NOTHING absorbs foot odor like a kitteh

When OdorEaters ain’t workin’ no mo’, try stuffing a fresh, absorbant kitteh in there.

Your lacrosse lockerroommates will thank you.

I will thank you. In advance. Seriously, thank you.


I mean, thank YOU, Alex F.



  1. bcteagirl says:

    How the bleen did the cat get in there?

  2. Seriously, though, if kittehs noses are so much superior to our own then how come they LOVE the stinky footses? And the stinky cheese? I think it must be like dogs being color blind – they are totally missing the stinky range in smelling ability. Then again, they lick their own butts, so maybe stinky just does it for them. yucky!

  3. Martha in Washington says:

    Hey, my hubby could use a pair (one for each shoe of course) and both my sons could use a pair so …that makes SIX kitties for me. YAY!!!

  4. I think kitties just have entirely different taste than humans in what smells good, or at least worth investigating. Anyone else here have an armpit that’s been on the receiving end of a kitty muzzle?

  5. I got the sneakers – I need a kitteh!

  6. Juniper Jupiter says:

    Good gods! Can’t anyone see that poor kitteh has passed out from the sheer odiferousness of the nasty ass sneaker!! SOMEONE PLEEZ THINK OF THE KITTEH!!! SAVE THE POOR KITTEH!!! 😛

  7. My cat has a serious stinky foot fetish. When I get home after a long day at work, I take off my boots and socks…and my catboy comes running to rub himself all over my feet, nuzzling and purring to beat the band.

    He’s a snuggler in any case, but when the boots come off, it’s insane.

  8. I’m afraid the shoes cancel out the cute.

  9. Fantastic. Every time I think this site is getting too cutesy you’ll suggest something like stuffing kittens down your trainers.

  10. Yes, what IS it with kittens and the intense smell of feet?
    Teeeeell meeee, phu-lease!

    And still… I would totally cuddle and stick my nose into this kitten’s fur after its little nap.

    Maybe I need help?

  11. Well, what I’d rather see is Kits in Keds and Birds (“bok bok”) in Reeboks.

  12. Smiling so hard he/she might break something, too comfortabules to make move, I only hope this bebbeh’s name ain’t stinky ….lol

  13. fatkittymomma says:

    my leetle buttahball LOVES him some shoes too… the stinkier the better, one of my girlfriends worked at a restaurant and he would just love all over her shoes when she came over – it’s like catnip, but stinky… heeee 🙂

  14. My Bubsy loved my daughter’s sandals. Sometimes he’d even try to take a bite. Mmmmm.

    but seriouthly – I think this kitteh needs to get together with the shoe buffing bun and form a union against the abuse these underage animals are suffering!

  15. LOL, Juniper Jupiter. That’s exactly what I was thinking!!

  16. SeaBreeze says:

    Another happy Flex-I-Cat curled up in someone’s shew. =)

  17. acelightning says:

    I envy the way kittens (or even adult cats) can fall asleep in the most ridiculous places, in the most ridiculous positions.
    And every now and then my Loki tries to kill and eat my Birkenstocks… sometimes while I’m still wearing them…

  18. That is the pinkest little ear I’ve ever seen. The whole thing is too cute.

    I think cats love stinky shoes because, well, they’re ours and smell like us. I remember mine using my loafers like boats.

  19. Yitzysmommie says:

    The kittayn is so adorable I really didn’t notice the sneaks!

  20. That kitteh is definitely NOT CLEAR.

  21. Cats do love stinky things. We had a kitten once that would sleep in my roommate’s stinky, dirty clothes. We joked that she liked the smell of stinky boy.

  22. awwwwwwwww

  23. Would that be an activated charcoal kitty?

  24. ThreeCatNight says:

    Yes, it’s “Stinky Kitteh”.
    Now at a store near you.
    (I’d love to see the infomercial for this. Gotta love that pink nosicle and earses!)

  25. Silent Meow says:

    This photo proves my hypothesis that kittehs favor Reebok brand shoes. Maybe it’s because they make pillowy soft, shock absorbing insoles?

  26. Silent Meow says:

    I am wearing all-plastic Birkenstocks. I wonder. Do kittehs prefer leather and cork ones over plastic?

  27. Rubiatonta says:

    My blue kitty Zou is a major fan of feet stank. She gets all blissed out, and if it’s a really stinky shoe, or foot, she makes the “Dracula Face.” (That’s the flehmen response for you science-y types.) She and her little sister once did stereo Drac Faces into a friend’s Doc Martens. He was mortified, but the girls were sooooooo pleased.

  28. Brak_Silverbone says:

    My cat Sheba also loves to huff my shoes. I have watched her try to stuff her entire self, headfirst, into one of my moccasins. And a friend of mine told me about a hat that her husband likes to wear when he goes for a walk, and after he gets home and takes it off, their cat “tries to make love to it.” My friend says she thinks it’s pheromones that are in human sweat that kitties like so much.

    Regardless, there’s a lot of entertainment value in this behavior!

  29. Caelligh, yes we have. You ought to meet our Gabby. She’s a 13-year-old calico with a wide maternal streak, and she loves to groom her human “kittens.” Many’s the time I’ve awoken to my armpit being thoroughly cleaned by Gabby.

    Then Murphy and Niko simply *must* fix my hair and massage my scalp before I can arise from bed. With Gabby’s exfoliation treatments, I’ve got a regular spa going on here!

  30. P.S. My husband and I used to store frequently worn shoes in front of my china closet. Niko would go sit among the shoes and talk to them. He wasn’t reacting to us, or to other cats, as far as we could tell. He’d simply “mrrp” and “prrp” to the shoes, much to our a-mews-ment.

  31. its pictures like this that make the world go round…im going to smile all day just thinking about it…thanx co!


  33. This foster kitteh climbed in all by herself. She would go to sleep in any unattended shoe or sandal left around the apartment. Until she got too big. 😦