The (jealous) Infinite Bird Project continues

People, you’ve heard about the ICP—or Infinite Cat Project, right?

Well [sigh] here is the lessor known IBP. [Golf clap]


Noice MacBook, Estaban!



  1. Ohh, pretty birdies! What kind are they?

  2. they look like they are blushings 🙂

    (gosh what a clean macbook – looking down in shame on my own notebook)

  3. Lervebirds!

  4. ~Rita Marx says:

    OMG. An infinite regression of cuteness!

  5. Khadija, I also blush when I look at porn.

  6. this is quite mind expanding…i was not aware of ibp. should we have a telethon?

  7. seems a lil “aloof” to me

  8. OMG that is adorable! When I get home, I’m going to try to have my lovebird do a pose. So cute!! <3

  9. shouldn’t that be “MacBok”?

  10. The down, up and side looking birds remind me of the Brady Bunch.

    Here’s a story of some lovely birdies ….

  11. SeaBreeze says:

    Who were sitting on three very lovely screens…

  12. In their haste to comment on this groovy picture,
    Somebody shouted “bleen!”…

  13. It be better if it was a viewsonic monitor.

    [logo has birds on it ;-)]

  14. MacBok…heheheheh.

  15. OMG, ICP hurts my brain!

  16. I have never heard of the ICP. It is amazinks…..

  17. Shannon Johnson says:

    jealous of what exactly? the birds on the computers? hmmm…………

  18. In mathematical terms, this would be


  19. Oh, great!
    I love it!

  20. hello 🙂 my bird do that to 😛 im from sweden 😉 do you want to talk on msn?

  21. metsakins says:

    I lurve the infinite cat project but

    the IBP has CO involved so it totally rocks 🙂

  22. Preety Peachface Lovebirds

  23. This smart cutie is showing his family photo album. Want to see a smart bird click on Nats to see Einstein the parrot, he is smarter than most guys!. What do you think?

  24. It’s the beginning of the Infininate Lovebird Project, from the looks of it!