You People are absolutely nuts

Mmmmmmmmmmm, a deleeeeshous bouquet… [snarfs peanut, detecting 2006 vintage]


I do believe this is a 2006 vintage, with a HEENT OF SALT! EHN!


Certainly, I will make room in the forward luggage compartmaynts for thees


Eeef, I could… just…


Thees technique—not all zuh cheepmonks can do eet. Wash and learn my friennnn.


OK, Fin. [Paws flop to edge of bowl.}


Bruce O. You really should chop those in halfsies.



  1. That third picture had me laughing so hard. I thought he was going to topple over!

  2. Lovin’ te pouches! maybe a category “Pouches!”

  3. Mad props to this little dude. I start gagging and squirming when the dentist sticks in those x-ray card thingies. Li’l chippie here would have no problemo with those because has some serious cheek poucshe stretching abilities!

  4. Btw, absolutely loving the chipmunk tongue in the second to last pic!

  5. By the way, it reminds me of this post:

    New ‘Stuffing your cheeks / food pouch with oversized food is cute” rule?

  6. Pix 4 and 5 had me laughing until red inna face. Must breathe… breathe… ok look again.

  7. RULE 14!! RULE 14!!

    -takes deep breath-

    Rule of Cuteness #14: If an everyday, small item makes you look small, it’s cute

    I make my case.

  8. Meg – Thank you so much all of the new posts. I really needed these right now. You are an angel.

  9. gosh, I didnt expect to learn about peanuts by visiting this site. educational.
    (if you dont know what I mean, roll your mouse over each pic).


    Love the mega-foreshortening in the photos too! EHN!

  11. AHAHAHAHAHAHA! Oh, Meg. Thank you for brightening up my morning. It is 8:53 and my poor 17-year-old self is already stuck at an office desk.

  12. He looks like he’s waiting for another one to stuff in the other side…sooo kyoote!


  13. This guy is to freakin’ much!! I can’t get with in a hundred yards of out skittish little ones. 😦

    Love the tongue and especially luff the close up action!! That is one determined rodent!

  14. Two P.S.s

    P.S. Thanks so much for the p-nit trivia (makes me want to check other pics….)

    P.P.S. Please do chop in half when not photographing, lol!

  15. Possibly the best post ever, besides the chipmunk feeding the woman ze peenuts.

    Meg, you out did yourself with this posts here.

    And lil fella there has a low cut haircut theres on his head…

  16. Never, never have I loved a chipmunk so much!

  17. Ah, yes – a 2006 vintage Peanut Noir. Lovely.

  18. I lov the little tougune actions there dude/ or dudeette. The vintage line killed me …*plode**flop*
    meg you are amazing…
    I hope that you and your significant other had a wonderful time on your B-Day.

  19. Bruce O: “I’ve seen u take it in your mouth, give it back”

    Squirrel: “nmm i ish gog noshinm in me moufh”

  20. Must remember to not be drinking when innocently perusing this website – I laughed so hard I shot coffee all over my desk! The tongue is out of this world!!!!!!!!!

  21. “Peanut Noir”? Genius yet again, Aubrey. Genius.

    For some reason looking at this series made me feel dirty. But in a cute way.

  22. Pic 5 is hilarious. His eyes are all bugged out and his tongue’s hangin’ out. Greedy little chippy.

  23. SeaBreeze says:

    My face hurts looking at this widdle guy!! But I know he’s all fine n dandy wit his stuft cheek pouch. Even if he looks like he has two moufs by the time he’s completely stuft, he’s still lookin’ all happy and chipper! =)

  24. OMG! Chipmonk tongue!!!

  25. OH.



  26. That is HILarious! The best is the sheer exhaustion at the end with the paw flop – he looks about to tumble into the bowl from the increased head-weight! I’m sure he’d reach for another one, though, if you’ve got it…GALGH!!

  27. In the last unshown picture, his eyeballs popped out and rolled away….but cartoon style, he just picked em up and stuffed em back in and blinked.

  28. luvinmalssomuch says:

    OMG! Maybe he should have peeled it first. So cute. He’s a glutten.

  29. Megs saying “You people are absolutely nuts!” reminds me of an old joke:

    A woman sends her teenage son to a psychiatrist, who shows the boy some inkblots. The kid says “That’s a couple having sex. That’s two men having sex. That’s two rabbits having sex. That’s a man, woman, a rabbit and a buffalo having sex . . .”

    The doctor notes all this down, and says, “Erm, do you think you may be excessively preoccupied with sex?”

    The kid indignantly retorts, “But YOU’RE THE ONE SHOWING ME ALL THE DIRTY PICTURES!” 😉

  30. el oh el!

    This series of pictures totally made my day, and what a lot of day I have left!

  31. OK – LOVE the mouseover peanut factoids.

  32. OK – LOVE the mouseover peanut factoids.

  33. OK – LOVE the mouseover peanut factoids.

  34. HILARIOUS!!!! love it love it

  35. ThreeCatNight says:

    “Beg pardon. I do believe I’ve made an absolute PIG of myself! This is an embarassing position to be in. Next time, I’m sticking to Cracker Jack. It’s much easier to carry around. I’m pooped!”

  36. The hovertext peanut facts remind me of VH1’s Pop-Up Video. Love it!

  37. OMG, I just snorted 7 Up through my nose!! LOL!!

  38. Shannon Johnson says:

    yay a squirrel

  39. Auntie Smedley says:

    That’s a chip-chip-chipmmunk, and a might handsome one, too!

  40. *dies laughing from pics and Aubrey’s comment of “peanut noir*


  41. omigosh.. if i was drinking milk, i woulda snorted it outta my nose! that’s so cute and just too funny!

  42. OMG. The photos are redonkulously qte, the rollover factoids were entertaining, and Kris’ animated GIF is great too.

    It’s all LOL.

  43. Picture # 5 is my new desktop wallpaper! Hawhawhhhaaaaaww!!

    Aubrey – “peanut noir” – ROTF!

  44. Meg’s headline reminded me of Mel Brooks’ “History of the World, Pt. 1” during the Roman Empire. All the “U”‘s are written as “V”‘s so one guy says “You are nuts man! N-V-T-S!”

  45. *giggles*

    Ok, I looked at the picture reel the normal way, and nearly spit water all over the computer. And then I looked at them in reverse and came even closer to spitting water all over the computer. Too funny.

  46. this was EXACTLY what I needed to get going at 4:30 this morning, thank you 🙂 I’ve been chuckling about it all day.

    (haha Ben, I win :P)

  47. SO CUTE!!! love!

  48. BWAHAHAHAHAHAH!!!! so very, very funny!!!

    SO Very,Very funny!!!!!

  50. Not a Nuff says:

    This reminds me of a porno I saw once.

  51. Furbabies says:

    Great idea for the peanut facts on the rollover! Kinda reminds me of Pop Up Videos. More please. Cute McChippersons, with tiny tongue actions.

  52. this is SOOOOO cute!
    would it be possible to post one or two with higher resolution? this would be absolutely awesome as a desktop background.