WHO are these PEOPLE, buying these CAT BEDS!!!?



  1. Fluffable says:

    looks like the bottom kitty lost a nose… teehee.


  3. Question though, does this qualify under the rules of cuteness?

    Can we consider this a larger/smaller version of the same thing?

    Adam, that baby’s a beauty. I love those eyes!

  4. sadtomato says:

    neither cats have legs!!

  5. At the very least, it’s gotta be a Matchingks.

  6. Holy McCrapulence you’re RIGHT, it must be “Matchingks”! I shall fix straight away!

    I was too busy watching “Flight of the Conchords” to correctly choose my catehgorhries!

  7. The kitteh has borderline yeems, the bed has embroideryeems.

  8. Jeez!!! I thought it was a ginormous cat when I first scrolled down…

    That’ll teach me to get out of bed and check CO in a sleepy haze.

  9. aww! my baby boy is a celebrity. world, meet shadow! if you look closely, you can actually see his front legs next to the right eye of the bed. now you see why i HAD to buy the bed!

  10. It’s a black blob with EYES! (>_< ") Too cute. Thanks for sharing.

  11. Someone, somewhere is cashing in on this madness!

  12. The Honourable Gladys Anstruther says:

    Like many others I thought it was a ginormous cat till I saw the extra eyes.

  13. Haha

    At first, I thought it was just the old post until I realized it’s a hybrid cat-bed experiment.

  14. Now you see what I mean? She looks so freaked out! Poor kitty!

  15. This is why I’m here.

    Not just on C.O. On the planet.

    I don’t think the cat’s freaked out. I think he/she’s gloating

  16. Martha in Washington says:

    Ronja and Gladys-I just today heard a 15 year old boy use the word “ginormous”! Are we becoming *gasp* MAINSTREAM!!

  17. Martha in Washington says:

    BTW, gorgeous cat!

  18. I love this post!! Very clever!!

  19. THAT’s what I was looking for!!! That’s how my boy would look in there…not that he would get in it…..

  20. Swedish chef?

    Katten är mycket söööööt. Tycker jag.

  21. cat: “gosh I’m feeling legless today” bed: “I know what u mean”

  22. Shadow is so happy that he has a big kitten to sleep in, like try and come scare me now you other kittys you will run away in shock.
    He is beautiful pittey, please snorgle him once for me, thanks

  23. I’ve seen this kitty bed so many times at Ikea, but it never crossed my mind to send in the pic. The black kitty in the kitty bed just tops the cake! Fantastic!

  24. This post makes me happy.

  25. Maureen G says:

    It’s like … Diddy in a bed that looks like Diddy.

  26. Is that Shadow’s Tail draped over the back?

    This big boy looks just like my dainty “Beep”!! Except Shadow looks much smarter…Trust me, he is… >^,,^<

  27. Kitteh needs a little Tim Gunn guidance. Too “matchy-matchy”, should mix up prints/solids.

  28. *snort!*
    rolls away giggling

  29. Hi there, welcome to my pad! Come here and step up on the board, I have so many things to show you baby. Like my toy back there? Wanna play with it? C’mon, it’s okay baby. now come over here, there’s something else I want to show you….

  30. Now all we need a a little black kitteh with yellow eyes on top of Shadow, and we’ll have the start of a good recursive pattern! LOL

  31. Yitzysmommie says:

    I adore this picture – the kitty is lovely and his bed is the best. I now know what to ask for for my b day – for Yitzy!

  32. ThreeCatNight says:

    Oooh!! Scary! This is just too frightening for me, and kitteh is mesmerizing me with those eyes — or is that the bed?

  33. This cat looks exactly like mine, size and all. I may have to go out and get that bed.

  34. That’s the funniest thing!

  35. ahh My old roommate had the same thing for her matchy kitty Gomez! He LOVED it. Too cute!

  36. Oh, if that cat had a tiny splash of white on his chest, he’d be my Nathaniel’s double…and he looks _so_ cute in that bed.

  37. they found true love!

  38. OMG, it’s Meow and Mew, world famous conjoined cat twins. (Clearly not Siamese twins, tho.)

  39. You do realize, don’t you, that only a cat would be so narcisstic as to revel in a bed in their image.

  40. Silent Meow says:

    A huge black cat with two big eyes and two smaller eyes? I must be seeing things! I think I need more coffee.

  41. Now that I’ve seen it in action, I think I HAF to get that bed. I currently have a large black kitty with gold eyes (James) and am fostering a wee black kitty with gold eyes (Spike). Spike likes to sleep on James occasionally, and in that bed they would look like a shortish totem pole!

  42. This really freaks me out. This is the stuff bad dreams are made of!

  43. Flamenca Mama says:

    Too Funny!! Thanks for bringing a smile to my face=)


    it’s deja vu all over again.

  45. OMG! My own kitteh has a twin! Or is a triplet, if you count the bed!

    I would love to get that bed for her, but she loves the one I knit her…

  46. homer mariner says:

    This looks just like my cat Schroedinger. You didn’t get your kittie from a shelter in New Mexico, did you? And where did you get that bed?!? I must know! It’s so perfect!

  47. That is a very large round cat

  48. the haute fashion faux pas of _non-matching_ black is demonstrated here… The bed is a blue-black, the cat just a bit to the brownish range… *horreur*!

  49. Mary (the first) says:

    oh my . .I was thinking “that looks so much like my Shadow except for the eye color” when I see the description that his/her name is also Shadow! Mine had very greeeeen eyes though and was named because when I first got him (rescued from an ice storm) he followed me everywhere, he was so grateful to be safe. He was truly a love, died age 17 on Katrina weekend almost two years ago. :: snif :: I still miss him.

  50. Mary (the first) says:

    oops did not mean to bring down the CUTE and the wonderfulness of this post. I may have to get a bed like this although remaining cat is brown tabby. At least I’d be able to find her in it.

  51. metsakins says:

    homer – wouldn’t your cat Schroedinger prefer to “sleep” in a box.

    (the bed’s from Ikea)

  52. awwww matchy matchy.
    And metsakins LOL.

  53. In looking at this pic again, I’m having trouble deciding where Shadow ends and the bed begins. And vice versa.

  54. llamas — do eet! You must do eet for teh Qte! (And take a picture, of course.)

  55. I would totally buy it for my darling. Since the bed’s black, I wouldn’t have to worry about black kitty hairs showing up everywhere!

  56. I must have this cat bed. My black kitty will match it purrfectly!!!

  57. now, that’s just plain awesome.

    flight of the concords, whoooooooooooooooooooo

  58. I would SO buy that. It’s hilariously cute!

  59. no, shadow’s tail isn’t draped over it. the bed has its own tail though. shadow was adopted from a shelter not too far from san francisco. we think that he’s got at least one maine coon for a parent. 🙂 i didn’t know at first if he would like the bed, but he really loves it. my calico didn’t like it a ton at first, but now she likes it too. it’s even more funny when he lays on his back in it and sprawls out. hah!

  60. aww mary. i’m so sorry :~(

  61. Need one for my black kitty…NOW!

  62. Oooh, yes, Llamas, do it! Definately get one of these black beds — with James in it and little Spike on top of him, you would definately have a totem. This is a picture we have to see!!

  63. CatFanatic says:

    Even after I managed to figure out that the whole thing wasn’t the cat, the cat is still HUGE! No offesnse to the owner(s) or kitteh, though, b/c it looks pretty healthy.

  64. Leslie and hubby, Shadow’s beautiful! And very proud of his matchinks bed. I think we should lobby IKEA for beds in all cat colours and patterns.

  65. fluidstatic says:

    The only thing that would make this pic better is if Shadow were a girl with kittens, and one of them were on her back. CAT STACK!

  66. pat_the_bunny says:

    Eeee! You can see where he has leecked himseff on his back!!

    My next door neighbor has a gorgemoose black Maine coon named “Shadow,” too!


  67. pat_the_bunny says:

    Eeee! You can see where he has leecked himseff on his back!!

    My next door neighbor has a gorgemoose black Maine coon named “Shadow,” too!


  68. This should be a new CO Category – Cats Matching Beds!! I will send in a pic of my tuxedo kitteh in her posh tuxedo kitteh bed, and that will make it offish!

  69. most hilarious thing ever!


  71. i love it!!

  72. Seriously redonk. I love it!

  73. homer mariner says:

    Schroedinger doesn’t really like boxes… can’t quite figure out why… Perhaps they make her nervous? 😉