Baby, this just isn’t working out

We’ve tried, Honey, but it’s just NOT working. I bring you sardines—you bring me soggy kibble in your salty mouth—we’ve GIVEN IT A GO, Baby!—and it’s just not gonna work.

Don’t cry, Baby—you’ll find a nice Beluga whale and I’ll settle for a Schnauzer—life goes ON.


No! No! Mila R.! Noooooooooooo!!!! [rocking back and forth in corner]



  1. OMG, this pic is just GREAT!
    Not mentioned, that dogs and dolphins to me are the two most intelligent creatures (except of cats of course… :o))
    Love it!

  2. The Honourable Gladys Anstruther says:

    Adieu mon frere

  3. Soooooooooo PRECIOUS!!!

  4. ‘One of the Really Great Love Stories… Epic… Unforgettable…’

    5 Sea Stars

  5. that dog’s expression is priceless – and the dolphin looks so saaaaaaaad!

    I want to squeesh them both.

  6. That dog looks effing terrified. Hilarious.

  7. awe that is cuteness..

    awesome caption. 😀

  8. The puppeh should have realized. A dolphin will show a girl a good time, then he’ll Flipper to the side of the road.

  9. I think we’ve all been here, right?

    (sobs, quietly.)

  10. that dolphin is beautiful. Please set him free!!

  11. too cute interspecies snorgle there, peeps.I feel sorry to but I think that lab can do better than a snhauzer he is too beautiful for that. The dog looks like its saying , Please don’t tell me thats what I look like all wet.

  12. Hmm. Smells like tuna.

  13. Ooo, two different kinds of shiny!

  14. I love the interspecies pics. What a beautiful dog. What a gorgeous dolphin. Fantastic all around!

  15. Rule of Cuteness #Umpteen-Thousand: If your skin shines like chrome, it’s cute.

  16. Ahn! This was my wallpaper for about a week. I should’ve sent it in, too!

  17. lol with gooeyctr.. two diffn’t kinds of shiney!

    *stops laughing…. and goes back to sobbing with the puppeh*

  18. My God
    Enlarge the pic and look at the eyes of both. They say it all.
    Love it for sure. Keep em comming

  19. Yitzysmommie says:

    Such a prosh picture!

  20. ThreeCatNight says:

    Dolphin: “Listen, if you want to take a swim with me, ask your owner!”
    Doggeh: “Do ya think, huh?
    We only have a kiddie pool at home.”
    Dolphin: “Hey, it’s totally cool, but I’M catching all the fish, okay?!”

  21. luvinmalssomuch says:

    Now I can die happy. OMG I absolutely love dolphins especially with puppy.

  22. zosterops says:

    yes, set the dolphin free. dolphins in pools are not cute by definition.

  23. hahahhaha! Meg, I think this could be your best caption ever.

  24. luvinmalssomuch says:

    Nope I changed my mind after further looking at the picture this is not cute because the dolphin should not be in such a small enclosure. Can’t die happy now.

  25. First of all: LUV the interspecies kees!!

    Second: How do the ’nuffs KNOW from this one tight-cropped pic that this is a “too-small” enclosure for the dolphin? It could be the indoor section of a very large environment that the dolphin has full access to 24/7. And for those that will say dolphins shouldn’t be in captivity at all – maybe this is a rehab center for injured dolphins to recover and then they’re returned to the ocean. Don’t assume: you can’t know from one small pic. And you’re entirely missing the point of it in the first place.

  26. luvinmalssomuch says:

    Manda you could be right. I shouldn’t jump to conclusion based upon what other people write.
    I absolutely love dolphins and this dolphin looks to be very happy. I’m sticking with my first comment.

  27. metsakins says:

    thank you Manda – just what I would’ve said

    *goes off to make batch of pudding, just in case*

  28. Is that puppy a lab? He or she looks almost exactly like our own little pup. That’s exciting to me, because we don’t know our puppy’s heritage, so if we can find out what kind of puppeh this is, we might be closer to solving an old, old mystery. o.O

  29. luvinmalssomuch says:

    My friend has black labs so I am almost certain it is.

  30. Thats a dolphin from the Indianapolis Zoo and the dog belongs to one of the worker’s there.
    This photo is very popular on magnets and postcards.

    I know, cuz I used to work there.

    The enclosure is definitely big enough. It’s a large pool with smaller bits that poke out along the front (this is where they do the dolphin shows) and this photo was taken with the dolphin in one of the smaller sections poking out.

  31. metsakins says:

    does that mean the dog and dolphin are friends?

    squeeee and OMG thats even cuter 🙂

  32. Amanda;

    What are the odds of this: I got my little puppy when I was living in Indianapolis! I’m very curious now, because that dog, although it looks like a black lab, has almost a cocker-ish face, which is how our puppy looks. I wonder if they are related!


  33. luvinmalssomuch says:

    Amanda, How wonderful thanks for letting us know. Makes it all the sweeter now.

  34. Plaid-Shirt Pyrate says:

    Meg, I want your mind. How *DO* you come up with such perfect captions?!?

    Still laughing here.

  35. That is such a beautiful picture! I love dolphins. When I was little I got picked for audience participation as part of the dolphin show and got to come up on stage and feed and pet the dolphins they had.

    It was cause I had waist-long pigtails, I swear that’s why they picked me.

  36. Baden's Mom says:

    Yeah, not to rub it in, butI have a “squished penny” with the dog and dolphin on it. I got it at the zoo for 50 cents, so I’m pretty pleased. I didn’t know the story, thanks for that information, Amanda! Until you said that I thought it was a clever marketing scheme aimed directly at ME!! 🙂

  37. Love this dog’s expression. She’s all “We can make it work, baby. I’m a water dog!”

    Daniel, you may want to check out photos of Flat-Coated Retrievers, too. I’m thinking this dog is a lab (mix) because of his head shape.

  38. doggie: but without you, baby, my life has no porpoise!

  39. Baden’s Mom:

    Yay! Another “squished penny” collector! I get them everywhere I go, and use poster putty to stick them all around my computer monitor.

  40. OOOh the dolphin and the puppy should be friends!
    Oooh the dolphin and the puppy should be friends!
    Dolphin likes to catch herrings,
    Puppy likes to chase tennis balls,
    But that’s no reason why they cain’t be friends.

    OK, so I’m not Oscar Hammerstein. 😛

  41. Martha in Washington says:

    The doggie looks just like my Jewel!!
    *whispers* only she’s a little grayer around the mouth cause she’s old-shhh, we don’t want her to know. 😉

    Baden’s Mom and Suda,
    My son collects the squished pennies too. He has this cute little booklet for them that he got at Disneyland.

  42. Ha! I KNOW that puppehs whiskers are pushed so forward that they are on that dolphins lips….I know it! Pup is all “So I’ve heard you’ve been talking about me” dolphin replies, “well, your frozin-nosin WAS spectacular last night!” LOL!

  43. Michelle;

    Yeah, I’ve seen pictures of the flat-coated retrievers. Beautiful dogs! Our pup does greatly resemble one, but is just a smidge different. We are dying to find out what breed our little one is because she is almost 15 years old and has the energy of a puppy. No joke – we will probably submit to the site soon if we can get her to sit still long enough! Unfortunately, she was not able to have puppies, so we are looking for any relatives our little ‘un might still have out there, or at least a good facsimile thereof. Cloning is not out of the question! 😛

  44. Baden's Mom says:

    Suda Nim and Martha in Washington: Aren’t they the best (and cheapest) souvenirs? I’m totally going to post my dolphin/dog one on my computer monitor so I can remember how I learned the story of the Cutest Squished Penny. Thanks for the idea!!!!!

  45. Grumblecakes says:

    AHH! I love the dog’s concerned eyebrows.

  46. yay! this dog is so cool… i work at the indianpaolis zoo now, and this dog comes to ride the train when i’m driving sometimes… lol
    and the dog used to be a part of the dolphin shows before they remodeled the whole set/rewrote the show. now he just hangs around, you see him being walked around the service drive, hangin out behind the scenes at dolphins.

    the dolphin trainers are all fighting cause they each want to be his permanent owner 🙂

  47. This picture is just THE LIMIT! I i i i i

    IT’S INSANE! People what kind of world is this!

    I’m… having an overload… ow… you know how it gets… tight in the chest?

  48. I live in Indy and actually the dolphin area is AWESOME. The dogs are in the dolphin shows and they have stayed wonderful friends, I’m sure. You can check it out on

  49. Hey Daniel, I have a dog that looks something like the dog in this pic too. She’s fluffier though.
    Best guess is that my dog is a lab/border collie mix, though some people have suggested part flat-coat.

    Love the interspecies snorgling!

  50. Wow, love all of the dog pics that came up on this thread 🙂 Love dem puppies!!!

    KathyC, wow she does look like my own puppy – probably much bigger than mine, who is about 20 pounds. That’s what’s so darn CUTE about my puppy, she’s like a permanent lab puppy 🙂 Dwarf lab? Midget lab? Something like that 🙂

    Michelle, if I begged really prettily (beg beg) can I possibly ask you to talk to the doggy owner and try to find out what breed the doggy is, and most especially, where I could get more of them 🙂 Seriously, I know it’s an unusual request, but I have been talking to my wife about getting more “Wooglets” (my dog’s name, I was drunk when I named her haha) for a long time now. We live in Chicago (and I’m from Indy) so we are not far away at all – we might just come visit!!!

    (Hamster beg pose)!

  51. Everybody Hurts…Sometime…

  52. Love all the beautiful black doggies! I must share mine:

    Daniel, shelters are full of wonderful black dogs who need homes. You could be a hero to one of them!

  53. SQUEEEEE!!! I lof dolfeens as much as I love dawgs!

  54. zosterops says:

    “the pool is definitely big enough” — it never is. sorry.
    dolphins, like this bottlenose, have a life expectancy of about 50 years in nature, which drops to 10 when in captivity. stop being ignorant about dolphins in captivity people!!