And the winner is…

YA’LL are officially crazypaaaants! [singsong]

There were TONS of great captions, and almost imposs to pick a winner. Here are my absolute favorites, AND THE WINNER! below:

Picture 1:

hihihi, stop tickling me!!!, originally uploaded by SophieMuc.

"Whaaa?! We’re on Animal Planet??? Quick, look busy!"

"Wake up, wake up! We’re on Cute Overload!"

"Bottom ‘Kat: Dude, yer doin’ the CPR wrong! You gotta flip me over first! We’ll never get our certification."


"John! John! Speak to me! SAY something!"

"Scene from ‘From Meer to Eternity’ starring Dirt Lankatster"

"oh, please- you KNOW I WAS safe."

"…and I do some graphic design work on the side, you know, between jobs…"
"…so one of my clients gave me this Burke Williams gift certificate for Arbor Day…"
"…and I thought, what the heck! I never do anything for myself…"
"…so I signed-up for the Extremely Buff and the Pure Relaxation…"
"…niiiiiice…well our 50 minutes is up, so I’m going to go outside after I take your robe out of the warmer. Just come out when you’re ready, ok? Just take your time. You’ll want to drink lots of water, ok? Thaaaanks."

"This is just gonna show up as "miscellaneous" on the credit card, right, Sheila?"

"I said I wanted a "fat grub," NOT a "back rub"!!!!!"

"Dr. Challenger pressed the secret entrance to the broken meerbots’ treasure compartment. There it was…the meercrofilm!"

"Eh, how aboutta some mouf to mouf?"

Picture 2:

Where… where… ?, originally uploaded by Hyggelig Photography.

"Da plane! Da plane!"

"That boom mike is sooo close to being in the shot, totally gonna ruin the whole reality show feel here, boys…"

Meerkat !: Nope. Don’t see him.
Meerkat 2: If he’s more thatn thirty minutes late, it’s free!
Meerkat 3: Dang! Shoulda asked for extra larvae!

"Look guys, this family portrait is never gonna come together if you don’t look directly at the camera."

"Hey, mom" "Yes, dear?" "Can rheenoskerusus fly?" "No,why would. . . oh my, RUNNNN!"

Picture 3:

[Meerkat on the left] "I don’t even know you any more."

"Um … hon? You gotta keep your teeth IN."


Picture 4:

wildveronica, originally uploaded by Veronica Belmont.

"After three hours in the meerkat exhibit, no one had the heart to tell Veronica the truth."

"Down on her luck and no place to call home. Mr. and Mrs. Meerkat took Veronica into their home."

"Sure you can invite her to Thanksgiving, but don’t be surprised if Grandpa Meerkat says she doesn’t fit in."

"She knew where her allegiances burrowed."

"Reassured that her lips were still in place, Veronica pondered her next move."

"Now, I just have to get one of the males to notice me…."

"Hmm… I think I took a wrong turn at Albequerque…"

"Um, there are meerkats waiting down here you know!"

AND THE WINNER IS…. [Drum roll]

Picture One; "This is just gonna show up as "miscellaneous" on the credit card, right, Sheila?!!"

Posted by: Jim L., Aug 10, 2007 at 04:52 PM!
Psst, Hey Jim, write moi for your prize pack!

Congratulations, Jim, and to EVERYONE that kicked arse in this contest.

I’m stheriouswee impressed. Thank you!



  1. My favourite:
    “Bottom ‘Kat: Dude, yer doin’ the CPR wrong! You gotta flip me over first! We’ll never get our certification.”

  2. It must have been hard to choose. I thought the last picture of the woman was really funny.

  3. gmta meg – the winner was my fave from the second I read it!

  4. Ohhhh Clapping hands… those were some of my favorites too.. Laughed a lot reading them. Sooo many good ones.

  5. I was so exicted that she liked a couple of mine enough to post em! Bummed I didn’t win, but the winner was awesome, first one I read out loud to my hubby. =)

  6. LOL! Great choice, Meg!


    OMG, I got nominated TWICE! w00tulence!

  7. And stooopid me … I didn’t even realise the picture of the girl was up for a caption too. D’oh!

  8. loves it! excellent choice

  9. luvinmalssomuch says:

    I am just honored that one of my captions was a favorite. I feel so special now.

  10. Being a movie buff, I’d’ve chosen the “From Meer to Eternity” one.

  11. Thanks ‘Deckard’ 😉

  12. Thanks for making my sides ache with laughter this gloomy SF Monday morning. Oh and Sheila, put a extra $20 on the charge. See you next Monday.

  13. I am going totally Pointer Sisters this a.m.:
    I’m so excited,
    And I just can’t hide it!
    I’m about to lose control
    And I think I like it!!!
    Thanks for the compliments, dudes, everyone’s were great. And if I could share that meerkat mask with everyone, I’d pass it around!

  14. Just so you know… it’s y’all, as in the contraction of “you all”. Sorry to have to critique but I’m from Texas. 🙂

  15. Shannon Johnson says:

    great choices. that must have ben hard.

  16. Mary (the first) says:

    And of course everyone did watch the new season premiere on Friday, non?

  17. whatever happened to the pic of the baby meerkats?

  18. My caption:

    Meerkat 1: Do I have something on my nose?

    Meerkat 2: Do I have something in my teeth?

  19. Corny caption:

    “How’s my breath? I just took some Var-MINTS! Heee, hee haw.”


  20. Jerry Seinfeld says:

    What is up with meerkats? Are the babies called “meer-kittens?” And the eyeliner…Hello? Mr. Meerkat, Robert Smith called and he wants his makeup back. I mean, what type of animals are these…?!?

  21. Korny kaption #2:

    Meerkat 1: C’meer! [waves]

    Meerkat 2: [approaches] Meer?

    Meerkat 1: [shakes head in frustration] Too close, numbskull.

  22. You almost spelled Albuquerque right! For future reference, the locals often spell it ABQ, for convenience.

  23. calling all toasters says:

    “Sitting in this giant doughnut didn’t get their attention… maybe if I make a sound like jelly.”

  24. Wow! I’m so honored to have been chosen as a subject for this contest! You get inspired in funny ways when you visit the kids section of the zoo, I gotta tell you…