Three piglets, one cucumber—WHO WILL WIN!?

[Rocky theme music playing]

We may never, ever—know…

Mariser, gra-cee-as.



  1. shortmama65 says:

    So cute! I love the serious look on all their faces. Piggies are awesome!

  2. Gyaaaah! I love the white one. “I wants it! Enh! enh!”

    That and the supressed laughter of whoever was doing the filming.

  3. rorschach says:

    Random cucumber hits lil’ piggie in the butt. Chaos ensues…

  4. luvinmalssomuch says:

    Oh that’s just so wrong. One cuc for 3 pigs. So darn cute all three of them. I could cuddle all of um.

  5. This happened with my two ratties and a half-eaten corn cob earlier this week. They briefly came to blows – but eventually worked out a shared kernel plan. So cute when the object in question (cob, cuc) is almost too big for the little ones to run away with.

  6. I have never seen guinea pig testicles before.

  7. I have never seen guinea pig testicles before.

  8. I have never seen guinea pig testicles before.

  9. I have never seen guinea pig testicles before.

  10. I have never seen guinea pig testicles before.

  11. I have never seen guinea pig testicles before.

  12. Go black piggy! Go white piggy! Beat brown piggy!

    I can’t help but root for the underpigs.

  13. That red one is a greedy little piggy!!! Go whitey! I love how they haul the whole cuke away from each other.

  14. I love piggehs! Can’t wait to have a few of my own! They’ll get cukes all the time if they do like this 🙂

  15. leprechaun says:

    Must say I was cheerin’ for the white pigling. But they all win for cuteness!

  16. Man, RedBrown Piggeh is a PIGGEHHHHH!!!

    I was rooting for Black. I mean, he got smacked in the bum and all….

  17. CuteRules says:

    Announcer: Welcome, ladies and gentlemen to the first competition of the cucumber wars, held here at the beautiful arena! You may have seen similar wars from your own piggies, but I guarantee that none of you have seen this level of competition. Let’s meet our three competitors, who have been training for this competition since they were born. Number 1: Brown. Number 2: White. And Number 3: Black. On the count of three the cucumber will be thrown into the ring and the war will begin. Ready? 1… 2… 3… GO!

  18. Another Angela says:

    Was that a guinea-pig-shaped black hole in that video?

  19. i looooove guineapigs <3 they´ve got personality O_O

  20. CuteRules says:

    Warning: they may look soft and fuzzy, but they are actually feriocious beasts that will defend their cucumbers! (lol)

  21. (funeral music playing in the background)

    “we have come together to mourn the death of Khadouj who passed away from watching three lil piglettes fighting for a cucumber”

  22. Too funny! I’m not very educated in the behaviors of piggalettes or hamsters, etc. So this cracked me up! Very distinct personalities and attitudes! Hilarious!

  23. I think it’s funny, the videographer is trying not to laugh and snorgle these guys at the same time.

    I had a similar experience with a herd of gerbils and the butt end of a loaf of sourdough bread.

  24. gowhitepig! says:

    THAT was hilarious! add it to the list of pics/videos from cute overload that i’ll be passing along to my friends. ha!

    just a spoonful of pigs-eatin-cucumbers makes the medicine go down…

  25. the EEE-vil giggling in the background is too much! poor piggies! fighting for their dinner. I see that you have too much to handle there, I will be glad to take them off your hands and will give them a good home where they can each have their own cucumber.
    Hammie-fighting is wrong and it must be stopped…
    I’m callin the cops.

  26. This reminds me of Dot Racing, but with much cuter dots. This would really get the crowds going at baseball games.

  27. Oh, God, that was funny! I loved when the white piggy FINALLY got the cuke, then the red one took it away. White piggie looked like, “WTF, bish?? Oh, no you DIN’T!”

  28. i hate this. why do you make me watch these things about these peegs. i absolutely hate it.

  29. that’s a piggy little chestnut piggy 😉 go white piggy go!

    reminds me of my chickens fighting over grapes- except they squawk when being chased..

  30. Woo hoo! I was rooting for the white piggy! Hurray!

  31. gimme.

    no, gimME.



  32. Shannon Johnson says:

    I think the one will win.

  33. OMG! OMG! OMG! OMG!!!! ponies!!! eleventy1111!!!.
    after two years and dozens of submissions,


  34. Maureen G says:

    I had an experience like this once in a bar, with three good ole boys and some baby back ribs.

  35. redhedz r fiesty

  36. I was kinda hoping the black and white would collab and overtake the brown… 😉

  37. Who will win? One thing is certain it won’t be the cuke.

  38. ooh ooh! they’re so bossy. I must have the red one!

  39. Go Guinea, Go! Ehn!

  40. Whoaa the red pig is a little bitch!

  41. Yes, my name is really Cricket says:

    So a blonde, brunette and a redhead all see a cucumber… ::gigglesnort!::

  42. otamajakushi says:

    They remind me of my kids! They all want what the other one has. I’m tempted to put all those lil’ pigs into time out, then chop up the cucumber so they can each have some after they all *deep breath* calm…. down….

  43. I agree with Ms Pants…the cuke hit the black piggeh in the tush, therefore it is the black piggeh’s. But apparently there is no law of primogeniture (or is that primogenitush) with piggehs.

  44. Brak_Silverbone says:

    And then fisticuffs broke out.

    (I just love that word. Fisticuffs.)

  45. I gotta agree. Next time take two seconds to chop it into pieces.

    That looked like something from the Roman Coliseum. Three lions with one Christian.

  46. YMNICricket ROFLMHO Giggle snort and then some.

  47. !YAY! to Mariser!

    finally! after two years, one of the (practically) Founding Peeps gets a submishe!

    This piggeh scrum is qte.

  48. Silent Meow says:

    If I didn’t have videos like this one, I would have a much harder time getting through my months of physical therapy.

    One good laugh at this kind of video helps me to, momentarily at least, forget how grueling it is.

    Thank you so much for posting stuff like this, and keep it coming!

  49. Silent Meow says:

    For some reason, I keep replaying over and over the part where the black one gets hit in the butt with the cuke, and dying laughing. LMAO

  50. I’d say it’s Cinnamon Pig by a nose.

    White and Black tied for second place.

  51. And after the battle, all they wanted to do was re-cuke-erate.


    Cute v. Cuke

    (Cuke, don’t make any weekend plans!)

  53. Silent Meow says:

    Would the pigs have done this if they each had their own cuke?

  54. Wow. That brown piggie really made me mad. Go black piggie!

  55. Silent Meow: of course they would still do it if they all had some of them. Then it would be all yours is bigger than mine want want want hehehe. BTW YIMP ~C>

  56. This made my day! I miss the piggie I had growing up. 🙂

  57. Silent Meow says:


    Thanks, btw, for the encouragement with the YIMP.

    I wonder, if each cuke piece were scientifically accurately, with the aid of medical-grade scientific laboratory instruments, and examined with an electron microscope and found to be accurate in every single way and dimension, sliced to be EXACTLY THE SAME in weight, height, width, length, and whatever other measurements, down to the particles in an atom, would the piggehs still fight like this?

    Or, perhaps, would they perceive some hallucinatory or imaginatory difference and fight over that?

  58. Silent Meow says:

    the white pig is saying, “Hey, cinna-pig, you’re making a pig of yourself!”

  59. I just watched the video for the second time (at work, no less) and it’s still so cute! That red one doesn’t want to share with his buddies! Makes me want a piggie of my own…they look so soft!

  60. Yitzysmommie says:

    Couldn’t watch at work. Was worth the wait, laughed out loud and will ***force***DH to watch when he gets home.
    MARISER – YOU GO!! Way to get on CO!!

  61. I love how the drama unfolds, so that by the end they are in your face and the snickering is fully audible.

  62. Chocolate vanilla and strawberry!

  63. If ever there was a guinea pig video that was made for the Rocky theme music it was SOOOO obviously the clip of “Baby Guinea Pig Going Up Stairs” that showed up in the related videos after I viewed that one.

    Three guinea pigs and one cuke might be more Star Trek Fight Theme.

  64. oaklandcat says:

    tuna dance for Mariser!

  65. Well done Angels

    Show that little cucumber what you’ve got!

  66. Oops…nad shot…

  67. This video can only be improved with — HAMSTER DANCE THEME MUSIC! I got my mostly-cute-o-phobe husband giggling and bopping (almost cute enough to distract from the vid… almost…)


  68. ok, this is a little off topic, but I was thinking to myself, “self, what you really need is a Roofies update.”
    and then I got to thinking some more, and thought… “yup, that’s just what I need”.
    then I thought some more and started figuring… other people probably need some little Roofies’ pics too….
    pretty much that’s all I thought at work today.

  69. Color-coded g-pigs. Brilliant.

  70. Hey Norty What in the world is a roofies. I am guessing it isn’t pictures of roof samples. IS it like calling guinea pigs cavi’s???? HAlp need enlightenment????

  71. Yay Mariser! Those piggehs look totally anime. Adorabubble!

  72. Yay Mariser! Those piggehs look totally anime. Adorabubble!

  73. Yay Mariser! Those piggehs look totally anime. Adorabubble!

  74. Yay Mariser! Those piggehs look totally anime. Adorabubble!

  75. Yay Mariser! Those piggehs look totally anime. Adorabubble!

  76. Yay Mariser! Those piggehs look totally anime. Adorabubble!

  77. It’s kind of got a “Battle of Kruger” vibe to it. Especially when they flip the cuke.

  78. Roofies is the gorgeous dog Meg and Sparky sometimes puppysit and I think he goes to Sparky’s work????? Memory is a bit fuzzy.

  79. At least with my two piggies, it doesn’t matter if they have exactly identical pieces of what the other is eating… they want what the other has. Always. Coco will be *munch munch munch* on her piece of lettuce then notice Puff has a piece of lettuce to, drop hers and waddle over to try to pull it out of Puffs mouth… and vice versa… round & round they go!

  80. Thanks Fred I was hoping it wasn’t what the urban dictionary said. I am all for puppy pictures. but totally against the other thing.

  81. They fight so politely!!

  82. Aww, I love the pigs! And yes, guinea pig nutters are giant relative to the size of the animal. My boyfriend use to call my guinea pig Zippy “Monkeynutz” (rest in peace, Turkey Leg — his other nickname).

    Go mariser! I just submitted a couple of pics of my new polydactyl kitteh. I can only hope to achieve your level of fame. (Though this is only my first submission after almost 2 years of viewing, so my hopes are not too high.)

  83. The Honourable Gladys Anstruther says:

    I think there sculpting their own version of mount Rushmore out of cuke.


    Go Mariser! Woo hoo!

  85. HAHA, I love how the guy behind the camera is trying not to giggle too loud all the time. In the end it seems to get pretty hard *hehe*

  86. awwwwwww!!!! I wants me some piggles, but current apt doesn’t allow pets… piggles are just the silliest, sweetest, steal-your-heart-and-giggle-merrily-away lil critters imaginable… Evidence #1, this vid.

    Your honour, I believe we need a new category just for guinea piglettes and pigdudes, plzthx!

  87. Saint Stryfe says:

    Suzanne: Primogeniture? The right of an estate to go to the first born son? This seems more of a fight over the inheritance of the cucumber. A good person would split it – in the way Alexander did, or would give it exclusively to one Piggy, but I see bitter fighting. Sad. Can’t Piggehs just get along?

  88. I too was voting for whitey! He is the smallest and certainly seemed to be getting the least amount of the cuke!

  89. hmmm, it might be stimulation for the hams, but it still reminds me of dog fighting. Maybe it’s the “squared circle” touch that makes me nervous.

  90. Ypsidixit says:

    Animalphiles: “shared kernel plan” (snort!)

    I was rooting for Mr. Timid White Guy as he sought to wheedle away the cuke from Mr. Big Brown Brute. Yay!–he finally got it!

    The barely suppressed laughter of the person video-ing had me doing the same. Silly piggies!

  91. I don’t know what’s cracking me up more:

    1. the videographer trying to stifle her maniacal giggling ~NOT!
    2. the almost imperceptible *bonk* noise the cucumber makes when it gets chux0red into the fray
    3. those of you perverse folk getting your peegie pr0n on–and you know who you are *arches right eyebrow sharply*

  92. Get your peeg pr0n on at:

  93. Ohhhh… this video brought back memories of childhood. The brown is my sister, the black my cousin and the food deprived felow is me… *sigh*

  94. awww, that lil brown piggy is hogging the cuke.

    fun action, but i hope after the filming was over, the owner cut the cuke in 3 equal parts for fair piggy consideration.

    i love the close up shots at the end. i felt submerged with the piggehs! cute cute!!!

  95. Wow, right out of the starting gate we get some clear evidence that the white one is male. LOL

    I love the expressions on their faces. This was too cute!

  96. WE won.

  97. So cute XD
    The brown guine pig won the cucumber!!!
    How long did it last ?

  98. Next time you don’t want to eat your veggies, remember these leetle piggies throwing down for the cuke. 😛


    PIGWEENIES r00l!

    …oh, and it wouldn’t matter if the cuke was cut into three pieces, each would want the piece the other has and chaos would ensue, only with two lonely cuke pieces waiting to be devoured.

  100. haha so cute.. but was it necessary to HUCK the cuke at them? LOL!!!!!

  101. The black one was trying so hard to be sneaky. Piggie with ninja-fu!

  102. pat_the_bunny says:

    Looks like the Big Red One is the alpha piggy here!

  103. diddo kiddo


  104. My money’s on the ginger!!

  105. Trinky dink says:

    The best part is the way the cuke comes flying in at the beginning. . .couldn’t stop laughing. Kept thinking “kamakazi cuke”

  106. xD First time I saw my guinea pig, she was stealing food out of the mouth of another pig.

    Funny how the black one flipped the cucumber upward (near the middle of the video).

  107. Anyone notice how the black an white bonked noses as the brown sweeps a stunning lift off w/ the cucumber towards the end?^v^

  108. Every time I give one of my guinea pigs a baby carrot or slice of apple, she grabs it and swings it back and forth, usually hitting my other pig in the face. They also steal food from each other before they realize that they are each getting a piece. There is nothing cuter or sillier than a g-pig. (Of course there are plenty of animals “as” cute and silly!)

  109. that nutmeg colored one is greedy haha

  110. It’s true, all of it. No matter what I give them. Lettuce, cuke, carrot, apple, anyfink. Two of mine a few years ago were fighting over a carrot, and one was so determined for the other not to get it that she picked it up in her mouth and lobbed it behind herself. o_O I’ve yet to see a pig do this anywhere else.