Arrrrrrrraaagggghhhhhhhlll [Chewbacca sound]

RAAAALLLGR! [Looks skyward]



Julia H.—you should be frozen in carbonite for sending that in.



  1. oaklandcat says:

    Um, is that really a dog?

  2. What a beautiful smile. I want to give him a hug.

  3. oaklandcat says:

    Um, is that really a dog?

  4. oaklandcat says:
  5. ok that is really a chewy faced doggie so now where are the snausages, I really want to give this bebbeh some !!!!!!!!!!!!

  6. oaklandcat says:

    That’s not my fault… I was clicking on the audio links and it kept reposting… so not my fault.

    p.s. lurrrvve the audio links!

  7. Luke – i need your barber !

  8. Yitzysmommie says:

    Great doggie(?) and pic.

  9. im in ur starship
    wearin ur ammo

  10. OMG!! I loved Chewy in Star Wars! This animal(?) looks just like him, although he seems a bit shorter than I remember.

  11. hahahahahaha
    whew… I needed that!

  12. LUNCH LADY says:


  13. LUNCH LADY says:

    I look like Im smiling….
    but my darn hair hair is snaggled and my teeth are getting dry!!!*trys to frown, but cant…*

  14. It’s the teeth that worry me. Those are people teeth. Those are not dog teeth. Worrisome.

  15. Greaatt… now I’ll have this song in my head all day…


  16. Hmm, are wookie noises copyrighted?

  17. Jon Tyree says:

    Why can’t we go to hyperspace! Bang on the starboard panel or something!

  18. The brave Wookie Chewbacca defender of Kashyyyk, his home planet bravely goes forth to fight the evil Otter Empire which is threatening to take over the planet earth by using the top secret OMC process.
    What is OMC you ask… Otter Mind Control…

  19. Peg of Tilling says:

    Don’t play chess with him, he’ll tear off your arms if he loses!

  20. XD

    I can actually make that sound. :O

  21. Oh too funny! We had Chewbacca noises coming down the hall at my work for quite some time, with no idea who was the perpetrator. We’d hear it and say “Chewy!” Good times!

    Sadly, it wasn’t Chewy. Just a cafeteria worker who was apparently sleep-deprived for some time. He doesn’t do it any more. Damn.

  22. Shannon Johnson says:

    oh wow, a wookie doggie. he should try out for doggie wars.

  23. The Honourable Gladys Anstruther says:

    Definately the offspring of Chewy, but who is the Mom.

  24. Saint Stryfe says:

    Gladys: In SW mythology, Chewbacca’s wife is named Mallatobuck, or Malla for short. You can see her if you go download the infamous Star Wars Holiday Special.

  25. zosterops says:

    so the little ape was scary but THIS ISN’T???
    might be me, but I find this eyeless snarl rather disturbing.

  26. The Honourable Gladys Anstruther says:

    I think he should give the owners dentures back, or is the dreaded ‘shopped’ at work here.
    Saint Stryfe, Thanks for info.

  27. Lee Gibson says:


  28. *LOL* @ Pheas

  29. LOL! A friend of mine had a Pomeranian (God rest his sweet little soul) who looked exactly like an Ewok. Too bad we couldn’t get Baron and “Chewy” together for a way cool photo op!

  30. Did you ever wonder why Chewie didn’t wear pants? Everyone else in Star Wars had to wear pants. What’s up with that.

  31. I am going to intermittenlty play the wookie sound throughout the day here at work until I get in trouble. So that, plus the value of a HYSTERICAL photo gets me pretty much up to quota on fun.

  32. looks like the thingy with which I clean the floors 🙂 i will now respect the floor cleaning thingy more.. maybe it’s an execrated doggy

  33. Laugh it up, fuzzball! 🙂

  34. Can he play chess?! SO CUTE!

  35. chew bacca!!

    what a wookie!!!


  36. *hands a brush* Here you go. Maybe a control-frizz conditioner would also do some good…

  37. Leila, I think he already has helmet hair! I just found this can of Aqua Net shoved under his doggy bed.

  38. ThreeCatNight says:

    Chewdoggah waits patiently for a friendly human from a galaxy far away to hand him a treat quite new to him – “Snausages”!

  39. With a little dental whitening, he’s all ready for a sequel.

  40. Someone cue up the “Aquarius” song … I’m so thinking of Milos Forman’s “Hair”! 🙂

  41. herpantsness says:

    Ist das nicht ein Affenpinscher? Oh, the ape terrier. Wie ich <3 dich!

  42. YES! I love waking up on the west coast, and coming here for a great pict that just makes me LAUGH. Man I love this site. I say taht alot, but dammit it’s true!

  43. luvinmalssomuch says:

    He does look like Chewy.
    Should post a picture of the Chewster next to him.

  44. Here’s a musical question for you – What Can You Get A Wookiee for Christmas (when he already owns a comb)?

  45. Okay I was all set to listen to the christmas album and thought to myself … WAIT a Minute you just got that stupid..
    Chubaka what a woookie thing out of your head…. DO you really want to go there … Really????

    and cancelled the music load.

    Whew barely escaped alive from that trap!

  46. Aww – my aunt’s dog is named Chewie, but he doesn’t resemble the “real” Chewie at all, like this handsome guy(girl?) does!

    For all those commenting on his/her teeth – I don’t think it’s teeth are showing at all. I believe those are just it’s purple leeps 🙂

  47. Cassandra says:

    Dooooooh! Hims probably needs to use quite a bit of hairspay to keep that look in place!

  48. one of the erins says:

    Fizzgig!! Ahahaha totally right, Lee Gibson!

  49. Silly cutesters – it isn’t hair spray at all! He acheives that lovely style by using moose.

  50. this is one COOL dog !!!!!

  51. OMG!!!1 I see puppy tongue! I LOVE puppy tongue!

  52. Haahaahaahaa!!! Brilliant!!
    Someone should breed these specially!

  53. My mom had a little wookie dog (shi tsu) named Chewie when I was a first born all the way to when I was 18. Longest lived little wookie I’ve seen.
    Three cheers for the Rrrralalaaarrrh.

  54. please tell us he is aptly named!

  55. Leia: I’d just as soon kiss a Wookie.

    Han: I’ll come with, I want to kiss that Wookie too!

  56. that is amazing.

  57. My mum walked in the room when I was browsing CO — she thought Chewy here looked like a baboon. :/