Mmmmggggllp. [snorting against wheel sound]

Mr. Waffles (I am not making that name up, though it really sounds like it) got a little tie-tie after running on his wheel.

Mmmmggggllp. [snorting against wheel sound]


Sender-inner Liz K. swears she didn’t "flatten him". Sure, Liz [eye roll]



  1. that’s a fantasy habitat if i ever saw one! perfect for a cute little beast.

  2. What happened to his little legs?

  3. So very tie-tie. I’m getting sleepy just looking at him all ker-flumphed there!

  4. Ker Flumphed! Perfect.. Yes.. he makes me want to snuggle in a blankie and take a nap..

  5. cfhistorian says:

    My late hamster, Petit Four (R.I.P.), used to do that…she’d run for awhile, tire herself out, then take a snooze on her wheel.

  6. HAH!! this was me today at the end of my run on the tread mill at the gym.

  7. Its a Hamsnoozler

  8. “Objects at Rest” 😉

  9. The Honourable Gladys Anstruther says:

    Poached egg and Hammie.

  10. awww… Reminds me of my late hammie. She used to run and run and run all night, then I’d wake up and see her like this! So adorable!

  11. a lil grease on that wheel would make the runnin easier. that lil baby sure looks exausted. sweet

  12. “I ran too moishe.”

  13. what is it with Cuteoverload? Once I’m outta my coma from the three piglettes with the cucumber I’m right into the next coma.. fanks.

  14. luvinmalssomuch says:

    Shhhhh! Mr. Waffles needs some quiet time. I love the name. He needs a friend Mrs. Pancakes.

  15. “Mr. Waffles” is the best name EVAR.

  16. Dwah! How cute!

    You know, it’s been so hot here that my kitters melt into puddles rather like this hammie. And they don’t even have the excuse that tuckered out hammie has.

  17. Oh, and I just noticed the hover text:


    I’d laugh, but I don’t get it (she said facetiously).

    In all seriousness, I’ve been trained to look at the hover text. After learning that hard lesson (I don’t learn well) I always feel a wee bit of disappointment when there isn’t text to hover over. But then, what would I rather have – the cute or the text. The cute – Natch.

  18. Shannon Johnson says:

    Is that a gerbil? It looks like a gerbil. He ees so cute!

  19. Mr. Waffles has had too many waffles… lookit the fat rolls!
    This picture is making me sleepy…

  20. i snorted after this pic loaded.

    and then i see his name, omg, the cuteness gag reflex is tickling the back of my throat.

    so cute. i can hear mr. w’s snorgling snore from here.

  21. guineapiggin9 says:

    That is one tie-tie ham-ham!!!

  22. hrh.squeak says:

    You can’t flatten Mr. Waffles- he’s too ROUND! Chubby chub chub hamster nubnub.

  23. stephanie says:

    My dwarf hamster does that too, she even sleeps like that sometimes

  24. So velvety . .. sigh

  25. It’s the hamster equivalent of falling asleep at your keyboard! <3

  26. Exercise can be very tiring sometimes 🙂

  27. This could totally be one of those new Febreeze commercials!

  28. we have seen this before, folks, remember?:

    hammies these days eh

  29. oh noo…this is so cute but sad for me, my hamster that just passed away…her name was Waffle too :[

  30. My hamster’s name is Waffles too, except she’s a girl. And she sleeps on the wheel often as well.

  31. RPenn — you were saying?