whiskers.

  17. I could totally slurp him up a straw. I really wanna put my nose in his wee face to see what babeh stoat (stoatle?) bref smells like…
    Is that wierd?

  18. Carrie Hamster LOVER says:

    If he is a widdle bebee stoat – this is what he’ll look like when he/she growses up


  19. Oh he looks so soft and snorgle-able. I needs him….

  20. OMG tiniest of ears!! Whatever he is, he’s the cutest thing evar.

  21. CuteRules says:

    adorable, adorable, adorable, adorable, adorable, adorable, adorable, adorable, adorable, adorable, adorable, adorable, adorable, adorable, adorable, adorable, adorable, adorable, adorable, adorable!

    Are there any other words to describe it?

  22. Cuteologist – you’re killin’ me. Stoatally different. LOL!


  24. OMG!!! What a teeny, precious, delicate little stoatlet or weaselkins! I want to kiss his little nose very gently. 🙂


  25. Tony James says:


  26. rumtumtigger says:

    okay so whuts a stoat? i heretofore thought i was a lover of wildlife and all things fuzzy. i’ve never even heard of a stoat. is it in the weasel family? stoat? come on. did someone make that up???

  27. Furbabies says:

    Waaaaah! I want one now!

  28. What a cutie. I would very gentle stroke his cheeks and ears and tell him he was safe with me.

  29. luvinmalssomuch says:


  30. That lil baby goes right in the bra. I will gladly carry and keep him warm betwixt the bosoms. Just watch the nails!

  31. lurkingsmirk says:

    They keep it in a sock. A SOCK. Would like to see a picture of that.

  32. This is so cute it hurts.

  33. Adorable. Snorgleable.

    Do you think it wants to vote?

  34. OMG!! Can he be any smaller!?!? I want to sneef heem but I’m afraid I’ll snort heem up my nostricle!

  35. OH. Mah Gawd.

    So teensy…so tinesy…can’t hold it…much…longer….


  36. EEEEP!

  37. congratulations to the lucky finder!!! 🙂 what a cutee.

  38. TeratoMarty says:

    OK, the picture of the stoat is cute enough, but Cuteologist’s remark made me actually shriek a little bit with glee. I am at work at present.

  39. So cute I squeed myself. Doesn’t look like a wee stoat to me; more likely a weasel or (dare I theorize?) an otter.

  40. Unless Cuteologist is also Pam from Edinburgh, Cuteologist ripped the “funny” comment from the news website linked above. Thats cheap, man, really cheap!

  41. The eeensiest of toes! The itty bitty nose! Soft little whishkers!

    OH! I am slain and stuff!

  42. A stoat is another name for ermine, which is indeed a type of weasel.

    Ermines are brown in summer and then turn white, with the black-tipped tail, in winter, which is when their fur is (insert nasty anti-fur verb here).

    The word ermine comes from “Armenius mūs” (“Armenian rat”).

    Gawd, I love Wikipedia…..

  43. Holly, are you saying Stoats in Racks? Oh, noes! Can you imagine the commentroversy?

  44. Shannon Johnson says:

    So cute, he ees so cute. and so sleepy.

  45. Yeah, I think I need some zoom on that prosh ear.

    I thought it was too early in the morning to squee, but I was wrong..

  46. The muzzel-est of powches evar! I want to rub my finger backwards oh so gently over the fur just above his teensy nose where you just know its the most softest. Want!

  47. i meltie
    can’t take it
    too cute

  48. Awww, what a sad story to have such a tiny and helpless thing to be on the side of a road. Many kudos to the kind person whose eagle eyes saved the wee one! Hope this is a happy ending and that the wee one keeps growing, opens its eyes, and starts waddling around.

  49. I wish I found such a cute thing on the side of the road! I’d take it home, nuzzle it in my bossoms to stay warm, and have it as my own baby pet!

    Okay, okay, I’d take it to some kind of animal place, but there really isn’t any good places around where I am. I should get to keep it by default. 😉

  50. Eleanor R says:

    I wants to put it in my mouf. Ever so gently.

  51. I want to watch it grow up! I hope we get updates on this story!

  52. chelonianmobile says:


  53. pat_the_bunny says:

    Stoat or weasel, stoat or weasel! CO, you must keep us posted!

    Itteh, bitteh, furreh lil thing, whate’er you are, you are now a star!

  54. Note to holder of weasel:

    The peeps are saying ‘Squee!’

    They are NOT saying ‘Squeeze!’

  55. Carrie Hamster Defender says:

    Odd how did I get to be Hamster LOVER.

    I really need to change my name, there are no hamsters that need defending anymore…
    How’s about….?

  56. who knew weasels were so wee?
    wow !

  57. OMG, so tiny!

  58. I want it!!!!!!

  59. He is just SO tie-tie…

  60. I love him/her to death already I would keep that baby so toasty it might say something even cuter, What do stoats sound like ??????

    Either way nice save there in the UK peeps….

  61. what a sweet little wee one………SHHHHHHHHH don’t wake him.

  62. P. Erasmus says:
  63. I suspect, from the description in the story, that this was a nekkid baby when found. Therefore the similarity to E.T.

  64. STOATLING!!!!!

  65. Ahn…

  66. Silent Meow says:

    The next time someone says to me, “You weasel!” I’ll say, matter-of-factly, “I’m not a weasel. I’m a human being.” Then, I’ll point to this photo and say, “This, sir (or madam), is a weasel. I’m afraid you are a bit confused.” LOL

  67. Silent Meow says:

    P. Erasmus,
    I have a rather twisted sense of humor, and so I just about keeled over laughing when I saw that photo, although awwwww poor kitty! LMAO!

    How did you manage to get him out of there? LOL

  68. Aww, my SO’s computer remembers me 😛 Lucky he hasn’t cleared his cache lately!

    Anywho, this is adorable. Most of the time when I squee, “I want to stick it in my mouf!” I couldn’t… This one, I could. So tiny!

  69. Ok, that has to be one of the cutest living creatures I have ever seen in my life. He/she definitelty is in need of some very tiny scritches behind the ears and on the belly.

    And I agree with Holly — this little baby belongs right in the bra!

  70. Must…snorgle…anerable…muzzlepowshe…

  71. acelightning says:

    Oh, how *tiny*! The poor little thing doesn’t even have its eyes open yet! I hope they’re taking VERY, VERY GOOD CARE of Sammy, so s/he grows up to be a fine, healthy whatever-it-is.

  72. violetgreen says:

    Y’know, this is why I have smudges on my computer screen. Gots ta pet da widdoo heads!

  73. lambkin28 says:


    Cute pic of a slightly older baby stoat.

  74. Truly, this little weasel or stoat is the cutest thing I have ever seen. Now that I know it exists, I’m heartbroken that it’s not in MY hand 😦

  75. O.M.G!!!!!



  76. it really, really looks like an otter.
    tho’ i suppose it wasn’t right near a natural water source, was it?

  77. my cat is a blob says:

    I don’t want one.

    I want FIVE!

  78. SeaBreeze says:

    O M G!!!

    Dis widdle guy is de cutest widdle guy evah!!!

  79. with a carefuuly planned and WELL gloved hand the cat was rescued, and turned over to animal services. Thats what the next picture says in P. Erasmus photos, Silent Meow…..

  80. Eeeeeeeeeek! What ees thees leetle whiskery bebeh??? And where can I get three or four???

  81. i can see that stealing butter off a knife


  82. All I ever find are dead pigeons and dog poop.

  83. *wibbles* Sucked on hand! *wibbles some more*

    I want to eat the critter!

  84. These are the critters that Hagrid makes sandwiches out of??

  85. Peanutcat says:

    Splodes from sheer teeny-tiny itsy-bitsy cuteness!

  86. Cat caught in fence – not cute or funny. If you’d bothered to read the comments you would have found that the fireman did rescue it but its back leg was so badly broken that they had to put it to sleep…so sad.

  87. Bebeh stoatlet, however, is a total adorafuzzy!

  88. How cute!!
    But how on earth was something so tiny seen on the side of the road?

  89. zosterops says:

    I would like to remark at this point that the baby mink which I found by the side of the road last summer and who was just AS adorable (indignant huffing noise) never made it onto CO.

    (And this although I turned into a foto stalker and kept sending zillions of pics in.) Well, Meg, what do you say to that? We could have had another otter&co category for MONTHS!!

  90. OMG, it’s a teeny weasel– it’s a TWEASEL!!!

  91. Ihailfromplaneteris says:

    I think rule 14 applies to this little dude. I mean, LOOK AT THE SIZE OF HIM COMPARED TTO THE SIZE OF THE FINGER!

  92. my cat is a blob says:

    Ha ha ha ha

  93. Needs snorgling STAT

  94. How in the world…? How do you see or notice such a tiny creature?

    Wow. Soooo lucky and wonderful!

  95. …Because of this, I now have a burning, unquenchable desire for a pet stoat. Damn you, cute overload!


    aaaaawww, just lookit the widdlebaybeefuzzywuzzywiddleguy!!!

  96. anomalous4 says:

    ET????????? Someone needs new glasses! Looks more like a baby otter before they grow into their Evilness 🙂 or maybe just a little tiny bit like an ittybittymeerkitty……..

    I’d love to snorgle with this li’l guy, but I’m afraid I might inhale him/her by acksy-dink!

  97. Silent Meow says:

    I wish I could put this widdle guy in my shirt’s front pocket and carry him around with me everywhere I go.

  98. Silent Meow says:

    Leah B. and odell047,
    That’s good to know. Sorry. I am in severe pain from an injury and am doped up on pain meds. Easy to miss important details this way.

  99. Silent Meow says:

    It is NOT that I “didn’t bother to read the comments.” I am drugged up and in pain! Please have a little patience with me. I am doing the best I can.

  100. I must pet one!

  101. OMG. Cuter than all cuteness in the vast universe of Cute-itude.

  102. awwww!!
    go to http://www.uglyoverload.com for a pic of a teeny baby gibbon with boogly eyes…

  103. wouldntyouliketoknow says:

    uhhh…. i think thats a bebh OTTER.