Pouting on Caturday

ANOTHER non-cat pouting about "Caturday". I know, I know, it’s tough.But cats NEED one day a week to call their own. Bokay? How about wegive you "Corgtember"? Would that make you feel better?

Hot Dog
, originally uploaded by Octal Khan.

Great submishe, sender-inner Lori W.! 😉



  1. Looks just like my step-mum’s dog 🙂

  2. Awww… doggie ‘tocks….

  3. Bleen? Seriously?

    Anyhow, I’m gonna find that pup now and snorgle her 🙂 She’s bounding about the farm somewhere.

  4. Bleen? Seriously?

    Anyhow, I’m gonna find that pup now and snorgle her 🙂 She’s bounding about the farm somewhere.

  5. Sigh. And a double post 😛 The browser kept going back to the post page, so I guess it kept posting on this and the Goodbye post.

  6. Eeee I love corgis! How’d someone get one to be still long enough to snap a pic?

  7. What is it with corgis and the ability to have such pronounced rear leg floppability?

  8. SeaBreeze says:

    Aw! So cute!

    But this won’t lead to hip issues later, will it? I knew this one little girl who used to always sit with her knees turned inwards (instead of outwards like in the Lotus position) and now that not-so-young girl has knee problems…

  9. I dunno…I think he’d prefer ‘Tocktober! Sorry, couldn’t help myself. ^_^

  10. Dogtober!

  11. I have a corgi named Ruby Rose and she always laid this way as a puppy! What a precious picture. :~)

  12. fish eye no miko says:


  13. oaklandcat says:


  14. Talking about pouty, my peace hammie t is stained by all the bbqs I insisted on wearing it to 😦 Could we get another CO t sometime soon? It would be so greatly appreciated!

  15. Those rear legs kill me. Where can I find a snorglable corgi?

  16. Shannon Johnson says:

    Corgtember! I love it.

  17. A corgtember would make ME feel better!!!!!!!

    do it! seriously! one a day! i’d be SO HAPPY.

  18. A corgi on caterday but no cat posts Meg!!!!
    What are you doing to me my cats and I are awaiting a cat posting PLEase purrty please!!!!!!! ^..^ MeoW

  19. I’m so Baluuuuueeeeee
    Missing Youuuuuuuu
    Don’t you Rememberrrr
    we met in corgtemberrr
    you took my shoeeeee
    now I am missing Youuuuuu

  20. I dunno. That position looks particularly painful.

    Perhaps it is this puppeh’s version of “I’m going to hold my breath until I turn blue if you don’t give me what I want.”

    Hold out, little fella. Soon Cortember will be a reality! No one can withstand teh cute!

  21. Furbabies says:

    Sweet pup-tocks!

  22. There’s just something about corgis… I wuvs ’em. And teh legs are funneee!!!

  23. It’s ballet corgi – in a perfect second position! There was a time I could lay on the floor just like that (sigh).
    I looooves me some corgi. BTW – if you’re a corgi fan and an anime fan – Cowboy Bebop is the way to go.

  24. HAHAHAHHA. Prime scrolldown effect on this one! I literally burst out laughing when I saw the perpendicular feets.

  25. Martha in Washington says:

    My black lab mix Jewel always lays like this (except her legs are longer). She is 9 years old and has arthritis in her front shoulder but has never had problems with her back legs. Everybody used to laugh at her and hurt her feelings. Poor thing. (I secretly thought she looked like roadkill.)

  26. This pic is the one that did it — I finally posted after months of lurking. I grew up with Corgis, and this pic is fanning the flames of my craving for one again! (They taste like chicken. JK)

  27. Oh, and I meant to say — Corgust, Cortember, Tocktober, Covemberi, and Decemborgi. Let’s give them the rest of the year!

  28. This pic reminds me of my friend’s corgi (R.I.P. Cody Bear). I nicknamed him “pudgy butt” because he would shake his little tail-less butt. He was so cute! He loved licking my face.

    The corgi needs some love…I’d totally snorgle him!

  29. i’ve been looking and looking and looking some more but i can’t find the tailio.

  30. but the soft beanz on his feetz… aaaaah

  31. Oi Peeps! Hello from London!

    The fam’ and I will be going to the British Museum today. I don’t know if there are any London Cute Overloaders willing to hunt around in an enormous world-class museum for an American dude with no cellphone, wearing greenish pants (ahem… TROUSERS) and white collared shirt, but in the unlikely event, it’s quarter to noon now and we’ll be walking over there soon. Most likely area: Egyptian antiquities.

    London: city of INCREDIBLE diversity, insane traffic, and the world’s best scaffolding. See y’all! (Maybe?)

    – T.

    (btw, my name really is Theo; it’s not just a screen name)

  32. Theo– the BM is likely to be packed to the gills with Spanish teenagers with backpacks. Prince William will arrive, and they will all stampede and scream like banshees. At least that’s what happened when I was there a few years ago.

  33. Corgi drumsticks, yumm.

    Pass the BBQ sauce.

  34. Look at that bum! Love!

  35. SQUEEE!!! Corgitockulence!

  36. corgilicious says:


  37. Christina says:

    Corgi!! Fabulous!
    I agree, we NEED more corgyn in here. I really couldn’t care less about caturday, but a whole corgi month sounds devine!

  38. Theo, hope you and Jaye and the shmoopteens are having a blast over there. (course if the princes show up we know there may be one happy teen). Antiquities sounds interesting. YOu are giving a full report on your blog right???? right???

  39. Martha in Washington says:

    My hubby and I will be at the British Musuem next month. So please give a report and let us know what the “must-see’s” are. Have a lovely time!!

  40. Yay! Have fun, Theo! I, too, want a full report on your vox! I want to go to England so badly… Sigh.

    I have heard the British Museum is amazing and very easy to lose oneself in… Be careful!

  41. ILuvCuteOverload says:

    I have a sweet little corgi! I ought to send in some pictures for Corgust/Corgtember. His name is Fletcher!

  42. JuliaJellicoe says:

    I’ve never seen any doggie sit so perpendiculars …

  43. Brak_Silverbone says:

    Corgi butt!!

  44. Brak_Silverbone says:

    Oh, and–smoochable puppy pads!!!

  45. he IS cute – but… doesnt that make two caturdays in a row with no cats???

  46. When my cats do this, we call it “The Flat Thing.” It’s so adorable.

  47. Another Deb chiming in, first time commenter, pushed over the edge by the fine, FINE tocks and stubby hind leg
    configuration on that darling Corgi.
    I too grew up with a Corgi, and heartily approve of a full month-o-corgs.

  48. I am totally up for Corgtember!!!!

  49. ThreeCatNight says:

    Love them little corgtocks and toes!
    Ah, the “Dog Days of Corgust”!

  50. Back legs!!!!! ahhhh!!!

  51. His backside looks like a bunny!