Goodbye, lil’ buddy

I’ve just learned that the "Most Famous Moist Nosicle on the InterWebs", Numo the hedgehog, has passed away.

Baroooo! [Crying sound] His quills quivered for the last time on August 3, 2007. Read more about Numo’s tube-chasing, wheel-turning, quilt snorgling life here, at 😦


Let’s also not forget that Numo’s owners also brought us the best photo of the hamster T evar. 😉


Our sincere condolences on your great loss, Brandy. Thank you for sending in the news, Amy N. and Kain E.



  1. Christina says:

    Aww, RIP lil guy.

    He was adorable. 😦

  2. sniff….

  3. May he rest in peace.

  4. michellemybelle says:

    That’s such sad news! I see Brandy at craft shows around town but have never said anything, but I’ll be sure to say hello and give condolences the next time I see her. Numo can play with Lucy 2.0 and all the other critters now…

  5. 😦

    RIP little Numo.

    Condolences to Brandy.

  6. Furbabies says:

    Sweet little hedgie. So sad!

  7. oh i’m so sorry for your loss Brandy. 😦

  8. aww….he was cute.


    i miss him already.

  9. I’m so sorry about your little hedgie. 😦

  10. Such a sweet little guy.

  11. Such a sweet little guy.

  12. Such a sweet little guy.

  13. Oh no……. R.I.P. sweet Numo!! So very sorry to hear this, Brandy!

  14. Such a sweet little guy.

  15. Such a sweet little guy.

  16. Aaaah! Broken record! So sorry about that, browser went crazy and reposted each time I tried to hit “back”

  17. leprechaun says:

    RIP, l’il hedge. ;_; May you always twitch your nose down at us from above.

  18. Condolences 😦

    Animals live very much in the here and now. They don’t worry about the future or fret for the lack of it. They are not meant to live as long as we do. But it’s sure fun for us both to keep each other company for the time we do have together 😉

  19. dontfeedthetiki says:

    Oh, how sad. Numo was one of my favorite internet cuties. Brandy, I’m very sorry for your loss…

  20. SeaBreeze says:

    Oh! Sometimes it’s cute here and sometimes it’s sad. This is sad! Eoyore is right – Numo lived a full and happy life because he didn’t let worry take over his life. RIP, Numo, and sincere condolences to Brandy on his passing.

    I like to think he’s having a LOT of fun now, and even trying out some flying and levitating!!

  21. Aww, Numo was the one who opened my eyes to the Qte of hedgies.

    My condolences.

  22. Jan Spencer says:

    Oh I am so sorry to hear of Numo’s passing. Brandi, I remember when you contacted me to ask if you could use the Numo is numero uno! phrase… he was numero uno and I am so glad he had you for his people. Hugs to you…


  23. Phalpha and Mook tell me that they’re visiting with him right now and having a friendly ferret-hedgehog play wrestle.

  24. Aw! He was the best hedgie! I cried so much when I read the last entries. Brandy, you took such wonderful care of little Numo. Thanks for sharing him with us.

  25. I’m so sorry for your lost. Numo was such a sweetheart.

    I never thought of quills as being cute but those were adorable.

    Please know that you’re not alone and Numo is not alone.

  26. This just isn’t right. Numo was the best hedgie ever!

  27. Silent Meow says:

    Numo is most definitely in heaven with the angels and a lot of other little hedgies. He’s in a better place. I will miss him. *sniff*

  28. so sorry to hear 😦

  29. *joins in the mournful howl*

  30. I am so sorry for your loss Brandy. Numo was a special little hedgie with such a cute little nosicle. I will miss him too.

  31. No more twinkling nose except in our hearts. I sorrow with you Brandy.

  32. Goodbye, Numo! You were the first pet hedgie I ever saw and also the cutest.

  33. My sincere condolences to Brandy. 😦

    I think Numo’s having lots of fun at the Rainbow Bridge while watching and waiting for you.

  34. Oi. 😥

  35. creepyhazel says:

    Sorry to hear about that. Bye Numo :”'(

  36. My condolences. He was s real handsome guy. I’ll miss him, too.

  37. I am so sad! Numo inspired my boyfriend and I to get our little hedgehog, zoop! I am so sorry to hear about this.

  38. Woods Walker says:

    R.I.P Numo your extended family will miss you.-Woods Walker

  39. 😦 How sad. I loved reading Numo’s blog, he had so much personality. Hang in there Brandy.

  40. Shannon Johnson says:

    That is so sad. May he rest in peace

  41. Aw, sh*t! This news just ruined my day! Brandy, I’m so sorry to hear about Numo. Just remember that he’s waiting for you at the Rainbow Bridge. (((HUGS)))

  42. I’m so sorry to hear about Numo. He was the one who inspired me to get my own hedgehog! I’m so sad!

  43. James W. Glass says:

    I cried for your loss of this little guy. I hope your cat will be ok. I hope you will be ok.


  44. So long, Numo. I’ll bet in hedge heaven there’s zillions of tp rolls… left over from making all the fluffy clouds, of course.


  45. Oh I just read the Numo blog and had to fight back tears 😦 beautiful little guy.. he lived a very happy life and he was LOVED! Hang in there 🙂

  46. brandy my thoughts are with you, and your furbaby gunther. li’l numo cast a giant shadow…thank you for sharing him with us. he will be missed.

  47. Brandy so sorry for your loss ((Hugs))

  48. Awwww. He was such a sweetie-hedge. He’ll be missed.

  49. achin_back says:

    awwww. condolences to Brandy and Gunther.

  50. I’ve been wanting a hedgie… and since he passed on my birthday… I can think of no greater sign that I neeeeeed one of these little dudes in my life.

  51. Oh, my, I wonder sometimes why we put ourselves through this pain over and over, knowing that our furbabies and spinybabies are going to pass on much sooner than we are.

    R.I.P. Numo. Keep everybody on their toes at the Rainbow Bridge.

  52. -Sigh-

    RIP Numo H. Hog

    Numo was a good friend, a role model to all the hedgehogs of Cute Overload. Not just the ones ON the website in adorable pictures… but the ones that sit on their owners’ laps, admiring Numo and his undeniable cuteness.

    PS. I do not know if they actually do this(last sentence)but yeah. I assume they do, because Numo deserves it.

    Numo was a phenomenon, I’m sure you don’t need me to tell you that. A truely great hedgehog. His moist nosicle is a reminder to us all… may he rest in peace with Lucy 2.0 and the other CO pets that’ve passed away previously.

    May cuteness heaven have a delightful new moist nosicle to snuggle up to, to comfort, to admire, to snorgle. There, I said it.

    In conclusion,

    RIP Numo

  53. Let Numo sincerely RIP with my ex-hamster; Dora. Unfortunately, I don’t even have any pictures of Dora… Although Numo’s owner has lots of CO pictures to refer to her hedgehog by…

    Age never got the better of Dora, not even when she was ages into being 3 years old. She was still as frisky as ever, running round the living room in her little hamsterball, bumping into a sofa or two, to remind herself she can’t go underneath them since she is in her exercise ball… XP

    RIP Numo

    RIP Dora

  54. -Breaks down crying-


  55. Martha in Washington says:

    Numo will be missed. Hugs and warm fuzzies for Brandy.

  56. Baroooooooo!

  57. Dante and Stinky send Numo’s slave special healing purrs for her heart.

  58. Thank you, Everyone! You are all so, so, so sweet.

    I am so thankful for those last two weeks with Mr. Numo. I got to spend loads and loads of time with him. Gunther and I are doing well, glad to have my cat to squeeze.

    Numo had cardiomyopathy, an enlarged heart. I *know* it’s congenital, but I like to think it had something with all the love Numo got. (NOT to say we’re to blame!) Thank you for all the well wishes.

  59. Sorry to hear. RIP, lil’ cutie.

  60. I’m so sorry, Brandy.

    Rest in peace, little Numo. It is indeed a sad day for the world’s noisicles.

  61. Brandy, I’m so very sorry about little Numo. Such a sweet bebeh he was.

  62. luvinmalssomuch says:

    So sad. I am so sorry to hear of his passing. Rest in peace little one. 😦

  63. I’m so sorry that little Numo had to leave you. I know Dr. Horton did all she could – she’s my bunny-vet too. Numo was a great Hedgie-ambassador and his many friends will miss him.

  64. brandy also inspired me to get a hedgie. after going to craft fairs and talking with her about her handsome hedeghog, i finally put my name on a breeder’s wait list and on july 3rd, we welcomed our baby hoggle into our life. i had some new hedgie owner questions and when i sent them along to brandy, she was so helpful even though now i know that all this was going on in her baby’s life. yep, today was a cryfest.