Take THIS!

OMG, I am still laffing. I know it’s wrong, wrong, wrong, but I’m still laffing.

This is the ONLY sure-fire way to break up a kitteh fight.

Please take notes… [jump to Milk and Cookies.com]

Sender-inner Lucy S., it really is Cute or Sad. You’re RIGHT.



  1. LOL!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. a different Laura says:


  3. That is so gross and not so much with the cute.

  4. Yuck – At least it was on the hardwood floor and not on the carpet as is traditional in our house.

  5. more like cute or gross…

    it’s cute till the 3rd kitteh appears.

  6. Hisssss-terical!!!!!!! Gotta love it!

  7. o, lol, poor baby
    just couldn’t even stand to WATCH the violence!

  8. Peggy, I think our cats are using the same manual.

  9. Yitzysmommie says:

    First thought: SQUEEEE, kittayns!
    Second thought: EEEUUUWWW, gross.
    Definitely cute or sad, poor leetle bebeh.

  10. AHHHHHH. Not cute. I thought it was going to be a hairball; that would have been ok.

    *is scared of puking, goes into hidingks*

  11. EEEW, totally unexpected!

  12. metsakins says:

    every so often, I delude myself into thinking that I undersatnd Meg. and then….

    *walks off shaking head muttering incoherently*

  13. Yep. Show-stopper every time. The other two kitties look up like “Huh? What’s up Buttercup? Is that a new dance…uh-ooohhhhh…”

  14. Manda, wouldn’t it be more like, “What’s up, Chuck?”

  15. I’m sorry. That was wrong of me. I just couldn’t help myself. No pudding for me.

  16. Detroit Snapdragon says:

    Ewwww… I would have voted “cute” right up until the end. I am glad it was on the hardwood, though.

  17. Sure-fire? Ha, wouldn’t work around here. 😛

  18. Do you think 3rd kitty did it on purpose?

  19. Hahahahahaha.


  20. I think it was cute! My “precious darling” throws up her (VERY expensive) food quite often. Not as cute from the nine-year old cat, but its not hurting her either.

    The cat is not being tortured to throw up for the camera! It’s what little purrs do. The funny part is the reaction of the other two! I was waiting for one of the sibs to call for Mom!

  21. cute animals + vomiting = high comedy

  22. babeh is too little to manage to barf a rainbow for our enjoyment.

  23. LOL!

  24. According to the owner, the kitten is on KMR formula and tossed it because he was a piggy and took too much.

    My Buddy does the same thing, only with his food. He eats too fast and too much. It wouldn’t be so bad if he aimed for the tile instead of the carpet or furniture. At least it’s not digested and still relatively dry. Okay, well that might be a little too descriptive.


    That was so funny I had to stifle my laughter because I’m at work. It’s a kitten! Kittens are always cute. They’re just so tiny. Even when they retch, it’s still adorable.

  26. shouldn’t this be under “gee-ross” too? T(Ed.)!!

  27. luvinmalssomuch says:
  28. Charlotte says:

    Hee, I find the kitty fight very cute, and I find that method of breaking up the fight quite… well, the other two kittens’ reactions were amusing as hell. poor piggeh kitteh, though 😦

  29. All my bebehs are the same way. The eat waaaay too fast sometimes and then go straight to the carpet!

  30. don’t understand why some here say it’s gross or yucky. (all of us did worse when we were babies)

    It’s so funny!!! Esp how the other two looked at him!!! hahaahaaa

  31. metsakins says:

    Pheas – time out for you young lady!
    Just kidding
    *applause for Pheas*

  32. I laughed so hard when I saw the kitty start to wretch ’cause I knew what was going to happen….and I loved how it stopped the kitties! So cute and so funny!

  33. LOL! I had to deal with that this morning on the kitchen floor, and there wasn’t even a fight going on!

  34. Yitzysmommie says:

    Pheas wins the HI-Larious comment award this morning – I laffed out loud and am still chuckling. Very well done Pheas!

  35. I rememeber watching a comedian who said someone should make an alarm clock that sounds like a cat barfing, cuz *nothing* will get you up and out of bed faster…and there’s NO way you can sleep through it.
    In fact, I remember it every single time my cat thinks 5 a.m. is prime hairball time…

  36. I was wondering why this was filed “Cute or Sad” for two thirds of the video, and when the third itty bitty Cat Gnome shows up, I figured he was just going to watch the other two fight and not jump in to assist either of his litter-mates.

    And then BLEEEEHHHHHH.

    I’ve been howling in laughter for the last five minutes. Heehee, “Is that a new dance?”

  37. LOL! Didn’t expect that.. Very definitely cute or sad, poor kitteh Milk didn’t agree with him. Hysterical!

    101 Ways to Stop the Violence

    #43 Very daintily vomit in the war zone.

  38. That is truly disgusting! Gross!

  39. Cat Gnome, hee hee. Perfect.

    Maybe his name is Ralph.

    (This is why you shouldn’t encourage me!)

  40. Maureen G says:

    Ah, yeah. I broke up a bar fight once doing that. Wasn’t as cute, tho.

  41. gravyboat says:

    “Violence makes mew sick!”

  42. luvinmalssomuch says:

    Didn’t even see that coming. Poor baby.

  43. LOL Maureen!!

  44. Well, I for one hope that nothing is seriously wrong with the 3rd kitteh and would never laugh at that 😦

    Poor kittens.

  45. Golden Phoenix says:

    Heh, i think we should try that technique in more conflicts….see if it works.

    Brawl outside a nightclub: Policeman hurls while trying to arrest someone.
    That’s gotta be a show stopper right?!


    Two soldiers:
    soldier 1: Argh the enemy! I will shoot you now!
    soldier 2: *Barf*
    Soldier 1: Eurgh…*Wanders away mumbling*

    Heh, no more caffeine for me.

  46. …and before doing it, of course the little one comes off from the paper. Typical.

  47. It’s the Three Kitty Stooges–Larry, Moe, and Hurly!

    Nyuk Nyuk Nyuk! 😉


  48. Laughed ’til I cried. When kitteh #3 first showed up I thought, “uh-oh s/he’s gonna pounce the other two and all three will scatter in different directions.” Totally didn’t expect the hurlage & found it Hilarious that the other two stop what they’re doing to watch.

  49. Oh dear, flashbacks to babysitting baby brother…

  50. Golden Phoenix – I agree, someone definitely needs to try this in the middle east.

  51. LOL… The expressions on the two fighting kitties faces.. the whole thing made me laugh.
    And the eww factor too. Making it just that much funnier.

  52. Okay can’t decide isf video is funnier or the comments.
    MEh.. Shrugs shoulders.. Both Lol

  53. Not cute, but definitely an overload…

  54. Well, we can’t claim we didn’t have plenty of warning on that one. He gagged for several seconds before horking. Xp

  55. First of all, the kitty is okay, they just pigged out on kitten replacement formula. Which someone’s taking care of orphan kitties, and that’s just awesome sauce. Muchas gracias for the “cute but sad” warning, though.

  56. firefinch says:

    I guess he really meant DO NOT WANT.

  57. Step aside, World Peace Hamster; World Peace Kitten has some serious peacekeeping capabilities.

    Little blue beret, anyone?

  58. Ewwww, gross! I’m not quite sure that is the best way to break up a fight, but it sure is effective. (thank goodness I don’t have to clean it up too!)

  59. Mmm! That was great milk!(starts gaging)”heh!heh!heh!” Bleck!

  60. DAMN that was funny. I showed it to a friend who was fairly horrified, but I laughed until I cried. I guess it just depends on how used to puke you are, and since my dog has IBD, I’m *very* used to it. 🙂

  61. This should also be in the Ge-ross! category 🙂

  62. Alice Shortcake says:

    The reactions of the fighters was priceless. They must have been as surprised as we were…now stop laughing and fetch the mop and bucket!

  63. Did anyone else think of South Park?

  64. Cookiepants says:

    Uilleand, I beg to differ on not being able to sleep through it. I woke up one morning while it was still dark, blearily grabbed my robe at the foot of my bed, and felt something *wet* and *squishy* land on my foot. My first thought was, “Oh no, they’ve killed something and brought to to me as a gift and I don’t know what’s worse, a dead rodent or the thought that there are live rodents in my house!”

    Then I turned on the lights and it was a hairball. Kitty sure knows how to start a girl’s day off on the right foot. (< -- unintentional pun.)

  65. I know the sound of a hacking cat causes all action to freeze at my house.

    New policy: Cat yack for peace in Iraq.

    LOL Heidistar: “hurlage” Very Wayne’s World.

  66. LMAO Cookiepants!! (My father’s cat did that to his wife with a dead bird *Ick*)
    My kittie has a wee weak stomach, which is why he ALWAYS rides in carrier in the car….especially ever since the time I let him out to wander and he promptly hurled on my toes …. while I was driving….in sandals…

  67. “Cat yack for peace in Iraq.”

    Dear god…coke thu the nose….ow ow ow!!!

  68. Juniper Jupiter says:

    Yeah, Lisa! I was gonna say the same thing! Dang kittehs always miss the newspaper on purpose just to taunt their kewtness at us!!! 😛

    Those last few seconds of that clip made me feel a little icky there….but those two kitlings stopped and must’ve had that WTF look on their faces! PRICELESS!!!

  69. “Cat yack for peace in Iraq.”

    Next CO bumpere stickere?

  70. I haven’t had to stiffle giggles at work while looking at this site until now.

    The comments from the rest of you are just as good as the video too.

  71. Gross + cute = grute

  72. Soooooooo needs to be tagged under “Gee-ross!” category as well!

  73. wolfwhocriedboy says:

    Kitty #3: “Why can’t we ALL just GET ALONG?! *BLEARGHHH*”

    “Your fighting makes my tummy hurt!”

  74. Hahaha, ewwww

    Also, I read the comments on the video at the linked site and the kitten upchucked because he pigged out earlier. No worries.

  75. I know I screamed back up on comment #10, and I wouldn’t actually watch this movie again, but after reading all this the concept just gets funnier and funnier. Eventually I’m going to be nose-cola-ing too.

  76. OMG I am so sore… Laughing too hard!!! OMG too cute! thanks for this!!

  77. Barftacular.

  78. LOL!!!! poor Uilleand…..ewwww. A little one I was rescuing did that once but from the other end and on the back seat. Which promptly ooozed all down under the seat, etc etc etc. She was so small I couldn’t even be mad.

    Video = sad AND gross, lol. No wonder the little grey one couldn’t fight back. Did you see that belleh?!?! Surprised HE didnt give back breakfast.

  79. Thank you so much you guys- laughing hysterically in my office while trying not to let any coworkers know!

  80. Mary (the first) says:

    My cat did that exact same thing last night and she is (1) age 17 yrs. not a tiny kitteh and (2) not breaking up a fight. The point is, they all do it on occasion and it doesn’t mean anything’s wrong more that just drinking/eating a little too much/fast.

  81. Shannon Johnson says:

    fighting kittehs.

  82. Yes, my name is really Cricket says:

    Too cute! And gross in a cute way! Yea, I love the stop at the edge of the paper to yak on the floor. Bravo! I know everyone’s cat goes for the carpet, mine as well. A week or so ago, though, the cat decided to yak right into my new cordless keyboard. What a little darling…

  83. Yitzysmommie says:

    I ditto Pheas : Cat Yack for Peace in Iraq for bumpere stickere!

  84. lmfao XD I was not expecting that…

  85. I’m telling you, it would never work with my guys. I can just see it “Stop bopping each other, or I’ll puke!” They’d be all “OK, what’ve ya got?”

  86. Is “yack/yak” a regionalism? It’s fairly new to me…and I’m familiar with many (too many?) euphemisms for vomit. For some sick reason I find them HI-larious. Also, “yack/yak” doesn’t show up here, though I learned some other new ones: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Vomiting#In_language

    Entry clearly needs updating.

  87. Someone wrote a humorous book from a cat’s perspective, in which the cat explained that, with the humans spending all that time poring over the newspaper daily, it must be a precious object, and therefore no cat should ever dare to barf on it.

  88. Cat yack = icky

    this clip = manages to be funny.

    It’s the unexpected-ness of the hurlage plus the look on the other two kittayns’ faces.

    I’ve seen that look before — our short-haired tux boy TK never horks, but the long-haired tortie yacks up hairballs periodically, and TK stares at her in amazement and confusion.

  89. Poor Shannon!!
    Thank god my office mate isn’t in today…I’d be carted away for the stifled mad giggles and tears rolling down my cheeks from the aformentioned stifling..
    HeidStar “Yakking” appears in the http://members.ozemail.com.au/~annandbilld/vomitorium/thesaurus.htm list of Vomit Slang…so, maybe it is regional…

  90. Uilleand, the barf list made me laugh even harder than the kitten spew!

  91. That was the funniest goddamn thing i have ever seen.

    “Hey, youse two cut it ou—URP!”

    “You’re tearing me apart!”

  92. Cute, sad and gross and way funny!

    Yeah, nobody likes to see a kitten up chuck (and I guess one should watch when they eat to avoid it), but the fact that he missed the paper completely and the other two went…”WOOT!” was too much.

  93. jennyjaco says:


  94. I guess I have been around too many babies, both animal and human. I found this extremely funny. At least it was on the hard floor and is easy to clean up. The looks on the other two kittens faces is priceless. My dog does that also. Nothing wakes you up faster then the horking noise. By the way, i love “Cat yack for peace in Iraq” New bumper sticker…

  95. ShelleyTambo says:

    The first time I ever heard my cat hacking as prelude to yacking, I grabbed her and rushed her to the litterbox to try to teach her the proper place to hurl. Didn’t work.

  96. OMG… the poor baby kitten! I’m dying laughing here and my roomate is giving me the hairy eyeball! I just wanna snuggle the poor sick baby…

  97. elizabells says:

    Bwhahahahah! I *thought* he had a funny look on his face just before the horking started. I work with babies, and that very much looked like the kind of barf where a look of contented peace comes over them immediately after, like, ahhhhhh, all better.

  98. LOL!! This made me day!! 🙂

  99. “So freakin’ cute I had to throw up.”

    At least it wasn’t rainbows.

    PS – and I agree, cats have a sixth or seventh sense as to when and where to lose it.

  100. 100 comments on cat puke who woulda thunk it?


  101. HaHaHaHaHaHaHa, I’m with Meg, I’m still laffin’ and mah kitties are still givin’ me the “don’t laff at kittehs” look.

  102. The only time I would ever find puking to be funny (and kind of cute).

    My kitties do the same on occasion when they suck down their food in two minutes. 😦

  103. Dog lover says:


    I thought it was going to be a hairball!!


  104. Tina Rhea says:

    All this yakking reminds me of a cartoon about deciding whether you’re ready for a child, cat, or dog: “#1: Am I content with the amount of barf in my life, or would I like more?”

  105. little kitty barfy-face…bummer. But hey, kitties DO that from time to time.

  106. Haha, the other kittens are even looking at him like: whut? o.o
    Btw here’s the YouTube link

  107. oh my god I can’t stop laughing. That is pure comedic gold. The kitties are all “OH HAI” after the third one wanders in and then just horks it everywhere. Amazing

  108. ohhhhh poor kitty!!! the other two kitties’ reaction is funny though!

  109. this is how most fights end on the internets, too…

  110. I just watched the video AGAIN for the 3rd or 4th time today…and I still laugh out loud at it! The whole thing is set up perfectly to make kitty barf funny…I want to send the video to all my friends!

  111. The military should send brigades of felines to Iraq (in F6F Hellcats, of course), hastily feed them excessive amounts of milk, and let them loose…now THAT´s a surge I could get behind. (Behind. Preferably not in front of.)


    get a grip, guys. you sound like mitt romney’s kids.

  113. speedwell says:

    OK, call me insane, but I never knew what it was to “laugh for minutes and not be able to stop” until I saw this video. That is, I’m sort of laughing silently at my desk and mopping tears.

    I did have a moggy with a severe colon problem and that was NOT funny or normal. But a piglet of a kitten is, really is, funny and normal.

  114. you guys r silly says:

    oh my god — that’s GREAT!!
    LOVE the “holy shit!” look on the fighting kitties’ faces…
    TOO funny! &:o)

  115. faunampls says:

    I can’t stop, GAHAHHAHAHAHHAHAHAHA! Not what I was expecting, I’m craffing as I write this (Cry-Laughing)!

  116. Cat yack for peace in Iraq!
    -the video was funny, but this is just pure genius!!!

    oh please oh please oh please make it a bumpere stickere!!! i promise to buy at least a million!!!

  117. They’re all so cute. So.so.so. cute! It’s such a little kitty thing to do. I watched this last night, and just the THOUGHT of the video is brightening my sucky day!

  118. All this yakking reminds me of a cartoon about deciding whether you’re ready for a child, cat, or dog: “#1: Am I content with the amount of barf in my life, or would I like more?”

    Posted by: Tina Rhea

    The video was fabulous… I laughed… waited for the other two to go eat the puke mind you!
    Then I read the Vomit Euphemism list….. I lost the plot even more…
    But this comment finished me completely… I am a tear stained snot wreck and can’t stop laughing… ogod,ogod,ogod…..

  119. Kitten go piucky!

  120. Yubi Shines says:

    (offscreen) “Okay– okay, you two, cut it out, seriously, this is like the eighth time today–“

    (kittens keep scrappling)

    (offscreen) “I said CUT IT OUT! GOD!”

    (fur keeps flying)


    (hawwk — haaarrrkkk — hhaaawwwrrSPLORTCH)

    (horrified silence)

  121. PumpkintheCat says:

    O dear god, it’s a whole day since I watched this and I’m still laughing every time I think of it! That crazy woman on the bus this morning, giggling to herself about nothin’? That was me.

  122. o hold on u gotz a lil sometin in ur eye there

  123. CUTE! Gotta love those kittehs!

  124. Yubi Shines…. No….. I thought I was back in control… you are killing me.

  125. Um, yuck? Sick kitten not cute.

  126. poor violet says:

    Eww. I was eating!

  127. I thought this was so cute I forwarded it to people! (Pets vomit every now and then; it doesn’t mean they are sick if it happens once and they are alright otherwise.) It’s cute when they are little.

    My sister stepped on a hairball in her bare feet at my house, and thought she stepped on one of my cats’ toys! Boy, did I have fun breaking the news.

  128. OMG…. lol that’s funny. I showed it 2 my mom and she lost her appitite… LOL, L to the O to the L.

  129. I am surprised that no one has posted the lolcats picture of a still from this video. I can’t find it myself though so I can’t complain. =/

  130. I laugh *harder* each time I see it. Oh gosh. Thank you!