I am just a geebonn monkeh

I am but a three-month-old geebonn monkeh.


Watch my tiny ‘tocks as I sweeng thru the airs! Weeth my beady eyes, I mees no-tingks.


Kylie, I KNOW you wrote in about the behbeh dolphin, which is ALSO prosh, but this gibbon monkeh from the Munich Zoo in the same picture series, is just too moishe.



  1. Oh, he’s sooo cute! But he’s an ape, not a monkey.

  2. Daniel – I think she chose to say “monkeh” because it is so much cuter than “ape”.

  3. “When I grow up I wanna be ‘Grape’ Ape!”

    Sweet little primate man. Kiss!

  4. Them darned kids are better climbers than us!

  5. Dis Monkrobat hee ees the finest performer in all the land.

  6. So tiny! So adorabuhls!

    *reaches out to tweak leetle monkeh (or indeed ape) toes*

  7. robotslave says:

    Him is not only ape and not monkeh, but him is *lesser* ape.

    Sometimes though, the cute can overpower the brains of the bebeh-talking cutologist.

  8. I don’t care which exact species this little dude is he is tttoooo freaking cute !!!!
    Its like he is saying see I getting to be big boy I canz climb seeee!!!!
    I really want to snorgle him but I promise ever so gentle………

  9. The Honourable Gladys Anstruther says:

    Great b.d. eye factor.

  10. SeaBreeze says:

    He’s so cute!! Esp gibbon the intent look on his furry widdle face!!

  11. SeaBreeze says:

    He’s WAY cute, esp gibbon his prosh n furry widdle face!!

  12. I WANT ONE!

  13. Does anyone else think he looks like he’s inspecting the lines?

    “Well, now, she looks pretty sturdy. Don’t let anyone sell you any of that new-fangled nylon fiber. Nope. This is a quality product. We just need to ratchet up the tension a bit. A-yup.”

  14. Funky gibbon!

  15. yogachic1 says:

    The bebe dolphin is much cuter than the poop flinging monkey. Ugh.

  16. ThreeCatNight says:

    “Pleeze! Ah must be veery careful, no? Zees is a delicate situation. Ah, yes. A leetle zis way, and voila! I haf made eet!”

  17. Elizabeth P says:

    I think the newborn porcupine in that series deserves his own post too! He looks so…. soft!!

    (Of course, I’m really a sucker for the bebeh heffalump… that’s the one that made it to my desktop!)

  18. Shannon Johnson says:

    cute monkey, and yes, monkey is cuter than ape.

  19. rebelmama says:

    I don’t normally post here, but I just wanted to say, that I was a counselor at a Sr. High camp this past week, and I made up a cheer that went, “Come on girls, kick some ‘tocks, come on girls, Bella rocks!” (Senora Isabella was our team name) Woohoo!

  20. Mary (the first) says:

    Rebelmama, that’s great! You know you’ve been cute overloaded when you start to incorporate the lingo into daily life.

  21. OMG!!!!1!!! Woo-hoo. My submishe (sort of!!) got accepted into CO!!!1!! When I saw the gibbon / ape (whatevs) I had a suspeecion that the powers that be would enjoy, altho’ the bebeh dolphin is equally prosh. Thanx CO!

  22. wow he is sooo cute monkeys ock out loud. So awesome. Gohead swang munkey

  23. me: hubby look at this tiny monkey!

    hubby: holy crap! is that yarn?!?

    hee hee

  24. yay!!! I LOVE GIBBONS! I LOVE GIBBONS! i’ve been waiting for them to show up here…and this is a great one!


  25. Actually, gibbons are apes, not monkeys.

  26. Yes gibbons are apes not monkeys, so why has this not been corrected yet on the caption? (which begs the question, why is Curious George called a monkey, when he appears to be a baby chimp?)

  27. He remind me of Flavor Flav.

  28. omg! is that real?